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  1. JHRover

    World Cup 2018

    BBC are instructed by the government to be anti-Russian in their news coverage so hardly surprising they're also showing anti-Russian bias at the World Cup. Russophobia widespread in the UK media.
  2. JHRover

    World Cup 2018

    Every tournament we get the same thing, and I find it very boring. Hysteria over certain players and making all the focus about Premier League stars. Anyway, Russia winning so I'm happy with that.
  3. JHRover

    World Cup 2018

    This isn't exciting to watch, its been garbage and I can't imagine it could have been much worse without him and all the hype.
  4. JHRover

    World Cup 2018

    Gary Lineker introduces BBC coverage of this game by saying 'good news, Mo Salah starts for Egypt'. I don't see why it is 'good news' that the best player in a rival team is fit to start. At this stage it is more of an irrelevance to England what Egypt do but I wouldn't describe it as 'good news' any more than I would consider the absence of Messi, Griezmann or Ronaldo to be beneficial to our chances of being successful. The BBC seem utterly obsessed with pushing the Premier League product by giving massively disproportionate amounts of coverage to players who are regulars in England, presumably because they think the majority of those watching are only interested in Premier League players or only understand it if there is reference to 'famous names' Personally one of the things that makes the World Cup worth watching is daily exposure to different players and countries to the same old faces from the Premier League, I'm certainly not getting excited that Salah is fit to play for Egypt so we can all pay homage to him and his goalscoring last season for Liverpool.
  5. But according to Nixon Rovers' representatives were in London last week discussing terms. Which suggests either a bid has been agreed, is close to being agreed or at least that Rovers know the valuation and are prepared to meet it.
  6. JHRover

    Championship 2018-19

    I don't think that is the point. Whether you are in the Premier League or Championship ought to be irrelevant. Whether you are Man Utd (whose u23 side will be a division below ours next season) or Blackburn Rovers ought to be irrelevant. Every club with Category 1 academy status is on an even keel and has to meet the same minimum standards. Just because some clubs have more fans/money or have a stronger first team doesn't mean their academy is any better or more deserving than another. I can begin to accept or understand a policy of starting with those clubs currently in the Premier League, then working down. That still doesn't explain how Stoke/WBA/Middlesbrough have been invited before us. Why is there a better argument for WBA or Stoke to enter this competition than there is Rovers? Are their U23s better? No. Are their academies of a higher standing? No. So why are their kids more deserving of an opportunity in the Checkatrade trophy? I think you're confusing the rules. This season we aren't in the Checkatrade as we are in the Championship. The only way we could participate is by entering the U23s which is what we did 2 years ago. Last season we had to participate with our 'first' team which is why we got the hybrid reserves/first team selection and Mowbray had to sit in the dugout. At that stage I agreed that we should treat the competition with contempt and field a weakened side. This season is different and we could participate with our excellent crop of young players having a chance to compete against League One and Two clubs with no impact whatsoever upon the first team.
  7. Exactly this. Back up British goalkeepers are an easy and cheap way of boosting UK presence in the squad. We know how expensive British players are, particularly those good enough for the Premier League, so its easier to sign them in areas where the damage will likely be limited. Brighton need a 2nd/3rd choice - Steele will be cheap, happy to make up the numbers and ticks off a UK space.
  8. JHRover

    Championship 2018-19

    Hmmm. I think that is the way the league are approaching it - that because we were competing in League One last season with our 'first' team playing in the Checkatrade that for some reason this puts us at the back of the queue for this season's entry to the Checkatrade, and they've gone through those clubs in the Premier League before getting round to those in the Championship who were in the Premier League last season. They must think that those clubs enhance the competition more than say Rovers or Reading U23s would. However, I don't see what relevance it is whether the first XI is a top half Premier League club or bottom half Championship club. It makes no difference to how the U23s perform. Irrespective of how well a club did last season the development squads all adhere to the same criteria and so should be treated in isolation. If they were admitting Premier League academies to try and enhance the competition or help young players develop then they should be including the best academies on merit, not those who are at the bigger or those currently better performing at first team level. It makes a mockery of it because Rovers and Reading for example performed better than several clubs and yet their youngsters aren't getting the same chance as say Stoke's and West Brom's youngsters who finished bottom of Group 2 last season.
  9. JHRover

