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  1. The January 2018 transfer thread

    cash in hand...the venky way.
  2. Premier League Stuff

    Correct me if I am wrong but in the "invincibles" season, apart from Chelsea (who had a wank load of money freshly thrown at them) and United (who were always strong) I don't think the rest of the teams at the top were nearly as strong as now. United, Chelsea Spurs Liverpool and even Arsenal on their day
  3. Premier League Stuff

    One things for sure that is not a drwssing room the players will look forward to when they lose.
  4. Blackpool away

    Im happy enough for Mowbray to play centre back and mulgrew to manage the team.
  5. So, what signings do we need in January?

    Oh my God that second goal....
  6. Welsh dragon to black cat

    I reckon 99% of these managers have vastly over-inflated egos and think they have something special about them, in the same way race care drivers have no problem getting into a car the day after Senna died, they probably all think they are secretly the best in the world and only PR training keep them from spouting it all over the place.
  7. In fairness how was anyone to know Evans would last 45 minutes. Tony probably thought he would be injured after 5 minutes and then he could take him off.
  8. But thats just what they would expect, you are not functioning on the same intellectual plane as Tony.
  9. Shane Duffy

    @#/? you
  10. Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Another shocking referee performance. Missed 3 or 4 penalties. Sweden in a world cup instead of Italy is a travesty. I would not like to be the italian manager tonight although he probably won't last the night.
  11. Steve Kean back in Blackburn

    Is it bad that I checked if that was an anagram for Anderson?
  12. I'd be happy if Jimmy Seville bought us and then put himself in charge of the youth team.
  13. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    And Dacks the bottom line, Cause To...Mo...said so!!
  14. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    You're half-right
  15. Oldham away

    That place ain't what it used to be.