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  1. Oldgregg86

    Your best 5 and worst 5 Rovers games!

    Wasn't there a game at Spurs where everyone was up in arms at the performance. Around the Kean era ?
  2. Oldgregg86

    Where Are They Now?

    Pascal chimbonda has signed for Ashton town. Who play on a field behind my house. Literally a field
  3. Oldgregg86


    As always I hope he proves me wrong and he's the next coming. Doing well at Rochdale isn't good enough for where we are trying to get to. Imagine bell at Rochdale. We need better than bell. At 22 he needed to be getting rave reviews to get a new contract
  4. Oldgregg86


    I'd bet my mortgage he won't ever hold down a regular start in any championship side
  5. Oldgregg86


    He won't ever be good enough for the championship So why has he got another deal
  6. Oldgregg86


    Travis was signed from Liverpool. Done him no harm
  7. Oldgregg86


    I can't answer that. I can only go off what my eyes see and having seen both a handful of times Doyle is the far better player. Unless Hart has dramatically improved then I wouldn't be giving him a deal. Tbf to him it's been 12 months since I saw either play. Maybe he has improved.
  8. Oldgregg86


    Williams and bell look like Carlos and Marcelo compared to this lad and the stick they get , this lad has no chance. We do have better coming through the academy. Jack Doyle is a far better left back than Hart. He's found his level, leave him there
  9. Pretty confident mceveley did cisse
  10. I remember watching him play in the worthy cup semi at old Trafford and he was incredible that day. Think he cleared one off the line as well. He really looked the dogs. Another reason why I am always cautious about the word potential. For every one that comes good so many don't. Least he was free. And it was beckham He was the one who tackled cisse and broke his leg if I remember right
  11. Oldgregg86

    Sunderland Netflix documentary

    I believe they are currently filming this season to show on Netflix around Xmas.
  12. Oldgregg86

    Academy & U'21's

    TBH I missed it. I've never seen Buckley have a bad game. He is brilliant when he is under pressure, and never gives the ball away. He also has a brilliant positional sense. He always finds the space between players so he is rarely under pressure and can pick a pass. He will also get stuck in and put a tackle in. He has played rb ,rw and cm and excelled in all roles Butterworth has a touch of the dickovs about him but with dribbling in his armoury. I love watching him get his head down and run at players and when not in possession he harrasses the opposition defenders. Good energy. I watched magloire away at morcombe in the first team and he looked a real prospect. He's had a few injuries but tonight he showed signs he's getting back to that level albeit against weaker opposition. I also saw a Stockport county team run rings round him but he definitely has ability. I don't know who missed that first half sitter but that was some miss

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