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  1. Mum63

    Blues Bar

    I uses to work in thé John Lewis suite thé players and manager uses to always have lunch in there ,it was when they trained on the pitch.met jack Walker a few times .
  2. I turned tv off then back on at start working great now
  3. Can he not log onto his sky go on laptop/phone
  4. Anyone going to the match from ewood set off early if driving to ewood the traffic is awful down here backed up to Alan shearer way
  5. Can anyone help we have a sky hd box but when we press red button ( match choice ) it doesn't work,thanks in advance
  6. Mum63

    Pricing at Ewood.

    Apartments were built were kwik save was, ewood and hollin bank club was were the take aways across from ewood bikes are
  7. Mum63


    Hope she has a great time,my daughter was 8 yo when she was knocked down and received a signed photo from sheared( still got it) well fast forward 20 years she's now a staunch supporter and season ticket holder with her 19 yo sister and bringing her 2 yo son up to be a rovers supporter got to start them young
  8. Mum63

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    For god sake will someone tell us about Charlie !!!!!!!!
  9. Mum63

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    My two daughters have renewed staying in same seat one of them has got new season ticket last week yet nothing has changed
  10. Mum63

    Bolton at home.

    It’s open now been a steady stream going
  11. If win tonight hull game will be changed its cup weekend then ,will play Watford at home wont we?

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