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  1. Don Said

    Hull (A)

    Buzzing. Proper away performance, composed until the last minute, much better than last season. COYB.
  2. Don Said

    Hull (A)

    Same team as Saturday for me bar Rothwell in for Downing or Gally. Nothing against those two at all, just think this is the sort of away game we need pace on at least one of the wings to counter attack them from the get go. Cunningham seems competent enough at left back to not need a winger doing half of the defensive job for him too. No issue if we do go the same 11 - Downing and Gally were impressive Saturday & Rothwell and Arma are good options of the bench if needed.
  3. Don Said

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Much better today. Defence was solid on the whole, Cunningham is miles better than any left back we’ve had in recent years, a real upgrade for the back line. Travis and Johnson are a very good cm pairing at this level. Constantly grafting with quality to match. Gallagher worked his balls off and was my man of the match. One Jack Walker 🔵⚪️
  4. Don Said


    The attacking midfielder on his first ever start put to right back WELL DONE TONY
  5. Don Said

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Wonder what we actually do in training? 20 mins run about, have a kick about then home? Wouldn’t surprise me based on the pre match kick abouts we see. We’ve looked short of ideas going forward and we’re very disjointed as a defensive unit. Not sure what the plan is in the slightest. Forget the recruitment I think we’re tactically miles behind many teams in this league. Everybody from the sexy football sides like Leeds & the we’ll turn up and do a job on you sides like Charlton.
  6. Don Said

    Caption This

    "No not right back Ryan, Tony says you'll be left back whilst Benno's here, left back in the changing room"
  7. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    The Namibian Cafu AND the Scottish Cafu... saucy. Good shout though. To have an experienced right back with a good track record at this level, with an up and coming prospect learning from him/trying to take over from him would be ideal.
  8. Don Said

    New captain

    Lenihan for me. Blood and thunder, only player i've seen bollock other players for mistakes recently, seems to have a voice. I think he's a leader in the making at 25, and I think the armband would bring out the best in him. Trav has a lot of similar qualities to Lenihan but he's younger with much less experience, only for that reason it's Darragh's. DG isn't a bad shout, he's had a cracking influence on the side for a while. And despite being a newbie, Johnson seems to have the experience along with the ability to dictate the play and get stuck in so he'd fit the bill. The romantic in me would rather see Lenihan/Travis over them though, as they're players we've produced and both genuinely have some of the true qualities we love to see in a Rovers captain at present, hopefully with much more to offer and develop in the future. If I turn up at Fulham tomorrow and Bennett is wearing the armband i'll vomit all over the poor sod on the row in front of me - apologies in advance.
  9. Don Said

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    Expectations are constantly changing due to the way our club speaks. We're given mixed messages, we back track on things we say, one month it's this and a few months later it's that. The inconsistent message from the mouth of the club fuels all of the varied outlooks on here leaving us constantly wondering. So I don't really know what to expect but based on the squad and the state of play as of today, I think it'll be quite similar to last. Mixed form, good and bad spells, the odd impressive win, the odd shocking loss in games where we're favourites. Finishing short of mid table. As ever there are factors that will make or break us. Genuinely think if the best defence is played and gels well (Nyambe Lenihan Tosin Cunningham) and we stay relatively injury free we could have a slight play off shout. But that's an idealistic viewpoint, it's just as likely the defence doesn't work and/or we get a few injuries - in that scenario say hello to shyte creek. I just hope we find our best 11 soon and stick with it, only changing things if a player has a poor spell or is injured/suspended. Less of the 'I need to see him on the grass, he needs to learn how we play, he needs to this that and the other, as a striker he needs to learn the art of last ditch tackle'.. stop complicating the game of football, find your best 11 men for the positions that need filling for the formation you play ASAP and crack on with it. Not sure I see that happening with the way we fanny about, poor old Joe will probably continue to sit on the bench quietly hoping for a January move for the game time he deserves.
  10. Don Said

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    Great memories from the promotion season in particular, his header at Donny and the carnage that followed will always be fondly spoken of. Phenomenal left foot, probably the best set piece taker in the league as shown by his return from free kicks, penalties and even corners. But at the end of the day his main duty is to be a defender and he's simply not up to it anymore. We've seen it with a lot of players over the years, seems time caught up with him quickly, he's looked very slow and fragile under pressure defensively since returning to the Championship. That said he was arguably always cut to be a midfielder but that debate doesn't matter now. Thought he would've gone back to Scotland where the game is a bit slower but fair play for giving it a crack down here for another year if he can get the game time. Shake his hand and thank him, but the time is definitely right for us.
  11. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Really important hour ahead, a decent left back alone could save/win us a good amount of points over the course of the season. Would love a centre back but can't see it happening. Not signing Bauer really bit us on the arse. At the moment we're just going to have to hope Adarabioyo goes above and beyond expectations which is a situation we shouldn't really be in. Prepare for the worst hope for the best and all that.
  12. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Lynch and Cunningham would be good signings at this stage. Lynch is a no nonsense physical centre back, Cunningham looks a left back with the ability to defend(!!). By no means the greatest players in their position in the league but they would bring some key attributes of which we're currently missing. Both surely upgrades on what we have. Cunningham rumour looks dubious at best though.
  13. Don Said

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    That comment stood out along with the winger at full back one. Tactically, it's an issue of his that I can't comprehend. He'd learn a great lesson looking back at Sparky's Rovers. Pick a formation, fill 11 slots with specialists in those positions, jobs a good one. Good lesson in how to properly use 'soldiers and artists' too.
  14. Don Said

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Mowbray after leaving Celtic: Celtic finished Wednesday's defeat with six strikers on the field. Their most creative player, Aiden McGeady, appeared to be deployed at left-back. Digging at Rangers “Maybe it is a league for playing defensive football and negative football and yet have the quality up front to counterattack, particularly away from home.” Given that Rangers have scored more, conceded fewer and have a goal difference better than twice as good as Celtic’s, that utterance indicated that Mowbray was not only about to part from his employers, but had already detached himself from reality. Mowbray after leaving Coventry: "I see some shoots of hope. The players work extremely hard, but it's a man's game, they're babies in a man's league. "I probably let them down by not getting in the big 6ft 4in centre-half we were after, who could have been a man and help us keep clean sheets. "We knew what the budget was but we didn't get our targets. You can't build a club off loans. They have to invest in footballers they can keep and build on. "It's important that this group of players get support. I have not seen a team better than us this season but, if you can't put them in and you can't keep them out, you're going to struggle. I haven’t looked at any of the comments after leaving other clubs, in which (to his credit) he had success/mixed success (Hibs, WBA, Boro) but I’m sure there will be similar themes, particularly at WBA where defensive frailties became his undoing, albeit in the Premier League. Just focusing on Celtic and Coventry as it feels as if we are suffering from similar problems. I really like Mowbray and really want him to learn from the past and the clear glaring issues in front of him. Unfortunately, if history is anything to go by, the few negative Mowbray traits will again overpower the many positive traits, stopping him from achieving things that would be very possible with a few seemingly simple tweaks to his approach and mind-set.
  15. Don Said

    Rovers v Charlton

    League One defence, League One results. History repeats.

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