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  1. Walsall v Rovers

    Well its wrong lol, those are the proper words mate, although suppose you could use those words. Weve sang it many times, started at Preston under lambert, its a sheff weds song.
  2. Walsall v Rovers

    Mowbray had a dream To build our football team He had no money so he signed some players on loooooan He plays from the back With dack in attack Were blackburn rovers were on our way back
  3. Walsall v Rovers

    Jack Doyle signed for Derry City on loan
  4. Walsall v Rovers

    You going down with, Mick?
  5. Rovers v Bury

    Blooming hurry Chaddy, you were putting mulgrew as assistant manager before, saying he was telling the manager what to do, now youre happy for us to waste every set piece because the boss says so. So because man city are top of the league, and a domestic final, does that mean their fans can't criticise anything from their game against wigan?
  6. Rovers v Bury

    Yes, so that's 3 goals he's scored from corners, more than any other player. Get Dack or Payne taking corners.
  7. Rovers v Bury

    HaHa, he was blooming good when he was at Ewood though!
  8. Rovers v Bury

    Can we not just sign Samba on a pay as you play deal in the summer and bring him on for corners? You are right, I can only remember us scoring three off corners this season, and Mulgrew scored two, home to MK Dons and away to Oxford. The other being away to Blackpool, Downing scored.
  9. Rovers v Bury

    There's no doubt about it, this squad needs another big overhaul if we go up. Armstrong, Payne, Antonson, Chapman will have gone back to their parent clubs, Conway is struggling in league 1 never mind Championship and could go, Evans could go. So Straight away we need 6 new signings. Then you're going to need upgrades on Samuel, Caddis and Gladwin who frankly aren't good enough in league 1. So maybe 9 new players. Some money will need to be spent via venkys, but will they do it? What they've spent this season they are going to need to triple that probably because they are going to need championship quality players to be competitive.
  10. Rovers v Bury

    At first I thought Antonson was crap, but I think we've really missed his energy and goals since he's been out glad to see him back, and not a coincidence to see the tempo up slightly when he came on. We scored quite a few goals in the first half of the season by Raya playing the ball out wide to Antonson and going on a quick counter attack.
  11. Rovers v Bury

    So mulgrew is the assistant manager now is he? Also, most people watch a different game to you Chaddy, you'd be happy seeing fabio nunes and paulo jorge on the wings again to be fair.
  12. Rovers v Bury

    We looked poor the whole 94 minutes.
  13. Rovers v Bury

    What does he expect when he brings on a defender when 2-0 up at home to bottom of the league, feckin ludicrous.
  14. Rovers v Bury

    Been saying this for past year.
  15. Rovers v Bury

    Same team as we played again Walsall, and go at them from the off. Bury only sold 650 tickets, thought they would bring more, even if it is on sky.