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  1. I was.already.resigned to defeat, now I fear a humiliating soul destroying drubbing.
  2. Replace the bold bit with, "Remembers what Mowbary told him". He never used to go anywhere but forwards, was dropped for a spell and then started the crab play style. Said it before Mowbary screwed up this kids game.
  3. Oh no Swans down to ten. Merc, what's the odds on us losing tonight. Rothwell really really poor again. I want to see Holtby now.
  4. Odd I thought he's.been one of our better players.
  5. Did not the Swansea fella push Nyambe out of play with both arms, great determination by Ryan
  6. Armstrong and Rothwell need a bollocking, two fastest players and they are.strolling. Bust a gut get forwards.
  7. Your'e funny. Funny hah hah not funny weird.
  8. Looking like the penny may have finally well and truly dropped. It's only taken how many years. Hope he has his scarf tonight.
  9. USABlue


    Judging by Pep's glowing comments on the lad he is clearly on Pep's radar. How long do we have him? Season long loan or till January, he will be a loss if it's January.
  10. Or strong enough to hold the ball. i don't think he is the kind of player to bring on when you are defending a lead.
  11. Interesting, been downhill since then. Will ToMo take note?
  12. Big mistake by Tosin then follows it up with a superb interception, heart.in mouth time

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