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  1. MCMC1875

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    How can you put jam on top of cream? You're obviously an imposter!
  2. MCMC1875

    Music Association Game

    Kungs vs Cookin' on 3 Burners - This Girl
  3. MCMC1875


    Returned briefly during the Wigan game before Dack's injury.
  4. MCMC1875

    Music Blackburn have run out to..

    There was the 1970's 'Rovers'. And the crappy 1980's rock song by Frenzy.
  5. MCMC1875

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    I don't care whether they are good honest people, come across exceptionally well or have the club at heart. Waggott, Mowbray and all other managers under Venkys have been bang average or worse. We have been in the play off places for one hour.
  6. MCMC1875

    Music Blackburn have run out to..

    Only if you like Europe and you're about 20.
  7. MCMC1875

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    All on the wing? 😲 In short, Mowbray has too much power.
  8. MCMC1875

    Tony Parkes

    He lived back to back to our house in Langho!
  9. MCMC1875

    Tony Parkes

    I can remember watching his testimonial in the 80's. Good luck Tony.
  10. MCMC1875


    Can't be that busy - you're always mucking about on ere.
  11. MCMC1875


    Good point. We had 4 tiers of government: local, county, national and European. Too many. Now we have 3.
  12. MCMC1875


    Good, bad or indifferent, Den, it's democracy.
  13. MCMC1875

    Music Association Game

    T Connection - At Midnight
  14. MCMC1875


    Happy Brexit day!

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