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    Appreciate the regulars might have enjoyed it, but from the perspective ofan oot supporter it's been pretty shit tbh. Can't wait to be playing against some decent teams again.

    We need 2 points from our last 3 games, but if Shrewsbury drop any more points we're up even if we lose all of our last three matches. In short, barring a miracle from Shrewsbury's point of view, we're playing championship football next season

    If Bury nick a draw it's basically over.

    Us and Wigan are far too good for this league. Am sure all teams will be sighing with relief if/when we both go back up.

    We only need 4 points from our last three games to go up - and that's assuming Shrewsbury win all their remaining games. It isn't over until it's over but it would take some collapse to miss out now. I'm not putting much faith in a Bury team whose own manager has essentially called them shit.
  6. Rovers v Peterborough

    Don't hold back mate, tell us what you really think.
  7. Funnily enough after embracing the "boring James Milner" character he actually became quite entertaining
  8. Premier League Stuff

    Wenger made Arsenal what they are today, and none of their fans should forget that. His successes in those first ten years allowed Arsenal to feast in the golden trough for nearly two decades. He's lost his touch in the last few years especially and should never have signed that two year extension. A stupid move by a club petrified by the idea of change. His departure is the right move but it should have happened a while ago if we're being brutally honest. I wonder if that's it for him, or if he'll go elsewhere?
  9. Rovers v Peterborough

    I thought exactly the same. It obviously looks worse in slow motion - all tackles do - but I didn't see malicious intent there on first viewing.
  10. Rovers v Peterborough

    A little bit of revisionist history going on here already. We didn't come out in the second half playing better, it was exactly the same. Posh literally came at us again straight from kick off. Even after our first goal they were continuing to attack us. It was only around the 60-65 min mark when Posh tired that we picked them off. There was a notable shift when Samuel came on - after that I don't remember Peterborough having many attacks at all. That was in the 68th minute and we were lucky not to be further behind when Dack equalised. I can't imagine Tony's master plan was 'give them the chance to score two or three goals then boss the last twenty minutes'. We rode our luck for the first two thirds of the match and pounced in the last twenty five minutes when they showed signs of tiredness. From that point onwards we looked much, much better and ran out deserved winners.
  11. Bennett is the type of player every team needs. A, tireless, reliable, hard working grafter who is versatile and chips in with the odd goal too. He's basically our version of James Milner.
  12. Mowbray to Ipswich?

    I thought it was interesting that post match last night Mowbray said he's looking forward to Ewood bouncing for many years to come. Doesn't sound like he's thinking about going anywhere.
  13. Premier League Stuff

    I think both of them would be strong in the Championship tbh. Would rather Huddersfield were the ones to take the drop but it looks unlikely now.
  14. Rovers v Peterborough

    Quotes from TM:
  15. Rovers v Peterborough

    Yep, also credit for DG harrying the P'Boro defender in the dying stages of the match, leading to the final goal. Incredible effort from a guy whose fitness and motivation was rightfully being questioned in the first few months of the season. He's had one hell of a turnaround and ended up being one of our most important players alongside Dack, Mulgrew and recently Raya.