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  1. DE.

    Championship 2018-19

    I found this comment on an Ipswich forum quite amusing: An improvement except for the most important part - winning?! Just shows how it really is "anything but Mick" for a lot of the fans. A total failure to see the forest for the trees. Some of them still don't understand WHY they were playing that way.
  2. DE.


    I agree that Mulgrew is still an important part of our team, no doubt, but I think we could find a player to replace him and still be fairly comfortable defensively. We seemed to struggle in the transfer window to identify a backup to Graham, and finding a player like Dack is one in a hundred. So much seems to hinge on those two as far as our attacking threat is concerned. Still, I'm not going to worry about it tonight. Three points and it's fair to say we've had a very good start to the season. I haven't agreed with some of Mowbray's dealings in the transfer market this summer, but he's brought our momentum and team spirit from last season into this one and it's serving us well. A million miles away from that hugely depressing start in 16/17 under Coyle.
  3. DE.


    Personally I don't think Mulgrew is as important to us now as he was last season. A fantastic free kick and penalty taker, but as a defender he's pretty slow and has some real lapses of concentration positionally. If we're sensible we can replace him without too much bother imo. Graham and Dack would be much harder to replace. Bennett a bit of an unsung hero as well, he'd be missed if he wasn't around.
  4. DE.

    Championship 2018-19

    Another terrible result for Ipswich, 0-0 with Bolton despite having an extra man's advantage for an hour. Apparently a dire performance as well. Ipswich fans now calling for Hurst's head. https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/442150/hurst-is-surely-gone-after-that/#26 Mick's still available lads
  5. DE.


    I did the same thing, except at 3-0 rather than 2-0. Imagine my horror when my phone takes it upon itself to let me know it's 3-2 with ten minutes left. Thanks for that. Great result though, especially after the performance at Derby. Well done Rovers!
  6. DE.


    W t feck?
  7. DE.


    What is going on here?
  8. DE.

    Championship 2018-19

    I should have added "in theory" there, as yeah, plenty could change between now and the end of the season to make next season very difficult indeed. Dack potentially departing along with Mulgrew and Graham would be a major rebuilding job - arguably our three most important players all gone. It's possible Mulgrew and Graham will sign on for another season but even so, they're both old enough that we can't keep going into seasons relying on them. Mowbray will know this better than anyone so hopefully at the very least he'll be thinking ahead. Difficult to do with the current owners at the helm though.
  9. DE.

    Ben Brereton

    Armstrong's purple patch of goalscoring when he first joined on loan skewered how his overall contribution was seen imo. He does have some ability but I'm not sure he's much more than a squad player/impact option off the bench. I think a lot of us were just relieved to have another body in attack, albeit one that had question marks over playing at this level. I have no idea about Brereton but if our game is largely centered around using Graham to hold the ball up was he the best option as a potential replacement? And if he wasn't seen as a Graham replacement why did we not get anybody in who can do that role competently, at least as back up? We're in trouble if Graham gets injured as things stand. We'd need to switch to a completely new way of attacking - which may not be a bad thing considering current efforts largely centre around Dack pulling something out of the bag - but it'd be a questionable gamble to take midway through a season.
  10. DE.

    Championship 2018-19

    Doubtful I'd think. We could realistically be going into next season needing to replace Dack, Graham and Mulgrew so we'd better hope the purse strings are still open.
  11. DE.

    Championship 2018-19

    We aren't going to make the playoffs imo. Not enough quality in the team at the moment. I think we'll finish around 9th-14th, which wouldn't be a bad thing as it'd give us a solid platform to go into next season.
  12. Palmer had a lot of hype coming in, but that's not been justified at all yet. Not sure if it's because the system isn't suiting him or whether his attitude isn't right, but I'd certainly be looking to Rothwell (who's our player anyway, Palmer is not) to step in going forward.
  13. Reed and Brereton really need to start, possibly Rothwell too. We're starting to look stagnant and a couple of changes are overdue.
  14. Stunned that we escaped with a point, and a clean sheet. A good result despite a very poor first half performance. A lot better in the second half which was crucial.

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