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  1. oldjamfan1

    Championship 2018-19

    I understand the point you are making but fans of most clubs could legitimately go through their own games, look at the league table and do likewise and where would that leave us? Also, if I was nit picking I reckon Leeds away should have been -3 and Millwall away should have been +2, based on your inclusion of other similar scenarios. Footie has always been a game of ifs, buts and maybes 😉
  2. Best would be a toss-up between Alan Shearer v Man United in a 2-0 victory at Ewood at Easter 1994 and Tim Flowers in a 1-0 victory over Newcastle on VE Day 1995 (the game which effectively won us the title). Shane Duffy's disgraceful, nay shameful 2, own goals and a red card against Cardiff just before he fooked off to Brighton will never be 'bettered' for worst-ever performance.
  3. oldjamfan1

    I've been away for a while

    Take a bow
  4. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The B52s - Rock Lobster
  5. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    General Public - Hot You’re Cool
  6. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The Small Faces - All or Nothing
  7. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The Jam - Pity Poor Alfie
  8. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Open goal time The Jam - Town Called Malice
  9. oldjamfan1

    This Weekends Important Game.

    I never tire of telling that story. Almost on a par with the thick Dingles turning up on a barge outside the moorings, thinking that they would retain the element of surprise at that speed.
  10. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Breakfast at Tiffanys - Deep Blue Something
  11. oldjamfan1


    This is fairly standard practice, in most sports and in the business world too. Mowbray is certainly not above criticism for some things but this is nit picking in my opinion.
  12. Another Blackburn (though not Rovers) connection to Ipswich is Mark Brennan, who played many games (100+) in midfield for them in the mid to late 80s. Mark was the captain of Blackburn & Darwen schoolboys when they got to the last 8 of the English Schools' Cup in the very early 80s and a very classy player with a sweet left foot. Similar in style to Simon Barker, for those who remember him. I think he went to St Marys College.
  13. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Ocean Colour Scene - Up on the Down Side
  14. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The second, third and fourth singles from the best band to ever grace these shores could be included here: All Around the World The Modern World News of the World
  15. oldjamfan1

    The influence of Rovers in Blackburn

    It really isn’t you know. On what basis is it a city? It has a cathedral?

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