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  1. DE.

    New Games

    The wifi on my PS4 is pretty poor, but if it's wired I get good speeds. I've got a slim though and it's not that old (I've had it about 2 years).
  2. DE.

    Premier League Stuff

    Jokanovic has been sacked, replaced instantly by Ranieri. No messing around there!
  3. DE.

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Bookies seem to think it'll either be Bowyer or Hurst taking over at Shrewsbury. Could potentially be a good move for GB, although he's never actually worked in a stable environment so it remains to be seen how he'd fare at a relatively normal club! Hurst going back would just be sad for all involved.
  4. DE.

    Premier League Stuff

    It is grotesque, but then these people live in a completely different reality to the rest of us. This is an industry that treats £100k+ per week contracts as normal, hundreds of millions of pounds fees to agents as normal, and multi-million pounds payouts to managers who completely fail at their job as normal. Oh, and despite all of these 'normal' excesses it's almost perfectly normal for clubs to be hopelessly in debt despite ever increasing TV deals. Everything about football at the higher levels is distorted to obscene levels. If anything I'm surprised they're only asking for £5m.
  5. DE.

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Being miserable and shit at his job by the looks of it. At least he was only one of the two before he left us. The old Rovers' curse kicking in again. Leave at your own peril. Interesting article re: sacking PL managers: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/4614694 I strongly believe that if we'd gotten rid of Coyle earlier and brought Mowbray in around November time we would have stayed up in 16/17.
  6. DE.

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Tbf Ipswich and Shrewsbury both did that and it didn't get them very far either. To some degree I think it's just luck and circumstance, outside of the really terrible candidates who should never have been considered (Steve Kean). Interesting that there have been no PL sackings yet, especially considering the dire form of most clubs in the bottom half. I guess because they're all as shit as each other it doesn't make any of them stand out as being really shit.
  7. DE.

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Shrewsbury have sacked their manager. Wonder if Hurst will end up back there? Bowyer a possibility too.
  8. DE.

    Championship 2018-19

    Can't disagree with any of that really. The pyramid is clearly broken and as far as I can tell the fracturing is getting worse rather than better. Even with increased parachute payments relegated clubs are struggling to stabilise themselves after being relegated. League 1 is becoming increasingly distant from the Championship, but that's only because Championship clubs are overstretching themselves to the point where it's no longer uncommon for a club to be tens of millions in debt, if not hundreds. The only reason clubs aren't going bust left, right and a centre is because football operates in its own, bizarre ecosystem where money is an incredibly fluid commodity that only really exists when HMRC come calling. In theory there's a lot to like about the Championship, but the current model is not built on a solid foundation and realistically could collapse quite rapidly. You wonder what happens to the likes of Aston Villa if they don't go up this season. Bolton are still in all sorts of trouble. Multiple clubs have been hit with embargoes over the past few years. Clubs like us and Ipswich are 100% dependent on our owners footing bills that constantly increase insane debt levels. Almost every club is operating at a loss, and if you aren't then you're probably not going to survive. The whole thing seems completely unsustainable. How much debt can clubs accrue before it becomes too much? Us and Ipswich must be getting close to the £200m mark now?
  9. DE.

    Championship 2018-19

    Can you imagine how boring it would be? The allure of big club playing big club would wear off pretty quickly when it becomes a regular thing. That's what these geniuses putting forward the idea don't seem to have come to grips with. Eventually the so called Super League would fall into the same state as every other league - you'd have the teams at the top, the middle of the road teams and the lower end teams. A couple of clubs would swap around every season but you'd end up with the same basic pattern as you have in every other league around the world, rendering the whole thing largely pointless on top of being a logistical nightmare. The Championship should be bringing in far more TV money, really. It's a good quality league with a ton of interesting, diverse teams and plenty of good quality players scattered across the division. Chuck in genuine competitiveness from top to bottom and a full schedule almost every week and it should translate to a strong market. It's surely by far the best second professional tier of football in the world? It feels like the FL are just happy to trundle along under the radar rather than aggressively try to push this league as something unique.
  10. DE.

    Premier League Stuff

    I think it's more likely something will be created to replace the Champions League as opposed to taking clubs out of their domestic leagues. Logistically I just don't see how a European Super League would work. It's theoretically possible but there would be a lot of obstacles to overcome, and it's a high risk to take for clubs who are already regularly successful and mostly wealthy in their domenstic leagues.
  11. DE.

    Championship 2018-19

    The Championship has developed into an exciting league, but with almost every club losing money something is going to have to change.
  12. DE.

    Premier League Stuff

    Yeah, I was certainly concerned that the big influx of money would lead to a less competitive Championship as relegated teams became too powerful, but the reality is that it's just led to average players brought in for vastly inflated prices. I don't think the actual quality of players in the PL has gone up amongst the lesser teams despite the injection of extra TV money - but transfer fees, agents fees and player wages have certainly gone up. If anything League 1 has suffered from the slight improvement of quality in Championship teams over the last few years. Last season us and Wigan tore that league apart without even playing particularly well. Sunderland have only lost one match so far this season whilst Barnsley are right in the mix as well. Burton weren't really in the Championship long enough to benefit so they're more or less back at the correct level.
  13. DE.

    Premier League Stuff

    Almost every match has essentially been a friendly for City this season, home or away, including yesterday's. 12 games, 10 wins, 2 draws, 0 losses. 36 scored, 5 conceded, GD +31. Yawn. As soon as Liverpool start dropping points the title race is effectively over again. As far as City and their spending was concerned this was ultimately always going to be where we ended up, but a loss of competitiveness in a league is never a good thing long term. That said, has the Bundesliga suffered at all from Bayern dominating it for the past six seasons? Obviously they're off the pace this season but I'd be interested to know if their dominance in the past few years has had an effect on viewing figures or attendences. Football is obviously more affordable in Germany anyway, but I can't imagine the same team winning a league every season can be a positive thing in the long run. Part of the problem with the PL is the lower teams are so bad you feel like they could drop into the Championship and not look out of place at all. That doesn't say much for a supposedly elite league.
  14. DE.

    Championship 2018-19

    Those in charge of the football league are clearly doing a bad job marketing the brand. The Championship is significantly more entertaining than the Premier League but has none of of confidence or swagger that the top division possesses. Even the highlights package is stuck on some barely known freeview channel. I'd say all of the FL divisions, even going down to L2, offer the viewer plenty of drama and intrigue. Unfortunately instead the lion's share of investment and wealth has been ploughed into the Premier League, bloating it to the point where it's become a parody of itself. Mourinho complained yesterday that Man City had "two home friendlies" before facing United, but the reality is that practically every home match this season has been a friendly for Man City. This is the first PL season ever where after 12 games none of the top three teams have been beaten. The gap between the bottom half of the PL and the top half of the Championship is, imo, closer than it's ever been. Teams getting relegated from the PL rarely have an easy ride in terms of getting back up, whereas in recent years the likes of Watford, Bournemouth, Brighton, Huddersfield, Leicester and Burnley have either kept themselves up or established themselves as mid to lower table fodder for the bigger teams. As it stands few if any Championship clubs seem able to turn a profit or break even. Most are operating under a loss underwritten by the owner. 19 of the 24 clubs in the league in 16/17 made a loss. It's not a sustainable model, so it's understandable if clubs are pushing for the league to do a better job of promoting itself and getting better deals. As it stands they don't have a viable long term business model so that should be causing concern.

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