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  1. harryhealless1928

    January transfer window 2020

    Have to agree about goalkeeping standards. When you see Kepa at Chelsea(worlds most expensive?) Im honestly not too worried about Walton. What I am worried about is the players POTENTIALLY LEAVING i.e. might be subject to a cheeky last-day bid from Pemiership relegation fighters! Got to hope there were very few scouts at yestyerdays game. Whats the chances of keeping Armstrong if a cheeky £8 million bid comes in from Bournemouth? Remember they have previous swiping Josh King & Conor Mahoney(even though the latter didnt work out)!
  2. harryhealless1928

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Best performance I can remember since we beat Norwich 7-1 at home with Shearer(2 goals) & Wegerle(2 goals)in 1992. We hit 7 against Sheffield Wednesday in 1997 but I didnt see that game! All credit to the defence for keeping a clean sheet which rarely happens with such a tub-thumping win! This is the sort of scoreline you get with Klopp or Pep as manager!
  3. harryhealless1928

    Brum FA Cup

    Cant totally blame Venkys for that,if true,Cherry Blue. Id rest Lenihan as hes a bit injury-prone,and possibly also Armstrong(our only semi-reliable source of goals left)-just in case we get into a relegation dog-fight. Might as well give Samuels a run-out(but I doubt Mowbray will). Id bo:- Leutwiler -Bennett,Tosun,Williams,Bell- Chapman,Travis,Evans,Rothwell-Samuels,Downing. Subs:-Walton,Lenihan,Holtby,Buckley,Smallwood,Johnson,Gallagher. And YES,I would prefer Smallwood to Brereton.Sorry.
  4. harryhealless1928

    Leeds (A) - Same as last year lads... kind of.

    From what I remember of Pantilimon in the Premier League(admittedly a while ago & a higher level)I think Id rather stick with Walton. If Dack does leave in the January transfer window Im seriously struggling to think of 3 worse teams than us on current form. Defender Del is nearly the only other goal scorer this season(other than Armstrong)-forget about the £11 million combo of Brereton & Gallagher. Add to that we always seem to concede too many goals and it really doesnt look good.
  5. harryhealless1928

    Character (or lack of)

    The conclusion of all those statistics is that if we want a strong team with strong mental strength we need a change of manager. Pronto. Before(not after) we get relegated!
  6. harryhealless1928

    Preston Away

    Would anyone take us doing a Southampton at home if it got Mowbray the sack? Mind you,a 0-9 home defeat is some achievement,even with 10 men for most of the game! And it certainly wouldnt do the goal average much good. Still our season is far from over. We have a relegation dog-fight(fight???)to look forward to.☹️
  7. harryhealless1928

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Why should they be better than us? Have they spent more than £15 million on strikers in the past 2 years plus big wage earners like Downing & Holtby ? When will you inject positivity into the club ? I suppose we have to wait until"defenders are coming"whenever that is !
  8. harryhealless1928

    Mowbray Poll

    Yes well the main problem is getting into a relegation dog-fight. I have no confidence Mowbray can inspire the team to "fight its way out" and voted accordingly. His money signings have been awful(Dack,Rothwell & possibly Armstrong apart). Im not being over critical...anyone who plays so many players in wrong positions is trying to do what exactly??? On a more positive note,I have never criticised Bennett. Playing a right-sided midfielder at LEFT-back-probably better than Gallagher,Brereton,Holtby or Bell in this position? I would say so.
  9. harryhealless1928

    If Tony goes...

    Yes indeed the experiences at Celtic & Coventry say it all. Thanks for the immediate promotion from League I but I second the fact that Gary Bowyer was one thousand-fold better at spending transfer money(albeit small amounts ) wisely compared to Mowbray . So they both struggle at the Championship level but Bowyer does it on a far smaller budget.
  10. harryhealless1928

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    To me the real worry is if we get in a relegation-battle by going on another poor run. The threadbare defence in spite of a glut of 20+ midfielders(shades of Gary Bowyers unbalanced squad anyone?). To be fair to Gary Bowyer he was a hell of a lot better than Mowbray in the buying/selling department. Injuries to 2/3 defenders mean we will struggle to put out a team at all in spite of the £15 million spent! Dont you think other teams will target our vulnerable defence?
  11. harryhealless1928

    Luton Town home

    Danny Graham came on a free(high wages maybe)but is far and away still the only decent striking option we have other than midfielder Dack. We need to seriously trawl the free-transfer market in January,as clearly Mowbray is incapable of spending the money on strikers wisely. It makes no sense spending any more considering the debt we are in.
  12. harryhealless1928

    Luton Town home

    Early days,I know but clearly Mowbray shouldnt be allowed to spend any more money on strikers. On the positive side,I dont expect us to get relegated. This tedious possession-style football probably works best away from home. Mowbrays refusal to play his strongest team(which MUST include Graham) means he isnt getting the best from the squad available. At least we can now play a strong team in the FACup as there is probably no chance of promotion!
  13. harryhealless1928

    Reading (A)

    Think Tonys tombola is an attempt to imitate Pep with playing players out of position. Whilst it probably foxes our own players it also confuses the opposition!!
  14. harryhealless1928

    Reading (A)

    Much like he did for Hamburg in the last 4 seasons. Neat & tidy passer but NOT a goalscorer-so read Tom Cairney/and or Corry Evans.
  15. harryhealless1928

    Reading (A)

    Holtby ISNT a goalscorer.Never saw him score for Hamburg in Bundesliga I or II in many matches on bt t.v.

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