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  1. AshleyClifford

    Oxford Utd at home

    Not far wrong either, is it 3 times since then ? Play off final and 2 charity shields ? Obviously still decent but only on average once every 10years .. going back to the 1960cup final and we are still just over 1 every 10 years .... do you know what we are due a trip to Wembley. Next 2 years to do it !
  2. AshleyClifford

    Oxford Utd at home

    Absolutely correct. average of £11 per person is far too high an estimate. While I’d guess there are people who do spend £20 plus a large number spend nothing. In the family stand for example, there are a lot of children, they may want hot dogs , chips etc but if a parent has 2 children with them, there is absolutely no way they are spending £33 on average for the family. from my own experience - if I’m having a drink in the ground, I may have a pint before the match starts (quickly, as don’t spend a lot of time in ground before kick off) and 1 at half time - if I can be served quick enough that is. I do frequently by food but not often if I have a beer because we have no where to place drinks. Any how it is rather a mute point as I’m certain this is not a money making excersise and gate receipts alone will already be higher than normal due to volume of traffic as too higher sales on the concourse, good luck! as I have given up queuing many a time.
  3. AshleyClifford


    If truth be told I suspect a lot of people had a friend they dragged along to games. If they don’t attend crowds drop. In the past I have brought along 3 or 4 mates from Manchester, that would be difficult now. However the volume of home support has increase substantially this season, last season crowds often were barely 10k including away fans. On Thursday we had 11.3k home on , in a league lower. The championship is like premier league 2 from next year and I’m glad we’re going to be involved.
  4. AshleyClifford


    It looking like our biggest crowd of the season. Can we get over 22k I think it’s on for that to be honest. If oxford can bring over 1k . I noticed the other day Burnley v Chelsea was a 21.5k which is a good crowd for them even this season, it did make me think what would a Rovers v Chelsea attendance be and came to the conclusion it would be higher than that but not sure by how much. Devils advocate , would they get more in if facilities aloud it ?
  5. AshleyClifford


    There is also a tendency to selectively include away fans. 13443 was the attendance on Thursday! The Huddersfield game way back when was a division higher , with cheaper tickets and we were champions of England 5 years earlier. it can’t compare. .. strictly speaking non of our games this season should even be cat b let alone a. A couple of decent relatively recent home crowds : wolves after kean was sacked. crystal palace , last home game of our first season in championship. i think at the moment 15/16000 is about our limit depending on price and or opposition. Oxford on offer may attract the same crowd as Man U at full price but away fans particular in United’s case take us over 23000. i honestly believe if the ground had been increased after promotion in 2001 we would have seen something approaching a 35000 crowd for certain fixtures.
  6. AshleyClifford

    Cheap Ticket Games

    We only had 3 players on loan in yesterday’s match day squad. Payne, Armstrong, Antonsson. Dack would have taken one of these spots had he been fit so I’m not sure we can say half. with regards Payne and armstrong the fact they are on loan is because they are unavailable for permanent moves and are better quality than maybe what we could have other wise brought in.
  7. AshleyClifford

    Advert boards at ewood

    Glad others spotted this I thought I was going mad. Maybe back for the next game not that it matters much. Nice to get some decent companies involved though especially in league 1. Next season I expect the led' s will be back the championship is getting bigger and bigger as each season passes
  8. AshleyClifford

    Advert boards at ewood

    Just an observation. During last first half of last saturdays home game, their was a ladbrookes ad which was replaced by a plain blue one for the 2nd half and did not return for the Walsall match. anyone know why ? It crossed my mind maybe dafabet complained ?
  9. AshleyClifford

    LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    I can’t disagree however I see no recent precedent for a 20k crowd. I’ve seen in a previous post about 4 k Bradford away support but that won,t happen even on a Saturday. Thursday evening appeals to me slightly more than Friday afternoon. Having a family means I can travel over after work from Manchester then pend time with the kids Friday. i think a close comparison would be the 15k on Boxing Day.. Rochdale brought a few themselves that day , incidentally no trains running on Boxing Day.
  10. AshleyClifford

    Rovers v Charlton

    In our last premier league season we bizarrely had higher attendances against Norwich and Wigan than what we did at home to Man U and Liverpool. I think we had 23'000 for a mid week match with Liverpool. And I'm sure Man U was less than 25'000. although going back to before the reduction in season ticket prices this had become the norm. I'm talking between 2004 - 06 attendances were very poor in general.
  11. AshleyClifford

    Family Stand Fiasco

    I suspect some have tickets in the family stand with a child that never uses their ticket... Ever! Maybe even exist ? People will always abuse the system which ruins it for every one
  12. AshleyClifford

    Latest VLL Share Issue

    I still maintain the belief that this season we have twice the budget of even are nearest rivals. While are turnover is larger than anyone else in the division the additional funding (which incidentally can't be a loan, as far as my understanding. due to the rules of the league for their version of fair play) is mainly needed to fund transfer activity and wages of the squad which is paid more than a lot of championship teams. However if we go up we will benefit from the extra tv revenue,coincidentally 6m. Could mean no financial backing next year at all. But if they did they same level again who knows.
  13. AshleyClifford

    Latest VLL Share Issue

    To constantly believe that they are "funding the bills" is bizarre. We are in league 1. The recent share issue is similar to other clubs yearly budget, at the top end. During the summer we spent large amounts on new players and kept a large chunk of the squad together. say we are poorly run. Mismanaged, etc. but never can we say not well funded.
  14. AshleyClifford

    Connor Mahoney's contract

    Absolute @#/?. The current owners are losing millions. Yes they have made bad decisions but I'm not sure what you are alluding to.
  15. AshleyClifford

    Connor Mahoney's contract

    I think so.

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