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  1. Rovers v Charlton

    In our last premier league season we bizarrely had higher attendances against Norwich and Wigan than what we did at home to Man U and Liverpool. I think we had 23'000 for a mid week match with Liverpool. And I'm sure Man U was less than 25'000. although going back to before the reduction in season ticket prices this had become the norm. I'm talking between 2004 - 06 attendances were very poor in general.
  2. Family Stand Fiasco

    I suspect some have tickets in the family stand with a child that never uses their ticket... Ever! Maybe even exist ? People will always abuse the system which ruins it for every one
  3. Latest VLL Share Issue

    I still maintain the belief that this season we have twice the budget of even are nearest rivals. While are turnover is larger than anyone else in the division the additional funding (which incidentally can't be a loan, as far as my understanding. due to the rules of the league for their version of fair play) is mainly needed to fund transfer activity and wages of the squad which is paid more than a lot of championship teams. However if we go up we will benefit from the extra tv revenue,coincidentally 6m. Could mean no financial backing next year at all. But if they did they same level again who knows.
  4. Latest VLL Share Issue

    To constantly believe that they are "funding the bills" is bizarre. We are in league 1. The recent share issue is similar to other clubs yearly budget, at the top end. During the summer we spent large amounts on new players and kept a large chunk of the squad together. say we are poorly run. Mismanaged, etc. but never can we say not well funded.
  5. Connor Mahoney's contract

    Absolute @#/?. The current owners are losing millions. Yes they have made bad decisions but I'm not sure what you are alluding to.
  6. Connor Mahoney's contract

    I think so.
  7. Matchday Programme

    I personally stoped buying programmes along time ago.... up until that point I alway bought one,going out of my way to try to get hold of a one even if I did not go to the game. I believe a number of things happened: I decided it was expensive, we had got to a point where it was information saturation i.e it not new news and with tv, news papers,internet, rovers player. You basically already knew what was going to be in it. before internet you would get exclusive content that would have not been mentioned elsewhere. This is what it needs. But this would involve "holding back" some news. Going back the programmes where very similar with weekly features. It was a template which then had articles placed in the correct spots ,basically updating last weeks. they had some good features. If I recall rightly, managers pre game notes/welcome the away team. Couple of pages on the opposition , player diary (I think Kevin Gallagher used to do this) ,getting to know...(different player each week,what's your favourite food, boots, who do you room with on away games etc. Then the standard fixtures results and squads. i can only really now see a space for a programme that would literally be a souvenir of the match, as mentioned the actual profit margin is tight any how, and I'm not sure how many we currently sell. I don't see many people with them on match day any more. Away programmes I have always liked to read what they have to say about us , maybe our programmes still appeal to away followings ?
  8. Rovers v Doncaster Rovers

    Agree. Ward has been at fault on a number of occasions. He gave the ball away for the penalty as well didn't he ?
  9. Owners Statement

    I would hope we don't have 40 + admin people to start with . but I'm sure there are people on here more expert than me.
  10. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Portsmouth will be around mid table, see no reason why they would be. Portsmouth recent success was on the back of them very much so spending money they never could pay back.
  11. Pre-Season friendlies

    Today's game is on paddy power. Just need a balance/ bet on the match
  12. Transfers Part 2

    Good point. I would play many players before I would consider Mahoney in our first time. Decent substitute but has never impressed when he has started. It is an unabitious move though.. joining Bournemouth reserves is a poor choice if there is a path to the 1st team good on him. 20 is not young and I don't believe Bournemouth u23 play in premier league 2. He will need to go on loan and I'm not saying he is useless I would have him back but he must have been offered a few £000 extra a week ...
  13. Who will stay, who will leave?

    We will be far from compliment. I estimate our wage bill will need to be around 8m for this to be the case. So if this ends up being an official reason for sales it will fly directly in the face of any promises made to Mowbray .
  14. Transfers Part 2

    We do and we don't . We need players with the potential to play at a highrer level who have already had some success in league 1 or 2. i don't really see the merit in signing mid table league 1 solid pro , presumed to be nearing 30 that has never actually succeeded. How much was Keith Andrews when we signed him I seem to remember him being over 1m virtually 10 years ago. That's the kind of player we should be trying to pick up .. the best of the league 1 promising talent. More often than not they may have been brought up at bigger team academies.
  15. Transfers Part 2

    Time is a funny business. Liverpool for instants now have not won the league for nearly 30 years.... they have one the champions league amongst other things. There "golden period" 70/80 they one the vast majority of their silverware... in fairness their period of fantastic success mirrors Man Utd in the 90s 00s. All relative of course . Our best period was the same but obviously not too the same level. Arsenal fans want wenger sacked but that is purely down to not winning champions league or premier, however still competing at the top end of the league in champions league year on year winning a cup or two along the way... anyways transfers ..... I would love a coup..... snag Emnes ! Would love it but won't happen. He is too good for I'm surprised Swansea don't rate him. We don't need names, names got use nowhere ( Murphy ,Gomez etc) we also don't want tried and trusted league 1 players .. they are still in league one. We need the players that championship clubs /premier league clubs may take a punt on... however think these type of players cost millions but if your planning to go up they have to be useful in the next tier. Bizarrely a lot of what we do need we just let go. Jason Lowe would be a great signing purely on the basis we need athletes. we need to be fitter , stronger more powerful. I wonder if we can get Bright osayi - Samuelson looked good in the play offs only 19 ?