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  1. He was just before my time
  2. I meant Garner though......
  3. The best crosser of a ball I've ever seen in a Rovers shirt is the club's all time leading goal scorer.
  4. Without doubt he would have benefited from having a world class left back behind him and two centre forwards who could get on the end of everything he flung in, but I find this view of Wilcox staggering to be honest. Football is certainly a game of opinions and you are normally a decent judge of a player TS but I think you're miles out on this one I'm afraid. Wilcox was selected by Chris Sutton at the end of his career as being in the best eleven he ever played with (and he played with some good 'uns!), and Alan Shearer was always singing his praises as being an unerring early crosser of the ball and one of the major reasons why he (Big Al) was so prolific for us. As for suggesting he didn't work hard to get the ball back - I actually saw that as a major strength of our two wingers in the title winning season and perhaps one of the small differences between us and the Mancs that gave us the edge. I would agree with you on MGP by the way.
  5. My favourite Oldham story - and I have no idea whether this is true or not - was the one about Gerald Sinstadt interviewing Roger Palmer straight after the first game ever played on that horrible plastic pitch they had. "So Roger, how does the plastic compare to the grass?" "I've no idea mate, I've never smoked plastic" was the alleged reply......
  6. You might not have been a fan but Alan Shearer certainly was.
  7. Simply Red - Red Box
  8. The Jam - Away From the Numbers
  9. As a neutral living in Glasgow for the last 20 odd years and having seen both of 'em play many times I have to say the Barry Ferguson/Scott Brown comparison is actually a fairly valid one Dunnfc. Incidentally, 'pish'? Was it just a coincidence that Scott Brown reversing his decision to retire from international football coincided with a revival in Scotland's fortunes, albeit to no avail in the end?
  10. Status Quo - Roll Over Lay Down
  11. Jimmy Jones - The Nights of Mexico
  12. As someone who lives too far away from East Lancashire to ever get to these meetings, may I say how much I appreciate being updated by those who did attend. Thanks a lot for putting the time and effort into cascading the information to us. As for the content of the meeting, it sounds like Tony Mowbray is the best manager we have had since Sam. He seemed to come across really well and was more open than I would have expected.
  13. Elvis Costello - Tears Before Bedtime
  14. Paul Weller - Shadow of the Sun
  15. I went to the doctor about my dodgy left knee this morning. He said "Nothing to worry about, its simply an age thing" I replied "Rubbish doc, my other knee is exactly the same age and there's bugger-all wrong with that one".