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  1. Don Said

    Kits 19/20

    Not a fan of this...
  2. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    This is the biggest fear for the summer. We all recognise the glaring weakness in our side and its painful when the feeling is it's been knocked down the list of priorities. Towards the end of the season Mowbray spoke as if he was due to go out and spend on the defence. Come the end of June and article appeared in the LT with Mowbray playing down the need for defenders due to finishing the season strongly, being over-emotional about the situation at the time and needing to strengthen across the board. Extra worrying given the fact he resigned at Coventry due to losing 10 on the bounce, blaming himself for not signing a big nasty centre back. Not signing one after the league one season has just bitten us. I'd like Gallagher but we've other areas where money would be better spent if it is a case of one or the other. A better keeper and defender with a cheaper striker would improve us over a 46 game season much more than a cheaper keeper and defender with more money spent on a striker, looking at the current squad we have imo. Of course we'll ultimately only know the score when the window closes. We might even end up spending decent fees on a keeper, centre back and a striker in which case this all counts for nothing. But with previous history and evidence so far it feels like we're trying to add the icing before the eggs.
  3. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Little disappointed to lose Raya but it makes sense if we’re looking to add more of a commanding keeper. He’s a good shot stopper with plenty of potential but has some clear flaws that might be impossible to iron out. If we want to have a proper crack at promotion maybe it’s worth swapping him for something tried and tested, rather than crossing our fingers for development whilst coping with his lack of presence. Besides, one of the realities of being a Rovers fan is the need to sell one or two academy players/players we signed when young every now and then to balance things and to allow ourselves to bring in in other areas. Out of the current lot it had to realistically be Raya, Lenihan or Dack. Much rather keep the latter two.
  4. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Downing is sensible short term. Could bring composure and experience in the final third, Graham was often the only one who could keep the ball up there which put us under a lot of pressure last year. Think he's got a decent delivery so might make the decision not to play Mulgrew easier.
  5. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Think it's the other way round. Mowbray made a comment hoping to add a few multi million pound signings at the start of the summer. Since the return from India talk is up to 5 signings, a few frees and loans. Certainly don't expect us to show our hand at all, that would be foolish. Nobody expected or even wanted us to come out and talk about big budgets. But to come out with the lines we have done this week has indicated that we're at the lower end, not the higher end of proposed budgets. Just indications, though.
  6. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I’ve avoided looking at Rovers news for the last few weeks due to the sad inevitability of nothing happening. And nothing has happened. The conversation and articles are practically identical to what they were at the start of summer which is a little drab and boring, but in fairness we’re better off keeping our cards close to our chest, not sure we have a decent hand at all though. Personally, I’m a bit annoyed at the club as they fed us promise through a big money signing last summer, followed by lots of talk about kicking on, talk of heavily scouting Europe etc. Sadly, the Indian holiday party came back with little enthusiasm and without the relatively healthy pot of cash that was regularly insinuated, and the same people that fed that hope seem to be trying to dampen it as of now. I might be jumping the gun with that, but in all probability, that’s where we’re at. If we’re continuing along a sensible, build bit by bit approach, that’s absolutely fine, just please don’t make out as if we’re doing more as it only causes disappointment. As a saving grace, it seems like the majority of teams in our league are in a similar position, shown by the lack of activity so far. If we bring in 2 or 3 frees/loans that add genuine competition with the experienced mentality/qualities currently lacking, followed by a couple of cash signings on a defender and striker, we have every chance of doing better than we did last season, providing we aren’t forced in to a sale with Lenihan or Dack. On top of that, one or two of the signings who played no role last season (Davenport, Chapman) or very little of a role last season (Brereton, Rothwell) have every chance of making an impact on the first 11. Based on past activity, and like most others, I’m concerned about us not addressing the defence in the way we need to. Everybody on here knows we need a good, commanding centre back before anything else, if not we won’t improve make no mistake. If we cop out and go cheap it’ll be a long season. Also don’t think we’re strong enough at full back (think Nyambe has big potential, not keen on Bell but not writing him off) and it looks like we’re probably not going to add in that position. That’s a major gamble and we might have to hope and pray that they improve over pre-season and any centre back coming in has a major organisational presence to help them along throughout the season. There’s a number of weeks left so let’s wait and see what happens. Movement across the league will start soon, hopefully we pull something off as it does. Nothing is guaranteed, by the end of the window we might be happy, might be sad, only thing certain is us sad bar stewards will be sat refreshing tinterweb on the regular! Fingers crossed.
  7. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Good shout. Proper winger, low risk financially. Potential to improve the starting 11 but would improve options from the bench at the very least.
  8. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    To stay on topic, my thoughts on some of the links i've seen this week. Fielding - Meh. If it's a signing to push Raya a bit more, fine, as he has plenty of Championship experience and would provide a genuine threat to him. If (and I don't think we are) we're looking for a new number 1 we need to be recruiting somebody better. Bauer - A big no nonsense centre back who I think would complement Lenihan & would definitely go a long way towards addressing the glaring frailties from last season. He's free and I'm sure he'd improve our back 4 if he walked through the door tomorrow, on that logic if the wages are reasonable I'd be happy with him. That said, budget dependant and if we're only going to bring one centre back in, I'd like to see us at least attempt to go and bring in a big lad who has proven he can do it at this level and possibly beyond; somebody of the Jake Cooper mould. Maher - Looks class. Would be over the moon if we signed him but looks like we'll miss out to a team who'll be playing in the Europa League; can't do much about that. Downing - Wouldn't be looking at him as starting 11. Could be useful as a composed option/Conway replacement when required to complement the other young gung-ho lads we have. Also played behind the striker in recent times for Boro so could be an option to play second fiddle to Dack for a year, on top of being wing cover. If wages are similar, as a one year option, I'd rather bring him in over another Kasey Palmer loan type. Gallagher - Not the out and out goalscorer we'd love but he's a decent player and has good physical attributes. Much more likely to be Graham's replacement than anybody else we have, and has the experience/is of the age to make an impact on the first team straight away. If we can't find better value/better abroad, I'm all for it.
  9. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Yep. Their record transfer fee is 2.5m
  10. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I think that role fits a 34/35 year old Danny Graham perfectly. A good finisher with the know-how of how to win games, whether that be getting in the positions to score, bringing others in to play or killing time/keeping the ball. IF we sign/loan a good striker to play as our number 9 next season, with Graham being that man to play say 20 mins each week with the odd start, I think we'll be a much better outfit. Not our absolute priority, and something that has become a bit of a headache due to the Brereton signing, but it's something we should be considering if we want to get to the next level.
  11. Don Said

