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  1. Bbrovers2288

    Derby V Rovers

    Well noticed, I saw that too, gave the guy far too much space and was at sixes and sevens when turned inside and out, he is a weak link that needs upgraded. delighted with the result and performance all the same, some players revitalising a rovers career I thought was finished - Johnson and Williams I’m talking to you. Iv been critical of both so credit where credits due
  2. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Ask your uncle jack
  3. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Jack Wilshere loan until xmas
  4. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    I stopped last season for same reason, it’s a thankless task and the hassle isn’t worth it. I appreciate info and know very well that things are more likely to go tits up than fall into place. Some folk just like being negative
  5. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    I’m from Glasgow, absolutely disagree that rangers and Celtics level is drastically above ours, most of their players come from or go to championship. Think mowbray is playing the finances close to his chest but he saved a mill on kipre/Ayala triangle, also the loans we have had cost about that past few years- again we don’t have that currently. You clearly don’t get rotation is being a regular in our team, as much as say holtby or rothwell. Travis and Johnson would be tidy imo
  6. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Rangers and Celtic linked with a 1.5m move, I said he would be a good squad rotation player, don’t see why he wouldn’t come here, haven’t seen any prem interest just Scotland so don’t quite agree with your points
  7. Bbrovers2288

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Good win and goes against one of my biggest criticisms of mowbray in dispatching teams convincingly when we are the better team, true Wycombe helped us in doing that but happy with that performance and result with hopefully a decent signing on Monday, just enjoy rest of your weekend lads
  8. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    I’d be getting in Daniel Johnson from pne to cover travis injury and as part of rotation going forward, available as out of contract next summer and won’t sign a new deal
  9. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Still better than a left back that can’t go forward or defend
  10. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Who was he previously?
  11. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Only if you add in the term lemon drizzle cake also, sick of that one
  12. Bbrovers2288

    Bournemouth away

    Losing a game we should have won, scoring two but losing because we were very weak at the other end, i stand by my comment
  13. Bbrovers2288

    Bournemouth away

    Was a very coyle esque defeat that
  14. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Because the loan will cost, see it more as a paying up than a loan if you like. Cardiff want 3, we are offering 1
  15. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yes but we don’t want to blow our budget and Cardiff won’t let him go without a fee agreed, currently a bit apart

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