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  1. This is a tricky one... I live in Swindon now, so would only normally watch one or two home games (family visits), but during lockdown I’ve paid £10 for every matches the club has gained. However would that be overwhelmed by those who would normally attend switching to £10 online? In which case they would need to cut admission prices or increase iFollow costs? Also, what about families - multiple tickets versus a single £10. Also, I like live football so I normally would choose watching Swindon Supermarine live Sat 3pm, that TV - but would smaller clubs (Accrington, Chorley, hey
  2. Ha! I see your point... it was a Rovers email, plus presumed there were some fixtures not included?
  3. Apologies if I have missed this. I keep getting emailed about a half season pass for £70, but when I go on the Rovers website I can only see Audio season passes?
  4. We have a finite wage budget. What worries me is how much has been wasted. Pears, Downing, Ayala (glass ankle) etc. Our form is grim, we are seemingly going backwards.
  5. Our FA Cup adventure begins... Will we take it seriously? Will fringe players get a run out, whilst key players are rested? Pre-season and in the League Cup were dealt with lower league teams fairly easily, can that continue? For me, I’d hope we take it seriously. A cup run generates interest, builds confidence and gives an opportunity for a few players to get some game time. Starting places for Dolan, Davenport, Buckley and Carter - I suspect he will also start Dack and Downing. I’d rest Armstrong, Johnson, Travis and Gallagher - on the bench. Pike, Lyons etc also on
  6. Good win. Yes we will face stronger opponents, but you can only beat what’s put in front of you. 3 points are 3 points. Positives... Clean sheet, Dack scoring, Armstrong scoring, Travis back, Dolan lively and Davenport worthy of the chance. Good win.
  7. Yes, the match engine is much improved - but the new interface and removal of condition rating, and press gestures takes some getting used to. Ive just won the Premier League and Champions League with Rovers on FM20 in season 2027/28!
  8. Well where do we even start? Birmingham took a thumping midweek off Derby and they are midst a poor run with precious few goals. Surely even our defence will not crumble again? Starting XI - I’d bring in Dolan, at least to mix it up on the right and swap Davenport for Johnson to give him a rest (looked off the pace against Huddersfield). Both managers under real pressure.
  9. Grim. This is what happens when you continuously play people out of position, combined with seemingly random substitutions. Mowbry is wasting the squads decent potential - you can see confidence has drained away. We should be doing better.
  10. That’s harsh... Whilst the results are mixed (which is a valid different debate), it has rained goals, chances, errors, fine margins etc. That is entertainment and I’ve looked forward to each match on iFollow/Red Button.
  11. Poor, but most worryingly not surprising. We know we have the players to do better, but too many are badly used. Gallagher isn’t a winger etc. Poor, really poor.
  12. Good win. Not a classic, but a fairly decent affair against a willing Rotherham. Bit of luck (remember we’ve missed out in some other games) and the deeper squad saw us over the line. A vital 3 points.
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