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  1. renrag

    ROVERS v Boro

    Agree although I do feel there had been plenty of similar challenges in midfield which went unpunished
  2. renrag

    Fred Pickering

    Blackpool FC have announced that the funeral service will take place at 1.30, on Friday 22 Feb. at Blackburn Cathedral, supporters are welcome to attend.
  3. renrag

    Who is the biggest and best club?

    They can’t get Stanley’s history correct
  4. renrag

    Who is the biggest and best club?

    Saboteurs in Burnley
  5. renrag

    Reading v Rovers

    I think you forecast the right result there 😀😀😀
  6. renrag

    Fred Pickering

    Nice words from Bryan Douglas who, with typical modesty, didn’t mention the massive influence he had in developing the goal scoring careers of both Fred Pickering and Andy McEvoy
  7. renrag

    The Second Class - Rovers Hall of Fame 2020

    Although he played most of his games in the second division, he started and ended his Rovers career as a First Division player. The only one club Rover in the post war era who can claim that.
  8. renrag

    Would you ever...

    Well I’ve been going to Ewood for every season since WW2, and in those 70 odd years probably the biggest regret is that the FA Cup has eluded us. So I’d happily concede an odd defeat to them to put that right.
  9. Good coverage too on BBC North West Tonight, with Shearer and Garner interviews
  10. Being pedantic David Dunn was the last Blackburn born player of distinction, even though he was raised in Gt Harwood. The rest is hard to disagree with
  11. Definitely, along with Bill Eckersley
  12. renrag


    There needs to be some perspective. Criticism is one thing, which there’s nothing wrong with when made in a constructive manner. Pesonal abuse is at the other end of the spectrum and reflects more negatively on the giver than the receiver. It can never be justified.
  13. renrag


    My gran swore by iron in the fire and then put the hot poker into a glass of Guinness.😀
  14. renrag


    Anyone who walks out of a hospital after a triple heart bypass, needs something upstairs examining, on or off the training ground
  15. renrag

    Mike Harrison

    Yeah, think I read he once had a penalty timed at over 100mph. Mind not sure they had the equipment to accurately measure back then.

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