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  1. Funny one. Possibly just the rumour mill but strong favourite for it with the bookies. Be surprised if he was going to drop from Championship with PNE/Sunderland to relegation at the bottom of League One. Sure if he sits tight for a few months he'd get better options. Can't weigh Bury up really. Must be some big money somewhere in there with the players signed and wages paid out and so called plans for 15,000 stadium yet don't get much by way of crowds and regular rumours that all is not well financially.
  2. Simon Grayson now evens favourite for the Bury job. Surprised if he'd be keen on that one given Bury's problems and limitations. Also frustrating because he'd be the one top of my list to come in if things don't pick up here soon. If he goes there it takes away a realistic, sensible option for Rovers and no doubt leaves us back in the ludicrous 'who would want to manage us?' circle.
  3. I think the club probably missed a trick 10 years ago by not building a hotel within Ewood Park or on club property. Hindsight suggests there is a demand for hotels in the area as recently they have constructed new hotels at Guide, Town Centre and plans are afoot for a new one at Whitebirk to go with the ones at Darwen Services and the Fernhurst. In the days of large away followings in the Premier League/Championship I'm sure owning a hotel business may have been a useful thing to have. Bolton seem to do very well out of theirs and for a club moaning about FFP rules non matchday income is important. Sadly in the 3rd tier with away followings of 200 and the club dropping it probably wouldn't be worthwhile at this stage given the increased competition in the area.
  4. Confirmed as sold out. Fans have done their bit, now its down to the manager and players.
  5. We're 4 wins from top place if top place loses them. If top place wins the 4 like we do then we're no better off. If we win 4 and top place wins 2 we're still a substantial 6 points off the top. I agree we need consistency. I believe that starts with having a settled starting 11 and formation that works. We have neither. Last season's wins are completely irrelevant as we are now in a different league and have gone from relegation favourites to promotion favourites. If winning more games than last season is your ambition for the season then you'll be easily pleased.
  6. We'll be sat here in March/April with folk saying we're 7th/8th/9th and 'only' 3,4,5 wins away from the top 2. Sooner or later you have to overcome theory and ifs buts and maybes and actually do it. We're playing catch up by some considerable distance and we're only a third into the season. Logic would suggest that if a 10+ point gap to the top 2 has emerged over 15 games then it is likely to take at least that number of games again to bridge that gap and get back in the mix with those sides. Then we'll be 2/3 of the way through the season and into the final straight. Very little margin for error now. I'm amazed some people are so content/relaxed with our situation given the mediocre results and arguably just as concerning largely abysmal performances and lack of evidence of any ambition or real match winning plan from the team and manager. Some seem happy to put up with this rubbish all season in the hope eventually something clicks that hasn't clicked so far hoping we can limp through the lottery of the play offs or that Wigan/Shrewsbury/Charlton are going to collapse whilst we go on a great run. Very little belief on my part either of those things will happen. I find our performances not only boring and weary but also ineffective. Nobody would complain if we were 'doing a Bolton' and grinding out wins every week but we aren't even doing that. It would be negligent if Mowbray wasn't under intense scrutiny from above at present yet I get the impression we put more effort in on here assessing the manager than the owners and very well paid staff do.
  7. Nothing to do with the Premier League. We're 11 points off promotion and 9 points off relegation. That's not good enough. 6th/7th/8th all utterly meaningless at this point. Play offs is not promotion.
  8. Budgets do matter when they are miles and miles bigger than any other club in the league. Man City wouldn't tolerate being 8th in the Premier League with their spending. It also matters because we know from experience that the budget will be slashed if we miss out on promotion, and so our chances of getting out of this division diminish every year we fail to do it. We aren't currently at the 'promotion end' of the table. We're mid-table just outside the play-off lottery positions. We might get in the top 6, so might any 4 of about 16 clubs from 1st down to the bottom half. Birmingham didn't have the biggest spend in the Championship. Far from it. They're probably underachieving given their spending but would only be mid-table if the league was arranged according to spending. If we were in Birmingham's boat now I might expect to be higher but not pushing for promotion. Spending the most and having the biggest wage bill doesn't entitle you to success and results, but it does entitle us to demand more than we're getting which is mid-table rubbish and making hard work of overcoming dross via this managers confused and negative approach.
  9. FA Cup 2017/18

