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  1. AAK

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Backing up someone who disagrees with the same poster you do? Idiotic Can you not think of your own posts, thought not
  2. AAK

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Let's all get buzzing from the sources then. Won't happen.
  3. AAK

    Bolton vs Rovers

    It should have been better? For bolton yes
  4. AAK

    Bolton vs Rovers

    No, becuase we've spent 10.5 mil on 2 strikers who are on the bench. We've no money left., it's been wasted.
  5. AAK

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Hear you, but the 2 centre backs are undroppable with tony. And we've spent all our money on 2 strikers who are on the bench every week pal.
  6. AAK

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Chaddy doesn't do reality when it comes to rovers.
  7. AAK

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Now we know you're a troll after the Rodwell line. Do 1 please you silly.
  8. AAK

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Mulgrew gave away a lazy penalty, he was lucky that the lad was offside, just.
  9. AAK

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Bolton deserved to win the game. What our game plan was I am bewildered to wonder. They were far better than us. We scored and then just more or less said to them "come and score if you think you're good enough" for 60 minutes or so, and they very nearly did score about 5 or 6 times. Thought it was as poor as sheff utd game, but we played a team who weren't as clinical. Rodwell was atrocious, he said when he came to the club that all his career hes played cm when he is a cb, but he plays cm today. Lucky win but I'll take it.
  10. AAK

    Championship 2018-19

    Good post. So basically on for 69 points across a season. The last 6 seasons (since we came down from the Premiership) with that points tally would see you 10th, 9th 7th, 9th (us under Bowyer), 9th (one place below us who finished 8th under Bowyer) and 6th. Average over last six seasons is 75 points to get into the play offs. Going back a few years and you were more or less guaranteed a play off spot with 68-70 points, but these days the teams in the play offs seem to be quite a bit ahead of the rest of the league and get more points.
  11. AAK


    I thought when I looked on BBC it said 14,440.
  12. AAK


    I bought a ticket at 4ish, but if it was an hour or so later I wouldn't have bothered because I wouldn't pay the extra surcharge. To be fair though it's pretty easy to phone up and order and collect 5 mins before kick off and that way you don't pay the surcharge, but if it's a last minute decision then it is rather rubbish, quite often on a Saturday I won't fancy going until around 1ish when my mates are talking about the game, but then the surcharge is imposed so wouldn't pay it.
  13. AAK

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Lenihan been poor all season for me, mate. Sheff Utd were a good side. I think Reed should have been right back and Bennett kept in midfield. The wings are still a major issue, not having any out and out wingers means 9 times out of 10, when we get the ball on the wings we moved forward, then take a step back and then before you know it all the oppositions defence are well positioned and then we go back into the middle, it's all very predictable, meaning we have to use Dack a heck of a lot, and sheff utd marked him out of the game last night and that meant we weren't ever in the game.
  14. AAK

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Glad you've acknowledged your posts. If it was down to you mulgrew would be manager, mowbray would be that sporting director you love to talk about at every club and attendances would be irrelevant becuase they don't suit your agenda. But then the week after you'd do a 360 on everything.

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