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  1. I think people are underestimating them - they’re 2nd - 4 points clear of 3rd! Agree though, it’ll be a stroll for them.
  2. They can’t be far off being the form team of the league. They’ll want it too much and Mowbray will be outclassed. Can see either 3-1 or 2-0 to the Swans.
  3. From reading between the lines it would need to be Pasha to have a word in the ears of Madame/Blingy. I’d be amazed if Waggott held much sway with them.
  4. I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if Mowbray makes a dig or two this week about ‘unhelpful outside influences’ and the like, during one of his pressers. Perhaps Sharpe is getting a bit more ballsy as more of his work is done virtually these days!
  5. Jesus Christ does he even think before he speaks? How does nobody call him out on his b*llocks? Surprised a manager or two hasn’t had a pop back yet.
  6. Two wins in ten. Please, please just do the honourable thing Tony. FFS.
  7. This journey feels like some of the bus rides I had in South America. Never ending and constantly having my heart in my mouth.
  8. For all the hard luck stories, that may well have gone out prior to Bucko slotting it in.
  9. I find it quite ironic that we’ve not had a shot given Mowbray spent most of the week talking about all the ‘shots’ we’ve been having like they equate to points.
  10. This would be Stoke’s second win in ten (all comps). Their other win in that run? Us.
  11. Historically under Mowbray we go on a decent run following a set of poor results. Winless in 5-6, win 2-4, repeat. Something feels different this time. I can’t see us winning 3-4 on the spin again under him. Heck I can’t see us winning one right now to be honest.
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