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  1. Husky

    Reading (A)

    Nose bleed coming up.
  2. Husky

    Premier League Stuff

    Some Man City players must have much worse chances to goal ratios than our guys. They don't half miss a LOT.
  3. Husky

    Reading (A)

    It just isn't Rovers if there's no 90+ min hang on.
  4. Husky

    Reading (A)

    If he was, as with Rothwell, he probably wouldn't be at Ewood.
  5. Husky

    Reading (A)

    Is Johnson going to help shore us up or will he be the defensive liability he's more than capable of being? As is normal in Tonybolaland. Nobody knows.
  6. Husky

    Reading (A)

    Oh oh. Same side, inside the post this time. You know what's coming now. A Stoke away special.
  7. Husky

    Reading (A)

    Ooof. Reading hit the inside of the post. We needed that one.
  8. Husky

    Reading (A)

    It must be the green socks.
  9. Husky

    Reading (A)

    The last few minutes of the half certainly had a bit of the Bristol City aways about it.
  10. Husky

    Rugby World Cup Japan 2019

    It was typical of the UK media to push a negative story about rugby players addicted to painkillers on the day the World Cup started.
  11. Husky

    Reading (A)

    It's been funny reading through the post team announcement posts.
  12. Husky

    Reading (A)

    Good news: Reading boss is unsure of Rovers' system. Bad news: Rovers boss is unsure of Rovers' system. 1-1.
  13. Indeed. It sounds like a very hair raising experience.
  14. Husky


    Perhaps they are all earning over £50,000 a year minimum?

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