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  1. Dreams of 1995

    Premier League Stuff

    Rovers fans want us to compete in Europe because we are are comfortable as a top division club. Burnley fans don’t want to compete because just having an invite is enough for them. They know this is a once in a generation spell for them, and once it’s gone it will stay gone. Small club mentality.
  2. Dreams of 1995

    Summer Transfer Window

    After what’s happened with City I should hope they are relaxed. Unless relaxing of rules only applies to those who will cough up the fines - which I believe don’t count towards FFP too, conveniently.
  3. Dreams of 1995


    Bloody hell, are we at war with these boys? Shock and awe 😂 As a remainer I can't wait for this to be dealt with. Both sides are showing themselves to have nasty streaks; arguing tooth and nail about who gets what whilst the everyday man is left in the middle, free to face the consequences of both sides obtuse behaviour. The EU isn't perfect in all this, despite the blatant propaganda type articles as quoted above. In fact, campaigns like this only serve to drive me further from the EU, as it shows me they aren't bothered about protecting the integrity of Europe but about protecting the institution that is the EU. The original intention of forming the Union of nations has been warped into something totally different - something that I'm not arsed about protecting either. Get us out and then let us see if our small World falls apart. Whilst I believe we will be poorer as a nation, I certainly don't believe we will suddenly become the pariahs of Europe where no one wants to come and work, live, see and be part of a unique culture, despite the fact that culture is becoming almost a sin to enjoy. In 20 years time we will probably be facing a campaign to get us back into the EU, but I for one can't wait until this argument comes to an end one way or another. All it is doing is distracting us from the issues which are really important to humanity right now, and that issue isn't whether or not we will get free fucking roaming anymore.
  4. Dreams of 1995

    Wigan Administration

    Brilliant post and the bottom line is perfectly put. Take a look at stadium expansions that happen in England, or new build stadiums. Almost always there is a disproportionate amount of seating allocated to "hospitality" than there is standard admission. Take a look at the bloody Europa Leage final last season! My tin foil hat may well and truly be on but this is a conspiracy against the working-class fan. Working class people are being priced out, we are being literally pushed out of Premier League clubs especially with spacing and to top it off they are even talking about the potential of moving us out with, maybe, games happening abroad to allow our 'global audience' chance to see it. And whilst all of that is going on we are supposed to accept and be grateful for the huge sums of money these distant, and often shady, owners are putting in and keeping "the sport going". Bullshit. It was here before them and it will be here after them. I'm not in the slightest bit grateful to any of these rich benefactors for what they have done to my sport.
  5. Dreams of 1995


    This is how I saw it too. McDonalds for example will make a fortune, and their business interests didn't get hit as much as a small engineering firm in Blackburn, in relative terms. I think this 1k falls way short of protecting that particular element of people. I do think the creation of more career coaches, the 'kickstart' campaign and the policies geared towards the younger audience were all very good though. I will agree with Jim on this one too, we should be looking at investing more money into future-proof technologies as opposed to building for the sake of building. Spending tens of millions on double glazing doesn't cut the mustard when Germany and other EU nations are spending billions on advancement technology, even if it does keep a few people in a job for a few years. There seems to be very little forward-thinking, which is exactly what the recovery from this pandemic cried out for.
  6. Dreams of 1995

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Cunningham is a leap to "class". He only played a quarter of the season. Mowbray should be given another season. At the end of the day progress has been made, we are a better team now than last, but the only problem lies in the fact that once again we are forced to have a high turnover of players. Now, we can all blame Mowbray, but name me a season under Venkys where we haven't required such a high turnover of players? Some think the blame lies solely at the managers door but surely that pattern points to another influence. The only consistent in all of this is them. If Tony Mowbray can find a player of Tosin's class, Walton's class, Downing's class and then somehow afford the two wingers + left back we require this summer than fair play. There'll need to be a few loans again, but these loans need to be tied in quickly, and once again we will be late to the party because we can't decide on any budget until we meet the royalty of Pune. Lastly, Mowbray needs to admit that Elliott Bennett isn't good enough for this squad. It's criminal he is still being shoe horned in to any position going on the pitch.
  7. Dreams of 1995


