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  1. I read somewhere it was puma. Did I dream it...? (Oh yeah, it's on Twitter 🙄)
  2. Yep, it's about who you bring to help you. Gary Mac is obviously a big help to Gerrard...
  3. Gerrard has done ok at Rangers....he had the academy teams at Liverpool before.
  4. Easy, Duffer as assistant, Shay as goalie coach and Souness as DOF. END OF.
  5. Chill your beans mate, our European Scoting Network will be all over it....is he on championship manager?🤞
  6. He has done his time here, as player and coach. Surely the next step is to promote him to first team manager at least until the end of the season. Asses how he does, relationships with the squad, tactical nous etc. Shall we just train him up and let someone else get the benefit?. I don't think we have anything to lose by getting shut now and letting him have a go.
  7. Ok fair enough mate. 👍 Lousy today though eh? Mowbray masterstroke with the sub though....
  8. Warren G feat Michael McDonald - Regulate / Keep Forgettin
  9. I can't find anyone. Give us some names mate..there's a good chap.👊
  10. Shows what clowns they are....if they had have just kept the best grounds man in the area on 50k per annum for the last 10 years they'd have saved a million minus the tools....we would still have the best surface around.
  11. He's a scrapper Mercer, we need some personality in that defence. I'd rather him than Carthorse or Del without a shadow of doubt.
  12. Like who? Give us some names of people on here who don't watch the team.
  13. This is Mowbray all over. Been here for years and the 18 year old goes straight in. He cannot have trained much with the team, probably doesn't know everyones name.....straight in. Not having a go at the lad but it shows how shit we are.... Imagine how the squad will feel if an 18 year old goes straight in.... Mowbray couldn't manage his tea
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