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  1. Blow-in

    Brexit Thread

    This is a nonsense you effectively have a 2 party state and both parties were saying they were in favour of brexit people didnt have a lot of choice but to vote for a brexit supporting candidate. Its a bit like Saddam Hussein getting 97% of the vote he must have been really popular????
  2. Blow-in

    Brexit Thread

    Considering no form of deal is going to be acceptable to both the eu and the brexiteers. Surely the only option is a second referendum with 2 options 1 cancel everything and pretend it was all a dream like Dallas 2 out with no deal and take wto tarrifs. No fudges all in or all out.
  3. Blow-in


    Yes, new leftback sorted.
  4. Blow-in

    Premier League Stuff

    Yeah but where would he be playing for us?
  5. Blow-in

    Sunderland Netflix documentary

    For 10 million Id let them have access to my colonoscopy. Actually for 10 million id let them conduct my colonoscopy.
  6. Blow-in

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    He's the Blackburn manager.
  7. Blow-in


    I am not convinced la liga is not physical. Every time Madrid play an English side the papers are crying about Ramos beimg too rough. I watch a championship and premier league matches and there is nothing you wouldnt see in spain or italy.
  8. Blow-in


    Tony would play him on the left wing though.
  9. Blow-in

    Premier League Stuff

    You appear to have done it again...
  10. Blow-in

    Happy Kean Out Day

    Those who fail to learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them. Never forget and never forgive!
  11. Blow-in

    Free Football Autobiographies

    Andrea Pirlos book was a fantastic read. Also Paul McGraths. I read Tony Adam's soon after Paul's and it was not as good.
  12. Blow-in


    No it's not, 100million. There you go.
  13. Blow-in

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Cutting the grass? Painting the lines? Showing people to their seats?
  14. Blow-in

    Bradley Dack

    So apart from being strong, great technique, scores goals, good passing, makes players around him look better What have the Romans ever done for us?
  15. Blow-in


    Any other 2 players with Brown he could lower the average if he came on with Messi and Ronaldo

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