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  1. Sparks Rover


    He might go 3 at the back without Cunningham. Bell is a much better wing back with less defensive responsibility
  2. Sparks Rover

    Hull (A)

    Their best player v our worst. Tony’s scouts are doing a good job
  3. Sparks Rover

    Hull (A)

    Spot on
  4. Sparks Rover

    Hull (A)

    Groscicki too. He will be against Benno 😫😫
  5. Yes, Mowbray wouldn’t be around after last seasons debacles if we had a proper chairman/ceo
  6. Sparks Rover

    Hull (A)

    Groscicki still there for some reason. Good player and dangerous
  7. Sparks Rover

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Assombalomga and fletcher will be a problem today
  8. Sparks Rover

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Can't be any worse than usual
  9. Sparks Rover


    My general opinion is that Larry's lad is lower leagues , the other lad seems a bit nothingy too
  10. Sparks Rover


    Defenders are coming!
  11. Sparks Rover

    New captain

    Yes, I thought 18 months ago he looked like our best attacking right sided player. I thought a bit of end product/composure and he's a right threat with his power and recovery...much better than Bennett
  12. Sparks Rover

    West brom away

    Does my head in where they send you down that road after the game at the hawthorns....extra mile on the walk.
  13. Sparks Rover

    New captain

    Just another bad decision by mowbray in a long line of them. Whatever people think of mulgrew, at least he contributed to the goal tally (arguably the goals against tally too but we can't properly measure that), but Bennet contributes hardly anything positive to the play, just the odd fist pump and diving in tub-thumping challenge......I just can't fathom this manager anymore
  14. Sparks Rover

    New captain

    Jason Lowe MK2 We know how that ended
  15. Sparks Rover


    Full strength early on bang a few in and get the lads hitting the net. Pressure is on if he loses tonight.

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