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  1. AAK

    The Big Summer Clearout

    Just remember him missing an open net in the last minute, in a home draw with Plymouth, and never saw him play again.
  2. AAK

    The Big Summer Clearout

    If and I know it's an IF, but if we have a similar budget to last summer, transfers that were worth a potential £11 million, (brereton 7mil, Armstrong 3.5mil and Rothwell 500k) and use the loan market effectively, and added to that the supposed decent budget that was remaining and sale of players. Then there is no reason at all that we cannot bring in some quality and improve the first team in at least 4 or 5 positions, anything on top of that would be a bonus. However that would mean Mowbray probably having to get every transfer spot on, his record tells us he won't do that.
  3. To come out and single out, Rothwell, is a disgrace when shithouses such as Mulgrew, Bennett, Williams and Evans, have been absolutely shite all season, as well as his two big signings Armstrong and Brereton, who are both underwhelming.
  4. There's a reason he never played for us until we reached league one, Matt. He isn't good enough, never has been. Distribution is truly atrocious, worst I've ever seen from a keeper, his arieal prowess is woeful, and his command and leadership in his own box is non-exsistent. However it's fine, as he makes a few decent saves every now again.
  5. There's a reason, Raya never started to play for this club until we reached league one. End of story.
  6. AAK

    Mowbray’s Future

    No chance, got a cushty little number here. Previously he's walked before being pushed, he won't get pushed here by his best pal balaji and Madame.
  7. Wonder if Simon Smith will blame this defeat on the weather in his bullshit article in the telegraph next week.
  8. David Raya, awful keeper.
  9. You seem to rate the whole Rovers team and defend them every week, so I won't take your writing as gospel. However I am not sure which way you are predicting this. Sheff Weds are a better side than us, they will beat us. End of. Yes we beat them 4-2 when they had a terrible manager, but their far better than us with a proper manager.
  10. AAK

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    The guy is a complete tool, don't even bother reading his bull crap.
  11. AAK

    ROVERS V Wigan

    Graham off, usually when we concede this.
  12. AAK

    ROVERS V Wigan

    He didn't just get Evans (who plays for wigan) name wrong, he also talked about the wrong Evans as well, saying he'd been called up to the Northern Ireland squad lol
  13. AAK

    ROVERS V Wigan

    I think most people agree with you.
  14. AAK

    ROVERS V Wigan

    Magloire having a go at garner, think that's first time this season ive seen a rovers player have a go with some passion.
  15. AAK

    ROVERS V Wigan

    People probably agree you going off the amount of season ticket holders who haven't bothered tonight.

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