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  1. I think that you are wrong here though. Wilcox was public enemy number one at Ewood for a few years, but he was a key cog in the title winning wheel. He was integral to the way Rovers played. It's no coincidence that from dipped after his season ending knee injury (March was it?). Kenna and Le Saux had to perform duties after that and the team was disjointed. He was also one of the fittest players in the team.
  2. I've no disagreement with that. He's worth top dollar. Correct. Until he has a good Champs League and goals in the World Cup he'll play second fiddle to the players I mentioned yesterday.
  3. I have more hope for England than most but we don't have any world class players at the moment. Kane is decent. Alli and Rashford have potential. The other 2 certainly not - although Walker was our best player at Euro 2016. Tyrone mentioned a world 11. I'd put the usual suspects of Ronaldo, Suarez, Neymar, Messi, Lewandowski, and even Aguero ahead of Kane. Lukaku is up there too. I'm sure I could find more too if I thought about it for longer. The last truly "world 11" player England had was Ashley Cole. He'll never be remembered as such due to his media intolerance, his autobiography comments, and his marriage/break up to UK darling Cheryl.
  4. I don't get the anger toward Southgate. He was given the job after Allardyce unfortunately acted the fool. Was he going to say no? He then proceeded to get a mediocre England team through an albeit mediocre group with no defeats. He's done what has been asked of him so far. Unlike others he has experienced first hand the disappointment of playing for England. His missed pen against Germany scuppered a Euro final place. Strange as it is I think that he can use it as a motivator, and that's his primary job. England won't win the World Cup as the players aren't good enough. Central midfield is barren. Central defence is creaky, and our flair players are inconsistent.
  5. Here's an interesting article in the Guardian regarding club youth players; https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/oct/06/football-biggest-issue-boys-rejected-academies?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Fiver+2016&utm_term=246909&subid=6923483&CMP=EMCFTBEML853#comment-106370893 It mentions Huddersfield who have indeed scrapped their u8-u16 set up. They did an extensive review and found that the last person who played in those age groups for Huddersfield who then went on to play in the Premier League was Rovers own Jon Stead, in 1999. Relating this to Rovers, I don't see how the club can keep funding a cat 1 academy that isn't producing players. No manager installed at Ewood would be willing to bring up youngsters, they want proven players who are known commodities.
  6. Smashing insight from Matt. Little has changed since September 2016. England have qualified and barring a defeat in Lithuania on Sunday they'll go into the World Cup unbeaten, which coupled with England's commercial income is probably good for a top seed in the group. I am happy. I love the World Cup. England have a lot of work to do, but I'll always hope for a good run. Yet it's hard to envision at the mo as there is no creativity or invention.
  7. Interesting topic. As has been pointed out there are various factors for the decrease in atmosphere at football grounds. I'd say the biggest reason at Ewood is the fact that the team is full of nobodies, playing in the 3rd tier, run by sub par staff, and owned by a group of people who have serially dismantled the club from top to bottom. When that's your starting point, a few conga lines and a chant of "come on you blues" in a at best half empty stadium isn't likely to get the place banging. Football is a results business. Winning helps atmosphere.
  8. You are absolutely right. Rovers fan 2000-2004 - Robbie Savage is a right pr!ck. 2005 - Robbie Savage is a legend.
  9. I am afraid that you are right Mark. Despite a lot of talk nothing changed after Sandy Hook, and if killing school kids didn't move the dial this one won't. The Onion usually hits the nail on the head when massacres happen and it does again today; http://www.theonion.com/article/no-way-prevent-says-only-nation-where-regularly-ha-57086 The UK banned handguns after Dunblane. The USA won't do a thing. It's a shame Steve isn't around as he'd give you the boilerplate reasons as to why it's OK that the American public can and should be allowed to buy Rambo guns. He called Trump's win from the off so he has some insights that I don't have.
  10. I'm not trying to derail the thread or sound like my grandad but there were some aspects of football that are better than today. My own favourite was the half time score readout. Unless you had a radio you didn't know how other games were going. Nobody where I stood did so it was always a nice surprise.
  11. For England's sake I hope that he is. West Ham have always had ideas above their station. His name will be bandied around when Bilic gets the boot. He's already won it all at Milan. Why go back?
  12. Ancelotti has been given the boot at Bayern after their 3-0 loss to PSG yesterday. I wouldn't bet against a Premier League return for him. West Ham perhaps? Or Arsenal? There's no shame in getting beat in a group stage match against a talented PSG team. Mbappe is a class above. If he keeps it up France will win another World Cup soon enough.
  13. the 2016-2017 Puskas nominees have been announced. The winner will be decided at the end of October. Puskas award - top goal of 2016-2017 I liked Mandzukic when I saw it live.
  14. I loved reading that article. From Kean name dropping Mark Clattenburg to his complaining about his team not getting a stonewall penalty is all classic him. I was surprised that he didn't mention the time that he beat Man U at Old Trafford. The solace is at the end; his team of nobodies is second from bottom, only ahead of a developmental side. S League table - 2 wins for Kean It's been a wonder to a lot of Rovers fans as to how quickly his handlers could have got Kean another gig in the UK. Despite his friends in high places I've always said that Kean would never get another job in England. Those that know have him sussed and his continued struggle in the backwater of Brunei should solidify keeping him away.
  15. Not strictly Brexit but definitely related. Nigel Farage has found his new niche. He was campaigning in Alabama last night for Roy Moore. He's in a run off primary election against Luther Strange - the senator appointed after Jeff Sessions took the attorney general job. It looks like Moore, the outsidser, is going to win. He's more right wing than Stuart Ripley. Not that the other bloke isn't though, but Strange is Trump's pick.