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  1. Roving Mick

    Rovers' finances

    Venky's In Campaign
  2. Roving Mick


    Grasshopper.... Now is the time for you to go.
  3. Very Secret, Mr Bond.
  4. Roving Mick


    Sadly, they're big manure fans.
  5. Roving Mick

    Happy Kean Out Day

    Oh Mrs Desai
  6. Roving Mick

    Tim Flowers named Macclesfield Town boss

    They've just been wound up, all for a paltry £500K. Spurs will be paying Bale more than that a week.
  7. Roving Mick

    Funny stuff

    Absent Friends
  8. Roving Mick

    Match Time Machine

    Once the time machine has dropped you off at your match, make sure you go in the betting shop first.
  9. Roving Mick

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Venky's 10 year celebrations. The Pearl of Pune
  10. Roving Mick

    Music Association Game

    Remember the Korgis? I'd never heard this track before. It's actually called Rovers Return and pretty catchy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qH8FKMgRzE
  11. Roving Mick

    Happy Kean Out Day

    He could have been Lady Desai's butler https://www.rovingmick.com/venkys/sample-pirates/
  12. Roving Mick

    The Riverside Stand Renovation Thread

    Now there's an idea. Venky's Want Sleeping Pods For Ewood Park
  13. Must have a twin in Sheffield GamePlan Sheffield Wednesday Youth Team Member 1 1 post Posted Sunday at 11:50 I’m a University student and currently studying the effects that Coronavirus (COVID-19) will have on football clubs. Sheffield Wednesday is one of these clubs however our survey results so far show that Sheffield Wednesday fans are unrepresented compared to other clubs. If you could fill out this survey that will help the club transition out of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I would appreciate it massively. https://interceptum.com/s/en/GamePlanFanSurvey
  14. Roving Mick

    Random Songs You Love

    Corona - Make us dance - not die! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4rJdf97JbA

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