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  1. USABlue

    Football League Suspended

    What would be a kick in the nuts would be if they call the season now and have the final league table as it stands. This would mean we could have been playoff bound but for those last few stinkers, cos of soft pens and DGs miss. What if.
  2. I am with you to a degree Rev, I am considered high risk due to a dodgy ticker but I will go about my daily business, try to wash my hands not touch my face etc. The regular flu can likely kill me too.so am I supposed to lock myself away from the world. My wife works in am emergency room at the hospital and they are totally overrun due to this.. Anyone with a runny nose is in the ER wanting tested. Apparently that is a decision out of the hospitals hands. Drs have to report those displaying symptoms to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) they review and make the call on whether they are to be tested. Wife reckons maybe 1 in 10 are actually tested with no positives as yet. I dunno but I refuse to.alter.my.life.for it, my personal hygiene habits yes but that's it.
  3. Looking on the bright side, at least we know Walton won't catch it.
  4. Jim there are some over here believe it to be part of something covert, I don't have time to explain but it is deep very deep. Read Q on the internet, I don't but my boss spends hours on it it's nuts to me.
  5. Only balance Mowbary is familiar.with has to do with his bank.
  6. Have to disagree Rev, Buckley is a Mowbary sweetheart where as Travis threatened his "Mr Reed you have.to play like Smallwood and Evans" super midfield. Big difference Buckley is on TM's favourite players list.
  7. USABlue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Mowbary, what can you say. My belief is this, Mowbary has no intention if getting us promoted. Just like Bowyer he know he is on a comfortable ride here. Keep the owners happy by showing well thereby protecting his job. It's self preservation, if we got promoted he would really have to work, he would fail and be fired. Longevity if this cushy gig is all but guaranteed if we keep looking like we have a chance. I think Bowyer did the same thing. I can handle being beaten by a better team, I can handle losing to a bad decision or bad luck. What is never, and never has been, acceptable is to roll over with no sign of effort or commitment. Even in our dark third division days I always came away from games thinking that we at.least left it all out on the pitch. This lot? Pffft.
  8. I saw that too Rev, but after 15 mins it was like a switch. Almost like they were all satisfied.that we had done decent till then. Anyway I switched off at halftime so 30 mins later than our players did. I just feel bad.for the fans who plonked down their hard earned, fantastic support and then they get served up that heartless gutless effort, not sure effort is even the right word.
  9. Bye lads and lasses I am sure you are sick of my posts as much as I am.watching this predictable shit.
  10. Oh dear oh dear. How poor was that all around time to go work on me motorbikes. On the bright side we will still be 3 points off the playoffs BUT that means more defeats until we are so far away from the playoffs that it doesn't matter. I said 3 0 it.might have.been optimistic
  11. Ah yes there is Rithwell sloppy pass puts us under immediate pressure.
  12. OMG Gallagher, clear.sign he don't even want the ball so lacking is he in confidence.
  13. Rothwell's playing? I had not noticed.

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