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  1. Probably because we've got 3 clubs that think that they are our main rivals (Dingles, Preston & Bolton).
  2. I thought he should have kept us up last season, so my post wasn't completely based on this season. I like Mowbray as a person, but since he's been here he has shown me nothing to suggest he's a good manager. If we're outside the top 6 in 5 more games I would get rid.
  3. Yeah, good shout.
  4. Does anyone actually rate Mowbray anymore? It doesn't seem like it, I certainly don't. I think he'll be gone sooner rather than later, unless we have another Kean situation on our hands where the manager is un-sackable because he's too close to the owners, but I think he's too honourable for that. I think it's quite clear that he's tactically inept and he cocked up the last transfer window, signing players for big bucks and not even using a formation that they can play in. I'd give him a few more games but if we're going along like we are now, we must act fast and sack him before it's too late to get promoted. I reckon a decent manager would get this squad up with ease, even the players on the bench would walk into 95% of sides in this division. Next I'd go all out to get Rosler in from Fleetwood, he'd surely snap our hands off. If not I would give it Johnson with Dunn as his assistant, I really rate him.
  5. Definitely the latter, Williamson, Lowe, Evans, Murphy, Etuhu, Spearing etc. deary me, depressing to think about it. We even had Alan Judge at one stage and let him go for peanuts!
  6. Best midfielder we had in the Championship imo (bar Cairney), only problem was that he only played 15/20 games a season, although he seemed to keep himself fit at the back end of last season.
  7. Guthrie would walk into our 11 right now, strange decision to let him go, although there must be some reason why he's not got a club yet (must be injured?).
  8. And there's a good chance he'll be playing in the World Cup next year, that O'Neil must he a great manager!
  9. I think Bennett has all the tools to be a good centre midfielder, he works hard, can put a tackle in, and is pretty calm on the ball, he strikes me as the type of player that can play anywhere and give you a 6/7 out of 10 every game. Mowbray has put him in CM against Burnley and Wimbledon when we were looking for a goal and he's looked decent. I'm not too sure either, Travis is much better than Nyambe technically but I suppose Nyambe is built like a brick sh1thouse, Nyambe is a year or two older as well. But Travis looks a real player to me, quick, seems solid defensively and can put in a great cross, give him a chance!
  10. Can't believe Evans hasn't really been criticised by anyone on here, he was absolutely awful on Saturday (and has been for the vast majority of his time here). Caddis is also a real bad 'un, as are Ward and Antonsson. Those are the 4 changes I would make for the next game. In home games, I would play this: Raya Travis Downing Mulgrew Williams Chapman Bennett Smallwood Conway Dack Samuel/Graham In away games, I would play: Raya Travis Downing Mulgrew Williams Bennett Harper Smallwood Conway Dack Samuel/Graham From what I've seen of the u23s, Travis is the best of a really good bunch and if he can't get a chance in League 1 when the players ahead of him are awful, we might as well shut down the academy. I'd give Harper a chance, but if he's not great we could put Tomlinson/Hardcastle in and they'd both do a better job than Evans.
  11. My team would be: Raya Caddis Ward Mulgrew Williams Bennett Smallwood Evans Conway Samuel Antonsson I wouldn't change much if I was Mowbray, and I certainly wouldn't be playing Whittingham as others have suggested.
  12. The next match thread should be put up a day after the last game, and if the preview isn't done in time it should be edited in to the thread later, imo.
  13. Looks like Gav forgot to tell his respected economist friend that the vast majority of Rovers' loans are secured against Venky's assets in India and now he's trying to shut down the debate
  14. Come on Miller, get it done!
  15. He also played against Burnley and looked like he couldn't give a sh1t. He didn't want the ball and chickened out of challenges, not the player we need.