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  1. MK Dons tickets

    Well apparently more than 850 sold already for the Bristol Rovers game, leaving around 300 left with the next phase of sales due to open next week. Once again strange Rovers support. Nearly sold out Bristol within a day of it being on sale yet MK, which is nearer, earlier and has unlimited seats for everyone to go to if they wish, is struggling to sell. Unless its just the novelty factor of a new ground that's doing it for Bristol. I went on with Stanley a couple of years ago and its rubbish.
  2. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    McCall did a very good job last season and early on this season then seemed to lose the plot and strangely despite being a club legend who took them to the play-off final their supporters seemed quite glad to see the back of him. He might be a good appointment for a League One side.
  3. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    He's had 4 games in charge. 3 away from home. He took over a club that had been on the slide since December and is clearly a tough turnaround. Charlton away, Plymouth away, Wigan at home and Doncaster away. Not exactly the easiest run of fixtures for a side struggling for form. With the exception of Doncaster then Bradford wouldn't have been expecting much, if anything, from those games as they aren't as good as those sides.
  4. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Losing money is a fact of life in the Championship. To begin with we need to get rid of the notion that its only Rovers or the less well supported clubs that lose money hand over fist. Every club does it, even the supposedly 'well run' ones, its part of life at that level and whilst it might make some people uncomfortable it isn't likely to change any time soon. Some clubs have it at a 'manageable' level of a few million a year, whereas others are up in the tens of millions a year. Ultimately it depends on the resources of the owner as to whether that is sustainable. There's a multitude of reasons for it all but the primary driving force is unsustainable wage levels which non-Premier League clubs cannot afford without major external funding. Owners of clubs know what the game is all about and know if they own a club at Championship level then it is going to cost them a lot of money. Some owners deserve to lose money more than others. For example Venkys are responsible for not having a Premier League income having cost us that through their decision making, have then brought the majority of their losses upon themselves through incompetence and negligence. Some want to credit them with still paying the bills every month but as I've suggested previously they don't have much choice. The alternative to carrying it on is to cut and run but then their 'asset' is either liquidated or picked up by someone else at a knockdown price and their £100 million of debt needs to be stacked against another part of their portfolio. Other owners have sustained heavy losses chasing the dream of promotion with good intentions and doing everything by the book but falling short. All part of the gamble. The Walker Trust somehow managed to saddle us with £20 million+ of bank debt despite years of access to the Premier League riches, so who knows how far into the red we'd be by now if they were still here and we'd been relegated (highly likely with no investment). If Venkys start to run the club properly and continue to pay the bills then I would applaud any serious efforts to rebuild the club. However I'm not convinced we're at that stage yet and I still remain of the view that a lot of their losses are brought about or enhanced by continued poor management. One example - we still don't have a commercial director at the club - so its no use pleading poverty if you don't even make the effort to employ someone to run the commercial arm of the club.
  5. MK Dons tickets

    900 sold before going on open sale today
  6. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Strange one. The club entered into the exclusivity period with a company called the International Entertainment Corporation which expired in late February. One or two Wigan fans were getting giddy because the Group was owned by the Cheng family, who are one of the richest families in the world. It now appears that the Group was actually sold by them to another company controlled by a professional poker player based in Hong Kong. Links to the Cayman Islands and their primary venture seems to be a hotel resort in Manila. Ironic given Whelan's comments when Rovers were sold to the Rao family that he's now trying to offload his beloved Wigan to a Hong Konger. Possibly waiting for them to secure promotion before finalising.
  7. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Charlton have been or are close to a takeover. The Belgian owner has lost all interest and is trying to get shut. They have no CEO or Finance Director (sound familiar?) and it seems he's turned off the money and is leaving them to drift until he can sell up and go. There's rumours an Australian group are waiting in the wings and want Harry Kewell as manager so would have got rid of Robinson anyway. Probably a win win situation all round. Charlton's form has dipped so their owner probably not to fussed to see him go without having to fire him, Oxford want him so by waiting a few weeks get him for free, the potential new owners can install their own manager without needing to pay Robinson off. I think a similar thing happened at Sheffield Wednesday with Carvalhal. Their form had dropped off and they were struggling, Wednesday were ready to make a change, Swansea wanted him as manager, so he left Wednesday by 'mutual consent' therefore saving Wednesday the need to pay him off and saved Swansea the need to pay compensation.
  8. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    How much have Cardiff spent to be on the cusp of the Premier League? How much have PNE spent to be on the cusp of the play-offs? How much have Millwall spent to rocket up the league and be in with a chance of the play-offs? How much have Sunderland spent on their squad to be going straight through to League One? The clubs that are stable (ownership, executive, playing staff) that make sensible, thought out decisions, signings and appointments, will survive or thrive on limited funding. That doesn't mean spending millions for the sake of it, it doesn't even mean you need to keep hold of your best players every year, it doesn't mean you have to keep a manager in place for the sake of 'stability'. It means that people at the club know what the aim is, know where they stand, know what is happening and are able to get on with it to try and do the best they can. The clubs that are clueless, badly managed, throw money down the drain and have a revolving door of personnel will fail. For the first group see Cardiff, PNE, Bolton, Millwall, Brentford and previously Dingles. For the second club see ourselves, Sunderland, Birmingham, Hull and to a less disastrous extent Leeds and Forest. Can we made the transition across that divide? Possibly, but I think it is too early to say that. Winning games is a nice, unusual feeling but does have the effect of papering over cracks and putting other issues and concerns onto the backburner. It can be done and hopefully the appointment of Waggott is a step towards that but its a long way off being sustained.
  9. Gillingham complaints.


