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  1. Dreams of 1995


    Mr Podesta should be reminded that the US have a lot to answer for in foreign policy too. Rather than shove his unwanted nose in our business regarding our foreign aid spending he should advise his own govt to stop destabilising countries around the world in the name of "FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY". Clown. In fact, Mr Podesta should ask why only 0.2% of America's budget is allocated to foreign aid when he is clearly disappointed that ours may potentially be 0.4%. If he is disappointed at ours being double the amount to theirs then he must be indignant over his own nations spending. Must repeat this - clown.
  2. Dreams of 1995

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Huge confidence boost this Dolan scoring was sweet. How better it would have been if we were there. Looks like he loved it too. Bet he's glad he chose a better club
  3. Dreams of 1995

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Play Dolan ffs Tony. The only problem is that if Dolan scores I’ll be pissed I’m not there
  4. Dreams of 1995

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    That was their best chance and we scored from it. Hahaha.
  5. Dreams of 1995


    I will be honest and say that the motivation to turn to a majority plant based diet was for personal health. I train quite a bit in MMA and a good friend of mine turned plant based about 12 months before I did. The change in him physically was noticeable. A lot leaner, quicker, less tired and able to train more on less food than when we ate meat for our sustenance. It was only after reading about the benefits towards the health of the planet that I realised how much of an impact we could all make with what is, when it all comes to it, a fairly simple change to make. I pretty much cook the same away except for swapping a meat with a vegatable. If I make a curry I use an array of beans, lentils or potatoes. Same with chilli, stew or whatever. I can swap out chicken for practically anything from cauliflower to tofu and not really feel any less satisfied with the meal. Don't get me wrong though Silas I know the taste of well prepared meat and there are occassions when I stray. On Christmas day, for example, I will more than likely eat turkey and gammon because that is what my family will provide. The 'provide' part is important. I spent 4 months in Chang Mai living with monks back in 2013/4 can't quite remember the date I was in chang mai. I went there with the idea that it would finally turn me entirely vegan but the monks actually told us to eat the meat provided. Each day we would go down to the village and be given food from the villagers. The idea was that it was an exchange of knowledge from the monks (not me, I was a tourist really) and in return the villagers would provide them with food. I actually enquired about the ethics of eating meat in respect to Buddhism and a monk told me that one should be grateful for the food he is given and that the animal would not have lived in a way us Westerners are used to seeing our meat 'live'. In terms of Beef vs Chicken I think the best way to look at it is what are you trying to change? Beef farming is incredibly harmful for the planet. It takes up an awful lot of land and as you say the methane emissions are quite a lot higher than poultry farming. The conditions are not much better and the 'free range' beef they try and sell you is complete nonsense, often you find the cows are forced outside in all weathers to meet the 'outdoor quota'. On the other hand whilst poultry farming might on the face of it seem better the conditions of the chickens are terrifingly worse than cattle. "Free range" means about 11(? need to fact check this one myself!) chickens per sq/m which kind of gives the chicken about the size of an A4 paper to live on. Most chickens live about 50 odd days. Hens that produce eggs are more or less caged even when they say they aren't and once they stop producing eggs quite often find themselves in the mincer and in a can of dog food. It is all very grizzly. What I will say though is that such methods are the reason we are now 7bn on the planet and counting. I don't for one second think people will stop eating meat because of the conditions chicken, sheep and cows live in. Ultimately without us they would no longer exist because if we tried to wild them they'd struggle to survive with the skill set they have. That is why I will always push the benefit to individual health of becoming plant based because it is really does work. I am currently cutting caffeine out of my diet entirely too. I am more focused, less tired and able to work out for far longer than I was previously. I love a cup of tea but if you saw what was in one I doubt we'd be the nation of 7 cups a day like we are!
  6. Dreams of 1995


    Who said that ?
  7. Dreams of 1995


    I sometimes eat meat too gumboots. I love oxtail, rice and peas so that quite often finds itself on my plate for a hungover Sunday. The hardest (but by far the best!) for me to quit was dairy. It is expensive and can take you a while to find the right type of nut milk you like. I got majorly put off at the idea of drinking another animals milk. I have since managed to convert a few of my friends. The problems they have solved extends from spots on their back to problems with their gut. moving from cows milk to nut milk has been the best thing I’ve done for my personal health.
  8. Dreams of 1995


