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  1. Norbert Rassragr


    I'm no EU fan, but only cretins would vote for the Brexit party because they think Farage is competent and worthy of a vote. He was mentioned in the Mueller report, his friend Aaron Banks' leave campaign had mysterious sources of funding that may have come from Russia, Farage has done nothing for the UK as an MEP and less for the fishing industry.......so yes people who vote for him because they think he is 'the man' are absolute morons, and some are Tommeh Waxy-Lemon style racists. You just have to go on any social media to see that his supporters are the sort who see Brexit as some sort of irrational holy grail, a perceived paradise that they are willing to kill for (and they have). They are mental, even more so than the extreme EUphiles who think that the EU is the greatest political body ever.
  2. Norbert Rassragr


    I expect Farage's EU expense account gang bang party to get loads of seats as lots of middle aged gammons and younger racists will want to protest against the current mess and follow their Moses figure and ignore his actions. Tories and Labour will be destroyed, and the Lib Dems might get a small increase.
  3. Norbert Rassragr

    Goalkeeper Situation

    Raya is a bit older than I thought, so he may have reached his peak. I hope this isn't a signal the Canadian is going to be tried out. Fielding isn't that much better, Hart has been crap for years and I can't think of other keepers that have been linked. Saying all that, I would keep him unless there is a much better replacement in the bag.
  4. Norbert Rassragr

    FA CUP

    And now Kompany has left to become Anderlecht player/manager. De Bruyne was the difference. Watford were just starting to get into it when he came on.
  5. Norbert Rassragr

    Craig Conway - New contract

    Here we go again. Handing out contracts to mates who are either not good enough or have gotten too old. Looks like the academy is a pointless thing to have, and we'll probably have no decent transfers as the manager tries to continue to dig for fool's gold.
  6. Norbert Rassragr

    Aniket Jadhav

    It could be either.
  7. Norbert Rassragr

    News Thread Attempt 394

    From what little I know of Indian politics, Modi's party are 'Hindu nationalists' which I think means they want Hinduism and the associated culture to be dominant, usually at the expense of other religious groups. They particularly dislike Muslims and when Modi was in charge of a state (Gujarat I think) there was a riot over a mosque being built which dozens of people were killed or injured. His critics say he was not that bothered about Muslims being killed and didn't crack down on the attacks. There are smaller allied parties that are much more extreme and would actively advocate discrimination and violence.
  8. Norbert Rassragr


    Any mention of policies in them? Or just 'brexit means Brexit, and you've been betrayed' stuff?
  9. Norbert Rassragr

    Aniket Jadhav

    If he, or another player is genuinely good enough, then ok. If is a very important word in this whole situation. My scepticism makes me think we may see a few more 'Portugeezer' style signings.
  10. Norbert Rassragr


    So May is leaving, probably after the deal is rejected for a 4th time and Boris Johnson has wasted no time saying he'll try to be leader again. Chris Grayling has probably applied but addressed his formal declaration to Nigel Mansell's home and sellotaped the letter to an owl in the hope it would get there. JRM is probably chasing a goose so he can use it's feather to write his application in Latin and Esther McVey has sacrificed a child and tried to read her chances in the eviscerated entrails. Goodness knows when this will take place, as May is arrogant and stubborn enough to stay until 2021 after her proposed deal is rejected for the 43rd time.
  11. Norbert Rassragr

    Other Football League 2018/19

    He looks the sort that thinks a good night out is a few lines, 20 pints of Carling and a fight with a taxi driver.
  12. Norbert Rassragr

    Championship 2018-19

    "You lot, stay where you deserve to be. And put those trophies in the bin." https://images.app.goo.gl/JciRWxYsUC68UKdh6
  13. Norbert Rassragr

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Jeremy Kyle has been sacked after a someone who did a lie detector on his show killed themselves. Perhaps a project with Danny Baker and Ron Atkinson is the next move.
  14. Norbert Rassragr

    Premier League Stuff

    Potter's getting a lot out of the job he did with that Swedish team. Brighton probably hope he's the next Eddie Howe, but that is a big risk.
  15. Norbert Rassragr

    Premier League Stuff

    Hope McClaren takes over, if only because his inevitable failure will provide some moments for Athletico Mince to use in later episodes.

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