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  1. Dreams of 1995

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    To be contrarian do you think any manager will come in and completely decimate the seniority of the squad? No one in his right mind would change out every single one of them players in one window. In hindsight extending some of their contracts may have been a mistake. Smallwood and Evans aren't good enough in the middle when together but you are happy enough with them in the squad. I don't think anyone can be in any doubt that Mulgrew isn't our answer at centre back. For me that will be the big test of Mowbray's management - whether or not he will drop Mulgrew and keep him on side.
  2. Dreams of 1995

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    I think his return has been pretty good for a lad playing out on the wing. He's contributed to a few goals as well. I honestly thought he had scored more than 4 though so it shows how clouded my judgement probably is on him!! His performance vs Leeds at home shows me that there is a player somewhere in there. You just feel in the system he is being played in he isn't ever going to get a chance to lead the line for a prolonged period of time.
  3. Dreams of 1995

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    Armstrong has been a great signing. Decent fee, good amount of goals and hasn't ever shown a sign of discontent or off field trouble. He's a steady little player with good potential for resale. He is one of Tony's better signings
  4. Dreams of 1995

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    A worrying sign is how easy it has been for us to descend into an utterly abysmal run of defeats. Not many managers maintain such streaks but Mowbray has been on terrible spells at every single club he has been at. I'm sure he lost 9 in a row at Cov before finally being potted. It doesn't inspire any confidence whatsoever.
  5. Dreams of 1995

    Rovers Player of the Year

  6. Dreams of 1995

    The mysterious case of Joe Rothwell.

    To do that we have to push up high Ewood Ace and we currently have a centre half/centre midfield partnership that turns like milk!!! I wouldn't bet a penny of anyones money on us if a team broke and we had Smallwood, Evans, Rodwell and Mulgrew at the back providing cover.
  7. Dreams of 1995

    The mysterious case of Joe Rothwell.

    Yep and that would all make perfect sense if he'd suddenly reverted to this system towards the latter end of the season to stem the flow of goals. However that's simply not the case - he floated this idea of defensive attackers when we were in League 1. Then, to compound the confusion, he goes ahead and signs players like Palmer, Rothwell, Brereton, Chapman and Armstrong who clearly have no intention of ever fulfilling the role of "defensive winger". You have to ask the question that if he knew he was going to stick with Bennett and Conway - he must have - why didn't he spend the £10m available to him shoring up the positions he feels like he has to compensate for? Left back, centre back, right back...... Quite frankly I couldn't give a damn about the excuses. I refuse to believe Rodwell would be any less effective than Smallwood/Evans in centre mid; I refuse to believe there wasn't a centre back available in the summer and I certainly refuse to believe that he didn't consider the risk he was taking in not signing any recognised defenders in the summer despite all the warning signs being there that they simply aren't cut out for this level. The chickens are coming home to roost in a truly abysmal run of games, not even just in terms of results but in terms of application on the pitch. If he's playing Conway and Bennett on the basis they are less likely to make mistakes then the experiment has sadly failed.
  8. Dreams of 1995

    Next Manager

    As much as I detest the ratbags we can't say they haven't given Mowbray something to work with. They continued to fund him in league 1, where he ultimately achieved an aim but no trophy, and have continued to bank roll him apprx £10m this year. They can't do much more. He's got talent coming out of the u23s, that they have funded for these years, and he's getting players signed onto decent enough contracts. As far as owners go they haven't exactly done much wrong since Coyle - although that fuck up was so monumentally huge it makes you wonder how "accidental" it all was.... The blame lies with Mowbray and the players. Managers live and die by their decisions and he has decided to play the way we are and sign the players he has - they may not be good enough but neither is he in that case
  9. Dreams of 1995

    Summer transfer window

    That is exactly what we will end up with. Posters on here are carrying the cross for Mowbray by listing Venkys' poor history of recruitment as a reason to maintain the status-quo. That same logic has to be brought through to TM also. It's actually quite farcical the amount of players he has signed only to shunt them all over the pitch. Let us not forget that we have endured a season, or at least the majority of it, with Bennett at right back. Meanwhile Harrison Reed, who is a CM by trade but has also played right back for Southampton/Norwich, has played right wing - the very position Bennett is natural in; we have a 6 foot striker either left or right wing; we have a full England international playing centre back whilst our arguably poorer academy product in Magliore is brought through when Downing and Wharton (albeit Wharton has proved about as much as Magliore in his time at Rovers) are out on loan playing centre half for another club WHILST WE HAVE TWO MIDFIELDERS THERE. I'm actually sick to my back teeth of looking at the team sheet and thinking what the actual fuck have we set ourselves up as here? Some days I think we are going 3 at the back and we aren't, then I think we have 4 at the back and it's 5. I'm not the only one either - aside from Chaddy (.......) I would put money that most fans walk into the ground, see the team and consider a completely different approach to the one that is shown on the pitch. This isn't because Rovers fans have no genuine idea about the game of football but because there has been about as much consistency with our team as there is in Dack's diet. The truth about it is we haven't been good enough for 50% of this season. Now whether that is because we haven't got the quality we all think we have or because we aren't settting ourselves up right is irrelevant because either reason places the blame squarely at TMs door. McClaren has paid for his sins and I'd be hugely surprised if he has spent the amount of money Mowbray has.
  10. Dreams of 1995

    The mysterious case of Joe Rothwell.

    The argument that we aren't playing players like Rothwell, or Chapman during his time here when fit, because they aren't defensively sound enough would stack up if we had a great defensive record. As it stands we are amongst the worst in the league and are apparently picking players in order to protect ourselves. Christ on a bike.
  11. Dreams of 1995

    Academy & U'21's

    I'm sure we could play a few more of them on the wing
  12. Dreams of 1995

    Championship 2018-19

    I have it on very good authority that the Premier League have an emergency fund of hundreds of millions just in case a big club falls foul of the rules to ensure something similar cannot happen to them. Unbelievable really and goes a long way to explain the recklessness of Premier League finances.
  13. Dreams of 1995

    Mowbray’s Future

    I wonder what the goals scored vs conceded between Lambert & Mowbray is. Always feel we will score under Mowbray but concede 3 more. Under Lambert you felt as though a draw was the expectation every game.
  14. Dreams of 1995

    The Big Summer Clearout

    And the rest RevidgeBlue. We just £7m on a young lad with a handful of appearances and goals. If they are paying that for Brereton imagine how much a player like Che Adams or Billy Sharp is worth in their eyes!?
  15. Dreams of 1995

    Summer transfer window

    That's fair enough. Based on his time at Lincoln he was always a bit part player but if Bury are proposing to play him every week then it's a better deal. At 21 I'd prefer him to be plying his trade in League 1 but at least Bury win almost every week so he's not gone to get battered and bruised all the time.

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