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  1. Oldgregg86

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Joao has by far the more natural skill and ability than both rovers strikers but just like ravel Morrison and many more he will never fulfill it due to a poor attitude and work ethic. That reason alone I would rather have Gallagher and Brereton than joao
  2. Oldgregg86

    Start of the season

    That's so he can carry all the extra pound coins from the walk on tax. He can than say Ive got the same revenue with a 1000 less fans and use his massive finger to do an Alan sugar style your fired to an unneeded cleaner saving a few more quid . He then high fives shebby and makes the only noise at ewood that afternoon
  3. Oldgregg86


    I can confirm I am not a follower of tommy Robinson in anyway 😅 just YouTube stuff every time he goes out he gets thrown on floor and we all know Tony hates ripped jeans
  4. Oldgregg86


    I doubt it with how many times I’ve seen him thrown to the floor in a high street. His jeans will have rips in
  5. Oldgregg86


    I get a city season ticket with work and they send season tickets in a city metal tin with a scarf, book, car stickers and a voucher book for percentages off the store , food, beer etc.
  6. Oldgregg86

    Lewis Holtby

    Wasn’t yelldell a yank
  7. Oldgregg86

    Lewis Holtby

    Just been on wiki to try and find if he had played cb although I’m sure it was at Spurs I saw him play there and it’s says he’s a rovers player. Has it been confirmed or is it monkey business
  8. Oldgregg86

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    He can and has played CB in his career and any additional cover there would be welcome. Also anything that pushes Evans and Smallwood further towards the exit door is excellent business imo. Worth a punt on a 12 month deal
  9. Oldgregg86

    An evening with Matt jansen

    Just me n thee then 😂
  10. Oldgregg86

    Premier League Stuff

    What a superb performance from Norwich and fully deserved the win. City’s back four were awful and the final balls into the box and lack of shots from outside the area really let them down today. However, the defensive organisation of Norwich was absolutely outstanding. They put two men on the wingers and nullified everything, the cbs won every first ball and the way they played it out from the back in periods was cityesque. I’ve never enjoyed watching a defensive display as much as that. The organisation, effort and positional awareness was a joy. Credit to the manager for what was clearly a worked on plan.
  11. So there is an evening with Matt Jansen on Friday 27th of this month. Tickets are £15 and £10 for the 1875 crew. anybody going ?
  12. Oldgregg86

    Things you dislike about football.

    Whilst I much prefer the old format and hate the elitism and any change to anything because I'm a miserable old git you can't deny last years competition was brilliant . Id go as far to say the latter rounds up to the final could possibly be the most entertaining games I have ever seen . So to sum up I want it to go back to how it used to be but i love watching the big teams and top players compete and the anthem gives me goosebumps to my shame, I hate the elitism but love the entertainment and I feel dirty for liking it. I have added nothing to this debate but I feel better for saying it . goodnight you beautiful people
  13. Oldgregg86

    Academy & U21s

    Is this available to watch anywhere like the Leicester game ?
  14. Oldgregg86

    Things you dislike about football.

    All of the above plus the waggot tax price of food and drink wearing away shirts unnecessarily over weight men wearing tight replica shirts shit mascots I.e the pie and the boiler wags parking stadiums named shit like kit Kat crescent and the university of Bolton stadium modern identikit stadiums on industrial or retail parks People who watch the game through their phones racism, homophobia etc people who only watch there team in the pub, give it the big one and can't name the starting 11 short corners anyone who thinks ronaldo is better than messi

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