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  1. Agreed! If I remember rightly, he said he would like the signings to be in place before Austria, but does that necessarily mean fully completed? For example, Shearer’s signing was “in place” before the play off, subject to us gaining promotion, and was completed after object achieved.
  2. I know we have learned to take with a pinch of salt anything that comes from Pune, but the Telegraph article is very much in line with what many on here have been wanting. ie 5 or 6 new players. Mowbray has said he hopes to sign half the number we signed last summer which was 12. IF that comes off, we should be satisfied.
  3. Fred Else 5’ 10” Roger Jones 5’ 11” David Raya 6’ 0” Frank Fielding 6’ 1”
  4. Do you know anything about Joe Slanow? Or something like that, may have got it mixed up 😂
  5. When someone starts a message “I think” and then puts “ima” further down it is usually their own opinion which they are “spouting”.
  6. People who wish to donate to charity, in the main, do so without a song and dance and not subject to losing a bet.
  7. Agreed, he is only arriving back from India today, so would imagine an interview with Rich Sharpe will be the last thing on his mind.
  8. Yes, and it’s even more ridiculous that the grief that Nyambe and others often get, comes from posters who claim they don’t attend
  9. Only because of the split system, which is behind my comprehension
  10. Bolton finished 14 points behind Sheffield Utd and four ahead of Scunthorpe and Fleetwood, they only scored 68 goals
  11. renrag


    Shaun we both have our views on the play offs. Yours is based on the undisputed fact that it brings more excitement to the top half of the league, mine that it makes a mockery of the whole concept of a league system. To take them a step further, what would you say to them also being introduced to determine the third relegation place? This would obviously bring more excitement for the whole league, but would it be right?
  12. renrag


    They didn’t start because 1/3rd of the league was a dead rubber. They started because the big clubs wanted the first division reduced to 20 clubs to ease the pressure to compete in Europe. This was done over two seasons when the money making potential was recognized and was then brought in to apply over all divisions. edit just seen Perth blue already made this point
  13. renrag


    But they have no choice! I know it makes for a more exciting end of season, but the table doesn’t lie and the object of a league is to find the best team after everyone plays each other twice. The play offs are akin to that stupid suggestion of the Premier League playing a 39th game abroad. Nothing more than a money making racket and as always the fans pay.

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