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  1. roversfan2001

    Preston tickets

    I've got a PR postcode and have to put up with this lot regularly as a result. They're like an irritating little cousin; almost wanted them to do well til they got promoted the other year and suddenly remembered their dislike towards us. Got no real feeling towards them but a win for us would well and truly shut them up for a while. We've got the full end, since the last time we played them they've taken out a row or two at the front to get more advertising boards in behind the goals so the capacity isn't quite the ~5,900 it was. Parking will be a nightmare given there's likely to be about 17,000 on. Trains are still running to Preston every hour, but the only one back is at 6.30 so not much time for any post-match drinking.
  2. roversfan2001

    Preston tickets

    Even with the strike it'll be quite easy to go on the train for this one; roughly hourly non-stop. Last train back at half 6.
  3. roversfan2001

    Swansea Away Tickets

    Not only £30 for adults but no concessions for young adults. As a 17 year old that isn't a student they're asking for £30 from me. No chance. Disgraceful pricing.
  4. roversfan2001

    Why do we concede so many last minute goals?

    Dropped 11 points through goals scored in the 85th minute or later. This is in contrast to the 4 points gained through goals in the same time period (which interestingly were all in a 5 week period either side of the change of manager).
  5. roversfan2001

    Why do we concede so many last minute goals?

    Since the last time we scored a crucial last minute goal (equaliser away at Fulham in March 2017) we've conceded: 93rd minute equaliser against Preston 90th minute winner against Oldham 94th minute equaliser against Bristol Rovers 91st minute equaliser against Ipswich 93rd minute equaliser against Aston Villa 94th minute winner against Bournemouth Anyone who uses the "it all evens itself out" excuse is lying; we've got a serious problem when it comes to seeing games out.
  6. roversfan2001

    Bradley Dack

    I'm sure that has been thought about some of your posts on a number of occasions. As every game goes by it looks like more and more of us are resigned to the fact that he'll go next summer, or even as soon as January. He's contracted til 2021 and I see no reason why he won't be at Rovers in three years' time; if we play our cards right we could well be in the PL by then...
  7. roversfan2001

    Darwen End Closure / New Singing Section

    I don't think the debate is whether to move the away fans into the DE upper to allow Rovers fans back in the lower tier, more to get them away from the pitch and reduce their influence on the game (and charge them more potentially, though Cheston wouldn't do that).
  8. roversfan2001

    Darwen End Closure / New Singing Section

    Was a better atmosphere for the two friendly games than yesterday in W01. The away fans being so far away didn't help, though I've seen someone say that they will be back in the normal place for the next home game. Didn't really hear the BBE though N01 looked far fuller than it was when I sat in there.
  9. roversfan2001

    Club Revenue Generators

    So you'd rather see us splash the cash and then go down because of it, than spend within our means and stay up? Wow.
  10. roversfan2001

    Hull away

    It's £18 for Rovers fans, doesn't take too much effort to figure that one out. No concessionary prices either.
  11. roversfan2001


    The band being from Burnley may upset some fans if it was played at Ewood 😂
  12. roversfan2001

    Darwen End Closure / New Singing Section

    You clearly conveniently ignored the "in the same league" part of my post. Hopefully by "club like Blackburn Rovers" you mean a 2nd tier club, because that's what we are. I know that's not what you meant though and I'm refusing to entertain your idea that we're a massive club.
  13. roversfan2001

    Darwen End Closure / New Singing Section

    If that's a (very poorly) veiled attempt at saying that we shouldn't even be entertaining the idea of Oldham fans having a go then I'd like to remind you that it's not the 90s anymore and we were in the same league as them for a reason. Also, they took 4 points off us.
  14. roversfan2001

    New Kits

    Don't think we had a shirt sponsor in 2012/13 until Christmas time; barring the Dafabet deal the shirt sponsor has been a farce since Venky's took over.
  15. roversfan2001

    New Kits

    Officially it's navy.

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