    With Mulgrew picked as captain for the Costa Rica game I am hoping that means that McLeish has had the sense to put him in for that game, give him his run, have a look at him, with a view to dropping him for the Hungary game on Tuesday. He needs to sit that one out for our sakes.
  11. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    The club's annual accounts came out this last couple of weeks. More of the same stuff as usual but they said that the overdraft facility with the Bank of India expired around February/March but that they were confident of it being renewed and even if it wasn't they would be able to fund the club. I don't know what 'arrangement' they have with the Bank but it seems to keep on rolling on every year with no end in sight. Although the £30 million in player sales and slashed wage bill might have helped win round the Bankers. With business seemingly booming back home I doubt they're losing much sleep over it Venky's India: Shares of this company soared 28 per cent in the past week. The company is expecting strong operational performance till May or June. "When you are adding new products and expanding your core business and seeing the realisation improving, the shareholders should be more confident about the quality and services," the company told ET Now in a recent interview. Read more at: //economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/63146289.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  12. Gillingham complaints.

    https://www.efl.com/news/2018/march/efl-statement-derby-county-v-cardiff-city/ Fortunately for them they've had an explanation. No such thing for us. This is what happens when your manager and board kick off about a decision and take it to the league.

    Oldham at home was one. They turned up, big 'derby' day out for them with their fans well up for it and they caught us out.
  14. Attendances

    Certainly more dingles coming out of the woodwork these days in those areas. I'd always put it down to them being quiet whilst we were at the top table and they were in the 3rd and 4th divisions and have since come out of the closet making more of a meal out of it because things have lurched so dramatically the other way. If the two clubs had been and still were neck and neck then perhaps it might not be as obvious and they might not flaunt their colours in such a way. Think Ossy I would put down as majority Rovers, but there's still a surprising number of dingles knocking about, including those who never once mentioned their allegiance 10-15 years ago. Not sure about Rishton. Accy I think is a mixture. Hard to say for sure but loads of dingles over the other side of Accy going up towards Clayton and Huncoat. Baxenden maybe Rovers dominated.
  15. Attendances

    I don't know the stats but I see Ribble Valley and Hyndburn as very much mixed. Not heavily weighted in either direction. Plenty of Clarets in Accy, Harwood, Clitheroe and Whalley, also plenty of Rovers fans. Rossendale is also a mixture though probably more Burnley when you get to Rawtenstall and Bacup. The point I was making was that Nelson, Padiham, Colne and Barlick etc. are almost exclusively Burnley territory. There's no-one else to support that way. I expect the number of Rovers supporters in those towns are a very small minority. As Burnley supporters are in Darwen which is predominantly a Rovers town. However, areas like Chorley and South Ribble, whilst well populated with Rovers fans, also have plenty of Preston and Bolton supporters and probably plenty of others looking more over to Merseyside and Manchester. Certainly not a situation like Colne where there's no other competition from rival clubs unless you head over the Pennines.