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  1. JHRover

    Loan Window

    When we've signed him and the window is shut we'll know whether it's all we've got or not. Mowbray said 4 or 5 and then 3 targets so I doubt he's blowing the lot on one.
  2. JHRover

    Loan Window

    As I say it won't be 8 million in one go it will be spread over several years. Funny how the mere prospect of us spending a few quid and people are getting worried about Ffp whilst most of our rivals have been spending way more for a number of years and have got away with it. Even only yesterday Sheffield Wednesday were released from their sanctions in time to strengthen should they wish and they haven't sold anyone or suffered some major hardship as a result. All a con.
  3. JHRover

    Loan Window

    Lambert led us to a 15th placed finish after only taking over mid way through the season and didn't spend a penny on transfer fees. Let's see if Mowbray betters that this season with his own squad and a bit of money.
  4. JHRover

    Loan Window

    It won't be £8 million, just like Rhodes wasn't £8 million. It might be half of that up front with the same again in installments, bonuses, add ons etc. Much of that will probably hinge on us surviving in the Championship, getting to the Premier League or him scoring X amount of goals or playing for England. If any of those happen his value will increase with it and Rovers will benefit by more than £8 million be that through his value increasing or by increased revenues as a club through being at a higher level. In some ways it is a no brainer. At the age of 19 barring a horrendous injury his value is likely to at the very least stand still and probably increase further over the next 3-4 years by which time he will still only be 22-23 with a lot of Championship experience behind him. Don't know much about him but I certainly won't be grumbling if the owners finally see sense and invest a substantial amount for a new forward. Seems a bit odd that people are so concerned by the prospect of spending such a sum of money when the motive here from the owners is investing now in a talent that ought to be worth more in a few years who they can sell then if they fancy, just like with Dack, Lenihan, Cairney, Duffy etc. They've made plenty out of sales without reinvesting so I think it is well overdue that they spend on a new player or two.
  5. JHRover

    Loan Window

    Interesting how uncomfortable people seem to be about the prospect of spending money. Even when the person proposing to spend it is our much trusted and respected Tony Mowbray and the owners spending it have spent next to nothing for years. Don't think many Forest fans were complaining whilst spending 25 million this summer. We're completely at the behest of Venkys. If they want to spend it that's up to them and if they don't that's up to them. The clubs existence is currently on their whim so a bit of money on some decent players who are likely to grow in value won't change that. Oh, and we haven't committed to a penny yet.
  6. JHRover

    Loan Window

    Easy to say the money might be better spent elsewhere. Trouble is with Venkys if it isn't spent when available it may well not be available again. It's down to Mowbray and he'll be judged accordingly. IF the owners are putting that money out there then Mowbray deserves the chance to spend it. We know that they have previously tried to make a statement with an out of the blue big bid with Rhodes. I doubt that it's as simple as spending smaller amounts on a number of targets.
  7. JHRover

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    If English football was the same today as it was in the 90s or 00s then Dyche would have been long gone from Burnley as there would have been a host of bigger clubs interested in his services. Sadly things have changed so much in the last 10 years or so that appointing young British managers from Burnley etc. just isn't the done thing any more. Clubs like West Ham, Everton, Leicester, even Spurs, Villa etc. would have been the sort who would have taken a punt on Dyche yet these days its all about the Silvas, Pochettinos and Pellegrinis of the world coming in from Europe with their 'new ideas'. Had West Ham replaced Moyes with Dyche this summer there would have been uproar there. You can probably say the same for Howe at Bournemouth and he has a far more impressive reputation for playing attractive football and yet he's still at Bournemouth after 5-6 years of immense success.
  8. JHRover

    Loan Window

    Very good if both come off. I don't buy this stuff that we don't need them. Both will increase in value IMO and with Graham in the later stages of his career we need to forward plan. I'd expect one to be a permanent arrangement and the other to be a loan, I'd be very pleasantly surprised if we were going out on the best part of £10 million for the pair of them, not to mention this other 3rd signing.
  9. JHRover


    As soon as the dust has settled on his latest catastrophic spell running/ruining a club he comes out of the woodwork looking for another opportunity. Lo and behold Sky Sports are more than happy to put him on their programmes to offer his 'expert' advice whilst putting him in the shop window. Of course scratch beneath the surface and you find the Arsenal-SEM-Anderson chain and then you wonder why those guys at Sky are so keen to look after him.
  10. JHRover

    Loan Window

    So long as next week we haven't gone down another notch to 'hopeful of a couple of additions'. Remember we started last week wanting 4 or 5 and we're now down to hoping for 3.
  11. JHRover

    Carabao Cup 2018/19

    I had to look that up. Never heard of it.
  12. JHRover

    Loan Window

    Sorry yes, I'm aware clubs do it, just usually with players they are desperate to get shut of and not the likes of Brereton. Also in this strange window I doubt there will be many deals on those lines.
  13. JHRover

    Loan Window

    I might be wrong but I don't see why any club would agree to loan us a player now with an option to buy without a commitment to buy. We could probably persuade Forest to part with Brereton on the basis that they will be guaranteed a tidy sum in a few months as that will enable them to budget with that money secure. Likewise I'm sure Forest would be willing to let him come here on loan without an option to buy to get him off the wage bill and playing games in the Championship and they can see how he gets on and make a decision later. Not sure what's in it for them to agree to an option to buy. They're letting a player go which could be permanent but if something goes wrong won't be - so if he gets injured or bombs the fall out comes back to them.
  14. JHRover


    Hard to believe that he could still be alive today had he not died at quite a relatively young age. Wonder what things would be like had he lived another 15-20 years as he could have done.
  15. JHRover

    Loan Window

    I suspect we're gambling at present knowing we've got up to 2 weeks remaining to get some signings in so we're prepared to drag it out and wait in the hope that selling clubs reduce their demands and sanction loans with permanents for lower prices. That's great if that's what ultimately happens but we might be left in a mess should it not come off and we're scurrying around in the last few days desperately trying to find reinforcements.

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