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  1. JHRover

    Premier League Stuff

    Same happened for Swansea and Stoke and will happen to Wolves if they start to threaten the top 6. It's all part of the Sky Sports hype when a new team appears and starts doing well. They use it to show what a great league it is meant to be and a new club to the party is welcomed but then after 3 or 4 years they get bored and lose interest. Burnley are reaching that stage.
  2. JHRover

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    When was the last time we cruised to an easy win by 2 goals at Championship level? Sheffield Wednesday made us worry with their 2 goals.
  3. JHRover

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    We shouldn't have needed a 3rd to win the game yet with our defensive record getting a 3rd was the most likely route to victory. Like v Sheffield Wednesday we shouldn't have needed 3 goals to win that game against a woeful side yet we did as we managed to concede twice out of no pressure.
  4. JHRover

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    There's clearly a fragility to this team. Far too many points have been dropped from good positions either through silly mistakes, panicking when under pressure or sitting back and trying to defend narrow leads. On this particular occasion the comeback can be put down to a clanger by Raya, following which we lost our heads and conceded a second. But it's happened so many times there's more to discuss than individuals and I hope Mowbray is aware and alarmed by the amount of points we have squandered from winning positions.
  5. JHRover

    Championship 2018-19

    Don't think Middlesbrough losing was that much of a shock. They're on a bad run and we should have beat them. Also not surprised at Ipswich beating Wigan. Wigan are awful away from home. Sounds like Reading are after a Portuguese manager at Rio Ave who's been around the block. Could be great or could be a disaster given their position. We need a few points from these next 4 games. Otherwise we could be down in 14-16th very quickly given how tight it is in the middle of the table.
  6. JHRover

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Yep, and Stoke weren't causing us any problems when 3-0 up at their place yet we let them back in, Middlesbrough, Ipswich, Forest, the list goes on. We don't do comfortable wins. We've only won 1 by more than a single goal this season. I'm afraid I don't believe that we'd have cruised to victory had Raya not made a mistake, someone somewhere would have made a mistake or we'd have ended up sat really deep and they'd have had a chance. It happens regularly. We might have been 'looking' to score at third but I don't recall many decent chances to make that happen, except the (Reed?) shot from the edge of the area which was well saved.
  7. JHRover

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    I think blaming the comeback purely on Raya's mistake is focusing too much on one issue and not the whole problem. Yes in this game it was clearly his error that gave them the penalty and the foothold to come back into it but they scored 2 goals, and sadly we've thrown away winning positions far too many times this season for them all to be ascribed to individual error or bad fortune. It's a common theme, we're becoming experts at letting winning positions slip and ultimately when happens so frequently you have to look holistically at the team and its approach to winning positions. Do we have what it takes to protect winning positions effectively? If not why not when we've 2 defensive CMs playing all the match every match? Simply to say it is all Raya's fault and we'd all be happily ever after if he hadn't done what he did I don't think is entirely right. There's a bigger picture in play of a team that for 18 months has been uncomfortable in winning positions and never far away from handing the opposition a leg up.
  8. If it wasn't him it would have been someone else. Solid sides don't make mistakes like that when 2-0 and cruising.
  9. Yeah fair enough I don't mean to class today as one of our usual hanging on to a slender lead games, as you say they hadn't threatened at all up until that point. Nonetheless we seem to have a habit of finding ways to let teams in when they've done little to deserve it and this makes life hard work for ourselves. No doubt that we'd have embarked upon our usual 10-15 minutes of hanging on and running the clock down had they not immediately made it 2-2 and knocked us for six, then we went and applied some more pressure at the other end.
  10. JHRover

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    I'm not. Raya's idiocy was no surprise but had he not done that I'm sure we would have found a way to let them back in elsewhere. Winning a game comfortably isn't something we do sadly, at best it is hanging on to a one goal lead.
  11. JHRover

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Just had an hour in the bath to thaw out. Absolutely no surprise to see us drop 2 points there. Once Armstrong's goal went in i was counting down the minutes as I fully expected at least 1 goal to come for them and knew if they got it before 85 minutes the chances were they would get another. Like so many other opposing teams they'll probably be sat on their bus home wondering how they managed to get what they did out of a game that should have been dead and buried. I'm personally sick and fed up with it. Time after time after time we throw points away from winning positions by conceding goals from often ridiculous scenarios. If it isn't one of our players dropping a clanger its some wide open kamikaze defending. The ease with which opposition teams score against us is shocking. We were never, ever, ever going to see that game out at 2-0 or extend our lead. I would have put my life savings on Birmingham scoring at some point. At 2-0 up at home against a poor side and looking comfortable I should be sat in the stands relaxed and enjoying us seeing the game out, yet sadly having experienced it so many times before I cannot feel anything but anxiety and nerves as I know a goal will come and at best we will end up hanging on for dear life camped in our penalty area. We did it more often than not last season in League One, but got away with it against poor sides. This season when you're up against far better players we are getting punished. I'm not convinced it is a personnel issue and I'm not convinced heaping blame on individuals is right. I am convinced that the team is set up or instructed to sit back on what they have when leading in games and we haven't got what it takes either quality wise or tactically to do that effectively. We'll now have a week of feeling sorry for ourselves that we've got 4 tough games coming up but we need to get some points out of those having chucked them away against the likes of Birmingham, Rotherham and Wigan recently.
  12. Spot on. I'm not interested in what Raya did. Focusing on individuals is missing the bigger picture. This backs to the wall hanging on rubbish has been going on for more than a year, only now we aren't getting away with it. It's a mentality and coaching issue and it occurs regardless of personnel.
  13. JHRover

    Bradley Dack

    Do we? Surely if we were that desperate for cash we'd have snapped off WBA's hand when they came calling in the summer, yet all the reports suggest we rebuffed their approach. Since then we've spent millions on a bench player. Also since then Mowbray has gone on record at the Fans Meeting saying he won't be sold in January and that if/when he does go it will be for a hefty fee. Waggott was suggesting astronomical amounts in recent meetings in terms of what would be needed to sell. We all know he could be signed by a Premier League club at some stage or other but I do believe there is an element of mischief making going on which Rovers fans play right into. Certain individuals in the media and elsewhere can't resist it whenever a Rovers player begins to play well.
  14. JHRover

    Corry Evans

    Who do you think Mowbray would have dropped to accommodate Davenport? Smallwood is one of his favourites and to be fair to him the shirt is/was his to lose after last season. Evans is an experienced Championship player and international regular who has been one of our standout performers since early 2018. I'm not sure how else Davenport could be accommodated and don't think for one minute Mowbray is the sort of manager to throw younger players in at the deep end.
  15. JHRover

    Newcastle Away

    They were talking about extending it around behind the other goal before Mike Ashley took over to increase capacity to 60,000 but don't think they can extend along the other side as there are a number of listed buildings directly behind that stand. I think it is one of the more impressive grounds in the country, certainly more than other big grounds like Man City, Man Utd and Liverpool, but when I've been put upstairs I struggle to properly see what is going on it is so high.

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