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  1. WIR Second Coming

    Old Blackburnian’s View - Pt 10 - QPR Preview

    I think the £750k cap on TM's spending power is a genius idea! There are plenty of excellent up and coming players at lower levels who would run through walls to play for a club of the quality and prestige as BRFC, so forcing the focus on that end of the market would be a positive development and avoid us having our shorts pulled down in public as has perhaps been the case recently. Thanks for your thoughts and entertaining narrative.
  2. WIR Second Coming

    Nottingham Forest Home

    A return to winning ways for the lads tomorrow night I think. Tough game, but I reckon they will bounce back after Saturday's shocking reverse. Rovers 2, Forest 0. Dack, Holtby
  3. WIR Second Coming

    Luton Town home

    Haha, yeah, but Carlos Kickaball did make his debut at a very cold and frosty Blyth, in the FA Cup.. Samba was a beast, and his partnership with The Admiral was awesome. Oh for a back line of Olsen, Samba, Nelsen and Neil...with Big Brad a safe pair of HellBoy Hands right behind them Still, back to the real world of today and this weekend's challenge, I'd hope we can comfortably see off the mad Hatters and seal a satisfactory return from September.
  4. WIR Second Coming

    Luton Town home

    I think you are remembering carlos villanueva ...still playing, apparently, in Saudi
  5. WIR Second Coming

    Luton Town home

    This is a bonkers, topsy-turvy league, but I think we are building a strong enough side to compete, as long as we polish out the silly unforced errors and goal-giveaway tactics that have undone us in recent times. I'd like to see Rovers come out of the starting blocks fast and fearless, using strength in depth on the bench to administer twists and turns that make us hard to play against for 90 minutes. I really want us to build a 'Fortress Ewood' mentality, because that will have a positive impact on attendances which will, in turn, benefit the club longer term. That said, I am not yet convinced we have got rid of the glass jaw, so I think we will concede - but our new recruit plus the Dack talisman will be too strong for Luton. The last game against the Hatters that I can remember was an FA Cup tie at their place, on TV, where we scored three or four I think (Gamst amongst the goals COYB
  6. WIR Second Coming

    Lewis Holtby

    It reminds me a bit of when we signed Steve Archibald and Ossie Ardiles, back in the day... Definitely a coup for the Rovers, and on his day definitely a player capable of changing a game (for the better). Well done TM and team! Ee aye Ee aye here we go, Up the Football League we go! When I hear them calling, this is what we sing, Lewis Holtby, Lewis Holtby, Ewood's new found King!
  7. WIR Second Coming

    Lewis Holtby

    And Tugay Kerimoglu showed him how to pick a pass (he does seem to have a strong resemblance in that regard!)
  8. WIR Second Coming

    Lewis Holtby

    Question is, who is driving? If it is him, should he really be incriminating himself like that ;-0) ?
  9. WIR Second Coming

    West Brom Away

    Back to soon, gloom and despondency this weekend, methinks Going for a 3-0 shocked for the lads, with Dack having a return to his flaky form. Would be delighted to be way off the mark, but just have a feeling we won't get anything at the Hawthorne. COYB
  10. WIR Second Coming

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Some things they did very well - the football side (mostly) for one, with some good players coming through (Mike Duxbury being the cream of the crop, but others like Danny Keogh, the Barrow brothers also doing well). Other things would probably merit the kind of witch hunt that seems fashionable these days, but should probably be left in the past. Good things - Ken Holt, Tommy Duckworth, Ma Riley !, Peter Rose, Fred Rose, Mike Neild, Mike Finlay, Spam Eastham & the barmy school bus amongst others. Some good memories, some crap ones!
  11. WIR Second Coming

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Me and my two brothers all played for MHSP at some point or other, younger bro being the best footballer out of us. We were all St Mary's College boys too, although the footballing side there was destroyed by a certain priest saying there wouldn't be any team with a player sporting our surname in it (Fr. Wynne, gawd rest his hairy soul). I only played a handful of games, in the West Lancs League for MHSP - disclocated my shoulder on a slippery pitch (at Burnley UTD I think) on the day our club linesman kicked a heckling (burnley) spectator in the nuts and shouted at him "don't rub em, count em!" Them were the days
  12. WIR Second Coming

    Premier League Stuff

    The VAR fiasco will only be brought to heel if it is moderated by the introduction of rules like those used in the Hawkeye system in tennis, such as having a limited number of claims per team. As it stands it is completely ruining the flow of games, and destroying the spectacle for the spectator. It must be driven by money - someone somewhere is making a mint from this flawed system and its weird imposition on the game.
  13. WIR Second Coming

    Hull (A)

    I think I will have to continue making pessimistic forecasts for the Rovers - It has worked a treat since last week's game with the Latics. Good solid performance this evening. Hull seemed to be a little bit uncertain of themselves and didn't really make any serious threats (that I can remember) other than hitting the woodwork in the first half. Football is a confidence thing - this can only be good for team morale and confidence. I was extra pleased with Walton, not just for his excellent penalty stop, but he kept his concentration and dealt with that late high ball into the box very confidently and safely. Defence looked solid tonight, midfield worked hard and moved the ball well, our attacking players got in where it hurts (but without really hurting Hull). Gally and Arna worked hard, and both need either some goals to come from their deliveries, or to get on the end of something themselves, which I think will bring them on even more. Did we look a 'good' side? Well, we certainly didn't look a poor one, and the result was fully deserved. Isn't it great to watch the proper strip away too? Makes the win even more enjoyable, for me anyway.
  14. WIR Second Coming

    Hull (A)

  15. WIR Second Coming

    Hull (A)

    Not sure how Hull have gone about strengthening their side over the summer, but I'd like to see Rovers go at them and looking for a positivie result. If there is a repeat of Saturday's energy levels and endeavour, I think we might get something. If we are back to experimental formations and players all out of position then I guess it is a formality that we wie will concede, and therefore a complete lottery as to whether we can muster any meaningful response. Going for a sweaty 2-1 to the Terriers, I'm afraid, as even though there was much to take positives from in the game on Saturday, I am still wary of the glass jaw we appear to want to maintain.

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