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  1. Well he's rapidly losing the fanbase and as for infrastructure, just look at the state of the pitch.
  2. Agreed. I just excluded players on loan. Douglas can be added. He gives the ball away for fun.
  3. Trybull has a history of getting in a strop when he's not in the team.
  4. There is a pile of dross in the squad. Pears, Bell, Ayala, Johnson, Bennett, Evans, Downing,Williams. Currently Travis and Dack are miles off match fitness.
  5. A good point in the upcoming relegation battle.
  6. Davenport and Holtby have to start the next game.
  7. Travis is so far behind in this game he looks like he is still playing Doncaster. Need about 15 points to avoid relegation. Looking a tall order with the absolute sh*ite this shower have produced since November and getting worse every week.
  8. End of the season is too late. A rebuild of the squad to replace the several players who should be shown the door has to start now. June or whenever clueless Venkys might get round to appointing a replacement is too late.
  9. Mowbray is lucky there are no fans to express their displeasure in person. I suspect that even defeats in the next two (back to back) home games will not get him shifted.
  10. Time for Downing to hang up his boots. He's slow and dwells on the ball far too long. His stroppy reaction on being substituted suggests he's in denial.
  11. Continuation of the results and performances since October will not maintain a mid-table position.
  12. Mowbray looks disinterested and is evidently half-asleep during matches and then in the post-match interview he just sounds utterly pathetic. If he had any self-respect he would quit now. It needs someone to put him out of his misery but of course nobody will.
  13. A good summary of what we can expect to hear from Andy Bayes and in print from Rich Sharpe.
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