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  1. Sparks Rover


    They do shake hands a lot
  2. Sparks Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    It wouldnt be run by agents if Roy Keane was in charge....or someone like him.
  3. Sparks Rover

    Elliott Bennett/Captaincy

    How have we got Graham leaving and Bennettt staying...? I remember Dean Saunders once saying " there's always a certain player at clubs, first in training, last out, great character, nice lad, hard to drop, etc...they are the ones that get you sacked" Not at this club though....its like a feckin old boys club where everyone is unsackable.
  4. Sparks Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yes, what's the bloody point. Go now Tony and take Tesco with you
  5. Sparks Rover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    If true that is strange. Totally different players. Points towards total chaos in Mowbray's management of the squad and what it requires. We don't even need freeman, we need other areas sorting. The guy has no idea and I cannot for the life of me understand your continued blind loyalty.
  6. Sparks Rover

    Premier League Stuff

    Got to say, if i was a Bournemouth fan Id be seething , that so-called England forward showed no quality, no desire and should have had at least 2. Callum something....nowhere near international class.
  7. Sparks Rover

    Millwall Away

    Imagine doing all that and Bennett still plays ahead of you with no reason......bet the lad can't wait to feck off to a club that will value him.
  8. Sparks Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    This is irrelevant to us whilst Mowbray is in charge.....
  9. Sparks Rover

    Millwall Away

    Yeah, Bennett would never have out muscled Bilic like Darragh did....Gaelic Football tough.
  10. Sparks Rover

    Millwall Away

    Sounds like Bennet would make a decent Red Coat, shit footballer though. Mowbray out!
  11. Sparks Rover


    You are pro china, so you are likely to criticise the government for binning Huawei. Am i wrong?
  12. Sparks Rover


    You would say that though
  13. Sparks Rover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Wigan can finish above us.....sack of shit Mowbray. Couldn't motivate feck all. Go
  14. Sparks Rover


    2 countries you mention are just for your convenience. Quite transparent really. I'm happy not to deal with a company owned by the Chinese Communist Party for our 5g infrastructure. The EU are right on board with the communists there buiding theirs...Good luck to them, but I think they are fools in the long term.
  15. Sparks Rover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Strange, your record on here would suggest otherwise. 😁

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