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  1. RV Blue

    Academy & U21s

    Are you sure that you haven’t been playing too much Football Manager?
  2. RV Blue

    Academy & U21s

    Turns out Hilton isn’t our saviour 😢
  3. RV Blue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    They do, another ‘source’ talking out of his arse imv.
  4. RV Blue

    Championship season 2019-20

    What you get when you have a scouting team I suppose.
  5. RV Blue

    Academy & U21s

    If Davenport was going to make it he’d have made it by now? Bollocks, he’s 20. Harry Kane was just shy of 22 when he made is first PL start. Davenport has been so unlucky with injuries and you’re writing him off because you think he’s been poor in the few u23 games you have seen (which I massively disagree with by the way)? Weird attitude.
  6. RV Blue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Or if he thinks that when Cunningham is back we’ll improve... Cunningham is on loan and is out for the season.
  7. RV Blue

    Mowbray Poll

    They can’t be happy with Tony saying that we’ll be in the top 6 if they give him x amount of money to spend, and we end up in a relegation battle - that can’t last long, so fingers crossed.
  8. RV Blue

    Academy & U21s

    Rovers’ twitter haven’t even mentioned it, poor.
  9. RV Blue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    It won’t be Waggot’s decision, he’s a pawn. Suhail is the decision maker at Ewood nowadays, we can only hope that he’s built up enough footballing knowledge in his time here to know that Mowbray must go ASAP, but I’m not holding my breath.
  10. RV Blue

    If Tony goes...

    I’d go for Ainsworth, done a fantastic at Wycombe and deserves a Championship job.
  11. RV Blue

    Preston Away

    Eh? Mowbray is responsible for the players he puts out on the field, and Walton shouldn’t be out on the field.
  12. RV Blue

    If Tony goes...

    No Sparky?
  13. For a guy who’s said that his ambition is the play offs, that’s sackable.
  14. Can someone work out how many points we’ve won in the last 12 months (since Preston away last season)?

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