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  1. "donald"

    Steve Bannon is possibly ordered to appear before Mueller. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-42710630
  2. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    "That's my side boob."

    Cyril Regis and also the lead singer of the Cranberries both dead.
  4. Premier League Stuff

    I just can't stand the grovelling. They are good, but like any Pep team, they can be got at if you have the skill, patience and a bit of luck. Chelsea famously did it with 10 men, Bayern were never that good in the Champions League under him. Brilliant to watch, and deadly when on form, but Pep is not Jesus.
  5. Premier League Stuff

    It's now 4-3. I did say 'if it ends like this', but the fact remains Pep's teams can be got at if you are brave and skillful.
  6. Cricket

    In Australia, we do. It's no coincidence that Starc, Hazelwood, Cummins and Johnson when he played tonked us down under. Their aggression and sheer speed terrified us. Woakes is good in English conditions (or he was finally doing it before that big injury), and Broad is still pretty good at home, but the Kookaburra ball and the pitches don't help swing bowlers. We need a variety of fast bowlers including 90mph+, bouncy, vicious bowlers. Pick the bowlers according to the typical conditions of the foreign tour and not because they are centrally contracted, or can bat a bit.
  7. Premier League Stuff

    Liverpool 4-1 Man Citeh as I write. It is nice to have a break from the Guardiola bukkake fest if it stays like this. Pep does not know how to defend against teams with lethal pace and incision like Citeh themselves have. Defend well, hassle the Citeh defence relentlessly and you may have a chance.
  8. Premier League Stuff

    Any ambitious player, a real Grade A star in the making would probably turn down Arsenal nowadays for the reasons Speeeedie highlighted. If say, that Lemar at Monaco had a straight choice between Liverpool, Arsenal and Napoli for example he would not be picking Arsenal unless they offered a load more money. Then if he did, he'd be there for about 3 seasons, struggle to get Champions league games, then do what Sanchez and Ozil seem to be doing.
  9. Message to Venky's

    What a coincidence regarding the agent representing the player. I believe Meadows is saying there's nothing to see here, as Mendes would just happen to trouser a nice cheque if that move came off. Nope, no corruption like what happened under Kean at all. My message to Venky's is just sell up and eff off you clowns.
  10. Cricket

    We needed more of that sort of fast bowling instead of Broad and Woakes. Wood was injured at the wrong time, but surely we have more proper fast, nasty bowlers playing.
  11. Message to Venky's

    The club looks like it is being run by Mr. Mendes. The transfers are carefully managed to fit into a country's rules, whilst the Portuguese clubs get little money from transfers, and are like those zombie ants that are infected with a parasitic fungus. It will eventually end in tears for Wolves, and they'll have a Portsmouth style collapse, with Mendes and friends running off with the money. The set up is just a higher class, better managed situation we have/had with Jerome Anderson.
  12. I wouldn't include players like Ward or Andrews as hated players for me. They did try to play football, gave effort but were just pants.
  13. Celebrity Mastermind

    Probably why his specialist subject was not Section 28.
  14. "donald"

    Do you mean the 'sh_hole countries' bit? Well he probably thinks everywhere that is not the USA is one of those, despite the many issues the USA has with health, infrastructure, social issues...........
  15. Myles Anderson, Bradley Orr, Danny Murphy, Leon Best and Le Saux. That last one was basically added after the way he conducted himself after that really bad injury. As soon as he got better, he stamped his feet and demanded a move back to Chelsea and gave up like a petulant kid. Wingers beat him when they never used to because he just was not trying. Oh and wasn't he the one who got Perez sent off for being punched?