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  1. What is the entry requirements for premier league 2 ? Is it just academy 1 status ? 2 things I do know there is no relagation from premier league 2 division 2 and the league only features premier league and championship teams ? will we meet academy 1 status and is this enough ? I feel it's important to still be part of this.
  2. I feel any home tie against most of the remaining premier league teams will attract a decent crowd. I'd also be very interested in the number of season ticket holders that attended Saturday. These fa cup matches always seem to fill the jack walker stand. Also off topic but why were blackpool fans on the left side of Darwin end ?
  3. No, he is rarely in position when we do not have the ball. But you could not drop feeney at this moment in time. He caused Birmingham alsorts of problems. His pace and skill is something I did not expect and we have not had a winger like this for a while.
  4. I fully agree but on the other hand we keep finding someone to sell . Each summer we seem to say "who would we sell next" and something turns up. Or a sell on clause appears from no where.
  5. This midfield would be miles ahead of any championship midfield
  6. Samuelson also played for west ham u23s on the 31st October but otherwise has not featured. Reading between the lines you seem to be able to play in u23s premier league even if you are not a registered player. Not saying it's a free for all, I'm sure there are some rules. I might be way off ... But didn't Wes brown play for us loads before we signed him ? Disappointed we are sending Samuelson back but he was not able to get into our team, and on seeing him play.. Technique is defiantly there. Strength, tactics etc not yet... But will have a future.
  7. most bizarre thing is huddersfields wage bill will still be a lot less than ours. So there should be no reason we could not also have a competitive squad. Even on paper we have a decent team. They must have a better management team ? Coyleout# venkysout#
  8. I could not beleive when I saw that the wolves match is cat A. I think the club has been on defensive for a while regarding protests this weekend. Wolves at home has never been an A game.
  9. What would attendances be if promoted to the premier league: With: Without venkys : Difficult question as we will have had some success. Attendances will have already risen a little a lot depending on the factors discussed.premier league has a much wider appeal and the quality of the football makes every game a big event. I think either way we would be over 22000. The premier league is now even bigger draw than it was 5 years ago and I feel local demographic is more interestered in premier league football if at all. The games against United , Liverpool City could most likely need additional capacity. All in all I think games would sell out either way. But it's difficult to say whether the average would be higher with or with out venkys after a promotion. Bizarrely I think attendances would go up after a relation to league 1 then a promotion back to championship. Success is a funny thing. I'll predict With: 23400 Without 24000
  10. I agree with the above. When premier league team u23s were invited to play. They hoped to get some of the senior players on the pitch. Of course the big boys turned down the invitation. Rovers team last night actually had a fair few first team appearances between them.should bode well for the future. Experience for our young lads is priceless, how much damage this causes to the competition as a whlole I'm unsure. Many of the academy teams have already won games but as usual with this sort of competition it is hard to tell how seriously teams are taking the completion. Are the league 1 and 2 side generally fielding weaker squads. Are other teams academies featuring any first teamers ? So far I have enjoyed the challenge for our young lads, I have to say.
  11. What redundancies ? I think the brew room staff were redeployed at Ewood ? If we are talking match day catering and stewards they have a high turnover of staff here and I guess any cut back would be from recruiting replacements. Ticket office and hospitality may have had more full timers but as the above post suggested .lower addendances mean less job to do. But i have not heard of any redundancies ? Ewood attendances went poor in 2005 and did not pick up again until 2008 with the big reduction in season ticket costs... It's been a problem area for years.
  12. Only for players we could only dream of being able to hold on to. Jones and samba. We lost hoilet because of relagation and upon religion broke not only our transfer record but for the league. On the topic of boycots. It's down to the individual. I did not get a season ticket last year and only came to 3 home games all was a decision I made but have decided to come back. I found the price of the jw lower centre too good value to ignore. Something definitely does not smell right at the moment. But it's not the level of investment. 120m debt and counting is evidence of this. Right now with some player sales this will have come down to maybe 95m. i think we should be paying fees for some players.... All our investment seems to have been on high wages.. Obviously some bad choices in hindsight but how could anyone know. Truth is we need to buy players to try and get out of this league (through promotion)
  13. It might mean not having to keep selling players to rival clubs though.
  14. Sorry you feel this way . I can assure you it was a genuine question.I think we need investment. That ideally would come from new ownership as going to Ewood has become dull. Fans need to return and it seems this is the only way this is going to happen. 2nd is venkies decide to have a fresh start themselves Write all debt off and invest in the team.