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  1. alcd

    Championship season 2019-20

    Judging from Sky's survey of Championship club's supporters about the season so far, only fans of Barnsley and Luton are less satisfied with their team's start and prospects for the remainder of the season. It looks like Rovers or Wigan for the third relegation spot - and I know who my money would be on with Mowbray still at the helm.
  2. alcd

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    "Rovers 2020" after relegation will be without Nyambe (out of contract), Lenihan and Williams (both sold), Cunningham (too good for L1), Travis, Dack and Holtby (all sold), Bell, Smallwood, Downing, Graham and Samuel (all out of contract),. But never mind, Mowbray's faves will still be around - Evans, Bennett, Brereton, Armstrong along with Johnson and Chapman clinging to their contracts.
  3. alcd

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Its now beyond dispute that Mowbray's player recruitment has been utterly shite. £12M wasted on Brereton and Gallagher neither of whom looking even remotely like replacing Graham (35 next birthday). Mowbray can't recognise when a player's legs and ambition have gone - Whitttingham and Johnson and in nearly 3 years has brought in only one decent defender(Cunningham).
  4. Just so predictably correct...
  5. alcd

    Preston Away

    Always the same with Mowbrays teams.Concede one, concede three - or more. At most clubs he'd have been fired in March but with sidekick Waggott and clueless Venkys he's still as safe as houses.
  6. alcd

    Preston Away

    Mowbray is going backwards at a rate of knots. That midfield pairing was barely adequate for League 1. It just confirms that Johnson is a waste of (a rather large) space.
  7. alcd

    Preston Away

    With any luck Bennett will pick up a booking so at least he won't be in for the next match.
  8. That was an absolutely abysmal display at QPR and mirrored the many similar 2nd half capitulations last season, particularly away from home. A team that can't defend (and particularly not a lead) and has no prolific-scoring striker is going to struggle. If Cunningham is out for a long period (and the sideways impact on knee looked bad) then God help us with Bell as the back up. The build-up play is turgid and lacks width as both "wingers" always go inside and Rothwell seems capable only of running sideways. A couple more abject shows like this and it will be time to sack Mowbray before the clocks go back.
  9. alcd

    Mike Ferguson RIP

    Fergie's solo goal v Northampton Town in December 1965 is the best I've seen at Elwood apart from Tony Field v Watford in November 1973.
  10. alcd

    West Brom Away

    Scott Sellar was 9 stone dripping wet but one of the best midfielders in a league more physical than this one.
  11. alcd

    Fulham Away

    As someone who also went to the game - and I suspect many on here didn't - the above is a fair summary. However Johnson was awful and almost out of self-control in the second half, giving away possession for fun. Gallagher trundles around and directs headers to nobody in particular and without looking like he'd score in a month. Walton looks to have no presence even though he was not really tested. Showed a lack of bravery in failing to cut out the cross for 2nd goal. Bell makes errors that are inexcusable at this level . Offered nothing down the left side as Rothwell persisted in running sideways across. Armstrong gets into great positions but lacks the ability to get round an opponent and the crosses are aimless. In a competitive league this bunch look set for a scrap near the bottom.
  12. alcd

    Summer Transfer Summary - Poll

    I doubt that back 4 will ever happen unless Bennett is unavailable.
  13. alcd

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I'm sure somebody else can score penalties. Didn't score many direct free kicks last season as Championship goalkeepers are better (except for Peacock-Farrell)
  14. alcd

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Williams wasn't a CB until he joined Rovers and then Coil had one of brainwaves and we've been lumbered ever since. At CB Wiiliams has looked half-decent but worrying if he is now the number one at left CB.

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