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  1. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    Regardless of perceived slights and perceived bad refereeing decisions the best team won the tournament. France were just too strong for Croatia. They have good players all over the park, including match winners in Griezmann and Mbappe. They will be there or thereabouts for the next one too. It was an excellent world cup. Some great games, good performances, and progress from England. I only missed watching 3 games. Kick off times were great for me. My top 4 are; France, Belgium, Croatia, Uruguay. Modric was given the player of the tournament award. I agree with that. I'd have Hazard at number 2. That big lad up front for Russia had a great run too. Certainly not top class, but was excellent.
  2. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    A poor game. England huffed and puffed in the first half, and played much better in the second, only to be done on the break. There is a lot to look forward too. The foundations of a very good side is there. Very few of the squad are over 26. Sessegnon from Fulham is getting rave reviews. Hopefully he keeps his head screwed on and he can be the next long term left back. Another central defender is needed. Jones was once touted as an England captain. He'll never get there now. Luke Shaw has gone the same way. He was in the 2014 squad. He'll not get a look in as long as he's at Man U. Rashford has flashes. He and Lingard need to leave Man U so they can play consistently. I'm sure Klopp would turn Rashford into a world beater, but that will never happen. Stones did well, but will he get a game for City? The successful youth team players should be looking to play abroad. Sancho has gone. Lookman at Everton wants to. I shall look forward to the final tomorrow, and not before long the league season will start and all will be forgotten.
  3. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    I suggested taking Trippier and Alli off for Dier and Delph, and switching to 4-4-1-1. Walker as an orthodox right back. Dier and Henderson in the middle, Delph on the left. That would have cut off their full backs who were causing havoc. You are correct though, a second goal would have killed it off.
  4. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    The dream is over. It was a good ride, yet defeat at such a late stage is always hard to take. However, England have a lot to look forward to, unlike previous tournaments. This article from 2011 is very interesting; Southgate's vision. Progress from that plan is now being seen. I do think that some of the England squad need more playing time. Rashford and Lingard will not get any better playing for Mourinho.
  5. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    I think Benzema is not under consideration for his part in a blackmail plot against former France team mate Valbuena. Anyway, come on England! Same 11 as last time out.
  6. speeeeeeedie

    Premier League Stuff

    I see that City finally signed Mahrez from Leicester. For a king's ransom too. Do they really need him? He's just like Bernardo Silva.
  7. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    Belgium started better then once France got to grips with Belgium's system it was only a matter of time. Fellaini got caught out on the goal. When you have Hazard starting in his own half you are doing something right. He is some talent though. Lukaku keeps his flat track bully tag intact. Goals against Tunisia and Panama, nothing since. Although he did play well against Brazil. Matuidi was man of the match for me; he was everywhere. I wonder if he's concussed. Although even if he is he'll be back out for the final as FIFA aren't bothered about it.
  8. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    Until the game we won't know. I am with you in that If Modric and Ratikic get space they'll cause havoc. However, our back 5 are better than the shower that Argentina put out. I wouldn't change a winning team though.
  9. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    I still say Southgate will keep the same 11. He has a system and will continue to use it. All 4 of the front men can drop in and help out. Kane did it against Colombia, Alli did a lot of it against Sweden. Croatia battered Argentina because they were crap, then struggled against Denmark and Russia as they were very defensively organised.
  10. speeeeeeedie

    Brexit Thread

    There will be more to come on this but David Davis has resigned; Brexit secretary resigns
  11. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    I agree with you. I don't think that Southgate will change much at all. He'll spend the next few days working on refining set pieces, and getting their minds right. Modric is class. He is someone to watch, but they don't have 11 of him..
  12. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    I thought England were solid. No one a bad game. Some had iffy moments but overall it was a good performance. Sterling is still getting pelters. He's not finishing but his contribution yesterday was very good. He never stops moving. I'd rather play Croatia than Russia. Same team again for the next game. No injuries, no suspensions, and no extra time fatigue. Come on England.
  13. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    Yep. If I was going to make changes, those 2 would be it. I've mentioned Young a few times. I'll go with Southgate sticking with the same 11 though.
  14. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    England doesn't have a great record against Sweden, but the more they go on and on about how they are going to win I think the more motivation it gives England. I've read Hakan Mild, Andreas Grandqvist, and even Sven Eriksson talking up their chances. It will be very tight.
  15. speeeeeeedie

    World Cup 2018

    You've done nothing but moan and groan about England. You need to give it a rest. We are through to the last 8. Enjoy it.

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