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  1. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    When did that happen? Even mentioning Evans in the same breath as Batty is a huge insult to Batty!!
  2. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Raya wanted to leave after being dropped and publicly criticised by his manager - completely understandable. Raya did have/still has huge potential - he's still very young for a keeper. Definitely a mistake selling him - and I thought so at the time. Even worse was how we replaced him.
  3. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Did we miss him last year? Not with Walton doing such a superb job, no. Why wouldn't we have got £10m for him eventually?
  4. LeftWinger


    Doesn't he need to quarantine?
  5. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    I've not seen anything that stands out from JRC yet personally, but I'm prepared to give him time. He's like a very poor mans Paul Warhurst for me (not necessarily an insult, as I think Warhurst was very, very good but for injuries).
  6. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    As long as the scouting report doesn't reveal Blackrod's been in his new girlfriend.
  7. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    I actually think Samba was fairly underrated on the ball.
  8. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    We seemed to specialise in signing players that other clubs didn't want. I'd never heard of Nelsen or Samba before they signed and they turned out to be exceptional bits of business. I also wondered why were signing Friedel when we had two very good keepers in Filan and Kelly at the club. Shows how wrong I was.
  9. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Newcastle United up next. In May 2007 we won 2-0 away at Newcastle – who had a strike force of Obafemi Martins and Michael Owen that cost £26m. Luckily we had a pretty expensive backline ourselves – Friedel, Samba and Nelsen costing a whopping £450k between them. If only we could find bargains like that nowadays!
  10. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Spot on. Then I start telling my mates that I've given my Corsa a wash and I'd prefer that to the Lambo anyway.
  11. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    General Manager at Jaya Juta 2000 Sdn Bhd according to his LinkedIn
  12. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Pretty sure you're not thinking of this guy.
  13. LeftWinger

    Football Magazines

    Does anyone remember a Blackburn Rovers magazine around 1995? Not sure if it lasted long, but I definitely remember buying one from a newsagent in Leyland. In fact, here it is.....
  14. LeftWinger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Isn't Garner a deeper midfielder? He can also play in defence.
  15. LeftWinger


    Is this not slightly skewed by the fact that testing isn't only done in Hospitals now? Ie. You'd have expected a higher percentage of those testing positive at the peak to be the elderly due to them being hospitalised. Now testing is open to anyone who wants one, you'd expect more younger people to be testing positive.

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