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  1. Oldgregg86

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    I believe if England do well and by that I mean surpass expections i.e semi finals and further this could have a small but positive impact on season ticket sales.
  2. Why. If the main winger gets injured i.e Chapman last year then Conway will be starting every week as we invested in him as back up instead of someone who can run
  3. Oldgregg86

    World Cup 2018

    The whole group is suspect. Could an easier group be drawn.
  4. Oldgregg86

    World Cup 2018

    Tbf I forgot about him. He would start for us I would think
  5. Or is it d. After defending the corner he is blowing out of his arse and wba score three late goals because Conway is to slow keep up with his man. Rovers are pegged in their own half because he can't keep up with the pace of the game and rakeem Harper posts on Twitter easiest afternoon all season.
  6. Oldgregg86

    World Cup 2018

    Kane's better than falcao so you can shorten the list to just james. You could make a case for cuadrado and possibly bacca over vardy after that I'm struggling. On paper we are superior but the game isn't played on paper otherwise France would walk the whole tournament.
  7. Oldgregg86

    World Cup 2018

    I learned today that it is the Adidas people who pick the player of the tournament and have done for a while. I think it's a disgrace. If it's a choice between Messi and Ronaldo and ones sponsored by Adidas and ones sponsored by Nike bias is going to come into play. Adidas will want the world's best player in there kit and it isn't hard to do if your company picks the winner. Another farce
  8. Oldgregg86

    World Cup 2018

    Well played 😎
  9. Oldgregg86

    World Cup 2018

    Fair comment. It all seems badly times and ill advised
  10. Oldgregg86

    Players who never quite made it

    I remember James Thomas the welsh lad scoring after what seemed like seconds against Bolton on what I think would of been his league debut. He scored a few in the league cup prior to the game and got his chance . He got called up to the Wales squad and then vanished
  11. Oldgregg86

    A Rovers Link to Russian Football

    He will be telling us he's seen Nessy next.
  12. Oldgregg86

    World Cup 2018

    Well for the life of me can't see what good that will do. Why didn't they just let him get on with it until the tournament finishes and bring someone else in even buying time to draw up a shortlist. No good can from this only disharmonising the squad. Think there's more to come from this story
  13. Oldgregg86

    World Cup 2018

    For an upset I'd have to say Serbia or Uruguay
  14. Oldgregg86

    Players who never quite made it

    I remember watching something about him. He was being touted as the next maradona and George best. At 17 he was suicidal due to his dad making money from him with McDonald's adverts and stuff and he fell out of love with the game. Alot of dad's I know would do well to read his story
  15. Please don't post that. I can't read another vinjay essay about the inner workings of the universe

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