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  1. speeeeeeedie

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Days like today are why I like this messageboard. It was an almost universal opinion that Wednesday were nailed on for a home win. Cue a stonker of a performance and post after post singing the team's praises. That's football. It allows people to dream. Come Monday it will be back to the usual uncertainty. Mowbray has a full week and more with his team. If Klopp, Guardiola, or even Dyche had that much time to prepare there would be a massive improvement in team performance. Let's keep dreaming.
  2. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    5 draws in today's Prem games, it would have been 6 out of 8 if Newcastle hadn't have scored a last minute winner. Bournemouth are still struggling. I'd love to know what Steve Cook was thinking. It was madness from him diving and saving the ball. The bottom 7 are even closer to each other now. Come on Leicester. Mourinho is quickly turning Spurs into a carbon copy of his turgid Man U teams. I questioned whether he still had it after getting the boot from Old Trafford. It's looking like he has lost his magic. If Levy doesn't give him millions to spend on established stars he'll be off sooner rather than later.
  3. How many games did Cunningham play? Not many, right? It was a shame that he got injured but it looks like a wasted loan.
  4. speeeeeeedie


    Rashford, Sterling, and Sancho as a front 3 will give teams kittens. They may need to stay on their feet though as they aren't the best at penalties, something that Kane is very good at. I don't think that Kane will be anywhere near match fit. He'll get the best treatment and rehab that money can buy but I don't think that there will be enough games for him to play in. That's if he comes back in April. He won't be playing matches until late April/early May. The Prem finishes mid May. He wasn't fit for the CL final last year and was very poor. It is part of the narrative of England at tournaments from the golden generation on. It always struck me that other nations didn't have the same problems - they may have done but I didn't notice. I seem to remember Japan/Korea 2002 being particularly bad. It was the era of the metatarsal injury. I think that Southgate would have played Ox and Gomez in Russia too if they would have been fit. He didn't trust Walker. Ox was flying. He'd have been ahead of Lingard.
  5. speeeeeeedie

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Speaking of the Mail, I found this article comparing Kate and Meghan headlines quite interesting; https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ellievhall/meghan-markle-kate-middleton-double-standards-royal. Its partner in crime the Express also features a lot. I seem to remember Raheem Sterling doing something similar.
  6. speeeeeeedie


    A question for the England fans amongst us. Harry Kane's annual injury is upon us. His latest one looks more serious than his usual ankle issues. He did his hamstring and had to have surgery. Initial reports had him out until April, but yesterday Mourinho was a little more vague saying that he could miss the Euros. Should Southgate write him off for the summer? Even if he does come back in April it will take him a while to get fit. He is also one who usually starts slowly. He was similarly out last spring, came back for the Champs league final and played like a chump.
  7. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    I'd forgotten about him getting a kicking. A good summary on the relegation battle. I've seen a couple of Burnley games lately. The energy doesn't seem to be there.
  8. speeeeeeedie

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Yes, Setien. He's not won much over his career, not that it matters. I'd finish at least second in La Liga if I managed Barcelona such is the talent available. However, Messi doesn't have long left. Suarez either, and he's currently out injured. Pochettino reckons that he'll never take the Barcelona job on account of him playing for and managing neighbours Espanyol. Cynical me wonders if that is true, as it's alleged that he'd lose his multi million £ pay out from Spurs if he took another job within 12 months. My money is him going to Man U when they finally wake up and realise what all of us already know; Solskjaer isn't up to it.
  9. speeeeeeedie

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I am sorry if the sentence caused you offence. It was meant to illustrate a point. I intended no malice.
  10. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    I don't disagree with you on that. It was a little unfortunate that his first game was against the City team that will beat anybody, not the one that doesn't defend well. He got too big for his boots at Leicester. He decided that he was good enough for Chelsea and spent 2 years stagnating.
  11. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    There is almost half a season left. Spurs currently sit 8th on 30 points. Only 9 more than third from bottom Bournemouth. It's going to be one almighty scrap to stay up. Palace, Arsenal, and Everton although all lower than Spurs in the table won't get dragged down into it. I reckon that it's anyone below those 3. I want Burnley down, but will Dyche pull out his usual mini run to guide them to safety? Bournemouth were awful against Watford. I think that injuries, and Callum Wilson's lack of form, are hurting them. David Brooks and Josh King caused teams problems last year and allowed Wilson a bit of room. Both of them are out so teams don't have the same worry especially with Chris Brown wannabe Solanke playing. Pearson has got Watford firing again. They have some decent players, and a talisman in Deeney. They'll be fine. Hassenhutl has fixed Southampton. Ings' goals is their difference maker. Bruce looks to be able to keep Newcastle solid enough to keep them up. Can Moyes do the same with West Ham? A story today has Dunk linked with Chelsea. If he goes Brighton could be in trouble.
  12. speeeeeeedie

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    You may be correct but that was not my point. I wasn't commenting on the cushiness of Waggott's position. He will always someone who gets a lot of grief either due to his association with Mowbray in getting the job, the actions he performs in the course of his work (flag, weird ticket pricing etc.), or having to provide cover for Venkys.
  13. speeeeeeedie

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    It's admirable that you have so much faith in BRFC. You've shown it on here for years. If Rovers issued a statement saying that the earth was flat you'd be on here agreeing with it within 5 minutes. Your blind faith is clouding your judgment. It's no conspiracy to suggest that Waggott got the gig in some part due to Mowbray. They worked together previously and it would seem that they got along. It happens across football. Roy Hodgson has Ray Lewington. Solskjaer brought back Mike Phelan. Moyes took ex-Rover Mick Rathbone to Everton with him. Was Paul Senior a mate of someone on staff at Ewood during his short yet odd tenure? Unfortunately Rovers in its present guise is not a normal institution so questions are going to be asked about every decision made. Waggott is on a loser as long as Venkys own the club. His hands will always be tied. Mowbray will keep the club plodding along, albeit with diminishing returns especially if he wastes transfer budgets on dross who can't play and have no sell on value.
  14. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    He was poor. Yards off the pace and at fault for at least 2 goals. His new hair looks good though. It's looking like Norwich and Villa for the drop. Bournemouth need to make some changes or they could be the third. They are in freefall. Burnley aren't far behind. Grealish looks the part. He is head and shoulders above his teammates. Mings included.
  15. speeeeeeedie


    Trump is only going away if he loses at the ballot box in November. For that to happen Democrats need to get the nominee down quickly and start the one v one contest. Part of the issue is that he has so many dodgy dealings that the press, then the people, cannot focus on one of them to continually niggle him on. Impeachment could be, but there is no chance at the moment of a conviction by the Senate. The House holding the articles is annoying him to no end.

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