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  1. dallydally


    Rothwell. Yesss!
  2. dallydally


    Shame that Reed is injured. Different league from Evans. Conway played well on Tuesday. Up to Armstrong to take his chance. Flattered to deceive of late.
  3. dallydally

    ROVERS V Frank Lampards DCFC

    Last night was up there amongst the best performances this season. If only we could do that consistently we'd be in or around the top 6
  4. Too many League One players in this squad. Smallwood, Evans, Amari Bell and Williams all not good enough for the Championship. Looks like they all want to be on holiday too. It's a shocking run and TM must take responsibility for some of that. Play like that on Tuesday and we'll get stuffed by Derby
  5. Fine him a month's wages - arrogant prat!
  6. dallydally

    Rovers away at Villa this Saturday: 30th March - KO - 3pm

    Listening to Radio Lancashire. Sounds like Bennett is playing crap
  7. dallydally

    Rovers away at Villa this Saturday: 30th March - KO - 3pm

    Conway for a surprise England call up
  8. dallydally

    Rovers away at Villa this Saturday: 30th March - KO - 3pm

    A stuffing awaits. 4 nil Villa
  9. dallydally

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Williams is a League One player. End of
  10. dallydally

    Birmingham Away

    Smallwood is a League One player at best
  11. dallydally

    Reading v Rovers

    Poor finishing by Armstrong and Conway. Smallwood, Travis and Bell all poor. Evans not much better. All the gains in January being thrown away in February. Needs major changes at half time
  12. dallydally

    Brentford v Rovers

    Just watched the highlights. 5 2 flatters them. Graham and Dack going off changed the game but we were still in it till Raya's howler. Then chasing it we were caught out. Disappointing after such a good start but we will have these days in this tough league. We lick our wounds and then move on to the Reading game.
  13. dallydally

    Rovers v Kingston upon Hull - Saturday 26th January 2019 3pm

    4 wins on the bounce. Another clean sheet. Just outside the playoffs. What is there not to like?
  14. In the Maldives currently so can't be there. Should be a certain 3 points but this is Rovers. Fingers crossed for a win!

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