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  1. MCMC1875

    Music Association Game

    Deep Purple - Black Night
  2. MCMC1875

    Where Are They Now?

    Stuart Metcalfe was in Blues Bar after Saturday's game. Chris Hinnigan who was playing guitar announced his presence and the whole place gave a rendition of 'One Stuart Metcalfe...'. Great stuff.
  3. MCMC1875

    Music Association Game

    Deep Purple - My Woman From Tokyo
  4. MCMC1875

    Current chants

    ....round about September.
  5. MCMC1875


    Valeri Belokon’s application to have a Court Receiver appointed to recoup the £25m he is still owed by Oyston is expected to be heard in the High Court February 11th-13th.
  6. MCMC1875

    Music Association Game

    The Skids - In To The Valley
  7. MCMC1875

    Music Association Game

    Grandmaster Flash - White Lines (Don't Do It)
  8. MCMC1875


    Many season ticket holders from other stands bought tickets in the JW Upper just for a change.
  9. MCMC1875

    Lewis Travis

    Everyone I've spoken to says Travis and Reed are the best centre midfield pairing we have (possibly with Bennett and Armstrong on either side)....... ......are you listening TM?
  10. MCMC1875

    Music Association Game

    Degrees Of Motion - Shine On
  11. MCMC1875


    PM McClarky. He lives there.
  12. MCMC1875

    Music Association Game

    The Stranglers - Something Better Change
  13. MCMC1875


    Vote Leonard for Chief Exec.
  14. MCMC1875


    Good lad John. Proper hardcore supporter.
  15. MCMC1875


    Only club in Suffolk.

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