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  1. Sparks Rover

    World Cup 2018

    I think he will drop lingard for Delph to add a bit more bite to the middle. Hemderson will get over run off modric rakitic and pereseic.
  2. He just isn't good enough. I'd imagine non league beckons
  3. There seems to be a few clubs in the championship spending....forest, etc....I'm concerned we only seem to be talking about the loans from last season.
  4. Sparks Rover

    World Cup 2018

    He went and sat on the bench. Bet his mates weren't too happy
  5. Sparks Rover

    Pre Season Matches

    Yep. I don't like these type of friendly games. Perhaps 5k rovers and 10k Scousers taking the pee. No ta
  6. In my opinion gestede has done nowt since leaving rovers so he should get his arse back here.
  7. Sparks Rover

    World Cup 2018

    Bosh, and now Fifa basically control each game. We are on the road to ruining the game by Fifa and UEFA wanting control over everything. That guy wasn't giving the penalty tonight, then 4 people in a room who are probably his bosses whisper into his ear that he better look at something. I'm telling you mate, most will take the advice and not go against 4 of his bosses and just go with the majority. You could see tonight when he went over to the screen looking at the Cedric incident, there was somebody basically slowing the replay down for him so he could see the handlball clearly....they were trying to convince him by editing the video. Road to ruin.
  8. Sparks Rover

    Dunny leaving his role at Rovers

    What's that supposed to mean?
  9. Sparks Rover

    Dunny leaving his role at Rovers

    He's selling them wooden houses for flitty....plus Jeromes moved into brockhall for the summer so dunnys desk has been taken.
  10. No, he got fed up when Jerome turned up at brockhall with his bed in dunnys office
  11. It must be me then because I don't see a player at all in Williams. Technically awful and his passing is poor. The championship will find him out straight away. Can't play him in a three, he doesn't have the pace or technique on the ball.
  12. Sparks Rover

    Players who never quite made it

    Casper was never good enough. Would never have got signed schoolboys if his dad wasn't mates with the footballing world. I was better. Fact
  13. Chaddy is right here mate. The guys not championship level. He's probably league 2 if that
  14. This would work. Fairly local lad Ashley and I know his dad. I'd say he'd come here but I'm uncertain as his goal return isn't top notch. However, pace to burn and very young.
  15. Well I think he'd play a bit due to number of games. He can play holding midfielder too so I think it would be good for everyone. He's a good player

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