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  1. RoversClitheroe

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Nyambe in 10 mins showing he's a better fullback than Bennett
  2. RoversClitheroe

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    With the injury of Cunningham it shows that Mowbray absolutely failed in the transfer market with his "defenders are coming" for me that's it for him.
  3. RoversClitheroe

    Damien Johnson

    More worried by Mowbray tombola at the moment
  4. RoversClitheroe

    Rovers new style of play and how we play it

    The style of play where we still play everyone out of position? Mowbray will never work as a manager for us whilst he continues this approach.
  5. RoversClitheroe

    QPR Away

    Venkys have given the green light to over £15 million worth of transfers this season. The fault lies at Mowbrays door. Don't be fooled
  6. RoversClitheroe

    QPR Away

    Armstrong does not score goals.... 2 goals before that I have no idea the last time he scored
  7. RoversClitheroe

    Nottingham Forest Home

    He's playing Gallagher out of position ffs! Of course he's going to look bad!!! If I moved you from a specialist job in law to accounting you'd have no idea and look shit in your job! Exact same situation here.
  8. RoversClitheroe

    Nottingham Forest Home

    My ideal front 4 would definitely not include Arma, can't have 1 good game and suddenly be top dog. I'd go for: Holtby. Dack. Rothwell Gallagher
  9. RoversClitheroe

    Luton Town home

    Cracking goal
  10. I can't seem to get ESPN+ in Canada??
  11. RoversClitheroe

    Luton Town home

    Agree - Armstrong not near Rothwells level.
  12. Is that a free streaming site?
  13. Supposedly not on ifolllow, is it definitely not available on an international subscription?
  14. RoversClitheroe

    Lewis Holtby

    You see any of Bennett last season? And start of this season? Nyambe miles better

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