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  1. RV Blue

    Rovers v Hull

    Embarrassing performance for 73 minutes against what was the worst side I’ve ever seen at Ewood.
  2. RV Blue

    Raya joins Brentford

    Raya will be playing in the Premier League soon, Walton won’t (ever). It was a horrific decision to sell Raya for peanuts, and this will be proven when he leaves Brentford for big money. Every keeper in the world makes mistakes.
  3. RV Blue

    January transfer window 2020

    This one actually set Travis’ development back 6 months.
  4. RV Blue

    Lewis Travis

    Exactly, not saying that he’ll be bought for their first teams yet, but a 21 year old in his first couple of seasons in mens football performing the way he is doing is going to attract attention.
  5. RV Blue

    Lewis Travis

    I’d be very surprised if we don’t receive Prem bids for Travis in the summer, they may want to loan him back to the Championship for a season, mind. I don’t think Nyambe is good enough going forward for the Prem yet, so I think we’ll keep him for another season, having said that Wan Bisaka is dreadful going forward so who knows.
  6. RV Blue

    Lewis Travis

    Can’t quite believe I’ve read that, Travis’ speed is one of his biggest strengths, I’d wager that he’s one of the quickest players on our books.
  7. RV Blue

    Lewis Travis

    I think it’s becoming clearer by the game that Travis will be a Premier League player very soon. He’ll comfortably command the biggest fee from an academy graduate since the Jones one, I could actually see it being as high as Jones’. Our investment into the academy is paying dividends at the moment.
  8. RV Blue

    January transfer window 2020

    I’ve been really disappointed with Dowing’s crossing ability and set pieces, the rest of his game I have been impressed with (apart from the cock up yesterday).
  9. RV Blue

    Bradley Dack

    So you’re criticising someone for diagnosing it too early, then diagnosing it too early yourself? How about we wait for concrete updates from the club.
  10. RV Blue

    Bradley Dack

    Pray it’s the MCL rather than the ACL.
  11. Best performance of the season, every player was fantastic. How much are the academy trio of Travis, Lenihan & Nyambe worth? The investment’s paying dividends.
  12. RV Blue

    Raya joins Brentford

    Name a keeper at this level that doesn’t have mistakes in him? You’ve been watching too much of Alisson and Ederson.
  13. RV Blue

    Raya joins Brentford

    Hope Raya gets a good reception on what (imo) is likely to be his last appearance at Ewood, I don’t think he’ll be plying his trade in the Championship next season.
  14. RV Blue

    Raya joins Brentford

    Yes because Raya will undoubtedly be playing in the Premier League soon, and will be sold for an astronomical amount compared to what we got for him. It was a bad decision from all angles.
  15. RV Blue

    Raya joins Brentford

    I get that foresight is difficult for some people, but hindsight should be easy - genuinely can’t believe I’ve just read that.

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