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  1. I think this is some exaggeration here Stuart. By Mowbray saying he wants business done early then by my reckoning he has another approx. 3 weeks to do this. I'd say any signings before the 2nd week of July would constitute as "early". The first pre season game is 7th July I believe whilst the Championship season starts around this time in August. It would be incredibly early to have wrapped up a couple of big signings already.
  2. Where have these defensive capabilities of Conway's come from? In his better years I never had him down as a winger who particularly relished in the defensive side of his game. He has a high work rate but he's hardly a player renowned for his tenacity in the tackle. It's almost as if a benefit of him being here has snowballed into this idea that Conway is suddenly a player we can rely on against the big teams to defend from the front. I don't think that's the case at all. Bennett alluded to his influence in the dressing room. I'd argue that's a bigger trait than any of his supposed defensive qualities. In regards to Gladwin - he doesn't have a position davulsukur. He's just a poor player with a bad attitude. Definitely a "wrong one".
  3. I'd have spent the approx. 4k a week extra on wages for Lenihan to make sure he signs a new deal. That at least guarantees you a fee in the future also. I am not a manager though. Conway resigning is a bit of a meh for me. I'm not bothered by it because I don't think he'll start a lot of games, if any. However, I'd rather have got Dack and Lenihan sorted before him and then maybe sign Conway if we exhausted all over opportunities. There is better out there no doubt.
  4. BDS to the rescue once more!! Tony must sleep well at night knowing any slight criticism is leapt on like a fly on shit by his trusty companion big dog
  5. Dreams of 1995

    Matchday Programme

    I'll bet they can spell inaccuracy too.
  6. The Conway deal is a strange one. He had under 30 appearances last season with many of them coming from the bench. He's had a good career here and in his heyday brought some quality out wide. However, last year he showed his age and that loss of half a yard meant he wasn't getting in anywhere near as many crosses as he used to. You would expect that he is on between 5-10k a week and arguably there'd be better ways to spend that money. He is, or was at least, a good player though. As a coach his experience could be invaluable and we have to remember he has over 150 apps for us. There's no room for sentiment in football but influential players like Conway can help younger lads come through. More worrying is that we have no other wingers for him to pass on his wisdom to.
  7. I hope Bennett is on the case. I think Armstrong and Chapman added greatly to the team spirit last season and that can only help this year. Chapman showed glimpses of brilliance so a further year loan to see how his hamstring is won't hurt us or Boro. Likewise Armstrong seems to have the touch of scoring goals for Mowbray so a chance for Newcastle to see him at this level under him is a no-brainer, despite his recent let down at Bolton. Two lads who have both lifted international youth trophies can't be bad. Get them wrapped up - Armstrong permanent, Chapman loan! I think the collectiveness shown by the team last season was one of my highlights. We had to rally together after a terrible start and did so. Then, in my mind, a weak squad may have collapsed after that 2-0 come back from Wigan but we pulled our socks up and took it to the post. All credit goes to Mowbray and the boys there. I'd do all I can to keep the core of that squad together.
  8. Sensible deal for Graham and it has to be said that it's about damn time! Whoever is advising the three scrouges at the moment seems to have some sense. Thank fuck...... You'd have to expect the supposed appearance based extension will happen. It will take some striker to keep him out of the team for the majority of the season I'd say. It's because of Graham players like Armstrong & Dack excelled like they did. You can tell he has been a Premier League player that's for sure.
  9. I agree. To clarify I was taking the piss out of a comment Gav made about Jason Lowe and how unappreciated he is
  10. Every club needs one.....................
  11. Dreams of 1995

    Players who never quite made it

    Emile Heskey was a deadly striker in his Leicester and Liverpool days. 62 caps might be overstretching him but he definitely deserved to be in some of the England squads he was in. Owen Hargreaves has to be one of the biggest disappointment for me. He had a brilliant tournament (2006?) but then failed to materalise into a regular. He always seemed to have some sort of injury and Fergie said in his autobiography he lacked the determination to be what he could have been. Owen Hargreaves might just have settled the midfield and allowed the golden generation to flourish - he settled that midfield and Lampard/Gerrard would have benefited from having him there. Paul Scholes was a disappointment for England but more because the managers at the time underappreciated his talent. It was a crying shame he retired so early. The insistence to use 4-4-2 at a time when we had abundance in creative talent stifled careers and there was no bigger casualty to this than Scholes.
  12. I got it wrong. I thought he was a poor player, his "new team" form shall we say changed my mind and then his form dropped massively once he signed permanently. I got it wrong on both occasions. The signing, due to it being free, will be a good one but I can't see him shaking Lenihan or Mulgrew from their perches and the calls for a tougher centre back echo the sentiments that he isn't quite what we need. You really can't take any criticism of any Rovers player, can you? It's more than fair to say Downing's form dropped. I want to know how many games you saw after Christmas to claim he was solid in every game called upon? Downing's passing game became terrible and he lost composure on the ball. He lost his place because Lenihan is twice the player Downing is. Suitable back up but by no means the same player we saw in early 2017.
  13. It's very easy to "throw mud" on here and is a tactic used by some far too often. I wouldn't say criticism of a player signing is necessarily 'writing him off', more a show of initial disappointment. I can't believe any fan would want a player to fail in a Rovers shirt. I was disappointed with the signing of Downing, then after 6 months of good form I said I'd look to sign him on a free. His form subsequently dipped and he's looked the player I feared he was at the start. That shows what I know and is why I am not paid to make decisions. That doesn't mean I can't at least voice an opinion though. Chaddy said Gladwin scored lots of goals at this level (league 1 at the time) and bigged the signing up. Turned out to be wrong and he was the predictable shocker most expected. That isn't brought up every single time he mentions a player - maybe lessons should be learnt.
  14. QPR and Hull are tough rivals to have for the signing of McGeouch. McClaren and Adkins are respected managers and you'd expect hold some sway with agents and players, in particular McClaren. Hopefully Dylan will take into account their last few clubs' records and see Mowbray is the better option of the three - there's a real sense of positivity about us at the moment in comparison to QPR/Hull. Bristol City are a different beast altogether now. They could have gone up this year and Lee Johnson is an up and coming manager. His tangles with Man City and the turnaround of Bristol's fortunes may just turn the tide in his favour. In terms of McBurnie I think he'd be a very good signing. Be a bit of a coup really as I'm sure a lot of Championship clubs are courting him at the moment and he's part of a recently relegated Swansea squad. You'd imagine they'd use him rather than loan him to a divisional rival.
  15. If we get a million for Williams sell him now. There's hundreds of better left backs than Mr Cut Inside. We would only need half of that to find a better replacement than him and put the other 500k to another position. Hardly. The boy simply isn't a good footballer and hasn't been part of a good defence since he came. Compare our defence last season to Wigans. We'll be cut apart if we defend like that in this league. The season before we were shocking defensively. He may have got POTY (how I don't know) but he was part of the worst defence Rovers has seen in decades. I fail to see what he offers that another left back can't. A million quid is a huge sum of money for him and if we turned it down we'd be foolish. On that basis, good riddance and cheers for the two years + a million. Presuming he goes that is.

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