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  1. neophox

    Peter Whittingham

    Rest in peace Peter! Terrible news.
  2. Maybe Holtby will be back for this season then...
  3. The season could be a long one.
  4. If your health is normal and you are not feeling the flu, and been or met people who had been abroad there is no danger going to the game to support our team.
  5. neophox

    January transfer window 2020

    Mowbray does not rate him. Had a good spell but got injured...
  6. neophox

    January transfer window 2020

    If he leaves we would need a lot of centre halves..
  7. neophox

    Promotion next season?

    Pukki the 20 plus scorer
  8. neophox

    Promotion next season?

    Teemu Pukki should be a transfer target! Could ve available in summer.
  9. neophox

    Swansea City home

    Thought Nyambe wa better than Tosin today and he is ours.
  10. neophox

    Swansea City home

    Brereton got a penalty and was lively in those 35 mins he played. I would like him to get a run that will give him confidence for next season. The guy is Only 20 years old!!
  11. neophox

    Swansea City home

    I would play this at Derby: Walton Bennett, Nyambe, Tosin, Bell Johnson, Travis Rothwell - Brereton - Armstrong Gallagher Downing need a game to rest. but I am tempted by playing Mulgrew in the centre and Nyambe at right back.
  12. neophox

    Swansea City home

    Brereton was lively When came on. Must start at Derby. Also thought Gally did well When up top.
  13. neophox

    Swansea City home

    Seems we always Do Everything we can to lose
  14. neophox

    Swansea City home

    Swansea really are Terrible..
  15. neophox

    Swansea City home

    Why did Graham take the penalty, scored one goal this season? Strange... could end our season.

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