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  1. AAK


    Spot on, ive said on here before that personally, the darwen end being shut means i wont go, i like a sing a long, which is now non-exsistent, thats why i go away games and not at home. Im not one of them who has to go to home games no matter what, and there are plenty like that. I am not saying id get a season ticket, if DE was open, becuase i wouldnt, due to work, but id go when i could. As you say, it isnt an excuse, i just dont want to go.
  2. AAK


    Id play my grandma ahead of him.
  3. Yep, and the champions league is looking to be made into a 48 team tournament, with six groups of 8, with each playing each other twice, so a Premier League side would play 14 games in the group stage, they want a European Super League.
  4. AAK

    Club vs Country

    Support both the same. Rovers edge it, but massively support england. Mind you i follow england cricket and rugby union more.
  5. Go for it. I was a season ticket holder until they came in. Never since. Happy to answer questions.
  6. AAK

    West Brom Away

    I was astounded by how many fans in the away end Saturday, disagreed with me and some mates, in respect of how bad Armstrong and Bennett are, and how ineffective Gallagher is on the wing. I really do not know what people are watching, it's like they are watching completely different players at times, and well if you criticise the team that's it, smarmy comments all game "ha thought Armstrong was shite" when he passed a ball, or "Gallagher shouldn't have been taken off" when subbed and "Bennett is our most passionate player and a leader, he is first on the team sheet" well he must be brilliant then.
  7. AAK

    West Brom Away

    Apart from us, we back down to all.
  8. AAK

    West Brom Away

    Buckley was atrocious hope we arent looking to him, hes awful, plays like a schoolboy. Awful touch.
  9. AAK

    West Brom Away

    Really hope youre joking. Bennett was pathetic as usual, as was armstrong. Arm in particular is one lazy bastard, second goal his fault. Bennett just awful all game.
  10. AAK

    West Brom Away

    Not read any comments, but by feckin feck, that was atrocious. Bennett again, awful, armstrong dont even get me started feckin rubbish. Graham is the best man up front, but knob head wont play him. The fans today were not happy with Mr play my favs. Lost all confidence in him today. Feck off tony, cant be assed with ya. Rothwell only player who FULLY came over after game, PISS POOR.
  11. AAK

    West Brom Away

    Sales must be crap for this one, as Rovers seemingly not willing to reply to lots of fans asking how sales have gone, their usual tactics when not many have sold.
  12. AAK

    West Brom Away

    Anyone any idea how ticket sales for this have gone?
  13. AAK

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Im simply not happy with him because hes signed 3 strikers for big money and none of them play as strikers and none of them are even competent wingers, its just absolutley crazy. Added to this none of his key men, bar dack, are his own signings. Id say now, Graham, Dack, travis, williams, lenihan and bennett (because hes made him captain) are his main men. Johnson you could argue, but his passing is poor at times. When i say main men, i mean can be relied upon, are consistent in their CORRECT positions and he will probably play if available and fully fit. Bennett not always 2 out of those 3 but hes captain.
  14. AAK


    Correct 3-2 after being 3 up at half time. Season after 2-0, i was there both games, the second game you could tell both sides were going down, even though we won.
  15. AAK

    Hull (A)

    Best performance ive seen under mowbray that. Game management and intent, different from what ive ever seen, attack and attack is our best quality. However defence is so much better, willams as most of us knew, is so much better at CB. Downinf has been terrific this season, hes such a good player.

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