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  1. WIR Second Coming


    Nectar. Pure, unbridled magic. Thank you!
  2. WIR Second Coming


    It's a bit like nipping out to the local Tesco now - you don't realise what you've got, till it is gone! Although I was living in London in 1992, I managed to get to many of the games in the capital that season, and it was a magical time, when you felt great pride in being a Rover and part of something really special. It was a complete contrast to my early years as a Rovers fan, when travelling to London was fraught with worries about the narsty southern bootboys (Chelsea, Millwall, Spurs even Leighton Orient had their crews) and under the likes of Bobby Saxton and Howard Kendal and Don Mackay we were always chasing our tails and underdogs wherever we went. Shearer, Ripley, Mimms, Hendry, Wright, Atkins, Cowans, Le Saux, Wilcox, Newell, and the like - you could wear your colours with pride with players like that on the teamsheet, and we were feared (as a footballing force) wherever we went. Those WERE the days!!
  3. WIR Second Coming


    Ouch! It still hurts to lose at home, even 28 years on!! How good was that side though, and how brilliant was the atmosphere at the old Ewood? Great stuff, Herbie! Looking forward to the next instalment!
  4. WIR Second Coming

    Bristol City (H) - Saturday 14th March (3pm KO)

    Dead rubber. We all know Mowbray's cycle of winning a few games, getting our hopes up, then dashing expectations with a long run of poor results. The writing has been on the walll all season, and we are now on the lacklustre stretch of the cycle, which will see us finishing outside of the playoff places. It's probably as well. It would be embarrassing going any higher in the leagues, even with our proud traditions and history. Probably better for us to accept the season is over, except for the odd flash of exciitement here and there, and let's see how things shape up over the summer. Saturday - meh - another 1-1 toil against the odds.
  5. WIR Second Coming

    Derby County (A) - Sunday 8th March [3pm KO]

    Back to the game... Given the massive incentive to be able to go 7th if we can somehow get points, I fully expect a meek and bafflingly inept performance leaving us in no doubt whatsoever what the real intent for this season has been all along. More than happy to be eating humble pie tomorrow evening, but won't be stocking up on custard in anticipation. COYB!
  6. WIR Second Coming

    Swansea City home

    I don't think we can grumble too much, given that we have been fielding a bare bones team for the past few weeks. It would have been better of course had we won at least one of the last three, but we are far from out of contention as things stand. Where we might get to in the event of some of the key players coming back into the mix is anyone's guess. If we did, by some miracle, make the playoffs, and then have a stronger squad to select from, well anything might just happen. Lots of ifs, buts and maybes there. I don't think anyone thinks we are capable of pushing for the Prem at this point, but a mild flirtation with the idea, via participation in the Playoffs would be something to celebrate, even if it did eventually end in heroic failure.
  7. WIR Second Coming

    Swansea City home

    Saw this coming...
  8. WIR Second Coming

    Swansea City home

    Why on earth would you let someone who is lacking match fitness take a pen, when you have a striker who is on fire on the pitch? (unless you wanted to bottle it)
  9. WIR Second Coming

    Swansea City home

  10. WIR Second Coming

    Swansea City home

  11. WIR Second Coming

    Swansea City home

    Manager has to take action and shuffle the deck.
  12. WIR Second Coming

    Swansea City home

  13. WIR Second Coming

    Swansea City home

  14. WIR Second Coming

    Swansea City home

    It's TM's baffling myopia and clueless loyalty to his 'senior pros'. It is this lack of vision, insight and confidence in the up and coming players that will ultimately undo the man. Rovers to score 4, Swansea to score when they want!
  15. WIR Second Coming

    Swansea City home

    It is woeful, but our recent history doesn't suggest we will roar like lions and decimate our Welsh opponents in anticipation of a late surge into playoff contention. No, instead all of the portents are that we will be heading home wondering what might have been if, just if.... Bollix to it - 4-1 to the mighty rampant Rovers at 4.50 is my guess. You just have to look at the table, goal difference and the weather forecast to work this one out.. Swans to score first, and Rovers to roar back with a dose of the feckits..

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