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  1. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The Chi Lites - Stoned Out of My Mind
  2. oldjamfan1


    He should be called Isaac. Shameful doesn't do him justice.
  3. oldjamfan1


    1. Yes, I agree that all parents should contribute financially to the upbringing of their children. But what happens if they can't or won't, do you just let the poor little mite go hungry? Yes or no. 2. As with any welfare benefit scheme, there will be those that abuse it. Anyone caught doing so should be punished. Does this mean that the whole system should be scrapped or even not introduced in the first place? Yes or no? 3. A laudable aim, I don't think anyone would disagree with it. Do you think this will prevent childhood hunger? Yes or no? 4. Another laudable aim. But even if it worked its too late for those already born. Should they go hungry? Yes or no?
  4. oldjamfan1

    BRFC anniversary

    Or a Jerome-an candle.
  5. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The English Beat - Doors of Your Heart
  6. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The Electric Light Orchestra - Sweet Talking Woman
  7. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Free - All Right Now
  8. oldjamfan1

    BRFCS TV - Nostalgia Thread

    Football has always been about ifs and buts. If Gerrard hadn't slipped etc etc Having said that, on the rare occasion when I can actually understand what the prick is saying, Carragher talks out of his arse.
  9. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The Tom Robinson Band - Glad to be Gay
  10. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes
  11. oldjamfan1


    Yeah thanks Gav. I know a couple of the guys involved in making that - Weller gave his full cooperation this time. I always thought history would be kind to the Style Council as they were ridicules towards the end of their career, so hopefully this will be the start of that. As an aside I went to see a TSC tribute band in Glasgow last year (The Style Counsellors) - if you closed your eyes you could be back in 1984/5 - very good indeed.
  12. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out
  13. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The Everly Brothers - Arms of Mary
  14. oldjamfan1

    Music Association Game

    The Jam - I've Changed My Address
  15. oldjamfan1

    Summer Transfer Window

    He has already got kudos from me for referring to us as 'Rovers' and not 'Blackburn'. A good start!

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