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  1. Not one mention of Erdogan in the TV news bulletins. NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING! Can you imagine if Trump had basically incited people and then the next day a white American man went all terrorist and shot people on the subway? Damned! It would have been headline news 24-7 Everywhere!! 24-7!!! BBC and CNN et al would have been frothing at the mouth for at least a month or more. What did we get on the main BBC government propaganda news that same night? Hmmm. 27% of the news segment was taken up by the several day old shooting in New Zealand coupled together with something about the 'Far Right'. The terrorist attack by the Turk that was fresh breaking news that day took up just 8% of the news segment and was 6th story down (you know just before the stories about cats up trees etc.). Then the following day where they didn't even mention the "Africa Rise Up" Senegalese kiddy fiddler that tried to murder 51 children in Italy. Seriously? That wasn't deemed newsworthy? I don't know if that was in the headlines in the US news. 'll try not to get back into their often used practices of editing out references to Islam in witness statements etc. such as BBC's infamous mysterious case of the 'Koranic car with the missing akbar'. This and a whole host of often subtle things is an ongoing thing and it becomes very obvious after a time. It has been more difficult to get away with these things as they were often called to account on social media - though the movement to shut down free speech on the internet started some time ago under various guises. Furthermore, if it is simply a matter of numbers killed (50 dead - news, 3 dead - not news, 51 very nearly dead - certainly not news). How many minutes silences have we had for the continual and ongoing massacres (as @Audax stated) of Christians and other 'non believers' by Boko Haram? (funded by Saudi Arabia incidentally). Some of the numbers have been absolutely astounding - Amnesty International even had one of the attacks down as around 2000 dead, in another attack they massacred 700. This continues on and on. Perhaps The Guardian (think it was that Owens bloke) were right when they once claimed 'The BBC is full of right wingers'. As Islam is indeed a very Conservative right-wing ideology. Although Boris does on the occasion bring up him being 'one seventh and a half Turkish' or whatever, I very much doubt it's that. You might want to look up The Conservative Party and their close ties with Saudi Arabia (and their particular sect of Islam) and of course such right-wing Islamic countries holding 'The West' to ransom over oil. Seriously, when you put several of the pieces together the whole World Sunni Caliphate thing starts to make logical. Then you add in the seemingly endless media propaganda against Iran (Saudis sworn enemies) into the mix and it becomes even clearer. Where are the headlines about Saudi Arabia? Why did the death of the journalist story just disappear? Why are they able to kidnap people off the streets (or a boat) and it be on some documentary at stupid o'clock in midweek and not main news - when Russians allegedly come over here it's 24-7 headline propaganda forever.
  2. Husky

    Brexit Thread

    So a football team can be United if there are 2 troublemakers in the eleven? I don't think so. You might also like to check the Dictionary on that one. Whether a Brit that's living in the EU supports UKIP or the Monster Raving Labour party is IRRELEVANT! Anyway, I'm still waiting for all this evidence you continually fail to post where all expats are supposedly united. And since a certain group of people seemingly need to be asked TWICE, you can consider this your own mini referendum on the question you avoided: Does having a range of open and unchecked borders across Europe make such crimes as weapons smuggling, terrorism and people trafficking: A: EASIER B: HARDER Please chose only one. Vote is non binding.
  3. Husky

    Championship 2018-19

    Excellent news in our fight for 17th place! COYB! 👏
  4. Husky

    Brexit Thread

    Then there shouldn't be any problem then should there? If it's up to each individual country to come up with their own bi-lateral agreements then they can do so freely (just as we have in place already - for example - as a Brit you can go to such non-EU countries like Ukraine and Argentina freely for 90 days without having to pay for any visa, yet you need a visa for say Russia and you have to pay for a 'tourist tax visa' to enter the USA). All the stuff that's been repeatedly peddled by ignorant mostly young brats (most of whom haven't even broken free of their mother's apron strings let alone ever left the country) such as 'we won't be able to travel', 'they are stealing our future' etc. is complete nonsense. THOUGH if as you say, it's up to each individual country, rather than the EU having any say. How exactly would that work in practice? As there are no borders between EU countries, so say for example - Spain could have a bi-lateral agreement and an adjoining country not (for example France or Portugal or . . . ) .. . but once I am in Spain I am free to cross the border unchecked into France, Portugal etc. Any ideas? Surely it's unworkable? It's kind of the similar problem that we have with 'The Ireland issue'.
  5. Husky

