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  1. Norbert Rassragr


    Even though that is like asking for your favourite disease because all the leaders are rubbish, to think that Boris and the Tories are still the most popular after 9 years of mismanagement, self inflicted chaos and arrogant cruelty suggests the UK deserves to be going down the crapper. If the result is a Tory majority, or a coherent Tory/DUP/Brexit party bloc then frankly the nation deserves having to go to food banks, homelessness, declining living standards and all the rest of the social problems that have happened.
  2. Norbert Rassragr


    It is now ok to call black people various racial insults, assume every Muslim is a kiddy fiddling terrorist and say so on twitter, collude with foreign diplomats (Priti Patel), call people who died in a horrific fire stupid and make up stories about crisps to further your career. It is not ok to question policies of a country that marginalises a section of it's own population and is in violation of many UN decisions because it represents a part of a particular religion. Thanks for clearing that up for me Sparks.
  3. Norbert Rassragr

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I remember Spuds getting absolutely bummed 4 or 5-0 that season when Suarez, Sterling and Sturridge were flying. It could have been 10 or more.
  4. Norbert Rassragr


    My first post you highlighted had a sarcastic tone, which is hard to express in text, and we are in agreement over the second quoted text. Anyone who votes for the Brexit Party is a complete tool. They have no policies other than making money out of iffy contacts with the kind of people who will make a fortune from a recession. They have no policies on transport, education, local government or other things that a normal party has.
  5. Norbert Rassragr


    Swinson is a Tory and Corbyn is seen as Jesus or Kim Philby depending on your outlook. It would never happen. Therefore we an expect a hard Brexit and Working class Tories celebrating losing more rights, money and so on just because they 'won'.
  6. Norbert Rassragr

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Keane might offer the coaches a fight if they disagree with him as well. He is a sledgehammer to crack a nut type of man. As for snowflake culture, the biggest snowflakes are over 40 years of age but that's a whole different thread and not related to football let alone Mowbray.
  7. Norbert Rassragr

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I wouldn't. Sure he's the opposite of Tony but he's been rubbish apart from that season or two at Sunderland before he took them back down. He's mental.
  8. Norbert Rassragr


    It won't. Farage is pure teflon and will get away with any dodgy stuff as will Trump. Donald will be backed by his party no matter what, and the Democrats will still be dithering over which of their 367 candidates will oppose him. And then chose the most colourless, unimaginative corporate puppet.
  9. Norbert Rassragr


    Been offline for a while. I bet we're all really fired up and looking forward to the election 😔. I expect a Conservative majority, or perhaps enough with the Brexit party in support as the last 9 years has been smooth, with happiness and success for all with a competent government.
  10. Norbert Rassragr

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Tony won't have that much pressure as his mates are with him, the owners are absent and useless and a sizeable chunk of the fan base are ok with losing to Leeds or West Brom as they are chasing promotion. To add to Tomphil's point about attitudes rubbing off onto players, it's why Ferguson was so good as he was so driven to win and wanted trophies. Roy Keane is the same, but he's an absolute fruit cake so he is not subtle and nuanced when needed.
  11. Norbert Rassragr

    If Tony goes...

    Out of that list I'd have the following in this order: Hughton Moyes Adkins
  12. Norbert Rassragr

    Happy Kean Out Day

    I have nothing against Sunderland, but I'd like him to really screw over another British club in order to prove us right.
  13. Norbert Rassragr

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    When Tony has a lot of money to spend on a player. https://images.app.goo.gl/sB5HzdFwRJAMN8Cp8
  14. Norbert Rassragr

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    As far as I know Force India was owned by another rich Indian, who was under a cloud for tax dodging or something like that. I don't remember hearing of other owners or stake holders.
  15. Norbert Rassragr

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Hughton, Moyes (unlikely I know), maybe even Bruce when he gets binned at Newcastle. As long as it's not Pulis, Megson McCall or some random has been like that.

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