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  1. AAK

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    We played brighton towards end of season at home and we surrendered the lead twice against them, with brighton equalising in the 90th minute,, after it looked like wed won it with a late penalty, if wed have won we would have finished above them and wed have finished in the top 6, as they were 6th place. We also conceded a 95th min equaliser to sheff weds 2 weeks later after leading 3-1. We should have been top 6.
  2. AAK


    Im not overly bothered either way, as I havent entered into this Buckley debate with you at all. However i think this is one of your sarcy posts, and youre hoping someone says he was looking like the next dunn, to big up your £20million bids claim, give it a rest Paul.
  3. AAK


    I know mate. Exactly the issue, he doesnt forsee these opportunities.
  4. AAK


    If waggot had ewt about him, like some sense maybe, then hed look at us now, realise the squads at bare bones, but still within contention, maybe think "these lads could do with a big backing" and make the next two home games £22 for both, and make it a 'buy one get one free, you are rovers, we need you'.
  5. AAK


    We arent a top 6 club though.
  6. AAK

    Rovers v Hull

    I just cant get excited even though it currently has us 3 points off play offs. With no dack, holtby, rothwell and evans i just cant see us winning that many.
  7. Similar to us then, dont lose too many at home but drop points regularly against shit teams at home - luton, charlton, wigan, birmingham, huddersfield.
  8. Mental side id worry more about how he will adapt to playing centre half or left back.
  9. AAK

    January transfer window 2020

    Agree with that. Still have an interest, but away days, home games under the floodlights, match of the day, all the things that used to make football great, they just dont interest me as much. Cricket overtaken football for me now, followed by rugby, football comes 3rd.
  10. AAK

    January transfer window 2020

    Youd have more to offer than smallwood.
  11. AAK

    January transfer window 2020

    Yes he was talking nonsense as usual.
  12. AAK

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    They just got out of the habit of going. Once you stop going and then that lasts more than 1 season, you find other things to do and save a shed load of money, only people to blame for that are those who run the club. The only way to get them back is (using your words) to bend over backwards to get them back. If the club doesnt do that, then dont expect an increae in attendances. Only reason ive gone this season (including tonight) is freebies, these days to think of paying £25-£30 for 1 game plus drinks is crazy. Thats why they need a big initiative with season tickets, similar to huddersfield.
  13. AAK

    January transfer window 2020

    Wow, good signing that.
  14. AAK

    January transfer window 2020

    Personally think a solid left back and a defensive mid is where we should stengthen. Nyambe has become our biggest threat going forward, nowhere near the complete article, maybe never be in terms of top level, but at this level teams dont like defending him, and his end product has vastly improved, so get a left back similar, and we'd be a real threat, because we have players in the middle who can do the simple passing, but we would just need a solid DM to cover the centre halves. Like liverpool their midfield isnt exciting but they have players who do the simple things excellently. We have travis, rothwell and holtby who can do the same at this level, if they play simple football.

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