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  1. Bluebell

    Academy & U21s

    You would hazard a guess at somebody from within as with the academy job. A step up from below or a Craig Short type.
  2. Bluebell

    Academy & U21s

    Not all coaches are ex players, I have mostly found the ex player appreciates ability, unfortunately the people above them who have probably done nothing in the game make the decisions. Many coaches are school teachers or are at clubs because of who they know, not what they know. Many will say its a closed shop. A boy can shine one year with one coach who he gets on with, but spend the following year in decline due to a coach who isn't as good or possibly doesn't encourage the lad. Some clubs have a belief that if they can put football into say a fast runner, can they put a football brain into the same player? They are letting boys go all the time, but if the boy wants to go they can't. For any boy released, it's one persons opinion, that same person will have been bitten on many occasions by boys who have stuck at it and go bigger and better.
  3. Bluebell

    Academy & U21s

    Yes, Le Tissier would have had no chance, many of the staff within clubs are no different to us all, in fact you wonder what some staff see in players, something we see now with the first team. How many players these days can beat a man? There won't be many, in academy's they are all coached the same, there are boys who you would think shouldn't be there but they may blossom late but the club won't give them time. I'm sure there are many who have been through the academy system who have been broken by it and wish they'd have waited. In each age a club may have 20 players, they can't all play! I watch Rovers and feel they miss a player to burst from midfield beyond the forwards, that can see a pass, a player that will be rare at any club, some academy's knock that out of the boys at a young age. Man U have recently taken a lad on trial Drew Lewis, a mate of mine was a Tranmere as a young lad with him. He tells me he wasn't so good so hardly ever played, they released him. None of the lads have gone into football from that team, yet the worst at the time has the best opportunity.
  4. Bluebell

    Academy & U21s

    I Agee, Sterling was bought by Liverpool at approx age 14, having paid for him he will therefore have been given time to develop, also not many have his pace. Not all clubs give the smaller boys time to develop. If you were to look at a reason as to why so many don't make it, it could be that the bigger or boys who matured early stood out age 14 to 16, if the late developers were given time, maybe more would come through, unfortunately not all clubs have that vision. It probably depends on the ethos of the club at the time, pretty sure Rovers had the chance of signing a young Thomas Ince but didn't think he was good enough, maybe he wasn't aggressive or big enough. Yet good enough for Liverpool! You could say the same with Ricky Lambert, who left Liverpool at a young age, maybe not technical enough.
  5. Bluebell

    Academy & U21s

    I've had a knowledge of the academy system for a number of years. The problem the boy from Liverpool will have is that he's been playing a different type of football, it's a different type of coaching, you could say more technical. At Blackburn he'd struggle to fit in. To me, (at Blackburn,) in the older ages they look at big and strong and get stuck in. Rovers used to do the hand X-ray on all players, not sure if they still do though. All clubs make mistakes on players, but you have got to have the belief in your own ability, which is difficult for youngsters. It's all about opinions, what one club doesn't want another does. Rovers have in the past told boys they won't make it only for top clubs to take them on. With the coaches, there are good and bad at every club, some you wouldn't want to coach your son as they aren't good enough to improve a good technical player. The problem any child has is once they have signed they are stuck there, basically owned by the club from the age of 8.

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