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  1. DE.

    Premier League Stuff

    Not sure what it says for the PL that this Man Utd team are 5th.
  2. DE.

    January transfer window 2020

    If it's the same as Mowbray's agent then it was probably him who recommended the signing rather than Venky's tbh.
  3. DE.

    January transfer window 2020

    I think he had the money to spend, was running out of time to spend it and believed whoever told him that Brereton was a star in the making. Probably figured that after a season or two of decent performances we could sell Brereton for at least double what we paid, making it look like a masterstroke. Clearly he realised pretty quickly that he screwed up but can do little now other than repeat that Brereton has 'attributes' and is still young enough to improve. Regardless of what actually happened though it's a huge amount of money we will likely never come close to recouping, and if Mowbray is putting his hand up and saying 'my fault' then we have little choice but to put the blame at his door.
  4. Pretty much agree with your comments. Not sure if the longer runtime is permanent or just a one off, but I'm happy to watch an extra half an hour personally and think it helps the show feel less rushed. Just don't stretch out segments like Question Mark/Stevens/Starks. When is the women's version of Powerrr starting? With the length of the show increased I don't know if it's really necessary. Still not convinced the NWA women's division has the quality or star power to run its own show.
  5. DE.

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Plesase stop bringing politics into football threads folks.
  6. DE.

    FFP Trouble

    No comment on the £12m spent on two forward players who should be helping towards that?
  7. DE.

    Stewart Downing

    We've seen with Mulgrew how quickly age can catch up with a player once they get into their 30s. A year's extension would definitely be the wisest move. Giving Mulgrew 2 1/2 years in retrospect was a huge mistake.
  8. DE.

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Yep, pretty much. We're consistently inconsistent. Some weeks we look like we could beat any team in the division, other weeks we look like we'd struggle to beat anyone in the division. Unfortunately thus far Mowbray hasn't been able to solve the root cause of that issue and until he or somebody else does we will remain firmly entrenched in mid-table.
  9. DE.

    Stewart Downing

    Best pure footballer at the club, versatile in a good way (the anti-Bennett), extremely professional and still has good fitness for a player his age - unlike many players at the club he's rarely injured. Definitely wouldn't be opposed to a year's extension.
  10. DE.

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Good thing Holloway isn't on there any more, he'd be demanding we rename the club Tony Mowbray FC.
  11. DE.

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    That second goal... lol. Like something you'd see on Football Manager.
  12. DE.

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Really hope Nyambe can put his injury issues behind him and get an extended run of games in the side. The lad has really kicked on in the past couple of months and looks like he's becoming the real deal. Crossing isn't there yet but everything else is looking good.
  13. DE.

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Might as well end the season here, it's not going to get better than this.
  14. DE.

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Whew, looks like the death spiral is over for now. Still 45 minutes to go admittedly but it would be some fuck up to let this slip.
  15. DE.

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Is Downing playing in the middle with Travis then? Please don't tell me Gallagher's on right wing again. Surely this time it'll be Gallagher up top with Arma left, Rothwell right and Holtby central? Or Rothwell centre and Holtby right.

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