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  1. Flies in the face of Government advice yesterday. Still we all recognise the EFL knows best! 😤😤😤
  2. Bennett should never put the shirt on again. CRAP
  3. Should have started with Johnson. He'd have been well up for it
  4. Sorry meant Bennett not Nyambe
  5. That was complete sh1t. So many poor performances out there. Rothwell, Brereton, Gallagher, Downing, Nyambe and Bell to name a few. Gutted (but not surprised)
  6. So much space for them. Rothwell off please. Johnson on asap. Game over now
  7. dallydally

    Swansea City home

    Gallagher is sh1t. No chance!! 😤😤😤
  8. dallydally

    Stoke City home

    We were complete crap tonight. Can't break down any side that comes to defend us out of the game. No surprise. Good bye playoffs
  9. dallydally

    Stoke City home

    What????? Come on. Rovers 3 Stoke 0
  10. dallydally

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Tonight's results could hardly be better. Bring on tomorrow! 😎😎
  11. dallydally


    Fulham 0 Barnsley 3!!!
  12. dallydally


    2 nil!! 👍👍👍
  13. dallydally


    Buckley even worse. He is lightweight and is easily displaced in a tackle
  14. dallydally

    Rovers v Hull

    Face reality. We simply aren't good enough for the playoffs. Mid table side at best

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