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  1. alcd

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    Leutwiler and Brereton can be added to that list as well as a host of U23 players who are well below Championship standard and always will be - Magloire, Platt, Grayson, White, Lyons fall in this category. More deadwood in this squad than the average timber yard.
  2. Bennett was utterly pants at LB. Walton responsible for giving away another soft goal.
  3. Presumably Mowbray wants to make sure Mulgrew leaves as quickly as possible in the summer and at no further cost.
  4. Thank God we've got 53 in the bank already. I can see this end of season slide going into next season unless Mowbray wakes up and smells the coffee.
  5. Walto struggles with low shots - either doesnt get down quickly enough or fails to hold them as today. Derby's shoot on sight policy suggests they knew he'd spill one sooner or later. Walton looks good dealing with top corner efforts but that's not enough at this level.
  6. Might as well play all the remaining fixtures behind closed doors. Better for everyones mental health not to watch that disorganised spineless shambles. The midfield was totally dependent on Travis who was neutered by his booking. Downing simply has not got the legs to play in that position against an energetic youthful opposition. Rothwell needs to be binned this summer as he offers nothing but headless chicken dribbling ending with loss of possession in dangerous areas. Bennett is a League 1 player. Brereton needs to find an alternative career.
  7. Brentford have collected £120m in țransfer fees in the past 6 years and the stadium cost £80m
  8. alcd

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    50 points is the target now. Wont be easy with squad that doesn't look like it could score in a brothel. Will probably come down to the final couple of matches against Reading and Luton.
  9. alcd

    Academy & U21s

    Mowbrays favourite Bennett will be ahead of Lyons however brilliantly he's playing for the U23s
  10. alcd

    January transfer window 2020

    You can Alan Gulliver to that sorry list of misfiring strikers.He cost £30k similar to the fee received for Byron but £18k was refunded when it was found Huddersfield had concealed a serious back injury.
  11. alcd

    Corry Evans

    Depends whether another blow to the face could endanger his eyesight
  12. alcd

    Corry Evans

    Evans has contract to 2022.
  13. alcd

    January transfer window 2020

    He's spent the budget on £10m+ crap strikers.

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