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  1. Sparks Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    Dack should get a hat full in this team. If we are serious about promotion then Mowbray has to keep him and get the most out of him. Additional funds should be made available for a left back considering the start we have made.
  2. Sparks Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    That would be a stupid move. He's our aggression, I loved it when he fronted up to Sibley and said, "come on then!, lets fuckin have it you little turd"......or thats what I thought he said to him.
  3. Sparks Rover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    He's still blagging it with the defence. In my opinion we will come unstuck if we don't strengthen it.
  4. Sparks Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    I think that Gibbs White is dangerous at this level...Ayew is always good too...the manager gets good loans in due to his england youth contacts. Decent at the back too, our defence still needs sorting whatever has happened in the last couple of games.
  5. Sparks Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    Swansea and Watford look strong
  6. Sparks Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Now is the time to persuade s couple of good players to sign. Cunningham for me at left back, bollocks to cardiff.
  7. Sparks Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    Yes, he's not got that low centre of gravity to turn quickly. Imagine Dolan v Bell in training
  8. Sparks Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    Goin up, goin up, goin up......
  9. Sparks Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    He's perfect for us. Young, powerful, big strong midfielder with an eye for goal. His passing is incisive and he rarely gives the ball away. Technically good as he was raised at the utd academy from young until 16 when he was released and went to Sheff Utd. Nigel Clough, Darren Ferguson and Nigel Adkins all rate him and Darren Moore made him club captain.
  10. Sparks Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    Its October next week, i think he's decided to sit tight now and start looking in January for his summer move. It will be interesting where he ends up. Mowbray obviously doesn't trust him.
  11. Sparks Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Hang your head calling me a nobbers fan. I'm steeped in the club mate.
  12. Sparks Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Nah, signed a new one last year i thinkand was made club captain at 23
  13. Sparks Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    I hope you are right mate....we need all the good players we can get. Doesn't change the fact that Mowbray is looking
  14. Sparks Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Don't remember seeing him. Ifs and buts, sadly a big disappointment and will slip down the divisions. Meanwhile, my mate Ben is a top player. Strong and can control a game and has a great shot on him. Get shut of pretenders like Davenport, Jonty etc and bring in proper players...come on Tony youve been flirting for 2 years now....wonder why when you have the likely lads already at your disposal....get your cheque book out man and sign a proper player for our future.. you know you want to....

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