    Champions League 2018-2019

    Utterly insane. The knockout stages have been incredible, can’t remember two semi finals being close to this weeks. Brilliant for English football too, the Europa League final could also be all English.
  12. Don Said

    Champions League 2018-2019

    Looking forward to watching Ajax again tonight. They deserve the final. For such a young side to beat Juventus, Real Madrid and Spurs away from home in the knockout stages is commendable, all done whilst sticking to their attractive/inventive game plan and showing zero fear. If anybody has time to kill, I'd recommend finding some extended highlights from the above three games, their attacking moves at times have been some of the best I've ever seen. No secret, but De Ligt (leaving in summer) and De Jong (signing for Barca) will surely be spoken about as the best centre back/central midfielder in the world respectively soon. (I've probably jinxed them haven't I..)
  13. Don Said

    Music Association Game

    Courteeners - Lose Control
  14. Don Said

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Frank Fielding released by Bristol City....
  15. Don Said

    Jacob Davenport

    Thought Davenport looked very tidy. He’s probably the only midfielder at the club with actual technical ability. Echo the previous comments - he looks the type of midfielder who will drop back a few yards to show for the ball and retain it with short neat passing, equally as comfortable pinging a 50 yard ball to the winger/striker. These types can be invaluable. Look at Norwood for Sheff U this season. The team got forward as they knew he’d always pick somebody out & he’s always available as an option to give it to to retain the ball and reset the play when they’re under pressure. He’s one of their key cogs, without him I don’t think their system would’ve worked anywhere near as well as it did. Davenport wasn’t just a pretty ball player though, thought he had a bit of midfield terrier in him, pressed well and wasn’t scared of getting stuck in. Hard to tell after seeing him just once, he could end up having the same impact as Whittingham. Hopefully that’s not the case. Can we pretend he’s a new signing to make the next month or so less painful?

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