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Surprised that the club allowed those comments to be published on the website. Doesn't fit with the pro-Venky narrative that they stump up on new pitches every year when from the horses mouth we can see that it is a basic re-seeding and 'make do and mend' job rather than a new pitch. Then followed up shortly afterwards with acknowledging the owners for spending on it, but lets be honest if they didn't sanction that spending on the Ewood pitch it would end up looking shocking.
  10. JHRover

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    The pitches have been re-seeded, I don't think they've been 'dug up' more just the top layer scraped off and then re-seeded. I understand it is the bare minimum pitch renovation required at the end of the season and it is now a very long time since the pitch on Ewood was completely dug up and done properly. I also heard that we've spent less on the Ewood pitch in the last few years than Stanley have on the Crown Ground. Don't know if that's true or not but when you see Championship rivals installing Desso pitches for 7 figure amounts and we're spending similar amounts to Stanley then its not hard to see why the pitch looks worn in the winter.
  11. I've little to no knowledge in what goes on with Rovers Women but notice that Man Utd have had no difficulties in obtaining a licence for next season having only just bowed to public pressure and formed a women's team. I've no idea what the difference is between the Women's Championship which they are trying to prevent us entering and the Women's Super League which United have gone straight into but I suppose they need to make room for their favourite clubs somewhere along the line. Wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them, but expect some elaborate and confusing 'criteria' to emerge as justification for it all, when really the only criteria here is ££££.
  12. JHRover

    Championship 2018-19

    Its scandalous really. I suppose its possible that Rovers may have been invited in but declined the offer, but more likely Is that the 'EFL' have us at the back of the queue of Category 1 academy clubs, despite the fact that we have had Category 1 status longer than most and our development side have performed better than many clubs, having won promotion last season to the top division. I was under the impression that possession of Category 1 status put you on an even keel with others with that status, regardless of how your first team was performing. It seems to me that someone at the 'EFL' are selecting clubs on the basis of how their first teams perform (hence mainly Premier League clubs) and have then got round to those who were recently in the Premier League but have dropped out. Of course if it was a competition based on merit then the best performing academies from last season would be invited in, which would put us ahead of most. In theory it damages the competition because they're overlooking a well performing academy and allowing worse ones in. The most insulting part is their continued insistence that there is some sort of player development aim in mind here, when actually the lads at Rovers are being denied the chance to challenge for this competition because they are at Blackburn Rovers and not a club where the first team is currently higher up. Of course the competition is ludicrous and I'm relieved our first team isn't expected to be part of it, but the league really do disgust me with their decision making.
  13. JHRover

    Pre Season Matches

    Surprised that Rovers haven't yet got tickets on sale for Liverpool/Everton. We've announced prices but the website merely says 'on sale soon'. Seems odd for what they want to be a bumper attendance.
  14. JHRover

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Certainly seems that the playing squad/managers budget is completely separate to the staff/infrastructure budget. The odd thing is that Venkys don't seem averse to sanctioning multiple signings on decent wages and even a few million on new players now and again, usually when the manager goes out and persuades them to do it, and yet much smaller amounts of cash don't find their way into the other side of the club - such as improving the facilities, spending on a new pitch on Ewood, employing a high calibre commercial director, or even just giving the whole place a good facelift and clean. Seems to me that the club has to wash its own face in as far as it can on a day to day basis with bills, maintenance etc. hence the stories about how short of cash we are and how we need to boost income, and then on the other side we have the playing squad and wage bill which is obtained by the manager on request.
  15. Whatever it is its better than the old model of signing people because their parent clubs will loan him for nothing or because he has the right agent.

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