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    Marshall resigned with millwall so that one can be put to bed
  2. What’s torture is that sky sports centre- I don’t have bt- have bloody I have been stopped from posting this by moderators. coyle commenting on the match. Blood boil much
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    Graham was worth his contract, we would all be raging had he been allowed to leave for Bolton and they were in our position and we in theirs. That being said I think the majority of fans realised that he should have been a cover player to an established and progressive striker we signed in the summer, brereton wasn’t the right option. I do worry that in a years time we are still relying on a declining graham and he just won’t be up to it. He should always be given respect and appreciation from rovers fans for staying with us and all he has gave to the club, he also speaks very highly of us and I believe that to be a true opinion of his.
  4. Think he was meaning rodwell, still smile off however
  5. Think he was pretty accurate to be honest, maybe disagree with a couple of points. i thought nuttall played well today my issue would be can he score a normal strikers goal like how is he in a 1 v 1, can he score outside the box or does all his goal come from scrappy play like set pieces, cut backs. That’s all iv seen him score. Maybe I’m wrong though and there is that string to his bow, I just haven’t seen it
  6. We played awful, defended well for a change though. Armstrong changed it, Travis has to be a starter in the middle, I hope to never see Smallwood in there again . mowbray needs to be braver and stamp some sort of plan down, in every game iv seen of us this tear which is a good 16 or so, iv thought we looked poor. Results don’t cover up poor performances for long and another losing run is around the corner unless we improve. Hapoy tonight though so will take the robbery of the 3 points
  7. Great goal by Armstrong, been critical of him but turned the game here
  8. If he sends Travis away I give up
  9. Karanka in please, mowbray not learning. Playing strikers out wide. When raya gets the ball he has kicked it up to nobody all game, yet we persist. Amateur hour
  10. Eh are you watching the game? Don’t think there is much to be excited about
  11. Don’t think nuttall has been that bad in all honesty. Bell simply isn’t good enough on the ball. New left back please
  12. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say we are up there with the very worst actual footballing sides. Very much Wimbledon style. I laugh when mowbray gets credit as a football playing manager
  13. Turgid, honestly sick of watching this in every live match. Long ball nonsense. New philosophy needed if that’s a change in manager so be it
  14. Is the pitch in poor condition, we seem to be struggling to control the ball and out passes even simple short ones are going miscued
  15. Awful hoof ball so far. Travis looking to get it down and play which is good. Should’ve just got a yellow tho

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