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  1. Oldgregg86

    Support for Gladwin

    Exactly. if he was a first team player then it’s understandable, possibly if he was a top youth prospect also but he is neither. he couldn’t get in a team that had Antonsson in his position in league 1 ffs. ive never seen him do anything when he has played AT LEAGUE 1 LEVEL OR SECOND STRING LEAGUE 2 TEAMS IN THE CUP. WHY the hell is he still here when we have chapman, Holtby, Rothwell, butterworth, costello, Armstrong, downing and even Bennett who are all far better and that’s before you consider his weak (insert injury) and two years out the game. He will never in a million years even make the bench The club is rotten from top to bottom and most likely corrupt. Jobs for the boys. Sick to death of it. The whole place stinks and not because we can’t afford to clean the toilets due to paying this waster.
  2. Oldgregg86

    Ben Brereton

    Who is this Brereton wonder kid people are talking about ? He never plays in the first team, is he any good ?
  3. Oldgregg86

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I know we got beat but the united game under Coyle. I was certainly shocked how well we played
  4. Oldgregg86

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    When they set the “European scouting system” up did they know about brexit because technically we are still European. Maybe that’s what they meant all the way from India. we have set a European scouting system up, let’s start scouring Britain for players we can sell off at a profit. God the whole thing is heartbreaking and depressingly tedious i can’t even write a joke that makes sense
  5. Oldgregg86


    Well that was a dull, paint drying training exercise. Thank god we Armstrong and co Saturday for some real entertainment
  6. Oldgregg86

    Academy & U21s

    It’s an absolute no brainier that Evans needs moving on and davenport could easily fill that slot. i personally think davenport is a better all round player than Evans with the added bonus of potential and would like to see him anchor the midfield and give travis a bit more liscence to roam forward. If I was the manager that would be the first change I would make and let them build an understanding and proper partnership. Especially whilst this season is virtually over.
  7. Oldgregg86


    Jesse lingard And dele alli have to go in that catagory
  8. Oldgregg86

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    ITs a rebuilding job that gets bigger every window. Give him TIL Xmas and the January window and then see how we get on until summer then the rebuild is finally complete and we will have what we need. A young capable squad to compete and give it a right good go in league 1. I think the problem is the fans. They expected championship play offs when he waffled about top six. Shame on you all
  9. I know how everybody loves to debate what the definition of a six pointer is so I shall kick it off early barnsley ?
  10. Oldgregg86

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    would people like to sign tosin on a permanent and how likely/possible would it be ? what kind of fee would be the going rate ?
  11. Oldgregg86

    Cringiest moments in Rovers history?

    Can someone explain the Cardiff fans and London Underground . I don’t know anything about any of that
  12. Oldgregg86

    Captain Material

    Bennet for me
  13. Oldgregg86

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I’m sorry . This website has a decent elegancy about it but after reading that I will apologise for lowering the tone in advance. i am done with this clueless dinosaur, i was once of the thanks but your time is up tony now , seriously just FUCK OFF im done with this imbecile. Literally anybody would be an upgrade. we will always be bigger and better than Preston ffs . Hang your head in shame.
  14. Oldgregg86

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    I’m sure I’ve just heard jack Rodwell has signed for Roma. how the hell has that come about
  15. Oldgregg86

    Academy & U21s

    I’ve only seen chapman twice this season and it was at u23 level. Once he was awful and the other the best player on the pitch. Doesn’t help the debate but with the complete lack of creativity and ability to beat a man and whip a ball in surly he is worth a place on the bench. He is the perfect impact sub and Christ knows we need to try something different because whatever shite he’s telling them to do isn’t working. We all saw him in the first team, albeit at league one level, and nearly everybody was delighted he came back and the sceptical were more concerned by injury than ability. Every game is virtually a like for like sub. Chapman has game changing ability. Fill him with confidence, don’t fill his head with over complicated nonsense and give him 25 minutes to see if he can affect what is usually a piss poor, non creative horror show. He will at least provide some entertainment. Tony winds me up when Samuel , who is shit, can walk back into the squad after a year out and a couple of u23 games get on the pitch and chapman , who at least offers something different can’t get a sniff. That has nothing to do with ability and you only need to look at rothwell to see it isn’t about the best man for the job. i cannot for one reason after chapman has proved his fitness see why he isn’t deserving of a place on the bench.

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