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  1. Oldgregg86

    Wigan Administration

    Completely off topic but I thought it might amuse some of you . When commentary was poetry
  2. Oldgregg86

    Cardiff away

    If we hold on this is a good win but I can’t enjoy it as I just get even more frustrated about the Wigan and Barnsley results. So fist clenchingly frustrating
  3. Oldgregg86

    Cardiff away

    What a goal. Absolutely superb from arma !!
  4. Oldgregg86

    Cardiff away

    Get Walton off and bang Smallwood in the net .
  5. Oldgregg86

    Summer Transfer Window

    I know I keep saying it but what does Davenport have to do to get a fair crack of the whip.
  6. Oldgregg86

    Championship season 2019-20

    Harry arter has just scored a lovely goal for Fulham. Turned over and zaha has hit an even better one for palace. Both worth a watch particularly zahas . Let’s hope Armstrong can pull one out the bag for us tonight
  7. Oldgregg86

    Ben Brereton

    I was one who championed Gallaghers return 😬😳
  8. Oldgregg86

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Don’t even joke about that
  9. Oldgregg86

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    Chapman makes the bench. Be nice to see him get a good half hour
  10. Oldgregg86

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I was going to make a Rafa Benitez joke but it’s depressingly true
  11. Oldgregg86

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Haha I love this place. It’s like the rabbit hole in Alice and wonderland at times 😂
  12. Oldgregg86

    Premier League Stuff

    Just got in from work and settling down to the West Ham Chelsea game. Would love to see the hammers go down. Admittedly I have only seen rice play a handful of games live but I’m struggling to see what all the fuss is about . Their is murmurings of him replacing Fernandinho at city ( who I have had the pleasure of watching live for four seasons and is exceptional at what he does) . Rice looks ok in a poor side but England call ups and talk of transfers to big teams I just don’t see it. I will be watching him tonight to see if I have got him wrong. On the other hand I really rate that pulisic lad.
  13. Oldgregg86

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Can I just say I love rovers literally more than anything in life with exception of my one and only child. I would miss the champions league final if I was playing for rovers and they reached the final to be at the birth of my daughter. Lenihan has absolutely done the right thing
  14. Oldgregg86

    Wigan Administration

    What about a cheeky bid for their left back that nearly ended up in Italy in January. Great player and venkys will always sign a cheque
  15. Oldgregg86

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Nice to see Davenport included in so many peoples team selections. I’ve been advocating for his inclusion since he signed. With the exception of Travis he’s the next best we have on the books

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