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  1. Wolves_Rover

    [Archived] Never Mind Sacked!

    Conversation snippet overheard in Wolverhampton pub yesterday: "Edwards couldn't get his hand out of the way so it doesn't matter". Unreal. But not surprising.
  2. Wolves_Rover

    Movie Discussion

    Mud was great. Wolverine was good, much better than last attempt. Best new film for me this year was probably The Impossible, off the top of my head. Then Mud. Place beyond Pines was very decent too.
  3. Wolves_Rover

    Movie Discussion

    Saw Pacific Rim last week and was very underwhelmed. Was relieved I didn't bother with the IMAX showing too. Going to see The Wolverine later, hoping for much better.
  4. Wolves_Rover

    Movie Discussion

    I don't think it merits a bad review , just average. It passed the time but compared to some other films in the genre (La Confidential and Untouchables sprang quickly to mind), it was pretty pale. Thought the opening sequence was quite novel if a bit grim.
  5. Wolves_Rover

    Movie Discussion

    Kermodian Rant Right click and save the file otherwise it takes a while. It's nice to see that Disaster movie has gone straight to the top of the IMDb's bottom 100 list with a 1.3 average rating
  6. Wolves_Rover

    Movie Discussion

    I think that's for the best. Not sure it would translate too well to full feature anyway.
  7. Wolves_Rover

    Movie Discussion

    In The Dark Knight, Bale's 'Batman Voice' seems to get more absurd as the film progresses. Not something I noticed in Batman Begins. Ledger to get the supporting Oscar too, deservedly.
  8. on the plus side, he didn't break anyones legs today.
  9. Wolves_Rover

    [Archived] Citeh To Sack Barton?

    I've had enough of Joey Barton and I've had enough of the FA condoning violence in the sport by taking no action against persistent offenders. BBC - no action against barton http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/e...rem/7089442.stm No - it would be tantamount to applying the laws of the game to an offender who has not been punished for violent conduct you useless swines.
  10. covered in pompey thread
  11. Wolves_Rover

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    The article states something along the lines of 'fans prefer a dodgy goal to a dogy offside because they pay to see goals." Not sure about everyone else, but I prefer a correct decision. I'm dreaming right?
  12. Wolves_Rover

    Derek Dougan Dies

    RIP Doog
  13. Wolves_Rover

    [Archived] Bentley Called Up

    The press didn't make a big fuss when Agbonlahor was out of reach for an U21 call up due to O'Neill telling him to go on holiday earlier and effectively barring him from a call up. I know that it isn't exactly the same thing but it does smack of a manager not letting a player who has played every premiership game burn himself out in Holland this summer.
  14. Wolves_Rover

    [Archived] Lucas Neill

    According to Lucas - the reason for his move is about being wanted. Was he unwanted here? Discuss.
  15. Wolves_Rover

    [Archived] Should Dunny Have Come Home?

    All I can hope is that time does not prove this to be a mistake.

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