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  1. Trinidad Rover


    would be a hell of a signing. For that reason unlikely to happen......
  2. Trinidad Rover

    Ben Brereton

    At least Grabbi looked like he had something and got a goal or two. Compared technically to Brereton so far Grabbi looks like Messi. Brereton needs to go out on loan ASAP but I can't see him becoming a championship level forward. At 19 he may be 'raw' and have potential but as other posters have seen, there haven't been any flashes/moments of ability.
  3. Trinidad Rover

    Millwall away Saturday 12th Jan kick off 17.30

    Fantastic!!!!! Feed the 🥜
  4. Trinidad Rover

    Millwall away Saturday 12th Jan kick off 17.30

    Meanwhile Palmer, who we couldn’t get a tune out of, scores the winner for Bristol.
  5. Trinidad Rover

    Rovers V Norwich 22/12/18

    Price tag, age, potential......put all of that aside - Brereton is a woeful footballer.
  6. Trinidad Rover

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    1-1 is a decent result. We lack quality and that is why we are mid table. This is a work in progress. Mulgrew was immense today and I thought Downing looked like a proper defender. Armstrong was shocking. Rothwell is technically superb, hopefully he can learn the other side of the game and develop his awareness. Middlesborugh are absolutely dreadful to watch, lucky we don’t sit through that every week. Onwards and upwards.
  7. Trinidad Rover

    FA CUP

    Great draw - nothing to lose so go up there and in the words of G. Bowyer, ‘give it a right good go’ Play 4 up front. Then put Brereton on at left back for the last 10 minutes.
  8. Trinidad Rover

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    The 7m man will be lethal in league 1! If he is allowed to start.
  9. Trinidad Rover

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    This is absolutely staggering - to go 3 at the back when we are already defensively all over the place. Work to do Mr Mowbray.
  10. Trinidad Rover

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Bell needs to come off - liability. Evans - off for Rothwell. Reed into the middle
  11. Trinidad Rover

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Deserved lead for Wigan. Rovers are shambolic currently.
  12. Trinidad Rover

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    same issue with me - been locked out and cant sign back in! Any joy fixing the issue?
  13. Trinidad Rover

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Have to play it safe and go back to the formula that has delivered success so far: Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew William Smallwood Evans Reed Dack Armstrong Graham Like it or not the defense looks far more vulnerable without Evans/Smallwood in front of them. Reed has to play instead of Bennett and Graham up top. Back to what we know and not 'a new style of football'.
  14. Trinidad Rover

    Academy & U'21's

    The Lithuanian youngster we got in the Summer, Vilius Piliukatis, is making waves for the under 18s and getting rave reviews. Scored two and got an assist against West Brom in a 4-1 win. Reports suggested we beat some 'big' clubs to his signature so excited to see how he progresses.
  15. Trinidad Rover

    ROVERS v qpr

    Good win - eating some humble pie, thought we were crap for much of the game. Palmer and Brereton provided some creativity. Nice one.

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