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  1. Trinidad Rover

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Wonderful stuff - fantastic from all involved, especially after the bad start. I will be celebrating tonight in Lima - not sure there are many rovers fans in Peru!?!
  2. Trinidad Rover

    Transfers Part 3

    Arguably, yes under Allardyce. That would then be a discussion on tactical systems - not an 'Allardyce' player. Could be wrong but I remember Kean freezing him out, even when he was pursuing his 'attractive' football system with Formica, Vuckevic et al
  3. Trinidad Rover

    Transfers Part 3

    Kalinic has just signed for AC Milan, initially on loan, with an option to buy for £22m. Never felt he cut it at rovers but another example of how far we have fallen under Venkys. I wonder how many of the players who have left would have thrived here under a proper coaching structure?
  4. Trinidad Rover

    Worst Away Day?

    Brighton away 3 or 4 seasons ago.... Kean/Berg/Appleton - I can't even remember but we got tonked, Etuhu got sent off and it was generally crap. The ground is rubbish too.
  5. Trinidad Rover

    Leeds Away

    Great post
  6. Trinidad Rover

    No To Coyle

    "We showed enough tonight to know that we can go out and win games, sometimes you don't quite get the run of the ball and luck isn't on your side. But it's important that we pick ourselves up quickly and prepare for the match against Rotherham on Saturday, there are no easy wins in the Championship and we need to prepare ourselves to be focussed and to try and win the game" Pearls of wisdom from our outstanding candidate. Owen 'Alan partridge' Coyle. At least partridge has some fans.
  7. Trinidad Rover

    Summer Transfer/discussion Thread

    Robson Kanu is a free agent this summer, looked decent in this game. Might be worth a look
  8. Trinidad Rover

    European Championship France 2016

    Lee Williamson starting for Jamaica against Uruguay in the Copa America tonight. Sure he'll have Suarez and Cavani in his back pocket.....
  9. Trinidad Rover

    Next Manager

    Joyce thread on the MUFC board makes interesting reading - he is very highly thought of, but all seems rosy in their garden at the moment I suppose. http://www.redcafe.net/threads/warren-joyce.390068/
  10. Trinidad Rover

    Takeover / Part Takeover ?

    Out of the frying pan......
  11. Trinidad Rover

    Takeover / Part Takeover ?

    Not sure things can be as clear cut as spending £20m on transfers - we are still close to the embargo (Cheston's onterview) so even if that money was available to spend, new investment or not, I doubt we could. Past experience tells me Venkys are going nowhere despite this news. We are but a tiny part of their chicken empire and its rather obvious is we are a long long way down their priority list. I'm certain they don't spend a tenth of the time we do contemplating our plight.
  12. No, Abbey, he shouldn't. What he should do is deal with it internally and do what he's paid for. Ironic, in my opinion, that he has chosen to complain about having to do 'non football' related things, yet he does an interview about said things. All this seems to have done is once again alienate the fanbase/cause panic. In no way are Venkys doing a great job and of course, many of us would agree with Lambert's sentiments. The running of the football club is shambolic, we all know it, but this press interview won't do anything to help Lamberts cause. Show's a lack of leadership in my opinion - if I did something similar about my boss I would be out of the door. There is a need for perspective here - to us, as fans, Rovers is important and something we all love. We therefore want the best for it and want to believe Venkys feel the same. Unfortunately for us Venkys are a gobal conglomerate who own hundreds of companies, generating them billions in pofit. We are a small piece of that business jigsaw. I doubt our grievences give them much concern. This is modern day football unfortunately, great ey?
  13. Trinidad Rover

    Norman Bell v Chris Brown

    Surprised Ashley Ward hasn't been mentioned as part of the pantheon of crap strikers we've had. He was a shocker.
  14. Trinidad Rover

    Transfer Talk Part 4

    Jones would be a good signing - saw him live the other night captain TnT against a full strength USA side here in Trinidad (which included Jermaine Jones). He was a class above in that game. Good footballer. Somewhat biased I imagine, but there are 3/4 extremely talented players in that Trinidad team. Centre half Sheldon Bateau will be a hell of a player. Currently playing in the Russian Premier for FC Krylia Sovetov. Winger Joevin Jones, currently at Chicago, is a good winger.
  15. Trinidad Rover

    Premier League 2015/16 Thread

    Garry Monk is the latest premier league manager to be sacked. A bit knee jerk this one as I think he has done some good work there - also currently 15th in the table. Time for the Ginger Mourinho?

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