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  1. Not sure if it’s true but someone on Twitter said Armstrong had Covid 19 so 10 days behind on fitness
  2. How come some people can still watch
  3. Yes my youngest daughter glued to her phone giving me updates
  4. My two daughters been on since 2 were both on fine ones just gone off grrrr
  5. Just seen on bbc some of the faces in the crowd I can see there will be some disappointed people , most of them were so far down on seats
  6. Mum63

    Season Restart

    Can someone help I’m not really internet savvy but need to know how to set up I follow with my season ticket account, thanks in advance
  7. Mum63

    Season Restart

    When my daughter got her first season ticket up until even now she’d 19 year old she put my email address down and phone number ( the phone number has since been changed to her own) she still uses my email address
  8. Mum63

    Football League Suspended

    What about refunds for away matches that didn’t take place
  9. Mum63

    Football League Suspended

    Just read EFL in talks with sky sports or streaming services
  10. Mum63

    Friend in Need

    Fantastic that you are on the mend and your wife too sending you both lots of love and best wishes for the future
  11. Mum63

    Friend in Need

    Get well soon paul
  12. Mum63

    Blues Bar

    I uses to work in thé John Lewis suite thé players and manager uses to always have lunch in there ,it was when they trained on the pitch.met jack Walker a few times .

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