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  1. No doubt about it, it's the defence and the defence only. Combined with a poor defensive midfield. Smallwood today at times tracking back was embarrassing
  2. When bringing up the stats of our dropped points this season, it was said that stat was pointless. Well I bring it up again, now 16 points dropped from winning positions (nearly 18 stoke game) that's the most in the league, it's becoming a bit a joke now, and highlights the poor transfer window, of which defenders were and still are needed and a replacement for Smallwood.
  3. AAK


    It's simple, make season tickets really cheap for one season to entice people back. Show you want them back. Bit like Huddersfield and Forest, worked for them as below, average attendances. Huddersfield 15/16 -12,631 Huddersfield 16/17 with cheap tickets - 20,165 Forest 17/18 - 19,000 Forest 18/19 with cheap tickets - 27,699 In both cases added 8-9 thousand to average attendance. If that happened to us we would be averaging around 20k, similar to our division one seasons after being relegated in 1999.
  4. AAK


    Get the free ticket and give it to someone on facebook or something pal, someone who maybe can't afford tickets.
  5. AAK


    Few of us who went, had only been one home game this season, some none, but went preston, quite a few who go away games From Craven in Darwen don't go home games.
  6. AAK

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    I think it's quite relevant to highlight the fact we can't defend very well especially in the majority of games that we take early leads, we seems to worry and sit back and it's costing us. But with the defenders we have and the lack proper wingers who would maybe make that system work I suppose its to be expected.
  7. AAK

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    The disappointing thing is, we've now led at half time at Swansea, Bristol, Boro and Ipswich and won none of them, losing 2 convincingly and we so nearly let a 3-0 lead end up 3-3 if it wasn't for a penalty miss from Stoke. At home we've conceded late equalisers at home to Villa and Forest. 14 points (nearly 16) dropped when being in control but then losing that mentality to go and win the game and instead sitting back.
  8. AAK

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    Bristol city hammered us 4-1.
  9. AAK

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    Yeah boro ten men and mulgrew scored from resulting free kick.
  10. AAK

    Newcastle Away

    In some ways though even better, few hours around Newcastle in afternoon, and then onto the match.
  11. AAK

    Newcastle Away

    Seems strange, but have been offered some good money. I remember this happening in Uefa Cup against Leverkusen, all kicks off in Uefa Cup that year were 19:45 but German TV paid a shed load for the game so it kicked off at 17:30, affecting attendance, still got 20k on mind.
  12. AAK

    Newcastle Away

    £10 Adults and £5 juniors. Great pricing, should see a couple of thousand going up if not more.
  13. AAK

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    VInjay, please don't start on the Walkers, AGAIN pal.
  14. AAK

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    They're 'half' rectifying their own scandalous mismanagement, of a club that was the best run club in the country before they arrived. Look around, empty stadium, some poor players, still a lot on tension in the stands between fans who have forgive and fans who haven't, £140 million in debt or whatever it is, no attempts to get fans back by way of a proper apology which would be to reduce prices even if for one season, don't turn up like cowards - that's all their doing and their attitude. As much as Tony and Steve like to lead us to believe that everything is great and they were just a bit silly, a lot of us aren't having it. No welcome from 50% of fans I would say.
  15. AAK


    Boro in talks with Ruben Rochina, be interested to see how he does there if they sign him.

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