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  1. renrag

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    How could I forget that, shame on me
  2. renrag

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Bob Crompton managed them Edit didn’t Elliot Ward play for them? As well as nearly everybody else
  3. renrag

    Bogey grounds

    Yah! I remember that clear as a bell. There was only a few minutes left and Fred Pickering was the penalty taker at the time. He put the ball on the spot and then nerves seemed to get to him, so Douglas took over and slotted it home. Also, I believe that was a game when a Stoke fan made the TV news, when he threatened to sue the referee for spoiling his entertainment by making an error and awarding the penalty.
  4. renrag

    Bogey grounds

    West Ham’s a strange one, we used to have a decent record there including 8-2 and 5-2 wins. It seemed to be after the Premier League when form did a u turn
  5. renrag

    Meanwhile over at Deepdale....

    It was 1953 when they finished second to Arsenal on goal average. In 1958, when Rovers won promotion to the first division, they were second by a distance to Wolves. They went down in 1961 when Finney retired and have never been back since.
  6. renrag

    Bradley Dack

    Very true! I remember Peter Crouch being interviewed on tv. He was asked what he would be if he wasn’t a footballer, his reply was immediate and just two words. “A virgin”
  7. renrag

    Bradley Dack

    If it isn’t fact, why quote it?
  8. renrag

    Bradley Dack

    Simon Garner became a legend for holding a pint glass and a Capstan full strength at the same time. Oh! and he scored one or two goals
  9. You can include the national media in that as well
  10. Leeds gates are not that great for a one club city with a population one and a half the size of Liverpool or Manchester. The only competition for miles around is Huddersfield and Bradford.
  11. renrag

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    According to Telegraph, it’s the first time since 1929 when Bob Crompton’s son played
  12. renrag

    Loan Window

    Not strange really! If you go to B&Q for a tap washer it’s pretty straightforward but go for a complete kitchen and it gets more complicated
  13. What a great thread! Significantly, almost all of the regular self opinionated posters have been noticeable by their absence on this discussion, even though many have expressed diametrically opposite views. Ps. I didn’t wanted to name any names but where’s Mercer?
  14. renrag

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    In the 1950’s the “L’s” were our bogey teams. Lincoln along with Luton, Leicester and Leeds often upset the applecart.
  15. renrag

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Didn’t Rochdale sign him from Villa?

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