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  1. Agreed I thought when Conway got injured that Chapman would have come on for him. As he adds pace and is not afraid to take his man on. He must start against Shrewsbury. Dack was unlucky with his header, Samuel and antonasson had chances but Wimbledon got men back to defend and snuffed them out
  2. Very bad 1st half. Ward nearly gave them a 2nd. Antonasson is working very hard. They look knackered very laboured. Hopefully a better 2nd half. 1st 10 mines will be crucial
  3. Correct as TM said before the season started every team will see you as a major scalp. Anyone can beat anyone on any given day.
  4. Always had a soft spot for them. Used to love watching the goals from premier league and seeing efan ekoku score scrappy goal. On the game itself by no means be push overs hopefully we can get the win.
  5. Great win real backs to wall stuff. Some clearance off the line by William's. Antonasson took his goal well. Great ball by Bennett Well done a year ago we would have lost that game. Thought dack was good when he came on and raya made a number of important saves at the end.
  6. A clown looks like a serious shafting
  7. They've had a probably lions share of possession forced a few saves from raya
  8. In fairness I thought ward done what he needed to do against mk Dons and Rochdale (even though very poor) can only go off highlights for 1st three games. Of the two I'd probably leave Dowling off as ward has had more games
  9. Hopefully we can get another 3 points tomorrow night. Scunthorpe will be well organised and up for it. I'd expect Conway to make it as I think he was taken off more as a precaution than anything else on Saturday. If mulgrew is fit id expect him to start while ward and Dowling done nothing wrong on Saturday. Coyb
  10. Thought Evans and Smallwood were immense.
  11. Good win . We were very hard to break down. Thought midfield were excellent. I thought conway ran himself into the ground. Bar a couple of balls into the box and when they hit the bar Rochdale were poor. Delighted to see Graham get a run and get on the score sheet. Makes journey home easier
  12. Thank @#/? for that just boarding now didn't fancy going over with no game
  13. Looking forward to this. 1st "away"of the season. Hopefully we can get 3 points. It will be interesting does TM go with 2 up top like against mk Dons or one in the last 20 mines. I don't think he will stray too much from that game. Hopefully mulgrew makes it. See you all Saturday
  14. Or until January see if someone will pay 3 million for him.
  15. I can drive him if he's stuck for a lift