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  1. Husky

    Premier League Stuff

    How did you gain access to the VAR room?
  2. Husky


    Rovers or Lancs. You can't get away from the dislikeable tossers in the background seemingly ruining everything. 🤦‍♂️ Though admittedly regarding Hameed there have been rumours that there was some kind of 'religious conflict thing' going on there. I guess we'll find out next season.
  3. Husky

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Is he STILL here? FFS!
  4. Husky


    In Blackburn you STILL don't have a vote, because the people were lied to in the 2011 Alternative Vote referendum.
  5. Husky


    Well, I didn't see that coming, did you? Wooohoooo! We qualified. To think it wasn't all that long ago when we had to try and finish above a decent Dutch team just to qualify. Of course we failed and 'Turnip' Taylor took loads of stick. Now here we are beating a bunch of part time minnows and Southgate (who lost 3 times in a World Cup Finals tournament to teams that wouldn't have even licked the boots of the aforementioned Dutch team) is suddenly some kind of footballing God. Talk about Idiocracy.
  6. Husky

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Has someone placed some advertising trackers on this thread? It's all become very clickbait. It might even pay for a new wireless controller for Big Ben's Xbox One.
  7. Husky


    I would have to say that on the issue of tax - unless you were a rich Tory tax avoider yourself - how could one justify massive companies like Google and Amazon not paying their fair share of UK Taxes? It's basically robbery.
  8. Husky

    Lancashire Telegraph

    I'm surprised the LET is still going to be perfectly honest. The level of journalism there has always been of barely GCSE standard and it's gone further downhill in recent times.
  9. Husky

    Championship season 2019-20

    It would be interesting to see the full criteria, but " . . .he understood the particular situation at Rovers." Enough said.
  10. Husky


    Alreet Bazza! Do you still have those hubcaps?
  11. Husky


    How is he going to pull the race card out on this one? Maybe he is just a tosser after all? Hmmmmm.
  12. Husky


    A vote for Lib Dem is a vote for 20-Ten.
  13. Husky


    I note that in the Spanish election (yes another one) today that the Nationalist (and very much anti-EU) party VOX have suddenly become the 3rd most popular political party in Spain. Is this the start of an #Espanexit?
  14. An easy win after soaking up some filthy rays. If we're ever going to score 3 or more then this is the match. It's the kind of game that even Brereton could score in. Incidentally, where is Big Ben? Surely he's bulked up enough by now. It's time to put aside these 'mysterious injuries' and unleash the Beast.
  15. Husky

    Premier League Stuff

    Bit of a weird game that one. It was fairly entertaining yet really boring at the same time.

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