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  1. AAK

    Lancashire Telegraph

    All 3 proper defenders we have are 1 yellow away from a suspension. Imagine they all got a yellow.
  2. The blackburn end could barely get out a "barmy army" never mind creating a hostile atmosphere towards the manager and running of the club.
  3. AAK

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    And the fans who dont think that are fed up of it all after going on for a decade of fucking shite, lies, corruption, jolly boys jobs and have given up, the owners have won its that simple.
  4. Didnt bother going, watching or listening to the game, went to work instead. Lost much interest in it, also pisses me off a lot less. Coming home and just looking at the score and thinking "yep all very predictable" and then turning over is far easier than watching it and being constantly pissed off for 105 minutes and then spoiling the rest of the weekend. Wont even bother with highlights. Will keep it that way until hes left.
  5. AAK


    It would depend on where we where. If mowbray is still here, with his team still looking weak as piss, i doubt wed sell more than 16-18k home tickets.
  6. AAK

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    He never seems to perform when he starts games unfortunately. However maybe he needs a run, like travis got (by default) last season. I am still astounded by mowbray dropping travis for evans for the preston game. That was one of the worst managerial decisions i have ever seen, it really was ridiculous.
  7. AAK

    Letter Torn Up

    Greg Lawrenson he's called.
  8. AAK

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    The bit about being 18th and then saying it was his remit is worrying, what so after all the money they had spent that summer they were happy with around 18th place, wtf! Considering we were 12th when he took over and not far off the play offs.
  9. AAK


    Yes hes a big rovers fan is, Gregg.
  10. AAK


    Good a big smack in the face for the oversized gremlin. His face reminds me of someome whos taking the piss on facejacker. Its probably suhail pasha in a fat suit with a mask on.
  11. AAK

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Its not happened under mowbray, im 99% confident of that.
  12. AAK

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Really struggling with why armstrong is starting every week, such a poor player. But oh yes, thats why, we have zero fucking wingers, have we, Tony! Another fuck up by you just like with the back 4. Pissing millions on brereton, armstrong and gallagher. Then again there is a lovely little winger called chapman, but you dont like him do you, id probably hazard a guess as to why, id say he loves to attack, loves to create, but isnt great at tracking back, becuase you need that due to shoehorning in the woefull bennett every week, joker. Oh well we can always play all available strikers on the wings, eh Tony.
  13. AAK

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Unless he swallows his pride and goes back to dack and graham then this will be another defeat. Although to be fair if he does they will need a hat trick each to win the game, with the state of the defence. All issues of which he was aware of but decided not to rectify.
  14. AAK

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Dissapointed with the world cup loss, then realised i support this shower of shit, and will be in for another dissapointmemt this afternoon, FFS.
  15. AAK


    They've not played since, but their next home game will have the same offer. QPR was 10,285 with 350 away fans, so 9935 home fans. The game before they played QPR, without the offer, they had 11,590 on against Sheff Weds, that was a midweek game, sheff weds had 2100 on, so 9490 home fans. Then there game with Derby 16,326 on with 2500 Derby fans, so 13,826 home fans. So the lowest amount of home fans in last 3 games was 9490, with highest being 13,826 when the offer was on, so an increas over just over 45% in terms of home fans.

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