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  1. Premier League Stuff

    They may have not played well but they still won and kept a clean sheet. That's typical Mourinho; not unlike Allardyce (who I rate). Although outclassed, they were 2 good saves away from a draw against City last week. Man U today isn't the Ferguson Man U. The swagger has gone. Moyes and van Gaal made sure of that. City are the top dogs now. His first Chelsea team had an aura abut them as they benefitted from being able to buy anyone they wanted due to Abramovich's fresh cash. and Mourinho's success at Porto. I also agree with you that they will play much better in the Champs League. They aren't going to win the league so Mourinho will go full blast for the Champs League, and make sure that they get a top 4 spot.

    What a game that was. If that net wasn't there that ball would have smacked me right in the face.
  3. Rovers Reminiscences

    I cannot anoint a single player to being the best as there are too many different criteria to conclusively pick one. I am too young for Pele, Best, Beckenbauer and the like. Maradona, Messi, Zidane, and pre injury Brazilian Ronaldo are players in my football watching lifetime who are at the top table. They could turn games by themselves. van Basten, Cristiano Ronaldo, Henry, Shearer, and many others were/are great players but not as good as those 4. One player who really surprised me when I saw them live was Tony Adams. Rovers first season up in 1992 for Arsenal at Ewood. He was the best player on the pitch. His organization, positioning, and passing were first class. All I knew about him previously what his stop start England career and his caricature as a bit of a donkey.
  4. Premier League Stuff

    You're right. Man U are now a typical Mourinho team. Organised. Hard to beat. Not much flash. They play ultra defensively against their rivals; especially away. I read an article the other day saying that they are on course for the same points total this year as they got in Ferguson's last title winning season. Not bad really.
  5. Champions League 2017-2018

    A decent draw for the English teams. Conte now has to prove his worth. City will beat Basel. Man U will easily beat Seville. If Liverpool don't lose away in Portugal they'll progress too. Spurs are 50-50.
  6. Premier League Stuff

    I said just before kick off that Klopp was right to drop Coutinho and Firmino as Allardyce would deny them space. He did exactly that. Klopp's anger should be directed at his comedy centre half who again made a complete mess of a situation that he needed no involvement in. He should also be lambasting Mane for shooting well wide just before half time with 3 Liverpool players waiting for an easy tap in. 2-0 at half time would have killed it. I've not read much on the Manchester derby after match antics but it strikes me as Mourinho up to his old tricks. He is a very sore loser. Man U were thoroughly outplayed yesterday, Mourinho knows that and can't do anything about it so resorts to petulance.
  7. Premier League Stuff

    Yet again Arsenal were Arsenal but managed to rag an equaliser. Wenger is a custodian, not a manager. He makes sure that he does enough to continue revenue increases in line with what the owners want. Maybe one day when he does go they'll get a manager in who will build a team that can challenge again. Klopp has been brave. I think it's a good decision as Allardyce will have had an idea of what to do with Coutinho.
  8. World Cup 2018

    I hadn't thought about that. The only stipulation was only 2 European teams in each group. They must not think that it's needed. I think Moyes has done England a favour. He dropped Hart yesterday. Adrian kept a clean sheet. Hopefully Hart doesn't get back in and Southgate leaves him at home.
  9. Transfers Part 3

    My intent was sarcasm, with no malice intended. Another medium that doesn't work well written down. I thought that your post was funny. A team now winning needs a complete overhaul. It was a bit like Monty Python's "what have the Romans done for us" bit in the Life of Brian.
  10. Transfers Part 3

    I got 9. Centre half, central midfield, 2 full backs, 2 wingers, 2 "destroyers", and another full back who can attack. Strange to want so many new faces for a team that is seemingly on the up.
  11. Brexit Thread

    I assume that was for Skiptonrover. His old people scaring immigrant gangs comment got be back posting on this thread. I'd left it alone since the days before Abbey and Al's schism.
  12. Brexit Thread

    Don't bother. He'll only dig up more "studies" to prove his point. The Brexit vote was a political stunt that spectacularly backfired. Very few people in Britain had or still has any idea how intertwined the country is with Europe. Giving them a vote on it was mental. Cameron shoulders the blame for this. MP's control whether Britain leaves, the article 50 debate you have mentioned clarifies it. As you, (or Den) said - if MP's back out there will be repercussions for them politically, namely losing their seat. Long gone are the days of honourable politicians serving for the good of Britain.
  13. Brexit Thread

    This has to be one of the daftest things I've read on this board for a while. Gangs of Eastern Europeans scaring old people from going to the shop. Ridiculous. It's not worth arguing over though as you are clearly set in your stance that Brexit is not a monumental cock up.
  14. Champions League 2017-2018

    The last round of Champs League group fixtures are today and tomorrow. City, Spurs, Chelsea are already in the hat for the knockout stage, and barring a miracle set of results so are Man U. If Liverpool avoid defeat at Anfield against Spartak Moscow they are through too. This BBC article summarises it well; http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/42085437 Hopefully all 5 get through.
  15. "donald"

    That list looks about right. Sessions must be close to getting on it too. It has been widely reported that the "very senior member" mentioned in Flynn's charge sheet is Kushner. Mueller's crew spoke to him a few weeks ago. It's more than likely that Flynn had already turned therefore that meeting which no doubt puts Kushner in a very awkward position. We may get to see how loyal Trump is. If Kushner and Ivanka, or Jr. are charged will he fall on his sword to save his children and grandchildren? I find it all fascinating. Unfortunately we are talking about the real life government of the USA, not a TV series.