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  1. USABlue

    Championship 2018-19

    My memory may be clouded but it seems to me top top players don't often do well in management. I think Lampard will fail.
  2. Not what he said is it? Clearly credited the opinions to those in attendance. Can we all just stop this crap.
  3. So I haven't been to a game since 1986, am I not entitled to an opinion, should I log out now and never again grace these pages? Bit shallow minded if you ask me, oops sorry that's an opinion. If someone has an opinion about something within a game they have attended versus somone with an opinion on the same subject that hasn't attended the yes I give you that but otherwise I disagree with you on that, again I apologise for having an opinion.
  4. Has Nyambe's injury done anything detrimental to his pace?
  5. He' a bit like me when I was younger, someone once told me I had blue and white eyes cos I can never see anything wrong. Now just one eye is blue and white, the other? well it's kind of a cynical colour.
  6. Well said that man (if you are a male)
  7. USABlue

    World Cup 2018

    Chuffed to bits. All this talk of lucky draw tickles me. IF we played......(insert name of GOLIATH football team, any one of those sat home watching) we would lose is clutching at straws. Scraping the barrel for a reason to moan. Have we played well? Not really, what is the age old adage abiut winning when not at your best? Thing is all these GOLIATHS, have in one way or another been put out by the teams left. Football is not played on paper that's why we all love this game. Naysayers, stop turning over stones to justify your negativity, to prove yourself right. Just sit back in your armchair and enjoy the ride, best showing in 28 years. Sterling is a dilemma, first touch poor, finishing poor, pass selection poor, crossing poor. That said however he does have pace he does have skill and he definitely occupies the thoughts of the defenders. Why on earth did he not pass to Englands best finisher? The opposition do have to respect him for that reason alone I'd leave him in. Alli and Lingard combined beautifully for the second so perhaps that will prove a timely boost to their confidence and we can see more of what they are capable of. Maguire, I did not watch hardly any Prem football last season so I was like who?, has impressed me some. Sweden being crap? well if not for a couple of great stops by Pickford I would not be watching videos of England fans singing coming home. Truly fun stuff to be this far in the World Cup AND still have a REAL interest I'm just going to enjoy it. My gut feel though is we are just one mighty clanger or fat envelope VAR decision from going home. Who do we want? Croatia worries me because of their ability to put together a special moment but I am more concerned about the spectre of facing the home nation with our history of going out to "suspect" refereeing. That said, if we can bank on a level playing field with the officiating then I think Russia is the one I would rather face.
  8. USABlue

    World Cup 2018

    Great set of lungs, squealed like a bitch every time he was touched. Wish he would stop embellishing.
  9. USABlue

    World Cup 2018

    Grounds for divorce in my house. Want control of the remote? cut off her thumbs.
  10. USABlue

    World Cup 2018

    Sterling? Pfft, cocked up everything, could not beat a man final, ball, shot, pass always a fail. Rather see Rashford. I thought we did well till after the penalty then the Colombian players got in our heads. Surprised they did not single out Alli given his history if being petulant. Once we got to pens I figured that's it we are toast, then when Henderson missed I knew we were out. How about that ref, no balls, bottler, wimp, pussy. Should have been 2 red cards stemming from the penalty fracas. A joke. We are in the quarters with a fair chance if semis so I'll take it.
  11. In part due to his "50 Million warchest" comment
  12. Have to agree with that. Feels like it is not going to happen.
  13. Seemed reasonable to me. Had a shocker for doing nothing, well can't.say doing nothing, for signing no new players yet. Mmm? Shicker, to me would be when most of his signings don't work out.
  14. No, never, they are ONLY interested in the best deal for their clients.
  15. True. Is there a sideways gear?

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