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  1. LeftWinger

    Vote for Rovers today!

    I'm a fan of both of those kits to be fair. Newcastle had some good kits around that time.
  2. LeftWinger

    Leicester Play Off Final

    Whilst he was very, very good - he only scored 7 at Ewood in the league that season. I'd never put him on a level with Shearer in regards to how many I'd expect him to score in a game.
  3. LeftWinger

    98/99 Relegation?

    Marshall told BBC News 24: "I feel that we have a clause that says if anyone offers £5m they can speak to the player. "We were given permission to speak to Blackburn Rovers on Monday at apparantly a price of £6.75m. I'm absolutely staggered at that. Obviously his agent knew this clause existed, why didn't we? Unless it was a deliberate ploy to try and price him out of moves to Villa or Newcastle.
  4. He scored 34 goals in 3 seasons for Rovers (00/01 in Division 1; 01/02 & 02/03 in the Premier League) - in 124 appearances - 0.274 goals per game. In the subsequent 8 seasons after leaving he scored 10 goals in 140 appearances at 0.07 goals per game (7.5 seasons in the Premier League and 0.5 seasons in the Championship). He then had a good season in 09/10 scoring 10 goals in 28 games - but other than that his goal output really dropped. I remember the promotion season in division one with Jansen, Duff and Dunn as the crown jewels. He was outstanding that season. He had everything other than pace. He could score with both feet, his head, technically excellent, eye for a pass, great dribbler. He carried that on when we got back up to the Premier League as well. I remember him telling a story how he was supposed to be going out for James Beattie's birthday after we had played Southampton away. We lost the game and Dunny went to a hotel to get ready for a night out. He looked at his phone and had a load of messages/missed calls off team mates, basically telling him to switch his phone off as Souness was after him. So he did just that. He got ready for his night out and as he was walking out the front of the hotel, the team coach was waiting for him. He was made to get on and drive back with the rest of the lads, as Souness had decided they all needed to go into training the next day. Half way home, the coach pulls over and Souness gets out and gets in a separate vehicle. Then Tony Parkes tells everyone on the coach they aren't in for training in the morning. Dunny knew his time at Rovers was up at that point.
  5. LeftWinger

    98/99 Relegation?

    I actually liked Gillespie. A proper old school winger. On his day (unfortunately not consistently enough), he was one of the most exciting players in the country for me. Out and out pace and ability to beat his man. I just think off the field issues stopped him being a real star.
  6. I'm amazed Dunn's name has only been fleetingly mentioned a couple of times on here. I remember seeing him and Tugay against Lampard and Petit for Chelsea and thinking I'd much rather have our two. Dunn was thought of as the new Gascoigne at one stage. I remember him scoring a cracking goal for England U21's (possibly against Holland) and being raved about by the national media. He obviously did have injury problems, but I think he could have been top, top level. Should have had a long England career - he was that good.
  7. LeftWinger

    98/99 Relegation?

    I make it just over £40m spent 😲 Corbett 525k Davies 7.5m Perez 3m Peacock FREE Daily 5.3m Konde 0.5m Blake 4.25m Gillespie 2.35m Ward 4.5m Jansen 4.1m McAteer 4m McNamee 300k O'Brien 300k Carsley 3.4m TOTAL: £40.025m Some absolutely terrible signings there. Jansen the only real success. You could argue Blake, Gillespie, McAteer and Carsley had some kind of impact after we went down, but none of them 'successes' particularly. 1.625m spent on Corbett, Konde, McNamee and O'Brien - did they make any starts in league games? £40m was a hell of a lot of money at the time. To put it in perspective, Arsenal spent £12.5m in the same time period (albeit on some shockers other than Ljunberg at £3m) Man United spent 27.75m - but got Stam for 10.75m and Yorke for 12.6m. I think a picture of what went wrong is quickly emerging 😂
  8. LeftWinger

    98/99 Relegation?

    We were even 3rd with 11 games to go the season before - then it all went a bit wrong. We almost did a 'Reverse Leicester'
  9. LeftWinger

    98/99 Relegation?

    Just looked up the league goals that season from our strikers - what a sorry return: Gallacher – 13 starts; 5 goals Sutton – 17 starts; 3 goals Davies – 9 starts; 1 goal Blake – 9 starts; 3 goals Ward – 17 starts; 5 goals Jansen – 10 starts; 3 goals
  10. LeftWinger

    98/99 Relegation?

    I'd forgotten all about that rumour. The one I heard was that he was there with Oumar Konde - someone else I had forgotten about.
  11. LeftWinger

    98/99 Relegation?

    Kidd did sign Ward - but Blake was a Hodgson signing I'm pretty sure. Both signed during the 98/99 season though. Dahlin cost around £2.5m I'm sure. We also ended up in a legal battle with insurers over a back complaint I'm seem to remember.
  12. LeftWinger

    98/99 Relegation?

    I did think they had missed quite a bit of the season. That, allied with the fact that Davies was a complete flop, were big contributing factors. Having said that, as per my other post, we did draw away with Lyon without any strikers available. We did have a squad that should have been more than capable of staying up.
  13. LeftWinger

    98/99 Relegation?

    I think Perez could play either right back or right midfield. I thought he was pretty decent, but he didn't settle (maybe his wife had issues, or I may have dreamt that). I remember him scoring away at Lyon in a game where we played Wilcox upfront as all out strikers were unavailable. We also had Duff and Johnson coming through on the wings - the main reason for letting Wilcox and Ripley go I think. I remember someone at the time suggesting our struggles were due to Duff and Johnson not being as good defensively as Wilcox and Ripley were previously. Might have been something in that, as they were only kids, but Duff was obviously always going to be a much superior player to Wilcox.
  14. LeftWinger

    98/99 Relegation?

    Being pedantic, but pretty sure we finished 6th. We were in top 2 until January in his first season before fading badly, and I think it was a late Chris Sutton free-kick against Newcastle that got us into 6th. As for the question, it's hard to say why we went so badly wrong. As mentioned, I think Sherwood was very anti-Hodgson and I imagine he was a big figure in the dressing room. I remember us playing alright in games in his 2nd season, but then losing. Kevin Davies struggles obviously didn't help, but we did have some poor players as well. I remember getting beaten 4-1 at home by Wednesday and thinking Broomes was way out of his depth. That would have been the same Wednesday side that we beat 7-1 at home the season before in one of Hodgson's first games. I remember him getting the best out of Ripley in particular early on. I think he pushed the full backs further forward, and this helped Ripley.
  15. LeftWinger


    Using that as a methodology then using WHO Status Update death numbers: Sweden - 3,220 deaths, population of 10,230,000 - means 314.7 deaths per 1,000,000 people. UK - 31,587 deaths, population of 66,650,000 - means 473.9 deaths per 1,000,000 people. So they are dealing with it better than us? I appreciate there are a myriad of factors and other things to take into consideration.

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