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  1. Darwen Rover 007

    Mowbray’s Future

    As much as I am seriously worried about.. a) Our results b) Tony's over loyalty for some players and unfairness on others - Rothwell - today's criticism is criminal c) the fact we dont have a decent scouting network - nothing in Europe - again absolutely criminal I would give him till next season and see how he is progressing as we approach the Jan 20 transfer window.. if he chops the guys who are clearly not up to this league and brings in some quality.. we have some decent youngsters.. we could be play off or above material
  2. Darwen Rover 007

    Championship 2018-19

    Got to agree with this... I do think the self entitlement mentality of fans where they can say what they like just because they have paid their £20 is very unhealthy.. Wouldn't be allowed in any other walk of life.. I mean are people really that unhappy??
  3. Darwen Rover 007

    Mowbray’s Future

    Although I'm as miffed as everyone the minimum expectation this season was to keep us up.. and it's likely that he's done that.. I personally believe he should be given the summer to bring in some more players to with a revised minimum target of mid table for next season and the season after that the next step up.. we all know it takes a few windows to build the team to what is required. We clearly need at least 2 x CB's 2 x LB's and 1 x RB to ensure we have a squad that's capable. We will also need reinforcements up front including for Dack as he will inevitably be leaving. There have been times where we have played good football and I do think his mantra of 6 x Defensive players with 3 x attackers (ideally with 2 x speedsters) and strong man up front could be a winning formula for us in this division but right now it's all going wrong as he has been over loyal to league 1 / relegation championship players on the whole!
  4. Darwen Rover 007

    Rotherham away

    The only silver lining right now is this should make everyone realise we need an overhaul in the summer!
  5. Darwen Rover 007

    Reading v Rovers

    Where can this be watched?
  6. Darwen Rover 007

    Rovers V Bristol City

    No Nyambe shocking
  7. Darwen Rover 007

    Brentford v Rovers

    I haven't seen anything that means he should be out of favour.. tbh he's been really good when he's played.. Bennett has had his day.. we need to be progressing and Tony needs to be slightly more ruthless in my view
  8. Darwen Rover 007

    Joe Rothwell

    Absolute disgrace this lad didn't come on after his performance last week... the ineffective Conway.. again
  9. Darwen Rover 007

    Brentford v Rovers

    Shame on them the chavs.... absolutely no need!!!
  10. Darwen Rover 007

    Brentford v Rovers

    Just got home... I thought they were really really impressive... how come they are only 17th in the league?? I thought their no 21 was really good... I think we are a decent mid of the league team.. if we want to progress we need significant improvements in my view.. Having a chunk of league 1 players in the championship just isn't going to work.. we need a few premier league players with a big chunk of championship players if we want to kick on. Please don't play Bennett there again Mowbray also am I the only one who spent rate Lenihan... Also what's the obsession with Conway.. he's had one good game in the last 12 months... typical Mowbray over loyal.. Rothwell should deservedly be gutted
  11. Darwen Rover 007

    Jacob Davenport

    Came very highly rated so be interesting to see how he gets on
  12. Darwen Rover 007

    Rovers v Kingston upon Hull - Saturday 26th January 2019 3pm

    Travis sets the tone for the team in my view Reed enhances is.. would be better in cm but is great everywhere tbh Rodwell has brought calm to the defence which was much needed Also really impressed with the effort from Dack Great to see the competition for places increasing... Mulgrew / Nyambe / Rothwell / Nuttal
  13. Agreed Bennett should not be at RB.. Tony really needs to stop being over loyal.. it's a sign of weakness
  14. The turning point was taking Armstrong off in my view.. he was our most potent threat and they were terrified of him.. Personally think terrible decision by Tony.. On the whole I was pleased with out performance
  15. Darwen Rover 007

    Lewis Travis

    Another really good game.. buy he looked tired towards the end.. credit to the lad for the long busting run when they scored their 4th.. could see the strain on his face.. Today will be a good part of his education Future captain

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