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  1. renrag

    4th ROUND DAY

    Both Rovers and Wigan will now have a free date on January 25th. I wonder if they will show a bit of initiative and rearrange the Wednesday night fixture to that day
  2. renrag

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    And we beat the team who are tanking them edit: sorry rovers11! you beat me to it
  3. renrag

    Tickets for Rovers vs Swansea Feb 29th

    The trains are actually every half hour via Bolton so no need to bother with the hourly Todmorden/Accrington route Edit with a bit of trivia! Rovers have never lost on February 29. Hope that hasn’t done a Mercer
  4. renrag


    Add to that the probability that some of the walk ons will have bought the 3 game package, resulting in reduced revenue for the Barnsley and Brentford games.
  5. renrag

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    I posted on the attendance thread for today’s game a senior JW upper ticket is £31, a 3 game ticket costs £30. Who with half a brain cell would think that one up?
  6. renrag


    Out of interest I checked the prices of the 3 game package against the Sheffield Wed price. For a senior in the JW upper 3 games cost £30 and the single game costs £31. Who in their right mind thinks things up like that?
  7. renrag

    Preston Away

    You do Bill Fox a disservice, he was chairman for five or six very austere years before Jack Walker became involved.
  8. renrag

    Preston Away

    It’s a no brainer! They got the odd one wrong, aka Jim Iley, but they knew how to find gems for the level we were at back then. Derek Keighley didn’t do too badly either with Howard Kendall
  9. renrag

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    But you don’t claim to be a fan of any other club. Also if your asked where your from and say near Blackburn, the response is often “ahh Blackburn Rovers”
  10. renrag

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Very true! To be honest though I’m not too fussed about hat tricks. I know it’s a different era, but when Tommy Briggs scored his 30 or more goals in each full season he was with us, only a handful of them were hat tricks, including the seven in a match. What I prefer to see is a striker who hits the target in twenty odd or more games a season. But of course there aren’t too many around. Edit. Don’t know what happened to the quote but I was referring to the one where you mentioned MacEvoy and Pickering in 63/64
  11. renrag

    Luton Town home

    Hope Rovers don’t pitch up at Kennilworth Road
  12. renrag

    Luton Town home

    Terrifying? Glen didn’t bat an eyelid and he was nearest to it. 😀
  13. renrag

    Luton Town home

    In the 1950’s, those of my generation used to have fear in our hearts at the thought of playing Luton. I remember them putting six past us, twice in about 6 weeks, in league and cup. I can also recall a 7-3 thrashing. A guy called Jessie Pye was the tormentor in chief, he probably scored double figures out of those 19 goals
  14. renrag

    Reading (A)

    What’s a false fact then?
  15. renrag

    Lewis Holtby

    He seems to have done a decent amount of research on the clubs personnel and history. It was a very impressive first interview without the usual cliches, and as good as any I can recall by a new signing. Let’s hope he’s just as impressive in a blue and white shirt.

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