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  1. Peteb2014

    Middlesbrough (H)

    I couldn't see any pictures of Tosin or Lenihan on the training gallery that has just gone on the rovers website
  2. Peteb2014

    Championship season 2019-20

    he also still had his gamely brain fart and nearly got caught out by a quick corner
  3. Peteb2014

    Championship season 2019-20

    Of course its the same situation its a manager who understands you cant just throw a player into your side who doesnt understand the tactics and way you play
  4. Peteb2014

    Championship season 2019-20

    I cant believe how crap a manger that Bielsa must be not playing some of his new signings until theyve spent time on training ground until theyve learned how he plays
  5. Peteb2014

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I think that the signings of Tosin and Cunningham mean we are going to try and play the Sheffield United way. Mowbray has commented about the way the play and how they progressed several times can see us going Walton Tosin right side with Nyambe as back up Lenihan Central out of contract player as back up Cunningham Left with Williams as Back up Sorry chaps and chappeses Bennet as Right wing back JRC as back up Downing Left wing back Bell as back up Travis and Johnson Central Midfield Buckley and Evans as back up Armstrong and Dack behind Gally
  6. Peteb2014

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Simon Eastwood to return as the other keeper
  7. Peteb2014

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Ruddy is on the bench for Wolves today in there pre season game think we can forget about it being him
  8. Peteb2014

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    You do know that the player that we have signed today has never played under him before don't you
  9. Peteb2014

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    So do you seriously expect Leutwiler to start in goal 1st game of the season how many times did Smallwood play the last 5 games of the season how often did Mulgrew play towards the end of the season you cannot possibly say that with 8 players out of our squad aged over 30 we are a retirement home I would suggest that come the start of the season the average age of our squad will be in the top 10 lowest
  10. Peteb2014

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Come on Rev Bell 25 Lenihan 25 Nyambe 21 Travis 21 Armstrong 22 Dack 25 Chapman 21 Brereton 20 Davenport 20 that's 9 that you would expect to be around the matchday 18 all 25 or under
  11. Peteb2014

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    still cant make my mind up either way on the Raya move very much depends on who we get into replace him my concern is with the new guy Hilton are we going to push him straight in
  12. Peteb2014

    Bradley Johnson Signs.

    Happy with this signing its been a long time since we had a c**t in midfield and I do like a c**t
  13. Peteb2014

    Kits 19/20

    Like the kit very impressed back to the right blue. I notice that Nyambe hasn't messed about and is already back
  14. Peteb2014

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    She has been to ticket office they told her sorry cant do anything about it if your not 65 on 31st August you will have to buy an adult one or wait and get a half season ticket
  15. Peteb2014

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Does anyone know how to get in contact with Steve Waggott. I know that they have to have deadlines but you would think there would be some movement the club are going to lose a season ticket holder of 30 years in my mum as she turns 65 4 days after the deadline for a OAP ticket she is refusing to buy one as it isn't cost effective for her

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