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  1. USABlue

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    You should be ashamed.
  2. USABlue

    Bradley Dack

    I was devastated when Field left.
  3. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Nah, in this day and age Keeley would never stay on the pitch for 90 minutes. Always loved Faz, steady.
  4. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    He loves his Rovers, he enjoys his football, power to him. I don't do reality either if I did I would not continue to put myself thru this shit over 50 years, there has to be something wrong with me.
  5. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Inthought it was more about bottling it and inexplicably becoming nervous and unable to move forward with more than one pass. Painful very painful, to me it was not like we had them in our pocket and they would never score was more like we were.all at sea.and hoe the hell did they.not get something. That said 7 hours later and the nerves, heartrate, blood pressure and anger all subsiding to normal I am now sporting a wry grin and chuffed to bits at the three points. Bit of a make up from having the 4 points stolen by Ipswich and Villa. There is some potential in that starting line up.
  6. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Hated it too like we flipped a switch we were so much better than them and we stopped. Not enough blood pressure medicine in my cabinet to get me through another one of those. I could see if they were much the better team and we were.hanging in but bliody hell when we scored I thought we might go on to a comfortable win.
  7. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Well, hell they put me through the ringer.
  8. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    If I was the owner of Rovers I would have Mowbary in my office Monday and make it clear.if he pulled that crap again he could clean iut his desk. I don't think I have ever.felt this way, A win that feels like a loss, I feel sort if guilty we won that.
  9. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Entertainment? This is horrible horrible punishment.
  10. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Why do I pay to watch my team then can't stand to watch em cos they kill me. Sloppy. Feels so inevitable they will score.
  11. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Why do we ALWAYS do that. Evans and Smallwood back, see us losing this now, not because they came on but cos we will onky try to defend the lead and invite them on. This lot age me.
  12. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Yah, Danny seems a little off today.
  13. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Yes we seem to be trying to defend a slim lead again, notlob will score, maybe 2. We need 3 or 4 fi5r me to relax even if only a little.
  14. USABlue

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Me too, what a waste.

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