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  1. oldjamfan1

    World Cup 2018

    Entertaining game between Colombia and Japan. Colombia down to 10 men and 1-0 down after 3 minutes have just equalized on 40 mins with a really clever free kick that was drilled under a jumping wall.
  2. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The Style Council - Have You Ever Had it Blue?
  3. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Simon and Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy in New York
  4. oldjamfan1

    World Cup 2018

    I like to think I have a sense of humour but it was a bit of an odd thing to say for a guy who is being paid to provide analysis of incidents in the game . I would have docked his fee.
  5. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Paul Weller - Shadow of the Sun or 5th Season; both off the same album, take your pick
  6. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    A-Craze - She is So
  7. oldjamfan1

    A Rovers Link to Russian Football

    Oh well, in your world this no doubt means that Scotland have technically qualified for the World Cup.
  8. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Tracy Chapman - Talkin Bout a Revolution
  9. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music
  10. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Bettye Swann - Today I Started Loving You Again
  11. Very sensible piece of business, and from a supporter point of view, extremely heartening. In Tony we trust!
  12. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Crowded House - Fall at Your Feet
  13. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The Jam - Time for Truth Weller got some stick for this one - an attack on Jim Callaghan’s Labour government - but to be fair he was barely 18 when he wrote it.
  14. oldjamfan1


    Where’s Dryhorse? Thought he’d be on here gloating. I feel as though I’ve have had messages about the cricket result from every single person I’ve ever met in 23 years of living in Scotland. The irony is I had forgotten the game was even being played. The last time I saw a match at The Grange Lancs bowled Scotland out for about 70 and Freddie Flintiff knocked them off in about 4 overs, including a forward defensive shot that went sailing over the bowler’s head for 6. England should have had no trouble chasing 400 on that ground.
  15. oldjamfan1

    Players who never quite made it

    None of those examples explain to me under what criteria Ryan Giggs qualified to play for England when he had ‘the choice’ to make between Wales and England. I vaguely recall his team mate from the Greater Manchester schools team coming on here a while back and confirming that. But as I said I haven’t researched it at all, I just recall many people wrongly assuming he qualified to play for England having done so at schoolboy level.

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