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  1. Trinidad Rover

    Preston Away

    Cunningham out for the season. I think this should force TMs hand to play 3 at the back. If we play Bell we are essentially playing 10 men - I've never seen a worse left back at Rovers. Walton Tosin Williams Lenihan Bennet Downing Travis Holtby Rothwell Armstrong Dack
  2. Trinidad Rover

    QPR Away

    Armstrong Rothwell Dack Holtby Downing Travis Cunningham Lenihan Williams Bennett Walton I would like to see an extended run of games with that line up. There is no way he will drop Armstrong after the Forest game. However knowing TM, he will tell us all QPR are a 'fantastic footballing side, who use it well on the grass' and we will play Johnson/Evans. His line on Holtby not knowing English football in his post match presentation was baffling, so I also don't expect him to start.
  3. Trinidad Rover

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Jack Butland. Stoke are a basket case - sign him up!
  4. Trinidad Rover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Holtby is class
  5. Trinidad Rover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Walton should have saved that
  6. Trinidad Rover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    As I was saying...…!
  7. Trinidad Rover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Fairly solid half after very nearly going behind in the first minute. Downing is impressive, turning out to be a very astute signing. More quality needed - Holtby and Rothwell for Gallagher and A N Other.
  8. Trinidad Rover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Staggering when you consider Norwich picked up someone like Pukki for free.
  9. Trinidad Rover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Well he certainly isn't a winger and on previous evidence he isn't much use playing up front either. Try him in goal?
  10. Trinidad Rover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Armstrong's problem is his lack of end product - he often goes on blazing runs, stops and loses the ball. Needs to learn to pass/cross/shoot.
  11. Trinidad Rover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Brereton making up for his inability to score goals with a serious talent for football clichés on commentary.
  12. Trinidad Rover

    Luton Town home

    So frustrating. Luton are extremely average yet rovers show no urgency or intensity for 90 minutes. 3 points thrown away. Unfortunately we’ve spent 12m on two duds, we are sorely lacking quality up front. Holtby has to start from now on.
  13. Trinidad Rover

    Luton Town home

    Agreed - fairly confident no channel here in Costa Rica is showing Rovers v Luton!
  14. Trinidad Rover

    Reading (A)

    Great result. Game management lightyears ahead of last season, despite it still being nervy. Fair play to TM on the defense this season, chalk and cheese. Travis looked shattered and I think we are still short a goal scorer up top. Gallagher worked extremely hard but doesn’t look a goal threat to me. holtby looked technically v good, some nice passes. Expect he will be starting soon.
  15. Trinidad Rover

    Lewis Holtby

    Mowbray seems genuinely delighted and surprised we have signed him.....which means either a) Venkys have gone big on his wages/sign on fee b) he is taking a hit to join a club where he's wanted and sees some opportunity In either scenario it's great to sign a player with some pedigree that has generated excitement amongst the fanbase. Fans of other clubs are also overwhelmingly jealous! Brilliant!

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