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  1. Bohinen 22

    Premier League Stuff

    Full credit to Burnley. Dyche has and continues to do a super job. United are garbage. How the mighty have fallen.
  2. Bohinen 22

    Stewart Downing

    A class act. Player of the Year without question and Mowbray deserves credit for his signing. Definitely worth another year. A great professional.
  3. Bohinen 22

    January transfer window 2020

    Whoever it is will need some time on the grass before they learn about how we play and they're ready.
  4. Bohinen 22

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    That really is a shocking statistic from a supposed attacking midfielder. I suppose there was a reason we got him on a free from Oxford Utd. Agree on Mulgrew. Think, although his performances weren't as good defensively last season, he deserves respect for what he's done for the club and would be due a top reception.
  5. Bohinen 22

    January transfer window 2020

    It is laughable that Mowbray continually talks about inflated fees when he has wasted 12 million on two donkeys who have a grand total of two league goals all season between them. Why does no one at Radio Lancs or LET call him out on this? He really must think the punters are thick to accept all the rubbish that spouts out his mouth. He'll be mentioning dew on the grass next.
  6. Bohinen 22

    January transfer window 2020

    Madine to Blackpool on a free is a good signing. Two years after costing 6 million. Hope this comment isn't deleted like my last.
  7. Bohinen 22

    Preston (home)

    I'd go back to the 4231. Walton, Nyambe (if fit), Lenihan, Tosin, Downing at the back. Travis and Evans in the centre. Front four of Armstrong, Holtby, Chapman and Graham. Pace out wide. Craft and experience in the centre.
  8. Great article. Man management is curiously one of Mowbray's flaws.
  9. Bohinen 22

    Preston (home)

    Sinclair would've been a great replacement for Dack. They will beat us because they're a much better side than us without Dack. We don't score enough and our defence is poor and goalkeepers garbage.
  10. Bohinen 22

    January transfer window 2020

    Preston have been linked with Dwight Gayle. The kind of signing that can get you promoted. Top quality. If only we had 12 million to spend and we hadn't spent in on two of those non scoring strikers that you can play out wide.
  11. Bohinen 22

    January transfer window 2020

    Lowe was dreadful. No football brain, or ability whatsoever. How managers from Bowyer to Coyle rated him so highly is bizarre when everyone else could see he was garbage. Smallwood was in a different league. And did a great job in league one. Personally think he's been harshly treated this season. It's not as though our central midfield has been strong and bossing games consistently. He always got stuck in and his passing was no worse than Johnson's has been.
  12. Bohinen 22

    Brum FA Cup

    Team of bottlers. Getting beat off the team that is bottom of the form table with a man extra is a disgrace. No leaders, no system, no plan, no fitness.
  13. Bohinen 22

    January transfer window 2020

    That was that prat Stokes.
  14. Bohinen 22

    Forest V Rovers

    How many Bristols away have we had recently? Far more performances like today. He did a great job in league one. But how long do you live off that?
  15. Bohinen 22

    Forest V Rovers

    And this says it all. Walton is crap. Gallagher is crap. Gallagher was crap three years ago and he's even worse now which is some achievement. Why would anyone sign them? Oh because we are still entrenched with dodgy agents. It's a disgrace.

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