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  1. RV Blue

    World Cup 2018

    Why are you still papping on about this when it’s been shown to be untrue? Southgate made a big call and it’s paid off, whether we get knocked out on Wednesday or not.
  2. Sort of signing we should be making.
  3. RV Blue

    World Cup 2018

    It’s not about getting to the quarter finals though, it’s about winning it. Do you think in 4 years time anyone will care whether we reached the last 16 or quarters? I don’t. Yes Colombia is a much tougher game than Japan, but you have to look further than that.
  4. RV Blue

    World Cup 2018

    They think it’s and easier route to the final overall. We’ve got two winnable games to get to the Semis, if we played Japan next we’d most likely be playing Brazil in the quarters. Brazil are the team to avoid for me.
  5. RV Blue

    World Cup 2018

    Prior to the Belgium game we knew who were going through and who were going home, the Belgium game only decided which side of the draw we’d be going on. The bookies shortened the odds for us to win the cup when they realised that we’d be going on the Colombia side of the draw. From a maximising our chances of doing well point of view, Southgate made the correct decision. It would have been much easier for him to chuck the first team out against Belgium but he didn’t and I respect him for that.
  6. RV Blue

    World Cup 2018

    Reaction on here (and in the press) to the England game has been pathetic. Like Kane et al. are going to go out on Tuesday low on confidence after the first two games because they saw Belgium reserves sneak a win against our reserves in what can only be described as a friendly. Every man and his dog would have taken beating Colombia and Sweden/Switzerland to get to the semis before the tournament started. It is no surprise to anyone who knows what they are talking about that the odds for us to win the whole thing shortened after that defeat.
  7. I think we’re not being linked with anyone because Tony is too busy speaking to the press about transfers, get on with it man!
  8. Correct, unless the linker also happens to have something to say on it. That’s my understanding anyway.
  9. What about people post whatever the hell they like in this thread (transfer related obviously) and just post links in the links only thread? Has what we can post in this thread changed from previous years or is it still the same? I like it when Chaddy posts his links/tweets etc. in here and then others debate it, I don’t see why Chaddy necessarily has to make a comment on it. (Just using Chaddy as an example)
  10. So Chaddy can’t post a link to a tweet without making a comment on it? He has to tell us that he’s posted it in the links thread? Moronic.
  11. If true that’s just silly. Have a links only thread if you want but it shouldn’t affect what’s posted in this thread.
  12. How boring has this window been so far? 😴 Come on Tony, get on with it!
  13. Every club needs a guy that has made a career out of pretending to be able to play football? I mean fair play to him, he must have made the most money relative to talent in the history of the world, not just football. I’ve never been a fan of sucking up to superiors, but Lowe has proven that it has its merits.

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