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  1. Irishrover213

    Oldham away

    This will be though Oldham picked up 2 wins on the bounce and will be up for this. Byrne will be out to prove a point against us. Doyle the striker isn't bad either. Hopefully we get 3 points
  2. Fair play thanks for updates
  3. I remember cheston saying at one of the meetings that pasha refused to attend as supporter communication was not his job. Cheston will try and get Mowbray to speak for as much of the evening as possible
  4. Irishrover213

    Gillingham - Home

    Good side. Be interesting to see how whittingham goes I'd imagine he will start centre. Really depends on which rovers turns up. We will know soon enough. Hopefully we can get 3 points
  5. Irishrover213

    Coyle's new job

    Oh sweet Jesus the poor lads. Get ready for excuses excuses and a defence that can't hold their p1ss. I'll give him 10 games
  6. Irishrover213

    team for rotherham

    Great win. Thought we managed the game well. Delighted for Chapman took his goal well. Thought Dowling was very good in the back. Antonasson took his goal well. Whittingham nearly added a third as did Marcus. Great solid win at home
  7. Irishrover213

    team for rotherham

    Great ball by mulgrew great finish by antonasson. Super work by Samuel to chase down the ball for the corner
  8. Irishrover213

    team for rotherham

    I thought antonsson done well on Saturday when he came on and played well on wing We need to get home form sorted asap. These will be tricky but beatable. Mowbray seems to see Chapman as a last 20 player. When legs are tired send him on.
  9. Irishrover213

    Shrewsbury Away

    I thought he done ok. Full of running. I thought Chapman complimented dack as it allowed him to drive forward from a more central position.
  10. Irishrover213

    Shrewsbury Away

    We massively got out of jail today. Thought once they scored the flood gates were going to open. Only for Chapman coming on punching holes in their defence we were gone. Chapman must start against Rotherham. Thought Graham looked at sea. Need 3 on Tuesday
  11. Irishrover213

    Shrewsbury Away

    Great work by Chapman dack took it well come on
  12. Irishrover213

    Shrewsbury Away

    Watching thw gane here. We are terrible don't even look like scoring bar the mulgrew free kick and Bennett's deflected shot we have offered nothing
  13. Irishrover213

    Shrewsbury Away

    Hoping we can continue our away form. With Conway out hopefully Chapman starts. Shrewsbury will be a strong side. We ended bradfords and Scunthorpes unbeaten records this season. Would be excellent if we added Shrewsbury to that
  14. Irishrover213


    Agreed I thought when Conway got injured that Chapman would have come on for him. As he adds pace and is not afraid to take his man on. He must start against Shrewsbury. Dack was unlucky with his header, Samuel and antonasson had chances but Wimbledon got men back to defend and snuffed them out
  15. Irishrover213


    Very bad 1st half. Ward nearly gave them a 2nd. Antonasson is working very hard. They look knackered very laboured. Hopefully a better 2nd half. 1st 10 mines will be crucial

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