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  1. Bbrovers2288

    Reading (A)

    Well in lads, gaining a bit of momentum and optimism, usually followed by a crash but fingers crossed this season is different
  2. Bbrovers2288

    Things you dislike about football.

    Why do folk have to trash talk against the ones that don’t enjoy the champs league? It’s not my bag it’s not ignorance. It’s an opinion. Don’t like it then so be it
  3. Bbrovers2288

    Things you dislike about football.

    Lot of what I dislike has been covered already but il add votes for a dislike of the champions league, I just find it dull. It’s the same fixtures every season with dull tactical defensive football on the most part, the finals are always terrible. It’s just not for me. Loved the old style champions league when it was just the champions. Don’t get me started on Europa league, nobody is interested in it. All ruined by money which leads me onto the premier league. Money has killed this for me too, when average sides are spending stupid amounts of money on average players I’m out. MOTD used to be a watch every week, can’t mind the last time I watched it. All the characters have been taken out the league and your left with football robots. It started to go wrong for me round about when abromivich purchased Chelsea, stupid money game for rich Russians and Arabs these days. I stick up for the championship, I find it a much more exciting and honest league. Of course I still want back to the prem but it’s not the same one we even left. My love for football and especially prem league has dwindled to about 25% of what it used to be. i honestly get more enjoyment and watch more of American football these days, being a sport I’m relatively new too and enjoying learning about.
  4. Bbrovers2288

    Blackburn Rovers Documentary / Help Needed!

    Wouldn’t want to be on camera but if there is a questionnaire type thing with questions il be happy to answer them
  5. Bbrovers2288

    West Brom Away

    Wagner in
  6. Bbrovers2288

    West Brom Away

    I didn’t expect much from Fulham and West Bromwich away and well that’s what we have got in the end. We have a nucleus of youngsters here at the moment with a innovative manager we could be promotion contenders, with our anchor mowbray though it’s going to be steady but unspectacular mid table once again. Too many players of ours aren’t quite up to it, namely our back line, but also question marks on Armstrong, dack, and Gallagher. We have two young players itching to get regular game time in chapman and rothwell who are being blocked by mowbray currently. So yea overall this isn’t a result that’s going to define our season but it’s the same old story
  7. Bbrovers2288

    West Brom Away

    Sounds like we have been awful from the second minute
  8. Bbrovers2288

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I’d like a manager who was tough but fair. He is quite happy to blame his own players that he doesn’t fancy but if your loyal to him he shows blind faith. Can tell you a few of the players don’t particularly like him- rothwell for one. Feels no matter what he does he can’t be a regular. Nyambe another. He isn’t the lemon drizzle cake humble manager he likes to portray in the media
  9. Bbrovers2288

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Do people still see mowbray as a nice guy or has his mask slipped enough for you yet? Last night was yet again the true mowbray with that ballboy. He has a temper and snaps
  10. Bbrovers2288

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    The boy can’t head mind. Lolz
  11. Bbrovers2288


    Not saying he sorted it, saying he did as promised to fans
  12. Bbrovers2288


    In mowbrays defence- which I don’t often, he gets criticised for saying the defence isn’t good enough and changes will be made, from that defence he has shipped out raya, Mulgrew and bell benched. He did bring in Cunningham so defenders did come and changes were made
  13. Bbrovers2288


    If mowbray and the club really did have no interest in fan opinion then why host the fans evenings? Fans are the heartbeat of the club, without us there is no club. Sure they can’t please everyone but they like to know opinion.
  14. Bbrovers2288


    You say that but some of the stuff he does suggests that he does. Defence was a stick to beat him with last season, so now he can get clean sheets at the expense of goals. Clamour for Smallwood and Evans dropped and then they are. Yes sometimes he is stubborn and won’t change but other times he does seem to think if he doesn’t bow to pressure then he will be untenable
  15. Bbrovers2288


    Think chapman was fan pressure , mowbray signs these flair players then doesn’t like them defensively, seems odd

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