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  1. alcd

    Norwich - tempting fate

    Sack was taking the piss with that performance. He looked like a pub player after a night on the piss
  2. alcd

    Norwich - tempting fate

    Went down like a sack of potatoes
  3. alcd

    Championship 2018-19

    Contrast with December when Boro went a man and a goal down earlier in the match and still got a draw. That sort of outcome is why Rovers are where they are now.
  4. alcd

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Bauer probably wouldnt come if Charlton are promoted and anyway we might be swapping leagues the way things are going right now.
  5. alcd

    ROVERS V Wigan

    Brereton in for who? Graham? Nothing to suggest that would be anything other than a massive step backwards. Magloire is untried and gave away a goal on his last U23 appearance. The other two changes are obvious so don't expect Mowbray to make them.
  6. alcd

    Mowbray’s Future

    Really? You think this lot wouldn't find a way to lose against a team with nothing to play for?
  7. alcd

    The Relegation Thread

    After today only Rotherham are far enough away for comfort. Where is the next point coming from?
  8. alcd

    The Relegation Thread

    Time to resurrect the relegation thread after (another) disastrous weekend. Currently Rovers have the worst results over the last 6 matches of any team in the 4 divisions. Reading and Rotherham - between them - have lost only once. Apart from the New Year blip of 4 wins this losing habit stretches back for 3 months now. On current form and with non-league standard defending there are probably just 3 matches that offer a realistic prospect of picking up any further points - the home fixtures v Wigan, Bolton and Swansea (and last match nerves might screw that up too). If both Reading or Rotherham win 3 (out of 11) and draw 3 each then more points will be required - where from - and recent form suggests they may well do just that. Mowbray needs to stop chuntering on about next season and do the job he's paid to for this season.
  9. alcd

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    In 4 transfer windows Mowbray has signed only 4 players who have really impacted the first eleven - Dack , Armstrong, Smallwood and the fading Reed. Not an impressive record that bodes ill for what is needed this summer.
  10. alcd

    ROVERS v Boro

    He's good with washing powder then.
  11. alcd

    ROVERS v Boro

    Mowbray is allowed to mark his own work . Not good or right.
  12. alcd

    Mowbray’s Future

    Anyone like to predict where the next point is coming from as the totally symbolic defending and lack of options to deal with this it could be quite some time
  13. alcd

    ROVERS v Boro

    I suspect,admittedly without any evidence, that like a lot of older, high-mileage and heavily-built strikers he has a chronic back or hip condition
  14. alcd


    Rodwell failed to track any of Assombolongas runs and was nowhere to be seen for the goal. He just doesn't understand how to play CB
  15. alcd

    ROVERS v Boro

    Just hope 43 points is enough. The way its going last match home to Swansea is looking the most likely source of further points

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