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  1. New Jack is in work mode 99% of the time so it's hard to take a lot of what he says seriously. Especially that incident with Vic Grimes when he threw him off the scaffold. He admitted in a shoot interview years ago that it was just a botch from Grimes and nothing to do with him, and he didn't have any hard feelings towards Grimes over his brain injury. If you watch the footage it's clear that Grimes propels himself over the scaffold and just jumps too far and nearly misses the ring. A monumentally stupid stunt regardless, but Jack barely throws him at all so I don't buy the story that he tried to kill Grimes.
  2. I can remember a long time ago (when I was still playing it on the PS1, so at least 20 years ago now!) I went through the whole process of creating the best chocobo. Can't remember if it was golden or black now but it took forever. I eventually did it though. I think you gain access to a specific island by doing so. Also makes winning the races at the Gold Saucer very easy Midgar Zolom is practically impossible to beat without the battle hack early on in the game. I just used to run past it, but yeah it's strange that it instantly respawns after you've beaten it. You also see it impaled on a tree from memory so I guess there are just a lot of them living in that little pond 😂 One thing that always stuck with me regarding the cutscenes was the one where Cloud puts Aerith in the water at the end of the first disc. **SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYONE WHO INEXPLICABLY DOESN'T KNOW THE STORY AND IS PLANNING TO PLAY THE GAME AT SOME POINT** I remember somebody saying that if Aerith was dead her body would float, not sink, so the fact she sunk to the bottom suggests she was still alive and Cloud technically drowned her 🤣 makes that scene a bit darker in retrospect!
  3. I'm guessing you meant FF7, unless there's a special version of FF8 I haven't played 😅 but yeah the original FF7 is still an absolute classic and a blast to play through. Some of the graphics look very outdated nowadays but it has enough nostalgic charm for me that I can ignore stuff like that. For me everything about the original game is close to perfect, with only the translation and at times abundance of random battles a bit of an annoyance. Good thing is on the rereleased PS4/XBOX/Steam version you can turn off random battles and also speed the game up with helps immeasurably with the more tedious parts of the game.
  4. Nothing controversial at all. The segment was hit or miss depending on how much you like the 'broken' MH character but absolutely no reason for anybody to censor it.
  5. FF7 remake has been released early in Australia due to Coronavirus. Wondering if I'll get mine earlier than expected now. Considering I already have P5 Royal taking up a fair amount of time I'm in no rush tbh.
  6. I don't use FITE - I have no idea why they'd cut the show short, I don't think they usually do?
  7. DE.


    This was an issue far before lockdown happened. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49459674
  8. DE.


    I think this is why there have been suggestions from various officials that this is a long-haul deal, and we shouldn't expect things to go back to normal any time soon. They obviously don't want to outright say this is pretty much it until a vaccine is released and shown to be effective due to the hugely negative reaction it would receive, but I'm not sure how else the current state of affairs ends.
  9. Yeah they are taping WM this year in advance, I guess it'll still air whatever time it was originally scheduled to? Completely agree on WWE, it's so boring and stale. There are still some good moments (Edge's return at the rumble and his program with Orton has been very well done) but overall their product just seems out of touch and bland when compared with stuff like AEW Dynamite or NJPW. I'd say even NWA Powerrr, a retro-themed show, somehow comes off as more innovative and fresh than WWE!
  10. Looks like the supposedly ITK reddit guy got some bad info, as Edge, the Usos, Miz and Morrison all did tape their stuff for Mania.
  11. Edge is apparently refusing to do the show.
  12. So, looks like Roman Reigns has pulled out of Wrestlemania. He has concerns over his health after the Miz came in sick, which is fair enough considering the bloke has just recovered from cancer. All for nothing if he gets COVID-19 and dies. Some guy who seems to be ITK on reddit suggesting Kevin Owens, Edge, the Miz, John Morrison and the Uso's are also out, Reigns/Goldberg and Edge/Orton being off the card is pretty brutal. Just cancel the fucking thing already, jeez.
  13. I'll keep my pre-order on for now as the digital editions will always be available should there be a huge delay. Fingers crossed it won't be an issue though.
  14. There is a "Phantom Thieves" edition where you get a mask, OST, etc... but I know that stuff would only end up going in a pile somewhere so happy enough just to have the game. I bought the original with all the DLC though so this will be a different challenge for me, as having all of the DLC at the start of the game last time made things easier than they would have been otherwise. I have seen a lot of people overseas saying they are going to cancel their physical FF7 Remake preorder as they don't think they will be able to get the deliveries. I'm assuming/hoping that won't be the case here. Gamecollection haven't given any indication that it will be late anyway.

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