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  1. TheWeasel

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    Great performances from Brereton, Armstrong, Johnson and Wharton. Wharton’s passing did look a bit iffy but he also threaded some really impressive balls in between the lines alongside his questionable lofted balls forward, which tells me it may not so much be technique and more decision making which comes with games which I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more of him this season. Impressive.
  2. TheWeasel

    Swansea City away

    Sharpe made the point then the squad started skryking if I recall
  3. TheWeasel

    Swansea City away

    Has Mowbray ever given a justification for Gally on the wing? A rational? Anything because we all sit here stumped week in week out seeing a very clear problem that he’s blind to (well one of many things he’s blind to)
  4. TheWeasel

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    I felt a bit for Tom Trybull, in essence he was being asked to do a two man job and cover in DM for the marauding fullbacks. Last night you had Corry Evans ineffective in some bizarre midfield position I couldn’t make sense of what his role actually was, wasn’t defensive cover (which it should be) wasn’t assisting attack or even box to box just a strange static role. Because of how ineffective the midfield was trybull was overworked and the lack of shielding saw reading taking a run at our centre backs way too frequently. The players might not have all been available last night but you must adapt to the 11 on the pitch having Evans do anything other than DM tidy work is like asking a dog to play the banjo.
  5. TheWeasel

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Three utterly abysmal goals to concede. I can’t comprehend the absolute brainlessness. Lenihan blatantly being targeted.
  6. TheWeasel

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Weird performance last night, some good build up play and chances created but classic lacking a killer edge and weak at the back. I don’t know about anyone else but despite the many chances we had I never felt for a minute that we’d put them to the sword. But two of the hardest games out of the way. Young Elliott looks like he’s got a real touch of class and I’m very excited to see him play more. Trybull only had about twenty minutes but he managed to look more useful than Corey Evans has since his return, I like how quickly he looked to release the ball compared to Evans tepid dallying. We need Douglas ASAP, the guy might not be the best defender in the world but I’m sure as shit he’ll be better than Bell defensively and leagues apart going forwards. Glad Brereton was back on form as well, aside from the goal he was winning free kicks, only one of the front three who could do anything remotely close to hold up and made a nuisance of himself, he could be very useful this season.
  7. TheWeasel

    Summer Transfer Window

    This is doing the rounds, does anyone actually know our sell on fee for Raya?
  8. TheWeasel

    Bournemouth away

    Tyrhys Dolan had a great cameo changed the game showed some great skill and opened up some pockets of space that honestly I don’t think any of our other players could bar maybe dack. Yeah he lost the ball for Bournemouth’s winner but that’s the risk these players carry. If our shape was good Dolans loss of possession would have amounted to nothing so really harsh to blame him, blame the shite midfield shape. I don’t even think our back four were that bad the midfield shape absolutely ruins us and the way it’s set up means we will always concede goals even if we had great championship defenders. Also thought Kaminski looked pretty good not much he could have done for the goals, looked comfortable on the ball played sweeper efficiently and that one save was incredible.
  9. TheWeasel

    Summer Transfer Window

    I saw more tweets from Gent fans surprised he was going for such a low fee and with good things to say. Naturally people will be bitter when players leave but ultimately only thing that matters to me is how he plays for us
  10. TheWeasel

    Summer Transfer Window

    I know the guys not played in the most illustrious leagues but nice to see us linked with someone with a few winners medals
  11. TheWeasel

    Summer Transfer Window

    Plenty of issues can crop up trying to sign a player sometimes you’ll miss out and it is what it is. But letting contracts run is absolutely unforgivable. I feel for the first time in a while we have a few cash cows letting contracts get down to one year is incredibly risky and very avoidable. We as a club can not afford to be lackadaisical like this.
  12. TheWeasel

    Summer Transfer Window

    Oh for sure I’m not saying the guy is irreplaceable by any stretch of the imagination but I think he was our best defender this season. An experienced goalkeeper for communicating with the back four and a good sweeper style cb would be ideal to complement lenihans more gung ho approach. These players need to be bought quickly rather than the usual pissing about we do.
  13. TheWeasel

    Summer Transfer Window

    Some harsh words towards Tosin here, I thought he was our best defender by a fairly decent margin better than Lenihan and Nyambe who are thought of quite highly (generally). He will be missed by me , he didn’t bully strikers but he didn’t need to...apart from his passing he was pretty quiet which is good for a centre back. If you have a defender constantly making these blood and thunder tackles or last ditch body on the line sort of stuff it looks good in highlights but they’re generally shite positionally which I don’t think Tosin was. Victim of looking too laid back I think. I will emphasise truly you don’t need anything better than solid at the back to get out of this division you just need a competent tactician. I am pretty sure better centre backs than Tosin would struggle here with our poor defensive tactics.
  14. TheWeasel

    Summer Transfer Window

    I think we should sign downing for another year under the assumption we change the way we use him. I feel he’d be a great bench option, good ball retention if we’re leading a game also option to bring on for good set piece deliveries and crosses if we need a plan b.

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