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  1. Was Burnley the Tonic to waken the squad ???
  2. Well done Tony Well done team. give em credit for this win thanks . Enjoyable game
  3. We are 3 games in and we seem to be on Tony's case .I understand we have had our funds mismanaged from The glorious Years of Jack Walker and we will probably never see a team and Backroom staff as strong for sometime , but seriously a new squad which yes Tony picked , However I doubt any manager can turn a team around from last season in such early stages . Yes we should be better(understatement) and I agree with a lot of comments on both sides but can we give Managers at least till Christmas before giving them such a hard time, let them do the job they have been brought in to do. We all know where the problem lies and I feel it will take a little longer before we can Judge Tony .
  4. Fair Enough point taken.. no worries.
  5. I don't understand the comment Sorry I must be missing something. oh well.. Sorry if I upset someone with what I thought was a positive post
  6. As I see it, happy to be corrected if wrong. The players last year could not do the job and got us relegated. Mowbray has made some great signings and today has said more deals to be done including a keeper. I wish him well as I do our new team that have shown more hunger than in the previous season. I like what I am seeing. I hope we keep Mulgrew, Lenihan,Evans . The Squad looks better than in our previous season but I have only seen the Highlights. looking at the past few pre-season friendlies, Blackburn have put up a massive fight and have improved since last season. (not very hard!) I think this year they are definately on the right track and on the road of promotion and recovery.
  7. Has anyone hear any news of a special keeper coming through the ranks or is it just ear say??
  8. So Who is coming in for Steele? any Youth up to the task any thoughts?
  9. Looking at the poor team we had anway they proved they could not do the job and most are moving on after a failed season . Maybe there is a glimer of light
  10. Thanks for your input JHRover! always there with good advice lets hope !!
  11. Any Ideas what the Rovers first team will be for next season ? any thoughts . Can we really get promoted next season .. I am praying with hope our team can move on ! P.s Sorry if this topic has already been discussed . I could not find it..
  12. I am sceptical Going for 1- 0 in our favour .. but guess thats more hope
  13. So things are not looking good .However on a plus our youth has been better so if or when relegation happens its time for them to play first team football. I can see a chance for rebuilding the squad. Surely we are better than 1st division and should be able to move onwards and upwards? We have been here before i.e the 70's lets start being a team again . get the supporters behind the squad and hope the managers can manage the club to a positive regime again?
  14. We are talking about a team that beat Newcastle twice here. we can win