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  1. WIR Second Coming

    Cardiff away

    Mercer out mercering himself alright! Shame!
  2. WIR Second Coming

    Cardiff away

  3. WIR Second Coming

    Cardiff away

    But that line up of dollopers will lose us the game, so not sure how TM thinks it will deliver anything other than another reverse.
  4. WIR Second Coming

    Cardiff away

    The man just tightened the noose around his own neck. Baffling in the extreme.
  5. WIR Second Coming

    Cardiff away

    As the run in is now, in essence, pre-season for the next campaign, I can't think of a single reason for not trying some new players / ideas out, particularly as the existing ideas have come up short so clearly. Sticking with the players who have put us in this unpalatable position would, in my opinion, provide further grounds for the rapid removal of a manager fiddling whilst Rome burns. Taxi for Mr Mowbray...
  6. WIR Second Coming

    BRFCS TV - Nostalgia Thread

    And teddies being thrown around the Riverside at half time! Freezing my nuts off on a Tuesday evening watching Rovers vs Hereford... Parched peas! The fair was never the same after it moved from Ewood.. I remember as a scrawny 12 year old getting a 'job' helping set up for a morning, but then being well hacked off when I asked for my 'wages' only to be told to f-off, and getting chased off the site I think it was the next year it went down to Witton, and it was never as beguiling and exciting as it had been on the carpark at Ewood.
  7. WIR Second Coming

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Nothing surprises me about our club anymore. There are many of us who endured the lean years of the 70s and 80s where we were happy to turn out week in week out just to be part of a club that had players that tried and for whom the blue and white halves seemed to mean something. These days the history is all we seem to have to fall back on, because on the field we are a mystery and off the field we are a sound-bite-shambles. Add in a cocktail of potentially pernicious debt and the weirdest of owners, and it isn't hard to see why many of us believe the whole club needs to be swept through with a new broom. I'm not saying we should just capitulate and go into freefall through the leagues, but I do feel there is an opportunity coming to completely overhaul what it means to be a Blackburn Rovers supporter. I just hope that it isn't akin to what has happened at Gigg Lane...
  8. WIR Second Coming

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    1-3 ! Arse
  9. WIR Second Coming

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Smallest bloke on the pitch scores a fooking header
  10. WIR Second Coming

    Barnsley v Rovers

  11. WIR Second Coming

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Radio commentary sounds like snooker... only quieter
  12. WIR Second Coming

    Barnsley v Rovers

    This is precisely what Graham and his strike partners used to do in our promotion season, and it was a joy to watch as it brought us much success. I guess TM has a short memory for things that actually work reliably on the pitch.. Anyway, this evening, I expect an early goal (either way) to be cancelled out by an equaliser just after half time and the rest of the season to fizzle into an acrimonious and underwhelming sequence of dreary dead rubbers.
  13. WIR Second Coming

    Premier League Stuff

    Speaking to a Palace fan this evening who mentioned Dyche as a strong contender for them once Hodgson retires (soon). I think Dyche would be a good fit there, although as others have pointed out he might not see it as much of a step up (if at all). Anyway, as they say though, no smoke without fire.. As for the plane stunt, jeez there are some knuckle dragging cretins around...

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