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  1. Gavlar Somerset Rover!

    Loan Window

    Trying to catch up over the last few days. I thought someone would be in by ‘midweek’? We’re not good at getting deals over the line are we.
  2. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    We barely did that last season though Stuart - so can’t see it happening against Championship opposition. Really need some decent reinforcements.
  3. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    This is the issue when we don’t have any natural width - likes of Armstrong need to go wide. I don’t think he’d be the second coming like some do, but hopefully we can get a Chapman in, or similar, to help us.
  4. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    We all knew we needed a seasoned alternative to Graham. I know I’m harping on about it, but piss poor to be reliant on some loanee (we hope!) to provide competition/an alternative.
  5. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Let’s see if we can beat ‘the gems’ record from 2 years ago; what was it - 8 games until our first win?
  6. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Why are we so f*cking lethargic when level? Mowbray never seems to get his teams to go for the throat; almost like he settles for points. Piss poor result which could come back to bite us at the end of the season. Then again, can we expect much more when we bring in diddly squat to improve the first 11. Very disappointed - it’s gonna be a long season folks.
  7. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Typical Rovers when drawing. Need to win this as I keep saying.
  8. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Come on Trav - perfect time to open your account for the Rovers.
  9. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    I’d hoped that he and Evans would play today with a king-sized rocket up their arses after seeing we were desperate to bring in a quality CM. Sadly I think Richie is a top league one player who will never be good enough for the championship.
  10. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Just don’t take Graham off when we need a goal. Christ, surely it’s our turn for a late winner?
  11. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    And my prayers are answered. Come on Arma.
  12. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Take Smallwood or Evans off FFS, not Palmer.
  13. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Wigan are bouncing. Let’s match them please Rovers, need to be winning this.
  14. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Dominic Samuel for Danny Graham before curling in an exquisite 30 yard stunner to win this 1-0. Edit: if Samuel had even been in the squad...
  15. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Very poor. Need more impetus at home, and, without saying, the 3 points.

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