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  1. I am sceptical Going for 1- 0 in our favour .. but guess thats more hope
  2. So things are not looking good .However on a plus our youth has been better so if or when relegation happens its time for them to play first team football. I can see a chance for rebuilding the squad. Surely we are better than 1st division and should be able to move onwards and upwards? We have been here before i.e the 70's lets start being a team again . get the supporters behind the squad and hope the managers can manage the club to a positive regime again?
  3. We are talking about a team that beat Newcastle twice here. we can win
  4. Roller Coaster rides we been through it all. We have been in the situation before. .I am not going to be suprised if it goes to the last match of the season , so I am going to carry on believing , and supporting until the end .Wherever we go or end up only belief as a unit will get us out of this hellish ride . Good luck management team players ect . and its because of the uncertainty through thick or thin what makes me supportive , Past and Present
  5. Maybe but that would maybe scare them and help them perform??
  6. Well we will go to the blame game.. Venky's to blame , Manager to blame but it never seems to be down to the Squad . Yes I agree to lack of ect ect ,however when your this far into relegation its stand up and be counted regime as I have not seen the game yet I can not really say if the squad performed on the wages they are paid to do the job . In my past jobs my wages were paid on your performance ie hit above target met bonus . Hit target wage below target minimum wage . Maybe there should be similar rules should apply in football for managers and squad? I guess Jimmy Hill originally came up with higher wages for footballers and he had a lot of good ideas that helped football grow as a game, but maybe wages to ratio of performance needs to come into play across the board referees ect included .. Maybe I being daft here any thoughts?
  7. Apologies to Forum I think I sent this twice not sure how to remove it??
  8. Well a massive game is next and could write where we are next season. We Really need to be on our A Game to get a result . I can only pray the team can produce our game of the Season. I would Take a draw . I do not believe we can afford to loose it, A big test for the Team. Tony and his staff.Another roller coaster ride for the fans. predictions??
  9. I am Happy with the appointment. I can see a vast improvement in the squad . Thank you T.M. I know We were told it was a short time 18 month contract or something, But I wonder if we can get him on permanently? I wonder what others think? We have a strong Manager who can see how a game is and can nodify the squad to its potential. I like the football I am seeing . please venkies try to get T.M ..
  10. I very optomistic of a Win . Score does not matter but i see a good game
  11. I like T.M so far he seems to talk sense and seem to have a good Idea of whats needed .. Time Will tell .