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  1. The turning point was taking Armstrong off in my view.. he was our most potent threat and they were terrified of him.. Personally think terrible decision by Tony.. On the whole I was pleased with out performance
  2. Darwen Rover 007

    Lewis Travis

    Another really good game.. buy he looked tired towards the end.. credit to the lad for the long busting run when they scored their 4th.. could see the strain on his face.. Today will be a good part of his education Future captain
  3. Darwen Rover 007

    Millwall away Saturday 12th Jan kick off 17.30

    Travis!!! Made that!!!
  4. Darwen Rover 007

    Millwall away Saturday 12th Jan kick off 17.30

    Reed and Travis should be our perm CM partnership with 2 x wingers either side.. Ben Danny and Armstrong fighting for the one place unless we go two up top
  5. Darwen Rover 007

    Millwall away Saturday 12th Jan kick off 17.30

    Bell is way too lethargic
  6. Darwen Rover 007


    We desperately need some wingers
  7. Darwen Rover 007

    Rovers v West Brom 1 Jan 2019

    Ben if you or any of your family or coaching staff are reading this and missed the game... then please take note!
  8. Darwen Rover 007

    Ben Brereton

    Surprised at how quickly he gives up...That for me is unforgivable...
  9. We have a mindset / mentality issue and it's purely down to the management... The specifics are.. Beginning of last season when we thought we would win the league we were awful and needed a metaphorical kick up the rear to kick on.. Every game where we have had an advantage wether it be a goal up or another factor we have taken our foot off the pedal.. whenever we go a goal up we sit back... Leadership is all about motivation and right now Mowbray and team are falling short
  10. It's a no lose situation... he's expected to lose V this lot.. but sending out a strong message and also an opportunity for the guys he has put in today..
  11. Darwen Rover 007

    Rovers V Norwich 22/12/18

    Ben B and Palmer... a total disgrace today!! Tony = championship draw specialist that's it...
  12. Darwen Rover 007


    Where is Gestede these days? I would take him over Gallagher
  13. Darwen Rover 007

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    I did attend but posing the questions to myself and all 😃
  14. Darwen Rover 007

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    We started with real intensity today.. that should be the minimum expectation every game.. Graham and Dack were both very impressive, both on the front foot throughout Conway has really surprised me if I'm honest today.. he was awesome Reed is an absolute BEAST... epitomized by the fact he chased his own header and ran past two of his own palyers.. Seriously the guy is immense and set so much of the early pace.. I think Smallwood also played really well.. again surprised me. Downing was very good, he has generally done well for us as previously stated. Few questions I have in my mind: 1 - Where we that good or where they really bad? 2 - Should Bennett be dropped?
  15. Darwen Rover 007

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Nyambe MoM so far!

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