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  1. RV Blue

    Reading (A)

    I’m not criticising him, I like him. Just wouldn’t say that he’s come on leap and bounds - he was a revelation when he came into the side (a year too late, I might add).
  2. RV Blue

    Bradley Dack

    Can’t believe that he isn’t being paid in line with our highest earners now. Pay him more, extend his contract by a year (or two), and put in a £25/30m release clause. Think that would make sense for both sides.
  3. RV Blue

    Reading (A)

    His best performance for us was his first/second proper start in the Championship, against West Brom at home. Has he really come on leaps and bounds since then?
  4. RV Blue

    Academy & U21s

    He didn’t look match fit though. Don’t think 45 mins will do any harm, and he’ll have 5 days until Saturday.
  5. RV Blue

    Academy & U21s

    Will Holtby have a run out for the u23s at Leyland tomorrow?
  6. RV Blue

    Reading (A)

    Wonder if Travis was one of the ill players? He looked to be blowing out of his arse in the last 10/15 which is unusual for him.
  7. RV Blue

    Lewis Holtby

    Holtby hasn’t played any football (not even friendlies) since April last year, a little bit different. Mowbray had no choice but to put Cunningham in straight away, Tosin definitely hasn’t come straight in, Downing and Johnson had a full preseason to bed in, Gallagher was here a couple of years ago. What’s your point?
  8. RV Blue

    Lewis Holtby

    You’re forgetting that he’ll also have to prove that he deserves a place in the u23 side after their fantastic season. He’ll probably be ready after a full preseason next August.
  9. RV Blue

    Lewis Holtby

    Holtby’s on the ferry to Hull as we speak, announcement tomorrow?
  10. RV Blue

    Lewis Holtby

    Where have you got that from? On transfermarkt, he played every game last season as one of 3 in midfield.
  11. RV Blue

    Lewis Holtby

    Hopefully he’s brought in to be one of the two central midfielders rather than one of the three behind the striker - according to my (very limited) knowledge of him, he’s more of an 8 than a 10, and definitely not a winger. If we carry on with the 5-3-2 that we played on Saturday, he’ll be one of the 3, and there’ll be no place for Rothwell. Ideally, he’ll be able to play next to Travis or Johnson, and not just both.
  12. RV Blue

    DG off to Australia?

    Nope, f off Sydney
  13. RV Blue

    Raya joins Brentford

    Didn’t take a genius to see that Raya will go right to the top, biggest error in Mowbray’s (ever growing) catalogue.
  14. RV Blue

    West Brom Away

    Snore. “Little old Rovers can’t go to West Brom and get a result, even after spending £12m on two strikers, great stuff Tony, keep it up fella”. It’s so unbelievably defeatist. You are the negative one.
  15. RV Blue

    West Brom Away

    Shite first half, shite last 15, poor overall. Walk Mowbray, you’re not up to it.

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