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  1. Husky

    Brexit Thread

    Surely it's enough to make anyone want to vote leave?
  2. Husky

    Brexit Thread

    Project Fear is hilarious. What next? Brexit will cause the next Ice Age? 🤣
  3. Husky

    Your best 5 and worst 5 Rovers games!

    Best ever. Rovers 2-1 Spuds (Worthington Cup) Worst ever. Rovers 0-1 Bournemouth (Championship) It's actually hard to chose others as some memories of games fade and other newer ones take over etc.
  4. Husky


    Since when were NYtimes and USatoday mains news bulletins? Duh!
  5. Husky


    Tamika Mallory - If she was in Britain I think Corby would be 'having a go' 😘
  6. Millwall"s 90th minute capitulation yesterday put them in first place in the goals conceeded in the last 15 mins league. We've momentarily been knocked off our perch.
  7. Husky


    I find it a bit rich how the anti-Trump women's marchers have their signs saying 'no racism' yet they are a movement that's been called out on racism - ties to radical Islam and unsurprisingly the racist anti-Semitism that goes hand in hand with that. Yet somehow this wasn't mentioned at all on the main news bulletins. Just the usual mic in the face of the menopausal women with their anti-Trump sound-bites. This is the state of the MSM today. Typical.
  8. Husky

    Premier League Stuff

    I normally watch via other means and usually fast forward through all the inane waffle. It saves 20 minutes of your life. 😉
  9. Husky

    Premier League Stuff

    How come it always seems to be Liverpool playing first and Man City playing catch-up? We have yet to see if Liverpool can handle the heat of City pulling closer.
  10. To be fair he did recover well to stop a certain goal by chesting it wide. If that had gone in with 10mins until the final whistle we would probably have been looking at 2-2 and another Birmingham head scratching situation.
  11. I think he'll stay if/when they go down to Division 3. By the start of next season he'll probably have 11+ of his own players. Then we'll see, if he can't get out of that shower of a league at the first time of asking we'll be able to put him in the class of Coylio and co.
  12. Husky

    Brexit Thread

    But it's owned by Russians and shock horror! - Saudis Arabians. 🤯
  13. This seriously should be 6-0 and Oles all round. Not cringing every time they hoof one into our box. Still, 3 mins to go. Point secured...can we get all 3?
  14. One more goal. Please one more goal and I'll feel a point is secured.

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