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  1. But we know Mowbary doesn't do same starting 11's.
  2. Seems the ones baying for Mowbary's head for not playing him are quiet today. So, did the lad have an off day? Did Mowbary play a system that did not suit him? Or Is he just not as good as everyone wants him to be and Mowbary was almost right? Has to be one if the above doesn't it?
  3. Joe Nuttall

    I think most people think Mowbary picked the team cos everyone was slating his selection.
  4. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    So we played this postponed game. Postponed because we had one regular, one regular to the treatment table and one whose never had a kick.all out on International duty. When we actually play.the game we have 2 solid starters an influential sub out . Can someone tell me what was the point. Does Smallwood miss the cup game only?

    No I am not, just pointing out that some our heroes had dodgy beginnings. I want Mowbary to succeed, but unless he changes his mindset I don't think he will. I feel he is his own worst enemy when it comes to player motivation. Maybe this makes no sense I think he is a good manager he need a few little tweaks in his man management skills. Take Nuttall as an example, Grahams doin poorly, Nuttall on fire and he publicly states.that Nuttall ain't getting a look in. What does that.do? Well it makes Joe think why bother and tells Graham don't worry just keep playing half hearted. If ut was menI would, for at.least one game put Nuttall on the bench and left Graham out if the squad. This Mowbary approach appears to run right through the squad. Throw the young uns a carrot once in a while and keep the 1st teamers looking over their shoulders.

    Or Lee or Furphy or Souness or Hughes but all of them took some time to get their succesful group of players to actually start acheiving good results

    Wow, you know this how? Did nit look like they were playing for a draw to me. Let me know how you know what they were thinking too. I'd love to master that skill.

    Mowbary knows what he's doing, he's just doing the wrong things for this group of players in this division. God I wish he'd take a look at himself and re-invent some if his philosophies. I like the guy but more thanthat I like BRFC and we need out of this division THIS season.

    Thanks for that Mercer, I now feel a little more optimistic than I did.

    Diabolical ref. I saw that with the card, my initial thought was he had red carded the Wigan lad, told the wife, bit harsh that, then wondered why Bennett got a yellow. I was completely flabbergasted when I realised Bennet was gone. All game Wigan got away with stuff yetif a Wigan player went down it was a free kick. 4 mins added time, what a joke. Thankfully it was not one of his decisions that directly cost us, I felt for sure if ine of theirs fell over in the box they were getting a penalty. Well Fleetwood next and a chance to blow the first 3 of our 6 points in hand. Sorry but Mowbary frustrates the hell out of me. Why oh why change the team that performed so well against Portsmouth. Pick that 11 and tell em " Right lads, go win the game" Seriously in this league I think that is all we need. I'm sure we will soon be reading just how great Fleetwood are in the coming days. I expect a loss, the will be well up for this game and our confused bunch won't be. I had to laugh when I read Mowbary's statements about the club needing stability yet, this season, he has yet to name an unchanged side.

    WTF. Why, way to motivate, play well get dropped. Piss poor management.
  12. Yes, soon as dumbass here figures out how.
  13. That Wigan side were possibly the worst I have seen at Ewood.
  14. I feel the same, it's like the players already have an out if they lose and he does this all the time. Just.fire.the guys up, feed em some raw meat and send em out.
  15. You can't beat a football ground

    After I out grew the Blackburn end, the halway line steps, 1st pole to the Darwen End side is where I stood every other week along with a good sized Accy contingent. If I close my eyes I can still see the halftime teddy flying around. Magical days.