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  1. Bohinen 22

    Cardiff away

    Walton in goal, Gallagher on the right wing , Bennett at left back. Three certainties unless injuries. Oh and Tony will persist with the false nine experiment, thinking he’s Vicente Del Bosque in 2010.
  2. Bohinen 22

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Seven and a half Sam Gallagher’s would get you about five goals a season.
  3. Bohinen 22

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    Mowbray should be seriously questioned on our absolutely dreadful transfer business. To sell Raya, our best goalie since Brad ands product of the youth system for peanuts, to a rival was a disgrace. And then to replace him with a loan, and a garbage loan at that was also disgrace. Then to buy that donkey Gallagher for £5 million and stick him on the right wing all season is again a disgrace. All for me, sackable offences. Then to not replace our best player when he’s out for a year Is ridiculous. Sorry but it’s time for a change.
  4. Bohinen 22

    Barnsley v Rovers

    As bad a Rovers performance as I’ve seen. And I remember the surrender against Spurs in the relegation season under Kean. No guts, no fight, no quality, no clue. Looked like a pub team.
  5. Bohinen 22

    Premier League Stuff

    I agree. Boring ! Next ....
  6. Bohinen 22

    Premier League Stuff

    Top win from an under strength Burnley tonight. Hate to give them credit but 8th! Same points as Spurs, above Arsenal and Everton. I wouldn’t be letting Dyche go in a hurry. A top top manager.
  7. Andy Bayes is a Rovers fan. As is Graham Liver, both on Radio Lancs. The reason they never ask Mowbray any questions that could even remotely be considered critical is, just like the LET, they’re worried their access would be limited as a result. They’re happy to criticise and interrogate MPs, councillors etc but never ever ever criticise the Rovers manager, or at least question his decisions.
  8. Tony must be the only person on the planet to think that Sam Gallagher is a wide right forward. And we’ve been saying this since September. I personally don’t rate him. He’s about as threatening as a kitten but even that donut Coyle realised you need to play him in a two through the middle to get anything out of him. But we’ve never played two up top with Tony. So why oh why would you spend all that money and put him out wide? Why wouldn’t you spend the money on an actual wide forward. Someone like Jamal Lowe who is a top player. Wigan were the better side. Stronger, fitter, more organised and won comfortably. They were better than us in league one and they are still better than us now. Thought Brereton was the most threatening which says it all. Holtby was tidy but too lightweight. Travis our best player. Easily player of the season and when he went off it was game over. And I’d be ordering a one way taxi ride to Brighton for Walton this minute.
  9. Toothless toothless toothless. And a crap goalkeeper. Not a good combination.
  10. Bohinen 22


    I think there’s a virus. Just think it’s been exploited for maximum damage to western economies. Only certain countries really badly hit for example are generally right wing government ruling (see US, UK, Brazil). Also everyone’s data is now accessible. It all fits with the agenda of George Soros. Think the BLM protests were well timed too just at the sort of ebb of the pandemic. Maximum chaos is his goal. A society with no sovereign states and a weak US.
  11. Bohinen 22


    Are you actually saying these words?
  12. Bohinen 22


    Oh well and it wasn’t rigged was it? And he didn’t send poison to Salisbury either.? And he doesn’t poison and imprison opponents? And he doesn’t interfere in elections? No Bumbling Boris is a lot worse.
  13. Bohinen 22


    Someone with sense...at last. But you’ll prob get your posts deleted soon so enjoy while it lasts.
  14. Bohinen 22


    Yeah heard this too. They get more money if it’s covid on death certificate. They also can track everyone with the new track and trace app so can sell data to the highest bidder. Every cloud...
  15. Bohinen 22


    The pictures of Bournemouth were old pictures. Looked on the web cam and there was no where near that many people. But the media loves it. Drove through Blackpool yesterday and it was like a ghost town. The riots in Brixton are a disgrace. The Floyd and BLM protests have created a situation now being exploited here and in the US by lawless thugs who’ll now cry the racism card so they can get away with criminality.

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