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  1. Husky


    Typical libtard response - generally from those that live in countryside mansions and slag off those having to live in the slums - pretty the same response we get from the rich remoaner fascists. I note you're living in Malta - didn't they recently try and pass the buck on a bunch of refugees? Islam has always been about take-over. What are you on about 'the retreat of Islam' - do you mean after the Crusades which were actually in response to a cry for help from the marauding and violent Muslim slaughters. What have you got to say about your peace lovers continued and ongoing slaughtering of Christians and other non-believers all throughout Africa. Or even Indonesia and it's continued genocide against the indigenous people of West Papa? Or even what's happened to Blackburn (have you even every been there or are you just a 1995 TV glory hunter?) As usual the libtards are VERY selective.
  2. Husky


    Well that part was in your head (though the sentence could be interpreted 2 ways) though of course the death cult did take Southern Spain (modern Andalucia) and parts of Portugal and As for non-Europe I take it you're aware that that's what Islam has done throughout history: Take over countries - it's what they do. So I find it a nonsense when the usual uneducated libtards talk about 'The West' invading Islamic countries that Islam (as is Islams' way) first took by the mighty slaughtering swords of Islam. Never mind about Russians and Americans in Afghanistan - how about the Muslim savages give it back to those they slaughtered and chased out - as well as all those other originally non-Islamic countries they turned into violent and right-wing hell-holes? Of course. The modern take-over of Europe is happening by 'stealth' (overbreeding). Our own Blackburn is as good an example as anywhere - It can literally be divided in two (as was highlighted in some sections of the media not so many years ago). I know of schools in North Blackburn that used to be 'all-white' in the 90s that are now 100% Muslim. There are also over 52 mosques (currently more being built/finished as we speak - one of them rather disgracefully used to be an elderly care-home - Impending UK Elderly Care Crisis anyone?) To get this back onto Trump. If he wasn't such an idiot he could have used Blackburn as his example of a Muslim take-over in Europe - throwing in a few tits bits like Machette murders and people having their ears cut off, white pensioners being beaten up by feral Muslim thugs etc.and people would have been shocked. The libtard media would of course have found this all to be 100% factually correct. I might call him and see if I can get a job - as his team obviously aren't doing such a good job judging by a throwaway comment about 'somewhere in Sweden/Europe'.
  3. Husky

    Premier League Stuff

    I think I've almost heard it all now. Man Ure turning down £54 million for the Poor Man's Heskey is like us turning down £12 million for Brereton.
  4. Husky


    Well it won't be too long before we're living in a kill or be killed world. We're simply living in one of those transition periods in history between a full takeover of some kind. I don't know what that might be in the USA though. In Europe it's certain to be yet another Islamic takeover as we've seen throughout history. Pushing ever Westwards.
  5. Husky


    I really hope Trump gets 4 more years. Imagine, that thing that people once only joked about - Boris Karloff and Trump - the leaders of the free world. Now that will be amazing to see for a sustained period of time.
  6. Husky


    I've watched almost every game of the WC including a lot of the post match stuff. Root seems to be immune from criticism, yet I've seen loads of complaints about other players - such as Dhoni (even when Dhoni had a strike rate of 130).
  7. Husky

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    Not sure what to make of this. He was okay when he was here, but he doesn't seem to have done much in his year away. The deal does have somewhat of a feeling of an agent saying "these plonkers paid £78 million for Brereton, they'll pay you loads and only expect lower mid-table mediocrity play in return, it's your last chance Sam"
  8. Husky


    I hope Sky continue to show never ending highlights. I need to see it again... And again.....and maybe again.
  9. Husky


    Fuck me! That was the best final there's ever been ever right? In the history of any sport? I'm on pills for my nerves.
  10. Husky


  11. Husky


    Amazing figures. England do have this knack of making a 4th bowler seem amazing. Remember the West Indies series when their 'spinner' suddenly turned into Shane Warne for a day?
  12. Husky


    Which ones? Lol.
  13. Husky


    Hmmmm. Root. He looks good in the runs column (normally) but he doesn't half crab around and seems to lack the bottle for a chase. Who is going to be the hero now?

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