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  1. My sister's boyfriend loves it. He's always taking pictures of his latest tester. I'm not social media inclined so stay away. It's tricky, I like trying them, but a few pints is all I can do. They tend to be stronger, heavier, and hit you harder the morning after. My true favourites are European pilsners, ones like you mention. They are refreshing yet strong tasting. Another plus for all these new breweries is that they cater to families. 3 or 4 where I live offer kids games to keep them entertained whilst I have a cheeky pint or 2. I was at a brewery in Montana last year, it was probably the best I've ever been to. They had a table tennis table, table football, numerous board games, a massive lawn, outdoor games. The only strange aspect was a state law that stipulated that as beer was brewed on premises each drinker could only have 3. They gave you 3 tokens as you walked in, and handed them over each time you went to the bar. I'm also pretty sure that if I didn't frequent all these breweries I'd be posting about my fitness exploits in the health thread.
  2. I read that it was to do with image rights. Apparently they are taxed differently. However, it could be a cover story. A blind man on a galloping horse can see that football is bent; I don't think that there has been a time when it wasn't. There's lots of money to be made, a lot of it off naïve young men who have no clue what they are getting into. If HMRC are leading the charge the FA will sit back and do nothing. They'll say that it's not in their field of oversight.
  3. That's one place I haven't been to yet but you are right. It has breweries galore. You really can't go wrong nowadays over here. Any decent sized city will have lots of local brews to try. Cask ale is rare, and all beer almost universally refrigerated (no Northern cellars are available to keep the beer cool). I do like trying different beers but do still like Stella.
  4. As we are resurrecting threads I'll bring this one up. 2 more breweries have opened up where I live bringing it up to 10. As it's America they are heavy on strong, hoppy, American IPA's that I'm not a real fan of. I do like a good stout though. My take on the strong IPA's is that people have gravitated toward them as they are the complete opposite of the Bud Light/Miller/Coors they grew up drinking.
  5. I'm somewhat the same. All I ever played was football. I too succumbed to injuries. I broke my leg badly in my mid 20's and it put pay to playing at the level I was. I was out for a year but I managed to get back to full fitness through lots of rehab, and haven't suffered any since. I managed to play on for another 10 years, not at the same level but it was a decent run out with a lot of lads who really got along. I stopped due to having young children, and realizing that I had to shout and scream to get motivated. 20 year old's who couldn't trap a bag of cement didn't want me telling them that game after game. I made the decision to quit as it wasn't fair on them or I. I miss the lads I play with, but we still meet up once or twice a year for a few drinks and a laugh. Since then I have put on a few pounds, nothing major but I'm not fighting weight any more. I watch what I eat. I don't really eat sweets. Rarely drink soft drinks - hard to do in America, and try to limit carbs - not easy either. My primary form of exercise is walking the dog. I'm very regimented in taking him for a good hour or so every day. The poor thing has worn out paws due to it all. One thing I can't do is run because of my leg. It still has a rod in it and due to the callus from the bone heal I get a throbbing pain in my leg if I run too far on hard surfaces. I'd love to play golf but children take up my spare time. I foresee an uptick soon though. 2 mountain bike trial parks have just opened close to me. When I 've recovered from the financial hit of Disney I'm going to buy a new bike and get going as I have always enjoyed biking.
  6. Aaron Hernandez, convicted killer, and ex New England Patriots player killed himself overnight in prison. He is serving life for murder, yet only last week was found not guilty of murdering 2 people in Boston. I've been absolutely fascinated with his story. Now it's over.
  7. Bayern were robbed by an inexperienced refereeing crew. It's probably not fair to criticize their nationality but having a Hungarian ref and assistants in a game of that calibre is asking for trouble. They just aren't used to games played at that pace and precision. Having said that, the best ref I've ever seen was Hungarian; Sandor Puhl. But that was years ago when the European club game was a bit more level. Leicester were never going to beat Atletico over 2 legs. I said last year that they were a better version of Leicester and they proved it. The first leg penalty nailed it. Tomorrow sees Barcelona trying to overhaul another big deficit, and a flying Monaco taking on a good Dortmund side.
