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  1. renrag

    Bolton at home.

    Goalkeeper Reg Elvy joined us from Bolton in the early 50’s in an emergency. He had an undistinguished career up to then but proved to be an inspired signing, giving Rovers sterling service until failing eyesight brought his Rovers career to an early end.
  2. renrag

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Daughter and son in law went by through train from Skipton, change at Leeds coming back
  3. renrag


    Waggott will love that, especially if they all turn up after 12 o clock
  4. renrag


    Perhaps he won’t be advised
  5. renrag


    No - the first 95 or so 😀
  6. renrag


    Can’t see Reed having been dropped, must be injury
  7. renrag


    Just like Mercer’s forecasts, —————- but he always gets them right after the event
  8. renrag

    ROVERS V Frank Lampards DCFC

    Many years ago when Ian Rush was in his prime, he was asked in an interview for his secret to his goal scoring exploits. The answer was quite short and simple, he said “I don’t know”.
  9. renrag

    Norwich Away KO change

    If you haven’t already booked your travel, havre a look at going from Skipton for £79 return on ‘split my fare’
  10. Going back further, Quigley was a master and, at times, was playing with a ball which seemed to be made of lead. I’d put him up there with any of those mentioned.
  11. renrag

    Premier League Stuff

    I can see a long drawn out legal battle here, where English (Welsh) Law, French Law, and FIFA rules are all argued over. The lawyers will fill their pockets and neither Nantes or Cardiff will be happy with the outcome. As was said earlier, both clubs seem to have lacked class, with Nantes threatening to sue for the fee even before the body was recovered, and now Cardiff’s stand off.
  12. As someone posted in the LT. the only colour that matters is blue and white
  13. renrag

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Only trouble is nowadays, we’d be playing with 9 men most games. 😀
  14. renrag

    ROVERS V Wigan

    I thought it was a nailed on penalty. One report I saw said Cooke didn’t contest the penalty but quoted him as saying “We’ve had too many of them but I don’t think it was the biggest debate tonight”. I suppose that could be interpreted either way.
  15. renrag

    Mowbray’s Future

    Maybe not! but Dalglish did, so how bad must he have been?

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