    Maybe so but is £10 enough to get people back? I think not. Most of the people who are avoiding restaurants probably see a tenner each as a meaningless sum. As for the rest I disagree that public perception is the government have handled this pandemic badly in terms of the economy. They have been very pro-active thus far in protecting jobs and managing the fall out, but the real substance lies in how we come out of it on the other side, and largely so far it seems very much back to the old ways. There were some very good policies announced by Sunak yesterday but some of them fell way short of what was required. The measly £3bn in green investment, compared to the £38bn by the German state, being one. Will the £1000 grant per employee force employers to retain peoples jobs? Maybe those on minimum wage yes, but for most middle earners a £1000 grant will barely cover a fortnights worth of wages and they are expected to retain them from October to January minimum. They also added the caveat of "meaningful work" which I assume they'll assess by hours done, but quite how that work I don't know. I like Sunak and think he comes out of this with some credibility, which is amazing in a cabinet that, I'll be brutally honest here, I now have 0 time for. It was a mistake to vote Tory but that is said with the benefit of hindsight- I trusted the opposition cabinet even less and don't think they would have done much better. What I don't think the opposition would have done is blatantly lie like is becoming the case with alarming regularity with Johnson and co. However the bottom line for me is that financially the Tory party are getting it right, from a public health point of view, and from a trust perspective, they have got it horribly wrong.
  8. Dreams of 1995


    Having Cummings “shake up the military” is a frightening thought. Bloke looks like he’d struggle to fight his way out of a paper bag - I could just see some of my squaddie mates reactions to that twerp coming along with his scruffy pants and ripped t shirt telling them they need “outside the box” thinking and weirdos in order to make them a more efficient unit.
  9. Dreams of 1995


    I didn’t sign in to any pub in Brum city centre at the weekend. In fairness to Dodds what she said was right - a proper track and trace system would leave people feeling far more secure, and willing, to enter restaurants and bars. £10 off is rather pointless if you fear going to the restaurants. On the flip side though the voucher can be used for take out so you aren’t forced to attend anywhere you don’t want. Still half expected a bigger “incentive”. £10 off is a far cry from the recommended £500 by the RF thinktank, and quite meaningless in truth.
  10. Dreams of 1995

    Wigan Administration

    No point even trying with you. If some people on here said the sky was blue you'd say it was yellow. You've clearly spent no time at all looking into what you are arguing against based on your points, or refuse to see that a change like the 50%+1 model means continuing with how football in England currently is. Managers in Germany get sacked, transfers get made, hiring of new managers still happens you know. Again, actually look into it before coming up with a firm opinion. The only point you had which had any relevance is the better players may leave to another league which allows rich owners to act like they do here - with impunity. Good riddance. Football was here before them, it will continue to be there after them. But they probably wouldn't leave, the Premier League is now the most successful brand in football, and having fan ownership wouldn't change that, it would improve it.
  11. Dreams of 1995

    Cardiff away

    Tosin is a fantastic player but he was at fault for our 2nd goal. Complete wrong side of his man. Danny Graham trying to track the overlap too - I mean, come on, Samuel and Armstrong should be doing the tracking back from our attacking players. Good win though and what a goal by Armstrong 😁 Shame that still leaves us 5 pts away. Honestly cannot believe we didn't get 6 points from Barnsley and Wigan...................... my god.
  12. Dreams of 1995


    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/08/warning-of-serious-brain-disorders-in-people-with-mild-covid-symptoms A rather humbling thought for myself this morning, to be truthful. If things like this are only being found out about now what other underlying nasties could this virus contain in say 10, 12 months time? I always had this thought in the back of my mind of, I will do all I can not to catch this virus, but if I get it I'm young and healthy and should have a pretty good chance of surviving it. In some cases the after-effects are becoming increasingly worse than the actual 'symptomatic' effects.
  13. Dreams of 1995

    Summer Transfer Window

    Whether or not people will buy them is irrelevant. You have more chance of selling some it they’re on sale - agreed? Another club management balls up, although tbf this isn’t a “balls up” anymore, it’s actually policy haha
  14. Dreams of 1995

    Summer Transfer Window

    I was taking the piss Chadster It doesn’t mean we shouldnt have our season tickets on sale yet
  15. Dreams of 1995

    Wigan Administration

    Our losses are happening because the model of English football is built in a way that teams are that desperate to reach the Premier League they are willing to sacrifice huge losses in order to get there. The proposal of having fan representation isn't including that and sticking with the status quo. Just look into what goes on in German football and how the small clubs are better protected against dodgy ownership (see 1860 Munich for example; see Hoffenheim for how they decided who was the right man). You have half an argument for the decrease of quality that may come from it; you have no point in defending the state of modern english football. You are seemingly more interested in protecting the integrity of modern football than you are in ensuring the true shareholders of the clubs (fans) are given representation and voting rights of the club they financially support for the entirety of their lives. It's a strange stance for a football fan to take. If we had fan ownership in this country Bury would still be operating, Wigan wouldn't be into administration and we'd have never had the early Venky-years. What we would have had though is the Jack Walker years because ultimately could you see a fan of the club saying no to that model? Owners will still have rights to say how their money is spent. Again though, you are a Rovers fan, and such a rule protects the club from external investors, so what is your beef with it? 😁

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