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  1. Bbrovers2288

    Top Keepers!

    Annoyed that brad didn’t get in the top 10 motd keepers. David James above him? Having a laugh
  2. Bbrovers2288

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Not my usual type of program to watch, I only watched it due to the rovers link but yea was decent. Not a great knowledge of our foundation so was good to learn a bit
  3. Bbrovers2288

    Peter Whittingham

    Awful. Wasn’t much of a rover but beside the point, tragic
  4. Yes that would be me too- as Iv said in the past it’s always going to be a bigger post when frustration and opinions are to be expected in a loss rather than a happy yes we won post. mowbray isn’t the man for me, Iv been very consistent with it for years
  5. Your right in a way, I think we are a long way off being prem ready but I’d see us getting to the playoffs as a success. Not expecting us to go up but most teams need a few go’s at it before they win it. Just to be in the mix would be nice.
  6. Yes because he wouldn’t be playing at right back or the team in general I’d get him to run our Twitter
  7. Another mowbray in guy, I think that performance and transfer dealings are inexcusable. Same mistakes time and time and time again. Mowbray isn’t ever going to change this sequence. Good wins, near playoffs, fall away
  8. Can’t still be a mowbray fan?
  9. I know, it should be 6-7
  10. Switch off. mowbray usual. Sigh. Why do I do it to myself
  11. Genuinely think we are lucky to have points we have with this team. This kind of performance is more the norm than not imo
  12. Damning subs. 2 down and need goals and takes off our 12 million pounds worth of striking talent. mowbray out
  13. I’d change that pitch to a dark cupboard, lot of them have froze here when chance has presented itself
  14. Armstrong woeful. downing , is he really worth a new contract? derby aren’t that good , should be winning here

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