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  1. Sparks Rover

    Rovers Survey

    Why would I spend a fiver on food and still be hungry when u can go the chippy before for half the price and be twice as full?
  2. Are you putting Bennett at LB to annoy people? It can’t be for his performance the other day
  3. Sparks Rover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I’ve told you all , Del is the problem. Mulgrew with a quality partner and decent left back will be fine and will get you 10 goals
  4. Sparks Rover

    Preston Away

    Put Neil in charge of us and he’d have used the 12m much better and we’d be pushing to go up
  5. Sparks Rover


    From what I’ve seen abroad in EU countries the bar cannot be that high then. Better off setting our own rules and regulations. i think you are right to say that we will only know the impact of the EU when we have left, perhaps it will be so bad that another referendum comes within a decade or so as we all want to go back......let’s get the result implemented then we can all move on.
  6. Gallagher hat trick against his old team😂😂👍
  7. Sparks Rover


    Ok, I can confirm it is currently 2 years and I don’t remember the EU stepping in when the government of the day put it up from 1 year. So, I argue with this on employment rights and the obvious flaws in the environmental arguments that Labour are pushing, are they not just opposing for opposing sake using any old excuses..?
  8. Sparks Rover


    No, the bullshit is coming from both sides.
  9. Sparks Rover


    You know why you don’t want a general election and it’s because the Tory and Brexit party will be the largest parties and then we go with a real hard brexit. All the anti election crew knows this otherwise we would have had one by now. Just more gerrymandering by the losing remain supporters
  10. Sparks Rover


    Come on. Phillipl is the master of cut and paste.
  11. Sparks Rover


    Best not to spout any then eh?
  12. Sparks Rover


    Labour have had their fabled 5/6 tests for nearly 3 years. No majority for it. No majority for anything. There will be a majority for the new WA though .
  13. Sparks Rover


    I was referring to the waste as in bins etc
  14. Sparks Rover


    I didn’t mention Bulgarian sewage. Southern Europe where you can’t even have a comfortable poo
  15. Sparks Rover


    With all due respect, you are using it as an argument but then you don’t know about the basics. It’s 2 years and we are in the EU.... plus, all this environmental claptrap, I went to Bulgaria recently, an EU member, and their waste disposal and recycling collections are an absolute disgrace and something that we would have had in the 1930s. The UK leads the way in environmental issues, you just need to go to Southern Europe to see poor sanitation and sewage systems. Just more excuses from labour not to do what their electorate want them to do. Corbyn is a disgrace

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