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  1. MCMC1875


    I didn't say specifically. The surcharge does not encourage attendance, neither does Cat A/B/C pricing, nor changing kick off times, etc. Individually, these initiatives could be considered insignificant but collectively they could be considered a considerable deterrent.
  2. MCMC1875


    A friend of mine is looking for a club to follow. He's considering Rovers. This surcharge does not encourage new supporters. Some new supporters become regular supporters. Some regular supporters become season ticket holders.
  3. MCMC1875

    Music Association Game

    Groove Armada - I See You Baby
  4. MCMC1875


    Agreed, the pricing needs to be simplified, it's too complex.
  5. MCMC1875


    If the cost is negligible, then why have the surcharge?
  6. MCMC1875


    60 added for the last wicket, Curran 64. Good effort! 285 all out.
  7. MCMC1875


    Step forward Mr Cheston.
  8. MCMC1875


    Every game should be the same price in one season. It was this way for over 100 years. I pay to see Blackburn Rovers. Cat A/B/C should be scrapped.
  9. MCMC1875


    What is the point in doing a promotion and not advertising it?
  10. MCMC1875


    I paid £24 for a Preston ticket.
  11. MCMC1875


    I understand Waggott has said lots of clubs have surcharges and the idea is to reduce late ticket sales. Lowest league crowd in English league football. Well the surcharge is working at Ewood then!
  12. MCMC1875

    Preston tickets

    Don't know what power they have besides drunk and disorderly but I've always managed to avoid them.
  13. MCMC1875

    Preston tickets

    I believe you 1864 but JHRover seems to be under the impression that this practice doesn't go on or isn't possible.
  14. MCMC1875

    Preston tickets

    They went even further 2 years ago when we took 6,000 for Lambert's first game. Police went into the Black Bull on Friargate to round up Rovers fans and they were marched to Deepdale.
  15. MCMC1875

    Preston tickets

    They probably recommend it as away friendly. I've been in there for a drink on a Saturday when Wolves were in town. There was no trouble in the pub. The strong arm tactics came later when half cut fans tried to make their way into town and were encouraged to use the bus.

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