  8. I'm adding a few more to the list. Gianfranco Zola. Tony Adams (now bizarrely at Granada in Spain but I doubt for long). Gary Neville.
  9. Unfortunately your proviso relies on Rovers having some sort of form in them. As of 43 games they are bottom 3 material. I don't see how it will change in 3 games, considering an insipid performance against Barnsley, and a woeful first hour yesterday. Redknapp is no sure thing either. The Birmingham players may have been underperforming all season but they may be too far gone to fix in such a short space of time. He didn't save Southampton from relegation a few years back.
  10. All 3 clubs you list have terrible owners. One would think that someone buying a football club would so some research on how to run it once purchased. It's no surprise that West Brom are doing well this season. They have the best chairman in football running the show with an experienced manager sorting the football team out. Rovers need to pull out 2 wins from 3 games. Nail biting stuff. However, it reads much differently than the last 2nd tier relegation struggle. Was it Easter Monday when we beat top of the table Oldham, all but sealing safety? I agree with those that say that staying up this season puts off the inevitable. Rovers will be odds on next season to go down. No money, no players, no management, no hope.
  11. I'm not an old old poster but have been coming on here for over 10 years. I've seen an uptick recently, and I like it. It's hard to keep the site fresh, and free of major angst when it's main driver is a basket case football club. Good luck to those who set up their new site. I went on to look but left quickly. It was strange. I don't post much in Rovers player and match type threads as I'm not local with no access to Championship games. But other football topics, and non-football is good for me. Keep it up.
  12. I've just got back from a few days at Disneyworld. I was unimpressed before I went and now remain so. It's a military operation to plan beforehand so you can get on rides, then once you are there it's just queues and people. Typhoon Lagoon was ace though. Not busy and plenty to do. I stayed at a Disney resort so was able to take advantage of magic hours which really helped. Traffic throughout Orlando was a mess too. I like to relax when I go away, it was just too much hard work. It's horses for courses though. There were plenty there enjoying it.
  13. That site is surreal. I wondered where they'd gone.
  14. He won't see the hypocrisy. He is the president, therefore he can do what he wants. His stunt the other day goes along with this. He promised to donate his salary as he doesn't need the money. He gave some government department $80,000 or so. His proposed budget calls for that very department to have $1.6billion cut from it. It's unbelievable, yet the idiot Trump appointee who accepted the check thanked him for it. It wouldn't surprise me if it came out that he doesn't read the legislation put in front of him. He has no appetite for policy. Syria is going to cause Trump some real headaches. The attack this week has him flailing all over the place. He has no idea how to handle it, and if not done right could cause major ructions.
  15. It was an absolute con job aided by the Russians. One of Trump's big talking points was that the election was rigged, Russia jumped on this and was able to create enough fake news, fake people, and fake twitter/facebook posts targeting the undecided to shift perceptions. I don't think that during the campaign Trump was ever aware that the Russians were up to their eyeballs in it. He read what they were publishing and it reinforced his views. He's been in charge for 3 months. These allegations haven't stopped coming, and they will continue to plague him. He doesn't like the press, they don't like him either so will continue to dig dirt. I think that one day his taxes will come out. It won't force resignation but it will lay bare his business antics, and will make him even more reliant on his inner circle. He trusts very few people. Top, top jobs have gone to his daughter and son-in-law. Neither of them have an ounce of political experience behind them but Trump reckons that they can sort it all out. I heard a commentator say the other day that in business transactions both parties usually want something so a deal can usually be done. Sometimes in politics the other side wants no part of it. Trump the "businessman" can't negotiate with somebody who has no interest in what's on offer. Hopefully Trump will continue to falter, and he'll be out in 3.5 years. Steve Moss has been absent for a while. I genuinely like reading his explanations of how all this is made up.