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  1. Andyblue2

    [Archived] Myers & Shaw

    You wouldn't if you had to spin this shyte all season. He'll be engineering a move to Bournemouth or Watford
  2. Andyblue2

    [Archived] championship 14/15

    1. I didn't get a response from my footie challenge to you and your 5 a side team....£100 bet, winner takes all. I'd be happy to double it to make it interesting. then we would see who can play football my son. 2. Parson can speak for himself....he alluded to something, so he should either shut up and leave Robbo (a model pro and a england international) alone or come out with his "goings-on"
  3. Andyblue2

    [Archived] championship 14/15

  4. You are speaking for Chaddy, but your argument holds no water when you look up the table to a team like Watford who have had 4 managers in the last 2 and a bit years....you choose to look down to support the argument when the real answer lies in the promoted team. chelsea have a similar attitude and they haven't suffered too much albeit in a different stratosphere to us....but the principle still remains.
  5. Andyblue2

    [Archived] championship 14/15

    At least they got the option of upgrading the stadium with untold riches. We have to put up with an amateur manager and a empty stadium
  6. Tugay is probably more qualified now than GB was when he took over. Been assistant in some big big games. Toogs as boss with Dunny his number 2, shay as goalie coach....rolling back the glory days.
  7. Fair enough, but I imagine the natural thing is to change your mind because the results have improved since you wanted him out. Seeing as the results haven't improved, what is it that made you change your mind Chaddy?
  8. And if you look closely you will see that his son will be starting as a scholar at brockhall when the new season starts in september. leaving school soon. Been on the bench for the under 18.
  9. Suits GB just fine does this excuse. Sits well with the press too. In a tight space for recruitment we need a chap with real contacts . Loanees are the way to get promoted but has Gaz got any mates in the upper echelons of the game????
  10. Andyblue2

    [Archived] Transfer Talk

    I'd say FFP is irrelevant whilst we have an academy manager in place. It's vital we instill someone to get the best out of what we have and is capable of getting a few favours in from top premier teams for some loans.
  11. Andyblue2

    [Archived] Transfer Talk

    There's loyalty for you.
  12. Andyblue2

    [Archived] Huddersfield Away

    Same old same old same old

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