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  1. Gillingham complaints.

    A good friend of mine was saying last night that by making a song and dance, Warnock might just have upped the anti and given Derby some extra incentive when the re-arranged game takes place. He feels that may be one reason Rovers have kept a low profile, so that the re-arranged game is just a normal fixture. It’s one point of view but not one I could 100% agree with
  2. Gillingham complaints.

    Yes, we may well be on the same wavelength there. Gillingham were the only party at fault last Saturday and should be taken to task. I have been following Rovers since the first post war season and Gillingham’s cavalier attitude reminded me of how fans were treated then, especially before floodlights. All Cup replays and many postponed games were played on midweek afternoons. It was ‘hard luck’ if you had a ticket for an abandoned/postponed game. Strictly no refunds, never mind travelling costs and they happened more frequently then. If you bunked off school, the teachers knew where you’d been and you had a sore backside the following morning. Anyone working took a chance with their job unless they had a sympathetic employer. But it was all worth it, don’t let them grind you down
  3. Gillingham complaints.

    I don’t want to get into an argument about this but, you made a choice to travel by rail which is fair enough. As I said, I acknowledge and sympathise that you lost money. However, if your journey had been to see The Lion King and the show had been cancelled. Would you have expected the Lyceum Theatre to pay your rail fare? Likewise, if the train was delayed or a connection missed, resulting in a missed game, would Virgin, or whoever be expected to pay for the match ticket. Unfortunately, the fact is that some people just cannot be trusted. I know this from personal experience having been involved with assessing claimants for Royal British Legion benefits. You would not believe some of the attempted scams for minuscule amounts of money. In my humble opinion Rovers have made a good gesture Regarding your query about insurance; you would need to ask an insurance broker and I have never been in that line of work.
  4. Gillingham complaints.

    Exactly but the club are offering ANYONE with an original match ticket a free coach ride, regardless of how they travelled last Saturday.
  5. Gillingham complaints.

    I take your point and fully sympathise with everyone who travelled by car or train, but some rogues would attempt to take advantage. You only need look at the Grenfell Tower fraudsters to see how low some scumbags will stoop
  6. Gillingham complaints.

    I think the club’s gesture re the travel arrangements are fair enough, they would leave themselves wide open to all kind of shenanigans if they offered to cover independent travellers. However, if they have not made any overtures to the EFL, as would appear to be the case, that is a different matter and is an abdication of their responsibilities to the fans
  7. Gillingham complaints.

    He isn’t responsible for the spectator areas, but only a referee can call the game off. He should have been around to judge the pitch, take advice on other issues and make the decision in time to cause minimum inconvenience and expense to around 1200 travelling supporters. There were fans of both clubs who were not considered but obviously Rovers fans were the most affected
  8. Was that a quote from the brilliant Jack Holden?
  9. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    There’s nothing in it really between us and Shrews, they have kept 14 clean sheets Rovers 13. Wigan are way ahead with 19
  10. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Ya good point, sorry I got carried away
  11. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Sadly no, he was a few years later, Tommy Reynolds and Gerald Lewis were a couple I came across from time to time and, on one occasion, Iorrie Jones, who seemed a genuine guy. As an aside, I saw David Richardson referee his first F. L. game at Newport v Northampton and had a long chat with him afterwards. I think Don Martin would be playing for Northampton that day.
  12. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Agree wholeheartedly, also the system does not allow officials to referee a game according to their natural personalities. I spent a few years working (and refereeing) in South Wales and got to know two of their finest quite well. Mervyn Griffiths was a headmaster with a very scholarly bearing, Leo Gallaghan an ex miner with an eye watering vocabulary. Both were FIFA and refereed the FA Cup final, but they did so operating in they own individual way. That would not be tolerated by the authorities today.
  13. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Isn’t he the son in law of a senior Football League official?

    No replays in 6th round now
  15. Rovers v Blackpool

    Smallwood managed another booking free game, so we may see the earlier Ricky with the suspension threat lifted.