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  1. Gavlar Somerset Rover!

    Championship 2018-19

    Obi Mikel off to Boro. Can only hope his desire is way out after a couple of year's lording it up in China.
  2. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    To be fair he does fit the profile i.e. ex Coventry under TM.
  3. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Exactly the type of player we need. Fast, direct but with an end product.
  4. Gavlar Somerset Rover!

    Rodwell signs

    I think we need one bruiser back there - which Lenihan gives us. Mulgrew and Rodwell would be too lightweight for me.
  5. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Downing starts for our under 23s tonight. No Brereton though - would have thought it would have been a perfect opportunity with no match until Saturday for us and his lack of game time.
  6. They’re always odd. Even when one or two have an absolute stinker after a defeat he still usually gives them a 6.
  7. Yep, lack a cutting edge far, far too often. Probably only scored twice or three times at home in the first half this season - just not good enough.
  8. Got to be winning this - won’t get many better opportunities than this bunch at home. I’ll blame Mercer if we don’t and his ‘home banker’ rubbish yet again.
  9. Bang on Duncan - would love Edwards at Rovers. Tricky, fast and direct. Happy with that line up but no idea why Bennett is in over Nyambe, save for being one of TM’s faves. COYB, feeling slightly more confident than I was earlier this week.
  10. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    IF true, it speaks absolute volumes about Brereton.
  11. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Bit weird him being there even if he is an ex player.
  12. TM doesn’t trust him. If we didn’t already know that before then we certainly do after Tuesday - he was absolutely hammering instructions at a passive looking Rothwell prior to coming on.
  13. Gavlar Somerset Rover!


    Gallagher on for Saints again tonight. I may have been wrong in predicting him as a cert for Rovers. Looks like a case of ‘we’d be so lucky’ right now. Genuinely could see us bringing in nobody - including loans - this window. Thought our recruitment team was ‘in full swing’ now?
  14. Yep. I do love a bite where Mercer is concerned!
  15. When has any match in the past 9 years been 'a home banker' or 'license to print money' where Rovers victories are concerned?!

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