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  1. speeeeeeedie


    Did you not have COVID? You should feel safe everywhere if you did.
  2. speeeeeeedie


    This is a view that is gaining traction in some circles over here. His continued talking up of Confederate monuments is evidence. It would appeal to his vanity too as he'd be able to bow out without having to say that he lost. He lives in fantasy land. 2020 has been awful. People are tired, angry, and frustrated. Trump is adding fuel to those fires rather than trying to put them out. If he keeps it up and Republican poll numbers keep dropping to where it becomes clear that they are going to get an electoral kicking then and only then would the party try to so something. They'll hold on to Trump for dear life if the numbers stop cratering. Meanwhile whilst his distraction circus carries on his government continues to do his dirty work. The US immigration department issued a new order yesterday stating that if a university goes to a fully online course model for the start of the 2020-2021 academic year foreign students enrolled at those places must either leave the country and participate online from their home country or move universities to one that has in person instruction. As a person who came to the USA as a university student it's complete madness and completely unnecessary. But it will rid the USA of those not born here so it's a good idea in Trump's world. I think that it will be challenged in court. Especially as Harvard announced that they were going online only about 2 hours before the government issued the order. They have a lot of money and a lot of big hitters.
  3. speeeeeeedie


    Can you post where you got your information from? I am genuinely interested. I'm in the developed naturally camp. Here are some articles that I read asserting it; Nature magazine summary Nature magazine addendum Technical document detailing the why's Science Daily abstract I did a search for "coronavirus developed in lab" and there were articles from The Sun, Daily Mail, Fox News, Washington Times, and this one that seems to have got the most exposure; ex MI-6 agent says COVID was bioengineered
  4. speeeeeeedie


    Restaurants (places that don't serve food can't open yet, but it's a short list of places that are still shut due to all sorts of rule bending) have been doing that where I live since reopening started at the end of May (next phase is on pause for the mo though). It's a good idea if you ask me. Being outdoors is a sight better than being inside. A bloke I know is in the commercial food supply business. He says that it's like the wild west. Restaurant owners have been gobbling up as much outdoor space as they can and have been quickly rigging up pergolas, sails, temporary roofs, lights, you name it to increase outdoor capacity. The local health department is responsible for oversight but are turning a blind eye to it all at the moment. The local council also used the pandemic to pass a law that closes most of downtown to traffic Thursday to Sunday. Each restaurant is now allotted a portion of the street in front of their establishment where they can serve customers. Good weather is a factor but it has started really well and should have been done years ago. Separately, here's a snippet from The Lancet that essentially says that you can't catch the virus from surfaces; The Lancet - "the chance of transmission through inanimate surfaces is very small". I've always thought this. People carry it not objects.
  5. speeeeeeedie


    Boomers v millennials has made it's way to BRFCS. It took a while. I'm in my early 40's so didn't get the best or worst of either. I do agree that young people today have to spend disproportionate amounts of their income on housing. I also agree that they have many more social options than boomers did at the same age. I'd also says that millennials tend to like experiences, whereas past generations bought things to keep. Houses I went to growing up were full of sideboards, extra tables, china plates, flower vases, you name it.
  6. speeeeeeedie


    I know a few people who have spent the majority of their working lives being "property developers". They didn't start out that way but got into the housing market before the 2005-08 bubble and managed to parlay a house they bought for themselves into owning and subsequently renting out a host of houses. I've no gripe at all against them but I can't see a person in their early 20's being able to do the same now. First time buyers are being priced out of the market either by expensive house prices, the need for a large down payment, or not earning a wage commensurate to an equivalent of 20-30-40 years ago. I also agree with the need to build on land within towns that is currently derelict rather than slapping a load of identikit houses out in fields far away from anywhere. The A59 from Whalley to Clitheroe used to be all fields. It now looks completely different. The government should provide incentives to big builders (buyers too) to redevelop land that has already been used. I don't spend much time in Blackburn when I go home but I'm sure that there are acres and acres of old factories/industrial parks that could be turned into a decent place to live.
  7. speeeeeeedie

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    This is round 200 of the same Mowbray discussion. It's pretty clear that he is a decent man, a manager who players like, and a person who holds some integrity. It's also clear that results under him, in the Championship anyway, are like a roller coaster. 5 or 6 games of promotion form is followed by a massive dip where relegation looks imminent. This is who he is. He won't get fired, nor will he leave. He'll finish between 8th and 10th, then say the right things this summer.
  8. speeeeeeedie

    Barnsley v Rovers

    You really have no clue sometimes.
  9. speeeeeeedie


    I'd add in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease to criteria that the virus causes most damage in. US cases are increasing in the 25-25 age range as they are now out and about in large numbers. Texas reported that almost all of those within that age range who are in ICU's have a separate health condition. It barely affects u18's yet until a study comes out that can definitively say what their rate of infecting others is full school return will be on shaky ground. There is still no research on long term issues with the virus. Do people have permanent lung damage? What about kidney function? Blood clots?
  10. speeeeeeedie


    The USA and Sweden plotted by cases per million. Remarkably similar. Yet both countries roads to where we are now were very different.
  11. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    That is part of it too. I remember the TV spectacle when I was a kid. They used to have cameras at the team hotels, followed them on the bus to the ground. Goals of the season. A quiz. It was great. My early Rovers experiences of the FA cup were the games against Villa and Liverpool. Rovers should have won both. Super Atko's own goal being the most famous incident. For a butterfly effect moment, if Atkins had not have scored the own goal, Liverpool would not have had a replay, nor would they have drawn 4-4 with Everton in the 5th round which prompted Dalglish to leave. He would then more than likely still been at Liverpool and therefore not taken the job at Ewood. Atkins had it planned the whole time.
  12. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    I did not know that so I checked. In the last 30 years there have only been 2 finals without one of the above; 1991 - Spurs v. Forest and 2008 - Portsmouth v. Cardiff. I have never been a big fan of the FA cup, the above may be why.
  13. speeeeeeedie


    That is this weekend's distraction. He needs to put people off the scent of what his administration is really up to. On Friday evening (usually the time Trump and his crew let their bad ideas go public) they petitioned the Supreme court to invalidate Obamacare - it would take ages to explain but it's a way to buy health insurance. If they win millions could lose their health insurance. Secondly, a story came out, and later confirmed by other media outlets, that Russian GRU units have been offering Afghan rebels cash bounties to kill US and British soldiers. As bad as that is, it's told that Trump knew about it months ago but did nothing. His team denied that he did know. Either way it is not good. These are separate to now record coronavirus cases. 3+ months after the USA "locked down".
  14. speeeeeeedie


    I really do hope that they are too. Here's an interesting article summarizing what could happen; COVID tracking project summary There is plenty to take from it. One is that younger people are getting it and they usually don't die, but deaths may pick up if those people give it to older ones. Another plus for deaths not flying up are how people are now treated. Back in March and April ventilators were the preferred method. Studies found that they weren't helping. They are still being used but not as prevalent as a few months back, and doctors have found new ways of using existing drugs to help in recovery. Dexamethasone being one that does help.
  15. Another bad performance against Wigan. Mowbray can't figure out how to deal with them. 2 goals conceded in the last 10 minutes too. How many does that now make for the season? I thought that fitness had improved.

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