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  1. AshleyClifford

    Leeds April 3rd.

    There are not 3k Rovers in the Riverside full stop. However I would be embarrassed if our club gave more than 1 stand to away support. I'm not sure the Riverside can easily of safely segregated.
  2. AshleyClifford


    The Wigan attendance should have been much higher with £10. Please remember Wigan sold 2k? Cheap ticketets the uptake has to be better to make it viable.
  3. AshleyClifford


    If this is the case and sales are not good. We should ask why ? We have had a decent season. In with a shout of the playoffs. I agree these deals don’t sell well. But neither do 5/10 tickets, even tickets given to schools seem to be a slog. We have a large fan base but let’s face it, it’s fairly poor and not engaged with the club. Which is not the clubs fault. 230k twitter followers for example who are they ? Why do some fans only go away? The match day atmosphere will be instantly improved simply and only by more people being present. Many under used/under valued things are done by the club, but what do fans expect from going to a football match, surely the main event is the game itself.
  4. AshleyClifford

    Brereton goal!

    Too be fair if we had not spent so much money on him or he had come through the academy- We would this we had a star on our hands.
  5. AshleyClifford


    Nearly 19k but 3k+ Wigan fans on. I genuinely think that was poor. If it were £10 every week it would not be sustainable. In my opinion crowds would fall back to my 15k which we average over a season anyhow. As is often the case my seat was empty, watching on TV the atmosphere was subdued. I think the announced at attendance may be people through the turnstiles and the club alternate with what is declared. I think pricing based on £25 jw centre £20 outer jw £20 bburn end and £15 Riverside is the way to go. By my reckoning last nights attendance would have been knocking on for 15k even at normal price.
  6. AshleyClifford

    Bradley Dack

    I thought they were talking about Downing. Makes more sense now.
  7. AshleyClifford

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    It was interesting watch the new Barnsley manager. you could tell he wished he had our subs bench. I'm sure he was aware of the players in our squad but you could see a surprise look on his face.
  8. AshleyClifford

    The reputation of the club

    The latest accounts are from our season in league 1. We are now a lot closer to break even. We had to get out of league 1 and did to great expense. Since promotion a loss has been made but primarily due to transfer activity.
  9. AshleyClifford

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Riverside 170 Blackburn end 190 also. Prestons are all more than ours. Top end 275. Any way they are now on sale, so very few can be sold. If only they were on sale 2 weeks ago. 😂
  10. AshleyClifford

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    It would be good for me too. I fear it’s something the club would not look at for this reason. Us both being season ticket holders may opt for a cheaper alternative. On the flip side they might sell loads of them.
  11. AshleyClifford


    I do mention the cost of the ticket. I realise the price was high, I can only presume the club felt they had made options available so that few would have been paying the ridiculous prices. Inclement whether can put people off. Not looking for an argument. But honestly it’s our season ticket sales which should be higher.
  12. AshleyClifford


    Tickets were never going to sell well for Saturday. Clearly the 3 game deal has not sold well. A rethink for the Leeds match could be on the cards but they are going to bring 7k. Does anyone know if we count people through the turnstiles or tickets sold ? Did they rain combined with the price put anyone off.
  13. AshleyClifford

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    As I don't make every game I was unsure on getting a season ticket. The Sheffield Wednesday ticket price announcement made my decision. Today I have still bought tickets for my wife and 2 kids to come along. The price is steep, but was communicated. Incidentally it cost £57 for the 3 extra tickets. Its a one off. The Barnsley would be £36 so a much cheaper option.
  14. AshleyClifford

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    If you book now and collect you won't be charged any extra. 18 75 members get a £15 discount, might be worth joining if you attend frequently.
  15. AshleyClifford


    I have accrued £30 so far this season. Last year and year before about the same. I have bought stuff mainly for the kids but over the last 3 season Best part of 100 is not too bad.

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