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  1. Dreams of 1995

    Premier League Stuff

    A lot of people had good points up until the Sterling vs Becks/Rooney argument. Beckham and Wayne Rooney captained England and were the first names on the team sheet for roughly a decade each. Raheem Sterling has been an in and out player (only really truly "loved" under Southgate) and has so far not performed nearly half as much as the Rooney/Beckham although 40 apps is nothing to be sniffed at. I firmly believe if Raheem Sterling had scored a 90th minute 35 yard free kick to secure qualification he'd be labelled as "our boy". However, the media is fickle and they want to sensationalise stories as much as possible in order to sell, so it wouldn't be long before he is back to getting stick. Let us not forget that this is a bloke that has had 2 domestic violence cases against him - one overturned through lack of evidence (as most are) and one in which a witness didn't show. He hasn't been an angel. For every good will story there's a bad one. He is a man that has lived an "edgy" life and as such the media look to him as a content filler. It is no different to Gascoigne; the media can't wait to picture him in a dressing gown looking half-dead to fill space. However, Gascoigne is considered one of the finest footballers of his generation and people recognise that. Sterling, in an England shirt, has never performed and has never shown the desire that the aforementioned players have done to perform, at least not publicly. In short I think the media hound any player regardless of their colour. I don't think there's editors out there that have this agenda to target ethnic minorities and paint them in a bad light and I have quite a few friends in journalism who, despite the fact I joke and call them hawks, are only really doing their job under extreme pressure to print, print and sell.
  2. Dreams of 1995


    Sounds like he will fit right in at left back
  3. Dreams of 1995


    I don't think we are overachieving but I also don't think we are under achieving. We are exactly where we should be right now. The flirtations with play offs is something I expect this team to sustain throughout the season. I do believe we can pinch a spot there. That isn't overly ambitious. Although, if we do infact come 7th, 12th, 13th I wouldn't care. We survived the season and we did considerably better than most expected of us. There is a lot of youth in this team and players like Graham and Mulgrew won't be around forever. Perhaps then we will see Brereton. The more I think about that deal the more I believe a bit of time watching how DG plays will do him some good because right now he's not showing me anything to be excited about. I would honestly take the permanent signing of Harrison Reed over a play off spot this season. We absolutely have to do all we can to keep him here for a few years.
  4. Dreams of 1995

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Who cares? Sod them. Keep paying the bills, stop meddling and leave us to it. I'm glad they don't talk to us anymore. If this young Balaji turns out to be as big of a dick as his fat dad then I hope Waggot puts him in his place. Frankly the day Madam or Balaji steps foot in Ewood Park again will be a very, very sad day. They don't deserve it. I only hope their son has more worldly sense about him and drops the caste-system ingrained sense of privilege his horrible relatives hold. I don't blame Balaji jnr at all for what has happened. He'll have his chance, like everyone deserves.
  5. Dreams of 1995


    What was the Premier League Pledge again?
  6. Dreams of 1995


    Get yourself to that bloody lake again will you Biz, I've never seen you so stressed
  7. Dreams of 1995

    Championship 2018-19

    The viewing figures just show you have more fans, as you should being a one club city. It's totally unfair to offer yourselves more money when smaller clubs have been consistently more successful than you over the space of a decade or so. Money shouldn't be offered based on viewing figures but on success. In that respect you deserve what a mid table Championship club should get, 25,000 fans or not.
  8. Dreams of 1995

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    A postponed meeting doesn't cause an issue for concern at all. At the end of the day if it's not reasonably practical for both sides there is no reason why, in the modern age, communication can't be done online. We aren't in any urgent need for a face to face meeting anyway. We are doing fine.
  9. Dreams of 1995

    Championship 2018-19

    Yep. Let's make sure we get an eight years head start on the rest of them - that should see us right. Talk about completely undermining the meaning of competition.
  10. Dreams of 1995

    Premier League Stuff

    No more than it would Spanish, German and Italian. You take away their big clubs and you are really scraping the barrel, save the German league maybe. The lower table Spanish and Italian clubs are boring. The league tables can be predicted 10 years in advance really
  11. Dreams of 1995

    An Assessment of Player Performance v QPR

    Him being a key player is a stretch! We'll need a first choice centre half signed soon. If @philipl's transfer policy statement is true and the £7m investment in Brereton was part of a long term strategy I hope we see a similar sum soon spent on a defender. Do that and suddenly this squad becomes the real deal. Of course, though, I'd spend near enough £10m of todays money on Harrison Reed before anything. What a boy.
  12. Dreams of 1995

    Ben Brereton

  13. Dreams of 1995

    Ben Brereton

    Woah. This got a bit weird. I didn't realise your desperation to be aligned with the man - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause offence...... I don't think I have moaned once about Waggott or season tickets 😕. I don't get the "people like you" comment. Unlike yourself I have no need to be identical to another poster. I have some issues with the club that others don't; I like some things about the club that others don't. Again, going back to my original point, that's life - we will almost never all agree. It's weird to group me with other posters just because I don't buy your whole "we are victims of moaners" stance....... Quite frankly though I couldn't care less if Parson agrees with you on another topic. It doesn't somehow validate your opinion over others. It just means you share an opinion with a likeminded fan. Hooray for you. As a final note, I think we should dispel this myth that if you aren't happy with the ST prices and aren't happy with Brereton you aren't a "very positive person". It seems a rather judgemental thing to do to define a persons character based on a few posts on such an emotive subject as football. It's like you are trying to validate your own opinion by proclaiming yours is positive and others is negative. It makes no difference. A right opinion could also be a negative one and vice versa. It's coming across as a desperation to be right instead of understanding others think differently. Anyway, back to Brereton, he's rubbish and we are going down. Mowbray out. Waggott out. Free Season Tickets for all. T'ra!
  14. Dreams of 1995

    Expectations for the season

    Nope. Mowbray is just better than Bielsa.
  15. Dreams of 1995

    Ben Brereton

    Rather the contrary, unsall. Both "sides", if you will, simply have differing opinions on a player. Whenever a fan has an opinion that some may construed as negative certain posters bombard them with reasons why they should "trust Mowbray" (like they don't already..) and tell them they should listen and learn from and, ultimately, take from any interview/match/report what they believe should be taken. As an example, Chaddy is telling Mercer he should "listen to Mowbray" about how BB is learning to play the 'Rovers way' in order to "learn" - which is slang for "form the same opinion as me". Whereas Mercer has deduced, like others, that spending £7m on a player in the current climate that can't grasp the way we play after this many weeks is rather a waste of money. Two people have seen the same games, listened to the same radio interviews and concluded differently. Such is life. There is only one side calling the other ridiculous, wrong etc etc. It's ridiculous that grown men can't debate without victimising themselves. There's no "shouting down" - there's disagreement. Either learn to discuss the differences and grow thicker skin or post on boards like TheRovers where every post is "In Mowbray we Trust" with little to no discussion about the club and its players. It's getting rather boring now. Edit - as a completely different point I don't understand the obsession with yourself/Chaddy constantly listing Parsons in with this "group" that you are trying to make yourself into. I can't even remember the last time Parson made a post in this topic - or indeed any discussion outside of his well valued mini-match reports - let alone merit a mention in a discussion between positive/negative posters. It's odd 😕

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