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  1. Roving Mick

    Club merchandise

    Sounds like the old club shop. Alice in Sports Wonderland
  2. Roving Mick

    Cringiest moments in Rovers history?

    In 1970's the Blackburn End calling Chesterfield Dirty Yorkshire Bastards - It's in Derbyshire!
  3. Roving Mick

    nightlife in blackburn

    Not a bad start. Shame about the Squire across the road. Blackburn's Grapes Now Open Again
  4. Roving Mick

    Happy Kean Out Day

    How Kean ended up on Tracy Island. https://www.rovingmick.com/venkys/sample-pirates/
  5. Roving Mick

    nightlife in blackburn

    It's the turn of the Grapes to re-open today - at 10.00am.
  6. Roving Mick

    nightlife in blackburn

    The Adelphi re-opens today. Hope it's not more of the same.
  7. Roving Mick

    nightlife in blackburn

    The Grapes will be opening as a pub again on 30th August. Four pubs on King William Street now - brilliant!
  8. Roving Mick

    Bolton Wanderers Unpaid Staff Need Food bank.

    Some of their season ticket holders from last season are saying they are owed a match because of the Brentford postponement. They reckon they should get in free at their first home match. Seems reasonable to me.
  9. Roving Mick

    nightlife in blackburn

    That was his last boozer. Wonder if he paid the BILL?
  10. Roving Mick

    nightlife in blackburn

    It's still there. First time it's had a lick of paint too.
  11. Roving Mick

    nightlife in blackburn

    I wrote this story in April about the possibility of the Grapes becoming a pub again. This follows its present incarnation - Liz and Lil's - calling it a day. Now the manager of Blackburn Times says her friend has got the place and will be re-opening it as a pub. Hope she's right. Could Blackburn's Grapes Become A Pub Again?
  12. You can see the old course of the River Darwen at the top of the photo. It used to flow through the car park and was diverted, probably to supply the mills around Hollin Bank.
  13. Roving Mick


    It's the River Darwen. The Blakewater is a long way from Ewood. Land of Dope and Glory
  14. Roving Mick

    Feyenoord away

    Could Rovers fans have a chip on their shoulder from this match? I've Got You Under My Skin
  15. Roving Mick

    Feyenoord away

    Can't find you a scarf, but can find you a story about the trip to the match - Best away match I've been to. Feyenood XL5

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