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  1. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

    I'd suggest the fact transfermarkt had La Saux's fee as 9.75m on one page and then 10.5m on another one says it's largely inaccurate. La Saux went for £5million.
  2. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

    I thought Le Saux broke the record for the most expensive defender at £5m to Chelsea? https://www.theguardian.com/football/1999/mar/03/newsstory.sport4 The Guardian seems to think so anyway
  3. Team to face Bury

    I didn't. In fact the last game I was on was vs Plymouth. I play football most Saturdays and there's always been something on to stop me going to the games midweek. I actually bought tickets for Fleetwood + Rochdale but couldn't go unfortunately. Every time I have seen Gladwin he has left a really bad taste in my mouth. I hope to be proven wrong in the future. He seems to have a good touch but everything else about his game screams headless chicken.
  4. Team to face Bury

    Will he? Antonsson hasn't been impressive to say the least but Gladwin has been nothing short of terrible. It isn't even like playing with 10 men on the pitch- more like 9.
  5. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

    I thought it was part of the criteria of retaining category 1 academy status to provide education to young players?
  6. England World Cup Campaign

    Fair enough. I'd still like to avoid them though, if only for avoiding the trouble it would cause in the stands!
  7. England World Cup Campaign

    I just don't want to be playing Russia in Russia. I'd always aim to avoid the home nation where possible. Costa Rica did ok at the 2014 World Cup! Held us to 0-0 in the groups if I remember. The South American teams are another banana skin for me, some incredibly talented players. Tunisia don't have a particularly good WC record either but definitely wouldn't like to be playing them in a must-win group game.
  8. England World Cup Campaign

    The dream draw would be Poland, Iran and Panama. Probably end up Brazil, Sweden and Nigeria though.
  9. The next 4 games and Tony's upcoming appraisal

    Not sure if tongue in cheek but you can't be expecting 3pts simply because "we have a bigger budget" or "we have cat a academy". Bristol Rovers and Oxford are in this league on their first teams merit and so are we. We should be beating these teams because we are better than them. I don't think that is the case: our squad isn't anywhere near as good as I thought it was at the start of the season. We are lacking in important areas and it is going to punish us in the long run. I don't think Tony Mowbray has done enough at the start of this season. His recruitment has been pretty poor and he is setting us up for failure in some games.
  10. Blackburn Roverseas previews Bury (a) 18.11.17

    I have never seen Hart play so can't say whether he's better or worse than Antonsson. The reason I've included him in the squad vs Bury is because they are bottom of the league and we should be able to play with freedom. It's a good opportunity to see what he is made of. He should get a game, at least. But if you're saying Antonsson is better than him then I won't hold out much hope for the lad. You are hard pressed to be worse than him.
  11. The Rovers 5-a-side Challenge

    I'll play with 4 Tugay's and a cone in nets. But in seriousness: Friedel Nelsen Tugay Dunn Bellamy We've had some amazing players down the years
  12. Blackburn Roverseas previews Bury (a) 18.11.17

    I think that, at the start of the transfer window, if you said we'd be getting rid of Feeney/Steele and getting in the amount of players we did then we'd have snapped their hands off. Yet Feeney hasn't been adequately replaced and rather him being off the books paved the way for Harper, Hart & Downing on the final day. Downing has turned out to be a success, although you'd be hard pressed to do worse than Ward, and him being on loan means the opportunity for returns of Wharton & Lenihan are open. Hart hasn't featured much and I'm unsure whether he's a winger or a full back. I have to guess the first as he hasn't yet unseated calamitous Williams. Chapman's injury should mean we see more of him. Harper is a strange one. A 17 year old lad that plays in a position where we've got: Smallwood, Whittingham & Evans and then our own (Tomlinson etc) to provide the youthful back up. I can't fathom this signing at all, unless he turns out to be a star later in the season. I'd have liked to see another winger brought in before Harper. To me it seems like a "he's available, let's have him" kind of signing. Conway was never going to give us a full year and it left us relying on Bennett/Chapman as our wide players with a possible 50+ games to see through. If we can get Feeney back in Jan and not lose players we should do just that. It's poor management to start such a long season with 3 out and out wingers. It definitely points towards Mowbray wanting to play the 3 at the back system with wing backs which then adds the question of why he didn't sign a better centre half. He's admitted himself that this transfer window was very much a "let's get bodies in" without much forethought but he's got it wrong in quite a few places of this squad. It lacks any real balance that a title winning team needs.
  13. Blackburn Roverseas previews Bury (a) 18.11.17

    We are struggling with width at the moment. If I was Mowbray I'd be looking at bringing back Feeney in January to add to that department. As it stands I'd go with: Raya Nyambe Downing Mulgrew Williams Smallwood Whittingham Bennett Dack Hart Nuttall
  14. England World Cup Campaign

    Rashford over Vardy. Bring Vardy on when legs are tiring and play that ball over the top/through the channels. The team itself isn't exactly devoid of any quality but I am less than inspired with the tactical setting up of Southgate. Friday wasn't much of a marker as Germany weren't going at full rate but at least last night you could see that Brazil wanted to score. We held up ok defensively but showed little in attack. They could have easily scored a couple too. A couple of good saves by Hart and then there was the incorrectly flagged offside decision of Willian when he had left Young in his trail - it had goal written all over it
  15. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

    When is the AVC up for renewal on Ewood Park?