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  1. renrag

    Old Rovers Footage

    It was Jack Campbell, Ronnie played left half that season, after Eric Bell suffered a long term injury. We all thought Rovers should have had a free kick for a foul on Elvy moments before, but of course it was a free for all on goalkeepers then
  2. renrag

    Old Rovers Footage

    It looks like my boyhood idol, Eddie Crossan. A flawed diamond who was in the Douglas mould when it came to dribbling and using the ball, yet more akin to Ken Beamish when he was in sight of the goal. In those days Elland Road had a boys pen at that end and we had room to sit on the terrace steps, whilst the rest of the ground was spilling over the wall.
  3. renrag

    Old Rovers Footage

    Thanks Tony, that one passed me by. I bet we got our revenge with the graffiti and, as they say, he who laughs last..........
  4. renrag

    Old Rovers Footage

    I was living in South Wales at the time and the full highlights were broadcast there. I think Brian Moore was the commentator and I seem to remember him making several references that the Rovers had chartered a disco train (?) for the fans.
  5. renrag

    Bradley Dack

    Surprised that height was a problem for Liverpool, I would think he was taller than Dalglish, Keegan or Beardsley
  6. renrag

    Bradley Dack

    I think there are some comparisons which can be made with the careers of Dack and Simon Garner. I have no doubt if it hadn’t been for his liking for a pint glass and fags, Garner would have been snapped up by one of the big clubs, and would never have been at Ewood long enough to become the legend which he is. For very different reasons, Dack could well fall into the same category.
  7. renrag

    Old Rovers Footage

    I was at both games and when the penalty was awarded, with a few minutes to go, the WBA keeper was doing everything to delay the kick. The story goes that Bill Eckersley asked him what he was doing, he replied “I’m making sure the ball is on the spot”. Bill’s alleged response “If tha gets back on thi line it’ll be int back ot net in a minute”.
  8. renrag

    Kits 19/20

    Don’t give them ideas
  9. renrag

    Kits 19/20

    Not too fussed about a bit of red trim, but navy? Never
  10. renrag

    FA CUP

    No you’re not seeing things! Football fans were civilised then. I was sat over the wall in front of the enclosure and, unknown to me at the time, in full view of my Burnley supporting form teacher. He amused the whole class on the Monday morning with tales of my celebratory antics when we scored. To add to that, we played them in the 1960 cup quarter final at their place and scored 3 in the last quarter of an hour to draw the game. Travelling back, there were fans of both clubs on the train exchanging banter, but not a hint of trouble. How times change!
  11. renrag

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Agreed, maybe because he is the first true Rovers supporting reporter since Peter White
  12. renrag

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    My words were “MORE balanced”
  13. renrag

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Yes! I’ve watched the version recorded by relatives in Melton Mowbray, and a recording of Granada’s broadcast and Don Mackay was more balanced.
  14. renrag

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    It was the midlands commentary and the summariser was Jimmy Greaves. The Granada commentary had Don Mackay summarising and he was much more balanced. I still smile at the Leicester fans on the M1, holding signs, in the coach window, saying “BEATEN BY A DIVE” . Mind, I think they had a point, but Courtney owed us that.
  15. renrag

    Aniket Jadhav

    Even a Portuguese style signing would be better than a Myles Anderson style signing.

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