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    Where Are They Now?

    what's irritating to read is me being called Gordon all the time,that's being ignored for a reason. Tell you what it's not worth bother, I will just leave and let you all talk amoungst yourselves as new people are treated like dirt. Please close down my account.
  2. Walney Blue

    Where Are They Now?

    I'm not gimmick posting at all, im being attacked by posters and being accused of being someone I'm not. Mike warned them last night, not me as I'm doing nothin wrong, now you're warning me? I'm trying to talk football, so get some perspective please before just joining in with the click.
  3. Walney Blue

    Where Are They Now?

    You just didn't make the point very well so you call me Gordon, is this the way it is on herE? if someone disagree with the regular its insults? Click click shipmates.
  4. Walney Blue

    Nikola Kalinić

    We actually won a cup final, nothing for 2nd best shipmate. Good move for him to Italy though, Big Sam should have signed Zigic and not Kalinic due to his long ball philosophy.
  5. Walney Blue

    Nikola Kalinić

    Think they lost the cup final and I'd never heard of them until last season and I've sailed the seven seas. Italy move is good though
  6. Walney Blue

    Nikola Kalinić

    Brother Kalanic spent 4 seasons in the Russian wilderness I'm not convinced he went on to better things at Dnipro, but hes started off well in Italy thats for sure.

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