    Nothing wrong every now and again Gav 😂 I used to love a Cornish pasty myself The problem is that we eat meat with every meal. If we brought it down to weekends or every other meal we’d make such an impact it would probably be enough!
  9. Dreams of 1995


    With any luck Tyrone in the next 20 years most people will be plant based so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. A plant based diet improves your health and even libido. Take a look at Netflix documentary "game changers" if anyone is interested in going plant based. The food choice nowadays is excellent too.
  10. Dreams of 1995


    Can you post a link? I can't find it! Sorry got it - "the long read"
  11. Dreams of 1995


    Apex predators can be vital for the biodiversity of an area Tyrone, although I'm sure I don't need to tell you that. In Scotland we cull tens of thousands of red deers each year but if we rehomed Wolves in the highlands we'd have no reason to. Humanity is going to have to change its ways. It is as simple as that. Unfortunately if areas are to be re-wilded some might have to sacrifice a walk in certain areas of the moors. It is either that or total climate catastrophe in the next generation. What is weird to me is that throughout Covid-19 we have had a beating drum of life-changing demands from people but yet when climate change is discussed it is difficult to get people to adjust their travel time by 1 hour because of how inconvenient it may be for them. Covid-19 has a 0.1% chance of killing some age ranges. Climate change has a guarantee of life changing catastrophic events for the future.
  12. Dreams of 1995


    https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/nov/24/harry-dunn-parents-lose-high-court-immunity-case Sorry, another one here in my morning read. If ever we need proof that the US are not our friends really take a look. Anna Sacoolas "enjoyed" diplomatic immunity whilst UK born Harry Dunn died. She's a coward who doesn't have the backbone to stand up and pay for her mistakes. Sounds like an awful lot of America. Quite why we continue in our 'friendly' relations with such a dead beat bunch of clowns is beyond me. We would be much better away from them. And if we did try to move away from them they might stop treating us like their lap dog.
  13. Dreams of 1995


    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/nov/24/farmland-inequality-is-rising-around-the-world-finds-report While everyone is bickering with each other the real big boys are busy consolidating their grip on the world. Land inequality has never been higher. This is true with the fishing industry, where we are told by everyone with great joy that it is owned by a few multi-national businesses. This has to stop. Small holdings are proven to care for their livestock and land far better than a distant corporation who are only bothered about yield and dividends. There is no reason why we can't re-wild half of the current farming capacity and start to utilise smart farming techniques like the Dutch use. We are so backward in this country it is unbelievable. Make no mistake though, the rising inequality is the USA and Europe, so a break away from their 'subsidies' could actually force our farmers' hands to start operating in a way that benefits the land and people. The real crisis facing this world is our impact on its bio-diversity not Brexit or Covid-19. Yet we spend trillions of pounds combating one and argue about whether the other is real. Fools. Imagine if we had such a concerted effort to protect the biodiversity of Earth as we did the entirely man-made economy this year.
  14. Dreams of 1995


    Speaking from experience car charging ports are always value engineered out of new developments. A provisional sum is always allowed but never spent. Unscrupulous developers do not care about the future implications for the general public. If I was in charge of a government roll out scheme the first thing I would do is go after developments less than 2 years old and demand they put car charging ports in. If they didn't I'd see to it they would struggle with planning going forward. I'd also make it mandatory to do so from the moment I announced we'd be banning diesel cars in 2030. As it stands we are running head first into a genuinely good idea with little thought to the infrastructure required to undertake such a task
  15. Dreams of 1995


    Cost of lockdown 2 should never have been added to the overall cost of the pandemic. The £12bn spent on a system designed to prevent major shutdowns should have suffice. Why should people suffer because Serco failed? That and the absolutely whopping sums of money filtered through to their pals throughout all of this. I don't know how anyone can look at the current lot with anything but contempt. We have suffered because the right people aren't in the right positions for the moment. This cabinet were brought together simply because they would "get Brexit done". The problem with that is that not many of them are there on merit. None of them have the faintest clue what reality is but they toe the line, back whatever Nr 10 releases and will lie if they have to. I voted for em which makes it all the more worse to see. Any real conservative does not support this government. From breaking international law to floundering billions of taxpayers money they have managed to not only break every rule a Conservative should abide but also do it in such a way that every man and his dog can find out. Which brings me back to my earlier comments: we have a bunch of MPs in places they don't deserve just because they are nodding dogs.

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