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  1. Trinidad Rover

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Absolutely - much better footballer in my opinion.
  2. Trinidad Rover

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Outstanding performance - best we’ve played in a long long time. Well done to all! holtby and downing were class. Interesting Gallagher’s goal came as he was playing through the middle..........!!!!!
  3. Trinidad Rover

    Preston (home)

    Holtby has so much class. Bell just isn’t up to this standard. Gallagher looks completely lost out wide. Baffling.
  4. Trinidad Rover

    Championship season 2019-20

    As it stands we could go 6th on Monday. Our goal difference is horrendous compared to the other teams in playoff positions. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite us in the backside later in the season.
  5. Trinidad Rover

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    It will be interesting to see how the players react in this game - are they also feeling sorry for themselves after the nasty fans grumbled on Saturday or are they also sick of TM? If they down tools TM is a gonner
  6. Trinidad Rover

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    It’s the hope that kills you
  7. Trinidad Rover

    Walton stats

    Surely this needs to be addressed in January. Extremely poor keeper.
  8. Trinidad Rover

    Preston Away

    This weeks excuse will be the referee. the officials were absolutely shocking but that defeat is a culmination of all of the errors TM has made in 3 transfer windows. The GK is utterly awful and the defense is the worst I’ve ever seen at rovers. The bigger issue in all of this is the boys club atmosphere that is manifest in the club. Quite simply, they do not care. You can almost excuse getting beaten if there is a genuine effort or more quality in the other team. This lot believe their own hype. Off chavving it up in Dubai during the breaks, talking about top 6.... This is also the most unfit rovers side I’ve ever seen. They cannot play longer than 45 minutes. The buck for all of that lies firmly at the feet of TM and his coaching staff. It is scary to see how far behind this club is set up compared to others in this league and above. Im past anger and into apathy. 4000 today and the rest of the fan base deserve better.
  9. Trinidad Rover

    Preston Away

    Total apathy. sad sad state of affairs.
  10. Trinidad Rover

    Preston Away

    Walton is absolutely shocking.
  11. Trinidad Rover

    Preston Away

    Cunningham out for the season. I think this should force TMs hand to play 3 at the back. If we play Bell we are essentially playing 10 men - I've never seen a worse left back at Rovers. Walton Tosin Williams Lenihan Bennet Downing Travis Holtby Rothwell Armstrong Dack
  12. Trinidad Rover

    QPR Away

    Armstrong Rothwell Dack Holtby Downing Travis Cunningham Lenihan Williams Bennett Walton I would like to see an extended run of games with that line up. There is no way he will drop Armstrong after the Forest game. However knowing TM, he will tell us all QPR are a 'fantastic footballing side, who use it well on the grass' and we will play Johnson/Evans. His line on Holtby not knowing English football in his post match presentation was baffling, so I also don't expect him to start.
  13. Trinidad Rover

    January transfer window 2020

    Jack Butland. Stoke are a basket case - sign him up!
  14. Trinidad Rover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Holtby is class
  15. Trinidad Rover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Walton should have saved that

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