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  1. alcd

    Bournemouth away

    No, there's two of us. He was no threat at all on the right flank and is persistently hesitant in possession.
  2. alcd

    Bournemouth away

    Bell is utter crap. Defends like a girl and offers nothing going forward. Never takes responsibility in any situation.
  3. alcd

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    Mulgrew lives in a make-believe land that thinks he can still play at international level. He has a history of leaving Aberdeen and Celtic in a bad odour. Just repeating it here.
  4. alcd

    Summer Transfer Window

    Simon Garner must be on any legends list. Honourable mentions too for Tony Field and Derek Fazackerley.
  5. alcd

    Luton Town away

    Carter needs to go on loan. Massively below Championship standard at present.
  6. alcd

    Reading at Home

    The same was often said about Scott Sellars but he didn't turn out too bad and at a time when pro football was much more physical than it is now.
  7. alcd

    Summer Transfer Window

    If Sheff Utd wanted him why didn't they get him. Suspect that was agents and journos waffle. Anyway they can aim higher now.
  8. alcd

    Summer Transfer Window

    Lenihan isn't good enough for the Prem. Travis isn't ready. Armstrong is the one who will leave.
  9. alcd

    Wigan Administration

    We'll send Wigan down by losing at Luton.
  10. alcd

    Reading at Home

    Mowbray won't want to expose himself to criticism if Hilton has a stinker in a vital relegation decider even though Walton will probably do so anyway. He went down like a sack of spuds for 2 of the goals today. Its almost a surprise when he makes a save.
  11. alcd

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    Leutwiler and Brereton can be added to that list as well as a host of U23 players who are well below Championship standard and always will be - Magloire, Platt, Grayson, White, Lyons fall in this category. More deadwood in this squad than the average timber yard.
  12. Bennett was utterly pants at LB. Walton responsible for giving away another soft goal.
  13. Presumably Mowbray wants to make sure Mulgrew leaves as quickly as possible in the summer and at no further cost.

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