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  1. speeeeeeedie

    Brexit Thread

    John Oliver is back on TV. He has another Brexit bit that's worth a watch; Brexit chaos
  2. speeeeeeedie

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    I'll put this here as it isn't specific to Rovers; Guardian - nepotism in football Guess who gets a mention?
  3. speeeeeeedie


    I got the same, and I'm from Accrington. Interesting, as I've been in the USA for half my life. I answered based on my daily language. Tea was dinner and sweets were candy as they are the words I use now, although I'd revert if I was speaking to a local.
  4. speeeeeeedie

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    I'm showing my ignorance now. What does Mark Venus do? is he assistant manager? What are Lowe's connections? If he's not going anywhere the club needs to send him on a coaching course.
  5. speeeeeeedie

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    Lots of knee jerk reactions on here per usual in response to a bad patch. 2 months ago it was all playoff talk. If Mowbray keeps Rovers up this season he has done his job. It's currently looking that way. He has his flaws, a good reason why Rovers were able to get him as manager in the first place. Mourinho or Guardiola weren't going to trap up at Ewood were they? I don't watch games but know that the team concedes too many late goals, and he doesn't seem to have a best 11. A lot of that is down to game preparation, ordinarily managed by the coaching staff. Again, as Rovers were picking from the bargain bin 2 years ago there's no one with Paul Clement's calibre setting the team up. I wouldn't be against getting in a new first team coach, but stick with Mowbray.
  6. speeeeeeedie

    Brexit Thread

    This is the only current concrete outcome to emerge from Brexit. It has caused a massive division in UK society. Friendships have been lost, families don't talk to each other. It also caused a schism on this messageboard. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if it was all stage managed. It has parallel's with Trump's election victory, and they are uncovering all sorts on that. Separately, the EMA is moving to Amsterdam from London. Whatever way you slice it it's not good for pharmaceuticals development in Britain.
  7. speeeeeeedie

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Strange breed that lot. A Fox news host got a lot of stick the other day for claiming on TV that he's not washed his hands for years. He waffled something about germs being good. He got loads of grief, said that he was joking and was making a larger point against germophobes. Unfortunately plenty will take what he said at face value.
  8. speeeeeeedie

    Champions League 2018-2019

    After last night's performance it looks like Spurs will see off Dortmund. But it is Spurs. Vertongen was woeful in the first half, and terrific in the second. Ajax lost 2-1 to Real. They look like a good side though. Unfortunately it won't last though, the big boys will come in and sign all their good players.
  9. speeeeeeedie

    News Thread Attempt 394

    There is an ongoing measles outbreak in Washington state. Over 100 cases so far. They think they've traced it to some people travelling back from Ukraine. It's hippie heaven out there so no surprises. Also, kids not being vaccinated is becoming more prevalent in very affluent parts of big US cities. It's amazingly stupid, but they think they know better.
  10. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    Idiots. Pure and simple. Just like the other 2.
  11. speeeeeeedie

    Champions League 2018-2019

    It's looking like it. I can't see them scoring 3 without reply in Paris, No Pogba either. Last night was a reality check for Man U. PSG are a good side. Man U were never at the races. They looked more like Mourinho's team than the one that's been beating inferior opposition over the last few months. Porto got beat 2-1 in Rome. That tie is wide open. Spurs v. Dortmund today. Should be interesting.
  12. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    Burnley fans arrested for racial abuse; Classy Clarets What are these people thinking? Dad and son too.
  13. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    Does anyone have any idea why there is an increased prevalance of footballers with double barrelled surnames? Is it a societal trend? Or is it done individually to give them brand recognition? I don't live in Britain any more so don't have the insight
  14. speeeeeeedie


    What did that drivel you posted have to do with Trump?
  15. speeeeeeedie

    Other Football League 2018/19

    How long will he last? My guess is not long.

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