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    Transfers Part 2

    Helan wouldn't be great from what I've seen of him, bit of a headless chicken, lacks serious composure when it comes to making a final decision, poor positioning when at full back albeit with a few tricks up his sleeve and pace/power. Do not want at full back. Looked at a post on a Wednesday forum that's pretty damning "We had better check over the current trading standards position if Blackburn think they're signing a footballer. Legal case Could hang over us for years." Overall. Slight upgrade on Feeney.
  2. TheWeasel

    Transfers Part 2

    Arsenal are looking to loan Wilshere out, perhaps he'd like a lovely season long spell under his former mentor Owen Coyle.
  3. TheWeasel

    Vs. Wigan Away

    That was a pitifully disjointed performance. I felt like everytime Wigan had the ball they had a free run at our defence. A stand out to me is that the team did not look well drilled, organised or motivated which should come from the manager. Greer, Conway and possibly Stokes are the only players who I could honestly say put actual effort in. As for the chanting I didn't hear any racist chanting (though if there were, it's reprehensible and subsequent bans should be dished out) and as for the booing, it's one of the most pitifully disgusting performances I've witnessed and as the chants reigned out "You're not fit to wear the shirt" I agree with the sentiment.
  4. TheWeasel

    Rovers V Norwich City

    I was absolutely ready to watch us get destroyed today but actually watching it was horrific, one of the sorriest displays I've seen from a squad full of utterly feckless players. Adam Henley is disgustingly bad at this level, Marshall and Akpan seemingly played wherever they wanted to, the midfield was disjointed and disorganised, it's almost as though the person supposed to organise the team is an utter incompetent.
  5. TheWeasel

    New Season Transfers

    I feel as though Gomez would have fared much better under a more attack minded manager, but the reality is his wages will be too high for us and even in a more attacking side he is still massively inconsistent which you simply cannot have in the Championship.
  6. TheWeasel

    Ipswich Away

    Looking on the old Twitter it seems as though Ipswich fans aren't ecstatic with their team either, looks as though they've taken out a few creative midfielder in exchange for a few battlers.
  7. TheWeasel

    Ipswich Away

    Not confident at all tonight, but if there's one thing Lambert has made us it's a dogged side that can be difficult to beat. Realistically I think we could take them for a draw but in actuality I think it will end up 3-1 to Ipswich. Hoping the likes of Simeon Jackson could be in for a start.
  8. TheWeasel

    Stop The Fecking Goal Music!

    I wouldn't mind the goal music if it was delayed somewhat, seems like as soon as it's in the back of the net the fans are being drowned out. Coldplay however are such a depressing band, how on Earth is that music supposed to hype anyone up for a match? We need something upbeat and exciting rather than something that wouldn't be out of place at a funeral.
  9. TheWeasel

    Birmingham City At Home

    Graham was a well deserved MOTM, also thought Corry Evans was very good today. I know Evans has his doubters but it was a tenacious display from him, snappy in the tackle, won a myriad of 50/50's and didn't allow the Brum midfield any time on the ball, very good DM on his day. Enjoyed another Simeon Jackson cameo tonight as well, he hasn't scored yet but I'm rooting for him, funny how a bit of pace can strike fear in many defences near the end of the game, if he can keep it up I honestly wouldn't mind extending his contract (Bench option).
  10. TheWeasel

    Birmingham City At Home

    "Birmingham haven't kept a clean sheet at Blackburn in 56 league attempts" should be a doddle then... Lenihan is going to have a huge task on his hands as he'll probably be on Jon Toral all game, he could really cause us some problems if he's allowed time and space on the ball. Donaldson is a big lump and a major handful on his day but the kind of striker Duffy and Hanley seem to prosper against. Gonna say 2-1 Rovers
  11. TheWeasel

    Boro Match Thread

    Not everyone was effective, but from each and every player the effort and desire was superb. Special mention to the two young lads, Matt Grimes and Darragh Lenihan. Grimes once again showing excellent technique on the ball and unreal composure, seemed to tire towards the end but if he keeps this up I wouldn't mind taking him on next season (Even if it's only another loan). Lenihan prospered in the anchor role once again, seemed to be first to every ball, dominant in the air, distribution much improved from previous games, didn't give as many fouls away either. Don't want to speak too soon but Lenihan has the qualities of a great leader, I certainly hope he can keep this up. Graham had his best game in a long time and though it was just a glimmer, Tony Watt had his best game so far; never afraid to try something a little different, always willing to take players on and I think the fans really appreciate that. Fans were great, bring on the scum.
  12. TheWeasel

    Mk Dons At Home

    Want to say how impressive I thought Lenihan was, once again. It seems as though whenever the team drops their heads or don't put the graft in, Lenihan is there directing players and committing to everything 100%. Was superb when shifted to the anchor role, offering MK dons no time on the ball forcing them out wide. Whilst not technically superb, I feel as though he could be a pivotal player for us in the final run of games. Also impressive was Elliott Bennett, seems to be getting better with every game he plays, ridiculously hard worker and great crosser of the ball, whether tracking back and defending or in attack he seems to be absolutely everywhere. Matt Grimes looked impressive, to come on at a crucial time with a restless crowd and show the composure he did, he looked well beyond his years and changed the game when he came on. As for the Chris Brown stuff, I don't personally go for abusing players but I can see where the frustration comes from. I think people lash out at Brown as he epitomises a serious dip in squad quality in recent years and he's an easy target.

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