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  1. Blow-in

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    46 games to save our club 😁. Well done lads a magnificent season after a shaky start that had me verging on panic.
  2. Blow-in


    I have nothing to add to this as it sums up exactly how I feel, so with due acknowledgment I am going to cut and paste your message in full. Quick question, if he doesn’t achieve back to back promotions, does that mean he’s “not” a good manager? I don’t see how anyone could say he’s not a “good” manager after the past 12 months with us. He’s probably never going to be as successful as Kenny, unlikely to achieve promotion to the top flight like souness , or cement us in the top ten of the prem like Hughes! That doesn’t mean he isn’t a good manager. Hes already proven that in my eyes. To take what was left after season upon season of selling the best players, left by Coyle, rotting at the foot of the champ, and rebuild it from the ground up, you don’t do that if you’re just “average” It’s also worth mentioning that he is an absolute gent and speaks fantastically well about the game. Was the first manager to come in and acknowledge that the fans had been treated badly, that alone shows what kind of bloke he is; a football man. On that basis, it’s hard for me to see how people can be so critical right now. Made sense in September and early October, but I think the blokes fairly proven to be a good manager now.
  3. Blow-in

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    I am embarrassed to say last night was my first trip to ewood even though i have supported the club for 24 years. However what a night i dragged my non football supporting son to the match. It was incredible we are staying in Mellor and the locals are incredibly friendly the staff at the ground are a credit to the club. The young lad is already asking when we are coming back.
  4. Blow-in

    Rovers v Peterborough

    Thanks very much Den.
  5. Blow-in

    Rovers v Peterborough

    Lads going to the game tonight. First time driving where is the best place to park for the game?
  6. Blow-in

    Premier League Stuff

    If there was some sort of miracle and West Brom stay up and Palace go down instead that would be a hatrick of ex Rovers manager relegated in the same season. Ok could be.
  7. Blow-in

    Premier League Stuff

    Not any more...
  8. Blow-in

    Rovers v Bury

    What is Bradley dack doing in league 1?? He wont be there next year with or without Rovers.
  9. Blow-in

    Portsmouth v Rovers

  10. Yep apologies that is who I meant. Thanks for the correction.
  11. Blow-in

    David Raya (and general youth squad talk)

    Accy stanley? Who are they?
  12. Title says it all I can't find the story but basically Falkirk have canned the dirty drunk for going out on the piss one too many times. Means twice in six months clubs have had to pay him off.
  13. Blow-in

    Walsall at home 30.1.18

    You know our current level is the 3rd division. Right?
  14. Blow-in

    Walsall at home 30.1.18

    Reffing it. Who's the chaddy in the black!!!
  15. Blow-in

    Jason Lowe

    Lol average...he wishes he was average, he wishes he could see average from how far down he is.

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