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  1. speeeeeeedie

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Coyle was that and more. He failed miserably with the players you listed. Mowbray may not be Klopp or Guardiola but he's a far cry from Coyle - a man who should never get another job in football.
  2. speeeeeeedie


    A summary from the BBC; 10 reasons for Brexit delay I found it to be worth a read. A quote from Barnier; "Everybody will have to pay a price - EU and UK - because there is no added value to Brexit. Brexit is a negative negotiation. It is a lose-lose game for everybody."
  3. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    Thanks Jack and Oldjamfan. I've been using Poo-ne, but I live Stateside so that may be clouding it.
  4. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    Off topic but how do you pronounce Pune? It's been bugging me for years. Does the u sound like the o in loon and is one of; Poo-na? Poo-ne? Poon? Or does the u sound like the u in puny and is one of; Puun Puu-na? Puu-ne?
  5. speeeeeeedie

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I've had Burnley fans tell me the same thing. I doubt it though. Hart played top level football for years. Being quiet isn't an attribute of a keeper. Aside from Hart's obvious fall from grace, his undoing was Burnley's early start due to their Europa League exploits. They didn't get a proper pre season in, and had to adjust accordingly. It was only after an international break that Dyche got them back to their working order.
  6. speeeeeeedie

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Dann failed to live up to expectations during his first season for Rovers. I remember him being iffy in possession, and getting caught out of position a lot. How much of that was down to Kean's abject management is worthy of discussion. He did knuckle down in the Championship and got his move back to the Prem where he was a regular and at times was talked about for an England call up. He is a good header of a ball and is better than average on attacking set pieces. An old head centre half is usually good for a Championship team. I'd take Joe Hart too.
  7. speeeeeeedie

    Rodwell signs

    Or, he's perfect as they can see and learn from his experiences on what not to do. He can explain how hard they have to work if they want to reach the top.
  8. speeeeeeedie

    The Tennis Thread

    Tennis isn't a big draw on this site but did anyone watch Federer v. Nadal in today's Wimbledon semi final? Federer won in 4 sets and put on a masterclass. He will be missed when he hangs his racquet up. I can't see him beat Djokovic on Sunday.
  9. speeeeeeedie


    Here's a long article form US publication The Atlantic on Britain's diminished relationship with the USA; UK-USA on a downer It's summary is poignant; until Britain figures itself out it's not going to get any better.
  10. speeeeeeedie

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Warren Joyce, once linked with Rovers, has been appointed as Salford City's development squad coach; Salford appoint Joyce. 3 years ago he was performing a similar role at Man U. He tried his hand at management. Failed, and now ends up at a League 2 team. Although said team is flush with cash. I also found it interesting that Chris Casper (Frank's lad for those older posters) is Salford's sporting director. Another member of the "class of 92™" involved at the club.
  11. speeeeeeedie


    I'll put this here rather than the Brexit thread. The UK ambassador to the USA resigned as a consequence of the reporting of leaked cables that called Trump incompetent and insecure. Trump wasn't happy and said that he'd never deal with him, and a trade meeting was also postponed. The UK getting a post Brexit trade deal is looking stronger every day...….
  12. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    Both of those two will do a job at Burnley. I assume that Pieters has been signed as cover for Taylor? Rodriguez is a poacher. He'll score enough to justify his fee, and probably help to keep them up again.
  13. speeeeeeedie

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Interesting article. On one side he is bemoaning the lack of character in todays game. On the other he comes across as a "it was better in my day" type. Most on here like Souness so will give him a pass. As a side, does anyone else find the Mirror website annoying? I rarely read any articles on there as it takes weeks to load. I'm on a PC too.
  14. speeeeeeedie


    Yep, VAR needs some refining. The pen was given after loads of slow mo repeats. White was never offside. The same happened to Lingard against the Dutch the other week. I thought that there had to be daylight to give a decision. Not last night. The USA were trying all sorts of tricks. I don't think that the sending off was deserved. USA will walk the final. I'll not be watching. Unlike the last World Cup there isn't unanimous support for the women's team over here. Rapinoe angered Trump fans. Others got mad at them tonking Thailand, and more simply have a hatred for football so won't watch.
  15. speeeeeeedie

    Championship season 2019-20

    This Guardian article doesn't paint a pretty picture; O'Neill loses Forest dressing room Lung busting pre season runs for the players finally did him in. Football fitness has moved on from the days of long cross country runs every day. I can't see his successor doing much either.

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