    Fact remains that the club, possibly in conjunction with Crewe Alex, have decided to increase adult tickets by 20%. To me it doesn't matter what the starting price was, its still a 20% increase. Its less about the money for me and more about exactly why someone has decided that this game warrants more expensive tickets having witnessed a woeful turnout and display from the team against Barnet a few weeks ago. Fancy some more of that? Good, then pay more and come on a Sunday next time. If they wanted to make more money then why doesn't everyone have a price hike? Why not charge pensioners £6 or £7 instead of £5? If they managed to lose money staging the Barnet game then that says more about their operation of the club than it does the price of the tickets. £10 is a perfectly reasonable and quite common price to charge for an adult 1st round FA Cup game. It isn't the case that Rovers did something unusual in only charging £10 v Barnet. If Rovers are so daft they can't stage a game without making a loss on it then they need to get some new ideas and people to deliver on them.
  10. FA Cup 2017/18

    Speaking of ridiculous Peterborough are charging us £26 a ticket at their place in December. They get away with it because they put away fans in the main stand. About time we shove away fans upstairs in DE and charge them an extra £5. That's a better way to make some extra money.
  11. FA Cup 2017/18

    As I said earlier I would buy a ticket whatever the price. That doesn't mean everyone will and doesn't, in my opinion, justify a 20% increase on the Barnet game. As an adult I am facing a price increase, whereas I think (someone will correct me if I'm wrong) OAPs and kids aren't. I don't think its moaning to wonder quite why there is such an increase and why one group of supporters are being handed a rise for what remains an unattractive and unpopular cup tie and others aren't.
  12. FA Cup 2017/18

    I don't really mind whether its £10, £12 or £15 I just don't really see how they can justify a price hike from Round 1 to Round 2. The calibre of opposition is the same, the performance offered against Barnet was a disgrace and won't get many flocking back in anticipation, the crowd very small. They aren't really in a position to start making additional demands on those few who bothered last time. If 15,000 had turned up then the idea of making some more money on it would make sense, but I expect we'll be down around the 4,000-5,000 mark again. Rather than bump prices up for another League Two game you'd think the threat of another sub-4000 gate would encourage them to try and do something about it rather than say 'oh we'll have another £2 off all you who want to come back for some more'. I suspect there'll be a few less than impressed with the Barnet effort who are thinking about not bothering for this one and the double whammy of a Sunday KO and the cheek of a price increase for the privilege will make minds up. They don't have to open more sections up. It seems they are opening the JW Lower to home fans due to complaints from less mobile fans who can't get upstairs who want to sit on the side of the pitch because for some reason adults without children are not allowed in the Family Section, even though there must have been about 200 at a push in there for the Barnet game so plenty of space to accommodate those who wanted to sit there. If Rovers want to mess people around opening different areas of the ground up it hardly seems fair to pass the cost of this on to those home fans who do turn up.
  13. The next 4 games and Tony's upcoming appraisal

    I don't even think we'll aim for 12 points. The away games at Oxford and Blackpool are the sort Mowbray will approach with a safety first attitude aiming to keep a clean sheet. He'll probably be happy with a couple of points out of those games especially as Blackpool is a 'free hit' in the same way the Fleetwood one was and our rivals won't be playing. As daft as it is I think we're more likely to go and win at Oxford on Tuesday than Bury on Saturday. I fully expect complacency to creep in and for years now we've had a group of players and manager that struggle to cope with derby games where the pressure is on for a win. They'll be more comfortable 'up against it' with 500 away fans on a Tuesday at Oxford than infront of 3,700 away fans demanding a win on Saturday. Expect to see a return of 4 points from the next 2 hailed as a great return from 2 away games. It isn't. Lets suppose we win our next 3. Highly unlikely but it might happen. Does anyone then think Mowbray will go to Blackpool all guns blazing aiming for a 4th win? Or would he be happy with 10 points from 12 and set the team up to avoid defeat? This is the problem - we need a manager with a plan and ambition to try and win every game we play in and I don't think Mowbray has that.
  14. FA Cup 2017/18

    I'd love to know the reasoning behind a £2 price increase for adults on the Barnet match.
  15. 3,300 currently sold so about 400 left to go