    Brexit Thread

    I think that just typifies the EU. The stubborn global elitists only care about themselves and not one shit about the people. “Keeping people in limbo for over 900 days (now OVER 1000 DAYS) is abuse,” (a quote taken from the article you posted). To think. With just one week to go until the supposed exit the EU still haven't officially clarified ANYTHING regarding the status of Britsh expats in the EU. It's an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE! Even May and The Conservatives (who we can all agree have and continue to be a complete car crash) have given clarification on the rights of EU citizens living in the UK with the EU Settlement Scheme What have the EU done? Absolutely nothing. They only care about money and continue to abuse British expats with their stubborn incompetence. As for that part. Well they are your words that you have for some reason twisted, not mine. My exact quote was "I've been reading in various places that ever since the 2016 vote 'ex-pats are divided on Brexit'. This begs the question, why would a British ex-pat living (or part-living) in an EU country be in favour of Brexit? " Suggesting of course that all of eligible EU ex-pat voters, perhaps surprisingly, didn't vote to remain. Which given the limited coverage you can pull from the 'media' I have already proven to be true.
  6. Husky

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    S.O.S. Charlie! It's disgraceful how this isn't live on Terrestrial TV. The English are being deprived of an amazing show! 🤣
  7. Husky

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    The Scottish defence without 'The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew' Urrggghhh!😏
  8. Husky

    Brexit Thread

    It seems so. Though now the deadline is only a week away the No Deal is better than May's Deal narrative seems to have been 'dropped'.
  9. Husky

    Championship 2018-19

    He should never have left The Street.
  10. Husky

    Brexit Thread

    As far as I'm aware there hasn't actually been a credible survey of eligible to vote expats regarding Brexit. So accurate numbers would of course be near impossible to come by. Either way, you'd expect that British expats living in the EU would be 100% in favour of remaining in the EU, but that simply isn't the case. There ARE expats that are in favour of Brexit. Here's just a little snippet of the sentiment that I've also, to my surprise, experienced whilst being over in the EU . . . https://www.ft.com/content/877e1c96-2cce-11e6-bf8d-26294ad519fc https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6fiuqu https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/03/19/spanish-expats-divided-over-brexit/ And here's a post from Mumsnet (lol) which is similar to what I've experienced when out and about in the EU during the past 2.5 years. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/eu_referendum_2016_/3003468-Motivation-for-expats-voting-for-Brexit In addition to this I also remember the arguing got so bad on some ex-pat social media groups and forums that there were a whole load of deletions and the subject 'banned' after the vote. One would have thought that expats on those forums would all be having one big remoaner love-in. As for the last point. Please let me know how weapons smuggling and terrorism (as well as many other crimes such as people trafficking) is made less easy (and hence safer for the public) by having a range of open and unchecked borders across Europe?
  11. Surely that's a straight to video?
  12. I wonder what he was doing during the world cup summer. I suspect it wasn't bbq-ing. He looked like a cross between Messi and Jonah Lomu against Everton.
  13. Husky


    I didn't realise they'd let the seagulls take over part of the ground for so long until I saw a fans collective volunteering to clean all the shit up.
  14. Husky

    Brexit Thread

    Empty rhetoric again. The usual bile.
  15. Husky

    Brexit Thread

    No it isn't. Weapons are smuggled via The Balkans all the way into France (where they have a massive gun problem with weapons such as AK47s being used for even 'low level criminality'). We all know how easy it is for illegals to get from France to the UK. By boat or the by favoured 'truck jacking'. So it is indeed another massive potential security threat. More so now than ever as even more ISIS fighters are returning to their adopted homes in Europe.

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