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  1. Rovers v Peterborough

    If say 2 footballing centre backs with pace to play with Charlie and put Lenihan at the base of the 3 in the middle 3 in midfield . Bit of an enforcer
  2. Rovers v Peterborough

    For me, I like 352. I just think we need a virtually new team to play it effectively
  3. Rovers v Peterborough

    No it would need 3 at the back. So we need 2 new CH
  4. Yeah but that it spoiled by the commentators who are not doing it live and already know what's going to happen. Camera flashes to imminent scorer and geezer on the Mic bigs him up just prior to our hero bagging the winner......rubbish these days.

    What date is the donny game?
  6. Rovers v Southend

    If he knows anything about the game, then he's realise that he's a donkey whilst Charlie is a proper footballer
  7. Rovers v Southend

    I'd say Conways legs have gone. He can't play a full match so he's the one that needs binning

    I'd say he's a right mard arse and for a centre half that is a problem
  9. Attendances

    You said they were low for this league. Where in this league have you seen home tickets higher than 27.00?
  10. Attendances

    You think 27.00 is low .....who charges more to home fans in league 1?
  11. Bradford City (home)

    I’ve never seen as many bad first touches in a game
  12. Bradford City (home)

    I’d back myself against our 2 centre backs
  13. Bradford City (home)

    Tonys mates lad that's why he plays
  14. Bradford City (home)

    Samuel constantly makes incorrect decisions
  15. Bradford City (home)

    Charlie will get his rest in 6 weeks. If he's fit, he plays. Everyone plays with a niggle