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  1. Norbert Rassragr


    The shift manager at this place was one of those types you mentioned in the second paragraph. If you tried to correct him on anything, he took it as a personal insult.
  2. Norbert Rassragr

    Championship season 2019-20

    They should have given me £1m to be on their books, he was that bad. Hughes and his successors did sign some plums.
  3. Norbert Rassragr


    Priti reminds me of a team leader I had the misfortune to work under when I first moved to Coventry. Got the looks but there is a complete lack of empathy and sympathy in her personality. A person who is never happy unless they're bullying those lower down the social ladder whilst agreeing with her superiors and laughing at their jokes. I bet she'd make a good guard in a female concentration camp in another era.
  4. Norbert Rassragr


    I'm sure my 87 year old grandma who is completely away with the dementia fairies and can barely walk would be really useful picking out root vegetables. Isn't it funny when a bunch of people who've never done so much as a day labouring are telling everyone else they should stop being 'lazy'. I'd love to see the likes of Gove, Johnson or Patel do 6 months at the Royal Mail depot in Coventry, with the employment agency ringing at 2 hours notice to tell you you're needed to do a 12 hour shift ending at 3am that day.
  5. Norbert Rassragr

    Other Football League 2018/19

    I agree, City fans have had enough crap to deal with over the last 10 to 15 years, and has really damaged the club's standing and the whole city. And if a stadium is not quite up to standard, a club should be given time to fix issues, as promotion is likely to mean more money. Money that can be spent on improvements. On a side note, what is the rule about 3G pitches? The Butt's Park Arena where Coventry Rugby play (as well as the Bears rugby league team and Coventry Utd) is a 3G artificial pitch.
  6. Norbert Rassragr

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Very long story, but JHRover has done a pretty good summary. When the council and a something called the Alan Higgins Trust sold their 50% shares to Wasps they paid up front. SISU, Coventry City's owners, tried to put their bid in through some shell company or something that was in receivership, which sounds dodgy to me. There has been constant talk of buying Coventry Rugby's ground, or building a new stadium on the old Speedway track that is now derelict. The former is unlikely as the rugby ground has been built up by the club and the owner John Sharp is not going to make it a tennant for a quick buck, and the latter is a non starter as there has been a huge legal battle over who owns it and what it will be used for, for years. Hence why it is derelict and there is no speedway team any more.
  7. Norbert Rassragr

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Which flag is that?
  8. Norbert Rassragr


    I still think she has a chance. She is the preferred candidate of the Unite union, and has a lot of support among party members. The ones who think Corbyn and co. did nothing wrong in the last election and blame voters for being 'stupid' and electing Boris are more likely to want Corbyn mk II in the belief that everyone will suddenly decide to be very left wing all of a sudden.Of course, if she does get in and becomes the next Corbyn Labour will be even further behind. Lower living standards, homelessness, food banks and so on is the new normal, people have accepted it until it happens to them.
  9. Norbert Rassragr

    News Thread Attempt 394

    After they deny their race and religion and imply that their own people are all paedophiles.
  10. Norbert Rassragr


    My parents have joined/rejoined the Labour party to vote on the next leader and went to a meeting to discuss the leadership contest a few weeks ago. They walked out after it became clear it was filled with Momentum types who hijacked the event and turned what was supposed to be a discussion of the merits of each candidate into a 'march for Rebecca Long Bailey'. For example, each candidate was supposed to have a person to speak up for them for two minutes and were not allowed to slag off the other candidates. The RLB advocate waffled on for far longer, and did slag off the other candidates much to the approval of his or her comrades (a term a couple of people actually used). There was some guy with the Socialist Worker's Party newspapers draped over his arm like some sort of waiter and it was noticeable that there were quite a few old timers who were probably part of the lunatic fringe in the early 80's along with the more stereotypical young members of Momentum. Anyone who said that the leader should be a more moderate person than Corbyn and RLB to try and win back voters and be more flexible was tutted at, jeered or whatever. After my parents walked out in disgust, the MP actually stopped to talk with them to ask why. She is not in with the far left crowd and said she has had problems with them trying to run the show. Apparently a lot of the far left speakers and rabble rousers at that meeting come from other parts of Coventry, with the support of another Coventry MP who is really close to the far left groups to try and brow beat everyone into voting for RLB. It is clear that Momentum and such groups are more interested in ideological purity and ruling the Labour Party than bothering to win elections.
  11. Norbert Rassragr


    Big shiny trade deal with the USA by this time next year, and the EU, and Japan........................ That's the dream, but what would we have to give up to get them?
  12. Norbert Rassragr


    Pictures of [usually Polish flown] Spitfires flying over Buckingham Palace for the benefit of Chinese tourists and ex members of the BNP can only get you so far.
  13. Norbert Rassragr


    I think it was conceived as an eventual federal state when Monnet, Schuman and Adenauer helped to form the European Coal and Steel Community. Tying the economic interests of Germany and France together to stop them having another war was the starting point. As I've said many times before, I'm not a big fan of the EU, but I am less of a fan of a Tory government with a free hand to shape the country. Especially since they are the most bungling, arrogant and stupid bunch of Tory MPs in living history. To leave with no clue about what should happen after the vote, and then spend the next 3 or 4 years messing about and desperately trying to fumble a plan has been worse than just staying in.
  14. Norbert Rassragr


    In general terms what's the point of using portraits always talking of the past? Nelson, Wellington, Churchill have long gone as has the British empire. It's very backward looking and negative to paint a picture of how things were 'better in the old days' without acknowledging the rampant disease, poverty and abuse that millions had to endure. It's a sign that a country has no ideas about how to better itself and have aspirations for the future. It is a strange juxtaposition leave voters have when they talk about the country being this potentially great new international trading nation, able to get great deals with everyone in record time, yet constantly harp on about how the country is rubbish, young people are a waste of space and things were better in an era when the politicians were all Lords or owned 700 workhouses.
  15. Norbert Rassragr

    January transfer window 2020

    Mr. E is not wrong though Chaddy. This is looking like Bowyer all over again. Selling Dack in the summer and getting someone of the level of Chris Brown as a replacement is not an impossibility. If only we didn't waste £12m on poor strikers.

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