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  1. JHRover

    FA Cup 2020/21

    Normally the 3rd round draw is one of the most exciting events in the calendar, hoping that we get a good draw or a lower division side away from home. This year I'm really not too bothered. Would be typical if we good a really attractive tie away at a new ground and nobody could go. Avoid the Dingles. Other than that not bothered.
  2. JHRover

    Other football league 2020/21 season

    Gus Poyet one of the favourites there - Uruguayan link with their part owner who might be taking over the club and also still quite popular from his first time there. Parkinson boring to watch but a good record in League One. Can't see many options offering a better chance of promotion than him. Paul Cook would probably do a job.
  3. JHRover

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    I enjoyed it today. It was really good to see the other side to our game and do the necessary to get the 3 points without dominating the game especially after a hair-raising first 40 minutes. Very frustrating to sustain another couple of injuries. It seems a game cannot pass without at least one. Defensive issues once again midweek? Millwall I suspect will be the polar opposite of Barnsley in their approach.
  4. JHRover

    Championship Season 2020 - 2021

    If Terry joins Derby will it be 'John Terry's Derby' or 'Wayne Rooney's Derby'? They are rapidly becoming a club to dislike. I've no time at all for Rooney or Terry so both there and it will be great if they get relegated. They've also fiddled FFP for years and got away with it too.
  5. JHRover

    Rovers v Millwall. Wed 2nd Dec 7.45pm

    Millwall are becoming the draw specialists of the division. Think they've had 4 in a row now. No surprises when you look at their manager and squad. Rowett is very good at making sides defensively solid and hard to beat, grinding results out consistently whilst their squad isn't blessed with talent but is hard working. Tough game indeed but another we need to be winning at home to have any chance. If it was away I think most would agree a draw is a decent result but at Ewood we need to be winning these. Just hope it isn't another Cardiff or Boro bore fest.
  6. JHRover

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    Yeah I echo this. As enjoyable and comprehensive as our wins this season have been it would be foolish to expect that to be possible every week. We will have to win games ugly if we are going to get anywhere. The Middlesbrough, Cardiff and Luton draws could have been those sort of games where we weren't at our best but had opportunities to snatch the 3 points yet we failed to do it and only got the 1. Barnsley are an odd side but are one of those that have made life difficult for us over the last few years despite lowly league positions. In seasons gone by they are the sort we have struggled to deal with yet this season we seem to be the opposite way around - we have been very good against the poorer sides and have failed to get results against the better sides. Two tough away games appearing on the horizon in Brentford and Norwich. If we can get 6/6 at home before then it will take some pressure off those fixtures.
  7. JHRover

    Championship Season 2020 - 2021

    I actually think this is a smart and astute move by Derby. McClaren has vast experience, granted not all successful, but he knows the Championship, knows English football and has also worked in Holland, Germany and Israel. He also knows Derby inside out having been manager there twice in recent years. At the moment they are a bit rudderless with ownership transition and inexperienced caretaker coaches. His advice could be very useful. With new foreign owners seemingly coming in and having given this appointment their blessing it seems at the very least they recognise the need for someone in there with experience who knows the industry and division to help. That's a good start rather than coming in thinking they know best and running the show like cowboys. It's probably the equivalent of Venkys appointing Souness as Director of Football when they took over. We all know what they did instead.
  8. JHRover

    Tier 2 ?

    I'm in full agreement with the lady at Port Vale. It should not be allowed that some clubs are able to have fans in and others not. We'll end up with the likes of Bournemouth, Norwich and Reading being allowed fans in whilst the rest can forget it. Given the starts they have had to the season this may well give them an even bigger advantage in the quest for promotion. If Rovers are allowed 2000 fans in then of course they should, otherwise 2000 season ticket holders will be asking why they bothered parting with their cash in September. If it costs money to do it then we should have factored that in before putting them on sale. It was always likely to be such at least initially. Personally speaking I don't think I would take up the option even if it was available to me. I can't envisage me getting any enjoyment sitting alone at Ewood with 2000 others spread out, not being allowed to shout, sing, stand up or go for a pint before or after. Might as well stay indoors and watch on TV.
  9. JHRover

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Agreed. Given how nice we are it is astonishing how many yellow cards we collect. I've no idea how we fare in comparison to others in the league but take Saturday as an example - we ended up coming out of the Luton game with 4 yellows to their none including a suspension for Johnson. Now all our yellow cards were for relatively insignificant things. Brereton one for rightly having a go at the referee but a cheap yellow nonetheless. I can't even remember what Elliott was booked for. Luton as predicted were crafty, and managed to repeatedly commit tactical and cynical fouls regularly through the game without ever getting booked. This happens too often. We aren't devious enough to be on the other side of it. I've no issue with us being top of the fouls charts and picking up lots of bookings (as long as it doesn't result in lengthy absences and suspensions) but when you are picking up 4 yellows to their none for next to nothing it isn't good enough
  10. JHRover

