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  1. Last minute renewal.. I just can't allow these current owners stop me doing something I've done and loved doing all my life. I cling to the hope they will be gone sooner than later and then we can move as ONE! It's a tough and horrible period we are going through, and my worry is if I didn't turn up next season that could spell the end for me, and that would be the wrong way to bow out after all these years. A Rovers supporter for a little over 40 years and over 25 years STH!!
  2. Are you going for the for the full weekend (Kendal)? Are you going for the for the full weekend (Kendal)?
  3. Things ARE bad, but not quite that bad! Updates from Utd "friend".
  4. Chelsea through to final after drawing 1-1 and winning 3-2 on agg
  5. Latest: Chelsea 1 Utd 1
  6. Latest: Chelsea 1 Utd 1
  7. Utd leading 1-0.....
  8. I have been pushing the same dilemma to one side for weeks now. Decision time is fast approaching!
  9. Don't bother with Greenwood, it has been closed a few months now..
  10. Burnley 3-1 up.....Order the coaches....bring out the military!
  11. Burnley now 2-1 up......
  12. Latest...Fulham 1 Burnley 1
  13. Latest score: Fulfam 1 Dingles 0 (7mins)... Come on Burnley!!
  14. Surely we can all start off and agree that Venkys are the ones who have ruined the reputation of this club. Not one single Rovers supporter would I blame for that!
  15. That makes me a Bad idiot then.