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  1. Norbert Rassragr

    Expectations for next season

    Pretty much like last season, have a period where we think we can get to the play offs, and then fizzle out. Only next season will be further away from the play offs at the end.
  2. Norbert Rassragr


    According to the Conservative party, being against a no deal brexit is worse than being accused of rape and sexual assault. It's as simple as that.
  3. Norbert Rassragr


    It's amazing how many high profile people keep doing this sort of thing on Twitter and other social media. It's one thing to have a message from 10 years ago when you're 16 dug up, but to put any iffy joke, or angry bigoted comment on the internet. But after you achieve a level of recognition you'd maybe say that to 1 trusted person to get it off your chest but surely think before putting across the world. There have been so many examples of people losing jobs because of social media comments before this most recent example.
  4. Norbert Rassragr

    Bradley Dack

    Does Bradley drive her round in a pink Rolls Royce? I never understand women who do that sort of thing to their face thinking, it is what men (or women) find attractive. After all, Botox is the most toxic chemical known to science and they put it into their face.
  5. Norbert Rassragr

    Summer Transfer Window

    Looks like someone got a bit premature on the Wikipedia site. No idea who Phillips is, but he might be good. Shotton would have been good a few years ago, from when Pulls and Hughes were managers but he may have gotten too old and slow since then.
  6. Norbert Rassragr

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Eddie probably needs some time to chill out with his family, and watch some football without the pressure of results to improve. I can see him being linked with West Ham when Moyes is inevitably sacked, and meets up with the British Managers Association.
  7. Norbert Rassragr


    It listed pretty much listed to left and got severely damaged in a storm to continue that boat analogy. Lennie another dinosaur who wants to return to the militant 70s when British industry produced the Austin Allegro whenever they were not on strike. I'm all for unions, but fighting everyone for the sake of it and not trying to reach consensus is damaging. Maybe Starmer could do what the Tories do and bend over to part their buttocks for any shady Russian business leader, tax dodger and human rights abuses. It worked for the current Conservative government.
  8. Norbert Rassragr

    Championship Season 2020 - 2021

    Very naughty of you to make stuff up like that!
  9. Norbert Rassragr

    Summer Transfer Window

    "When I said curl one past the keeper towards the far post......"
  10. Norbert Rassragr


    Bercow was hated by the brexiteer wing of the party as they saw him as a pro-EU figure who was acting against them by sticking up for Parliament. It was also harder to remove him than regular Tories like Dominic Grieve or Ken Clarke as he was the Speaker. Looking at the record of Johnson's leadership, you can be accused of sexual assaults, give government information to foreign states, have links to Putin or their secret services, drive dangerously and break lockdown rules but being against leaving the EU is wrong.
  11. Norbert Rassragr


    Claire Fox, the Brexit party member who is/was a far more vocal supporter of the IRA than evil Jeremy Corbyn? Whilst Ian Botham is a hero at cricket, I'd never have him down as an adept political figure. As usual for these lists it's a PM promoting their mates and handlers. Only it is far more undisguised, as it is only Bozo's mates and handlers.
  12. Norbert Rassragr


    The royals will see to it that he is not in any trouble. There are still Lords, MPs and judges servile enough to hush it up and keep him out of jail, and stuff the consequences. And if many high profile American business and political figures are also involved, then the story will be sure to fizzle out. If say Bill Clinton is named and pursued, then Democrat leaning judges, senators and so on will try to find Republican people involved, and they will, as characters like Epstein play both sides of the political divide. Then it'll be a mess for everyone to be part of. Better to keep the names and the details hidden like all the nuclear weapons but let the other side know they have them.
  13. Norbert Rassragr


    Jump to the left. Step to the right. Do the time warp. New slogan. Contradictory advice. No intelligence. Mishandle everything. Make stuff up. Blame Labour.
  14. Norbert Rassragr


    It'll be heads shoulders knees and toes next. Or Work sets you free.
  15. Norbert Rassragr

    Good News!

    Had a good day in Birmingham yesterday with my dad. Had lunch at the Indian Streatery on Bennett's Hill, and it was brilliant.

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