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  1. neophox

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    left defender and a goalie is a priority and sell Bell if hes not good enough. Also loan Kodija to boost our promotion hopes.
  2. neophox

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Well at least Gally is scoring and we have a 7M man on the bench and a warhorse in Graham!
  3. Only 4p from play offs, what has happened?
  4. neophox

    QPR Away

    Only 6p to relegation
  5. neophox

    QPR Away

    You can also see how important Travis is
  6. neophox

    QPR Away

    1p in last three against luton Forrest and qpr... were will se get points?
  7. neophox

    QPR Away

    Mowbray needs to been sacked
  8. neophox

    QPR Away

    .... Rothwell seems lost and Graham is finished Im afraid. All others has benen very poor against a poor qpr side.
  9. neophox

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Where is breo?
  10. neophox

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Gallagher and Graham will surely be dropped for Holtby and Rothwell next week. Superb last 15 mins but in all in vain. We really need a win at QPR to set the tone for the season. Time to step up. The slip up against Luton still hurts. Holtby is quality and Rothwell has it. Think Dack was Poor today along with Gally and Graham.
  11. neophox

    Reading (A)

    Evans great? Ok in the first half then lost second half and rightly subbed. The guy is not good enough. Think we have a player in Holtby. A good weeks training and then Luton home.
  12. neophox

    Lewis Holtby

    Holtby would be a class signing.
  13. neophox


    Rothwell has to be better when starting games. Always seems best when coming on as a sub.
  14. neophox

    Ben Garratt

    To be fair, Walton has so far been a good signing.

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