    Championship Season 2020 - 2021

    True, I get the impression that a big bonus and salary would tempt Allardyce out of retirement. I just remember when he left Palace he did so on his own terms and said that he was retiring and wasn't looking to manage again. He made a comeback for the Everton job but in fairness that would have been a big temptation - big club, loads of money to spend, chance to challenge for Europe etc. He got an incredible deal at Everton to keep them up and a massive pay off when sacked so he won't need to work. I'd just be surprised if he dropped into the Championship, especially when they've little chance of going up this season so will be at least 18 months before he can get them promoted. By then he'll be nearly 68. Does he really need to prove himself in the Championship at his age? If it were me I'd be relaxing enjoying life and might make a comeback if it was a Premier League club or international job.
  11. JHRover

    Championship Season 2020 - 2021

    I'd be amazed if Big Sam would be interested in going to Derby. Why drop to the bottom of the Championship? He's virtually retired, not worked for over 2 years, and said he wasn't looking to return. The only way I can see it is one last hurrah and a massive bonus for survival and promotion in the next 18 months. If there is truth to it then that's Derby and Sheff Wed who have secured safety already just with managerial changes.
  12. JHRover

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    I think the only win we've had since Souness' days was Lambert's debut when we won 2-1 and were hanging on there. A team of soft lads from the manager down. Nice, honest, play the 'right way' but in a fiery local Derby when the going gets tough they wilt.
  13. JHRover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I think there are two ways this could go. Your scenario above is one of them - e.g. Mowbray will leave when he feels like it and that will only happen when we are really struggling and he's nowhere to hide. The alternative is the Bowyer scenario. This is that the owners have had enough of him and his failure to deliver promotion and get bored of it all again so refuse to meet him, fail to provide any more funds and expect sales to cover costs, and we end up with confusion and chaos. I've got to say that I am disturbed and unimpressed by Mowbray admitting in his interview last week that he had been on to the owners during the international break and was telling them that we will be a promotion force next season. This to me stinks of self-protection and preservation, once again promising milk and honey months or years down the line and covering for failure this season. This isn't what was sold to us. Mowbray didn't say in 2018 that it would be 2021-22 before we have a shot at promotion (and surely not even the most delusional people on here would actually have any confidence in that materialising). Mowbray persuaded us all - owners and fans - that we were doing the slow build. Yet he's now had the allotted time - 5 transfer windows, healthy funds and no enforced sales. Why does he need or deserve more time? Or if he does surely this needs to be weighed against performance THIS season? Or are we already at the stage of writing this season off as yet another transition (seemingly as we are the only side affected by Covid and injuries). Next summer will see another major rebuild required and the chances are there won't be the funds or freedom we've had in recent years. Also likely that Armstrong at least will be sold. Then its just more transition as we adjust to a new style or system to fit the new players. It never ends. No. For me this is it with Mowbray. He's had more time and money than most managers could hope for. I'd rather he went soon to give us some chance of salvaging this season but if not then this season should be his last before someone else gets a go. You only have to listen to Waggott's latest interview to see that he is laying the foundations for more time for him and Tony. Thing is for all of Waggott's talk he isn't a 'Blackburn' fan. He's a very well paid executive who wants to maintain the status quo for as long as possible. Working with his mate on easy street whilst the absent owners pick up the tab and he approaches retirement. 5 years from now he'll have left Ewood never to be seen again looking forward to a cushy retirement whilst we are left with a diminished support base and another glorious shot at promotion missed.
  14. JHRover

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Preston appear to have limped their way to a narrow win over Wednesday yesterday to finally get off the mark at home. They won't be bothered how they did it, they'll just be relieved to break the run and get the monkey off their backs. Sometimes narrow or fortuitous wins are what are needed just to bring the bad runs to an end. Seen it many times before where sides do that and then turn a corner and go on a good run. Preston have had the better of us now for several years. Time for that to change but they just seem to be able to find another gear when needed whilst Rovers just can't cope with it.
  15. JHRover

    Fans Forum / Roverstore

    Another little gripe of mine. In years gone by I have traditionally bought the thick winter coat to wear in the cold, wet weather. Over recent years the price of those coats has gone up to around £100 from the club shop. I simply cannot justify that price for an umbro coat. This year I dont think they are even bothering to stock the coats. They aren't on the website. Also Mowbray has been wearing a gilet type jacket. Again that isn't available to buy. Really poor selection. The merchandise pictured above is really cheap and nasty in quality. I once bought a polo shirt and the stitching irritated me. As with everything else it is just cheap and easy street. We need fresh ideas and imagination.

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