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  1. neophox

    Cardiff away

    Let's hope WBA win then and Fulham win on Friday to set up our game nicely.
  2. neophox

    Cardiff away

    Had we won at Barnsley and Wigan and not wasted it we would be in a great place with 65 points.
  3. neophox

    Cardiff away

    I think we will need 12p from last 4 games to have a chance of 6th place. Have a feeling Cardiff will now drop. Of course this won't happen.
  4. neophox

    Cardiff away

    Cardiff were woeful.. Think Derby will challenge for the last spot.
  5. neophox

    Cardiff away

    Walton has been really poor last three games..
  6. neophox

    Cardiff away

    Would give Davenport a run ahead of Johnson who offers nothing at the moment. Even Buckley should come on.
  7. neophox

    Cardiff away

    Abysmal defending and passing from Rovers.. Rankin-Costello having a good game at left back.. Miles better than Bennett there.. Not convinced by our right side defending. Will lose again.
  8. neophox

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    Walton Nyambe, Lenihan, Tosin, Mulgrew Holtby, Travis, Davenport, Buckley Rothwell Armstrong Thats how I would start against Leeds.
  9. neophox

    Academy & U21s

    I would give Brennan a chance now until the rest of season to show what he can do.
  10. neophox

    Wigan Administration

    Their left back is class.
  11. neophox

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Maybe time for Tony to walk and for Damien J to take over until end of season.
  12. neophox

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Terrible.. Season is over. The only one who played ok was Mulgrew the rest was a piss to watch... Without Lenihan, Travis and Dack we can fock off. The others look disinterested. Even a player like Tosin was poor and would never break into a Man City side.
  13. neophox

    January transfer window 2020

    Will Wharton return now?
  14. neophox

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Nyambe and Rankin-Costello are super fit and can run the channels on each side.
  15. neophox

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Walton Nyambe, Lenihan, Tosin, Rankin-Costello Davenport, Travis, Downing Holtby, Armstrong Brereton

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