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  1. renrag

    BRFCS TV - 1993/4

    Me too! Then we went down to Ewood expecting to win, now we go hoping to win.
  2. renrag

    98/99 Relegation?

    I remember thinking at the time and the clip confirms it. The linesman seems to flag vigorously for a free kick to Rovers and the referee restarted with a throw to Chelsea
  3. renrag

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    BROSC? (Blackburn Rovers Overseas Supporters Club)
  4. I’ll always maintain that was the biggest factor in Rovers relegation. He had recently signed a new contract but thanked Jack by insisting on a move to Rangers. “ So that his children could be nearer their grandparents”. After around 20 games he was off to Coventry. Jack allegedly said he would never again be welcome at the club.
  5. We were sat in the front row of the stand and it was scary watching the crowd packed in below us. There was a dad standing just below, with his very young son on his shoulders. I was able to reach over for the dad to pass the boy up, where he was able to stand safely in front of us for the full match. I can say there was a very relieved father taking his son back at the end of the game. There must have been a high proportion of Rovers fans there, because the rest of the ground seemed half empty
  6. Couldn’t agree more, it was still hurting when on holiday in July
  7. renrag

    Friend in Need

    Excellent update, wishing you and everyone else in this awful situation every best wish for a full recovery
  8. renrag

    The Best Goal You Ever Saw A Rovers Player Score

    I know this is age related, but anyone fortunate enough to have seen it could only agree and endorse everything Tyrone had to say about the Douglas goal. Also re the attendance. That match was the radio commentary game which, back then, was not allowed to be announced in advance. Someone had slipped up during the morning and had said on air which game would be broadcast. Rovers supported by the Football League claimed that had a detrimental effect on the attendance
  9. renrag

    Top Captains

    Clayton without a shadow of doubt, don’t think I agree re Sherwood
  10. renrag

    BRFCS TV - 1992/3

    So glad you were able to put the Arsenal one up. That goal Is one of my Shearer favorites and really summed up the power and skill of his game
  11. renrag

    Rovers Quiz

    Thanks for the missing answers Tony, I’d never have got them, and well done oldjamfan. I wonder if my missing 6 included your missing 4?
  12. renrag

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    I remember Alan Hanson once saying on MOD, before the injury, that Shearer really annoyed him because he couldn’t see a weakness in his game.
  13. renrag

    Republic of Ireland 11

    When Andy McEvoy came over to Blackburn, he hadn’t been here long before he became desperately homesick, decided it wasn’t for him. He packed his bags and went home. Johnny Carey held him in such high regard he went over to Ireland and persuaded him to give it another go. His career as an inside forward wasn’t going anywhere when, in an emergency, he was given a run at wing half and was outstanding. Later on in another emergency, he was pushed back up front, by Jack Marshall, and formed a partnership with Fred Pickering which was sensational, feeding on an endless supply from Bryan Douglas. As you say he fell out of love with English football and went back to Ireland to play for Limerick and then later drove trams in Bray. He died prematurely in his mid 50’s. He was a unique talent and so sad that at the time he was in/approaching his prime years, he felt he’d had enough of the English game.
  14. renrag

    Away shirts

    It depends what you call traditional. For years, before it became fashionable to have new designs every season or two, the Rovers change colours were plain red shirts and white shorts. As an aside, in the 1958 semi final there was quite a bit of controversy in Blackburn and Bolton, because the FA dictated there was a colour clash, and both teams had to change.. The Telegraph claimed that Rovers had never changed before when playing a team in white, except at Swansea, because of their white shorts.
  15. The fact is that if we had taken just half of the points dropped from winning positions, we would now be in third place. Not by a long chalk but at least by a point.
  16. I’m happy enough with Johnson on the bench. I could see us down to 10 men if he started and let his old mates wind him up.
  17. renrag

    Academy & U21s

    Don’t remember Simms but Alan Bradshaw played and the little live wire centre forward, John Jarvis?
  18. renrag

    Academy & U21s

    There was going on for 29,000 at Ewood for the 1959 final, the first leg at Upton Park had around 11,000. Apart from the three Rovers who played at international level, West Ham had a couple who didn’t have bad careers in Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst
  19. renrag

    Swansea City home

    With just half of them we’d be third
  20. renrag


    Of all the London clubs the only one I have a soft spot for is Charlton, that dates back to 1958 when we played them at the Valley in the final game of the season. Rovers had to win to go up to the first division, Charlton only had to draw. Rovers won 4-3 and Charlton sent the champagne, they had on ice, into the Rovers dressing room for the players to celebrate. That took real class and is something I will always remember
  21. renrag

    4th ROUND DAY

    Both Rovers and Wigan will now have a free date on January 25th. I wonder if they will show a bit of initiative and rearrange the Wednesday night fixture to that day
  22. renrag

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    I really don’t see the point of this debate. As has been said already, there are many and varied reasons why an individual decides to go or not to go. Also any business in the world has to do all it can attract and retain customers. I have been going to Ewood for every season since the end of WW2, a large proportion of them as a season ticket holder. However, for the last five years, and more so the last few months, my attendance has been restricted due to the health of my wife, who sadly passed away last month. I am as passionate as I have ever been regarding Rovers but there is no way I would now find it attractive to leave home on a cold, wet, miserable January evening in the dark to watch a football match
  23. renrag

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    Yes! On April 1 2001
  24. renrag

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    And we beat the team who are tanking them edit: sorry rovers11! you beat me to it

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