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  1. dallydally

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Hanley would be a good signing. Get on with it TM.
  2. Enjoyable game. Sat back off them too much first half and paid the price but bossed the second half after equalising. We have a decent side but hope we make some signings in the summer to strengthen so that we can challenge for a top six place. Need to keep Dack - unless we get a silly offer - and as a minimum we need a keeper to challenge Raya, a solid centre back to partner Lenaghan and another experienced forward. Enjoy the summer everyone! 😎
  3. Totally agree. Need to move him on along with Smallwood, Mulgrew and Conway
  4. dallydally

    Norwich - tempting fate

    Tight game. Much more pressure on them than us. Going for a 1 all
  5. dallydally

    Bolton at home.

    Totally agree. Brereton needs to play number 9 with Armstrong out wide
  6. dallydally

    Bolton at home.

    Time for Brereton to lay the ghosts to rest and score. Glad Evans and Smallwood aren't even in the squad.
  7. dallydally


    Rothwell. Yesss!
  8. dallydally


    Shame that Reed is injured. Different league from Evans. Conway played well on Tuesday. Up to Armstrong to take his chance. Flattered to deceive of late.
  9. dallydally

    ROVERS V Frank Lampards DCFC

    Last night was up there amongst the best performances this season. If only we could do that consistently we'd be in or around the top 6
  10. Too many League One players in this squad. Smallwood, Evans, Amari Bell and Williams all not good enough for the Championship. Looks like they all want to be on holiday too. It's a shocking run and TM must take responsibility for some of that. Play like that on Tuesday and we'll get stuffed by Derby
  11. Fine him a month's wages - arrogant prat!
  12. dallydally

    Rovers away at Villa this Saturday: 30th March - KO - 3pm

    Listening to Radio Lancashire. Sounds like Bennett is playing crap
  13. dallydally

    Rovers away at Villa this Saturday: 30th March - KO - 3pm

    Conway for a surprise England call up
  14. dallydally

    Rovers away at Villa this Saturday: 30th March - KO - 3pm

    A stuffing awaits. 4 nil Villa
  15. dallydally

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Williams is a League One player. End of

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