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  1. JPTSwindon

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Cor blimey... Real missed opportunity. We miss Rothwell in the middle and dare I say Williams at CB. Plenty of positives, but we soon need plenty of points or this season will drift. Need a result against Coventry. Also sucked that I had to pay £10 as I am away from home and you can’t access the red button via Sky Go!
  2. Okay, whilst disappointed it was not raining goals, Cardiff are a decent, well organised side and often in recent seasons you’d have expected them to nick a winner - much, much better at the back. Weather didn’t help, but there was enough to show progress - roll on Forest after the international break. Gallagher is a liability and doesn’t fit the system. He is a target man, who I am sure could produce for more direct teams, but that isn’t us.
  3. JPTSwindon

    Derby V Rovers

    Another fantastic result! Rothwell has settled in well in the middle, Dolan continues to thrive, we finally have a decent keeper and surely Bereton will find the net soon! Good times! Key for me is a settled side and players in their actual position, too often TM chopped and changed, shoe horning in players (Gallagher on the wing etc) and now we seeing the benefit.
  4. JPTSwindon

    Derby V Rovers

    I’d start the same XI. Show faith in a (big) winning team.
  5. JPTSwindon

    Summer Transfer Window

    TBH I am relaxed if we don’t see much more movement. Club revenue is going through the floor, so I’d rather we weren’t overstretched as some clubs are going to struggle to carry - let it not be us.
  6. JPTSwindon

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Fantastic!!! A complete performance and one that was coming after (very) positive signs in the first two matches. Dolan is a hell of a find, and lots of exciting prospects backing him up. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  7. JPTSwindon


    Family member is a Boro season ticket holder. Reckons he is one of the best defenders in the league, but a glass ankle, so enjoy until the pitch hardens.
  8. JPTSwindon

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    Watched this with a Newcastle supporter who couldn’t believe we didn’t win. On the plus side, dominated, created chances and on other days we’d get the win. That said we lost, no doubt a dent to confidence after 2 defeats. Kaminski 6 - Quiet game, maybe could have done better with the goal. Quick and positive on the distribution. Nyambe 7 - Solid, enthusiastic performance. Lenihan 6 - Okay. Williams 7 - I was impressed, he looked to push forwards from the back, cut out an early chance, but did fluff 3 chances from corners. Bell 6 - First touch slowed down some counter attacks. Travis 6 - Okay. Holtby 6 - Okay, snatched at a couple of chances. Rothwell 8 - He grew into the game and kept driving forwards. Took his chance tonight. Rankin-Costello 6 - Okay. Dolan 7 - Exciting, positive and surely keeps his place on Saturday. Brereton 6 - Battled, gave everything but not enough quality tonight. Subs: Chapman - Good cameo. Armstrong - Not the dream return to his home club. Buckley - Good cameo. Hate losing, but plenty of positives. 3 points on Saturday then we can kick on 👍🏻
  9. JPTSwindon

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    Presume the streaming service that will be used will still be £10. Id swap Wharton for Williams and hope for a miracle!
  10. JPTSwindon

    New Games/General Gaming

    Same, I stuck with Dack for 3 seasons, but never set the world on fire - sold to Rangers. 4-2-3-1 - Positive. Armstrong was good, but often injured. Travis was good, but always sent off. Rothwell great in the Championship. Tosin and Walton I signed permanently when we went up, though then dropped Walton for Jack Butland. Buckley and Tosin still with me in my 4th season. Key is to (quickly) off load the high wage squad players like Graham, Gallagher etc, plenty of capable youth players who can step in when needed.
  11. JPTSwindon

    Football Magazines

    https://bertsbooks.co.uk/product/roy-of-the-rovers-the-best-of-the-1970s-the-tiger-years/ (Berts Books can get the 80’s one too)
  12. JPTSwindon

    Bournemouth away

    I am torn on Wharton v Williams for the CB slot. Wharton, 2 good seasons on loan - suspect if wasn’t already ours we’d have been excited to sign a winner with decent experience. Real potential, though is he Championship quality? Williams. Same old, but to be fair solid when he covered in that position last season. Didn’t he even score, but then got injured? Hey TM May just play one of the strikers, wingers or even Fisher there anyway!
  13. JPTSwindon

    Football Magazines

    Ahh yes Roy of the Rovers - loved it! I see they’ve just released compilation books of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s - will order one. I used to spend hours studying the Match - match stats section, covering all the results over the past week with the player ratings. For some reason I can still picture the Rovers defeat to Notts County in the FA Cup under Dalglish in our promotion year. I think our near fatal slump followed that.
  14. JPTSwindon

    New Games/General Gaming

    Pretty sure it is heavily discounted at the moment, 66% off? Plus you get a lot of game play for your money. I got Rovers promoted first season, cleared out those on big wages and have settled as a very competitive Champions League(ish) side over the next 4 seasons. Good times are back!
  15. JPTSwindon

    Football Magazines

    I’ve still got all mine in 2 boxes in the garage. Great magazine, I remember being gutted when I was told by the newsagent that it was no more. I still buy WSC.

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