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  1. alcd

    Ben Brereton

    It looks like Brereton will be classified in a list of previous "big signing" strikers who did diddlysquat (without the excuse of injury) such as George Jones, Kevin Davies, Grabbi, Kalinic and Goodwillie. A couple of those did well elsewhere after leaving and the others disappeared without trace.
  2. alcd

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    On this form - Bottom 6 by New Year
  3. Brereton is looking like the Grabbi signing for £6m. Pretty much unheard of, did nothing and disappeared without trace. Very negligent top spend so much for so little.
  4. alcd

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Absolutely terrible, clueless and lifeless performance. A good job there's an 8 point gap to the bottom 3 because looking at the remaining fixtures this month I don't see where the next point is coming from based on this evening's total no-show. The fact is that Rovers have been outplayed in large parts of many games and when the promotion gloss wears off they could easily fall into big trouble. Brereton offers nothing and it's hard to see why he's been signed at all never mind for £7m.
  5. alcd

    Thursday deadline.

    Rovers budget puts them near the bottom of the transfer market food chain so need to wait for crumbs to fall from the Prem feasting table.
  6. alcd

    Thursday deadline.

    ACL in February so definitely a runner at present.
  7. alcd

    Thursday deadline.

    None of this season's promoted teams - Wolves, Cardiff, Fulham - have received parachute payments in their promotion season which blows a hole in Mowbray's theory. Even a team in its final (of 3 years) can't spend big because the following season their finances fall off a cliff.
  8. alcd

    Thursday deadline.

    With gate receipts/commercial income of only £7m and TV money of £5m that implies a trading loss of more than £10m. Venkys won't have that.
  9. alcd

    Championship 2017/18

    It comes to something when the debts at Sunderland (less than £100m) are considered to be large but still are much less than BRFC owes to Venkys. Even worse, Sunderland still have a Premier League potential that is a pipedream here. I don't see how the Venkys involvement is going to end in any way that is less than disastrous.
  10. alcd

    Thursday deadline.

    A share price going up only brings in funds if the shares are sold and Venkys aren't going to do that and lose control of their own company. More relevant is how they are going to recover the £150m they have loaned to the club........
  11. alcd

    Charlton away April 28th

    The only strikers/ offensive wide players under contract for next season are Dack, Samual, Nuttall and Bennett (though he is more of a utility player) and Graham with a one year option. TM has an awful lot to do to build an offensive side to the squad capable of thriving in the Championship.
  12. alcd

    Adam Armstrong

    He only looks effective when played centrally. A good finisher but lack of height means he certainly needs a partner. I suspect he can only be a sub in the Championship when chasing a game that's become stretched. Worth taking again on loan but not a purchase.
  13. alcd

    Charlton away April 28th

    It appears that Gladwin has a knee injury that an op has failed to rectify. However he looked like a dolloper even before that surfaced. Along with Caddis, Whittingham and Evans he will be deadweight in the squad for the Championship.
  14. alcd

    Charlton away April 28th

    Caddis was woeful and looked like a ringer from the Dog & Duck Sunday League. Travis did more in the 20mins he was allowed than the tubby grey balding showed in the previous 70. We are absolutely screwed if he's given game time in the Championship.

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