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  1. RoverDom

    Good News!

    My other half claimed she would never want to know and would want it to be a surprise until I pointed out she cant watch a tv series without looking up spoilers cos she cant bare not knowing stuff.
  2. RoverDom


    Dunno a jobs a job I suppose. But yeah waste of money so far, from what I've read existing NHS tracers are doing as much as these new serco tracers. 25k tracers if I'm right? About 800 cases per day? Average of 5 contacts (complete guess) so 4-5k contacts need to be traced per day. Works out at 5 tracers per contact per day. No wonder they're bored. That's before you take into account that some cases probably wont need traced e.g. I assume hospital patients may not fall under serco contract.
  3. RoverDom


    It's done and dusted we cant change it however when it all goes tits up you'll get the usual narrative of "no one could have foreseen this, it's not our fault". This can be very easily batted back with 4+ years of it being blatantly pointed out that it's a bad idea and no one doing a thing to change it. Your logic of "it's done now let's get on with it" would mean that theres no point ever holding an inquiry after a major event. E.g. covid, the government fucked up with care homes but they're dead now let's get on with it rather than holding the politicians to account over it.
  4. RoverDom


    Does it say where 330k came from? Usually their BS numbers are based on a number that has been written down somewhere and then skewed beyond belief but rarely completely made up.
  5. RoverDom


    Think you misunderstood. I wasnt saying that changing and adapting is a bad thing. I was saying that going backwards is a bad thing. Like Mike said it's like the government forcing you to use horse and cart instead of a freight train. Businesses would obviously have to adapt and use horse and cart to survive. However going forward when businesses are making a decision which country to invest in, it isnt going to be the one forcing them to use a horse and cart.
  6. RoverDom


    JIT done right is the pinnacle of efficiency and cost effectivness. "changing processes" to adapt to brexit should really read "becoming less efficient" to adapt to brexit.
  7. RoverDom


    I'm still of the opinion that if you gave the same task / problem / objective to a public sector company and a private sector company to do independently, the private sector would do it quicker, cheaper and better. The problem occurs when you try and mix public and private sector. For whatever reason our public sector struggles to get value for money out of such arrangements. I used to see it all the time when I worked in a professional services company. Tendering for contracts we'd always wheel out our best and brightest but as soon as the work was won we'd chuck a grad on the contract whilst the decent staff serviced the corporate clients. Dont get me started on the monthly billing that often went unchallenged by public sector clients. The quality of work was always poor as well as the public sector were not strict with the amount of budget we had or the length of time it took to finish the review whereas corporates would be on us from day 1. The public sector is far too trusting of the private sector and gets taken for a mug. Needs some commercial nouse.
  8. RoverDom


    You think the leave side would have gone away if it was 52-48 the other way? You're dreaming if you are. Prime example, scottish independence. Democracy really hasn't gone your way either. The goalposts of brexit have shifted so far from what was originally campaigned for and what a large portion of people based their vote on and they've some how convinced you that this is what you voted for all along.
  9. RoverDom


    The british public get their say at every election. We dont vote on each individual trade deal and law that gets proposed.
  10. RoverDom


    Unless you're prepared to follow through with the result dont hold a referendum is my take on it. My issue is that the question was crap really. Our relationship with the EU isnt a binary yes or no. 'In' can take many forms as can 'out' and we were expected to make a choice on a yes or no. In before I get called a salty remoaner, I was saying this before the referendum when I was torn between leave and remain. I thought, surely we'd need a second vote once we know what leaving looks like or once we had a range of options.
  11. RoverDom


    Blanket end to furlough is silly. Not everything is open yet so how can you take away their support? As you allow certain sectors to open up, take away their access to furlough but you cant take away support and not let them trade that's outrageous. I thought they'd done a really good job with furlough but they've let themselves down their.
  12. RoverDom


    Labour has to appeal to the centre to stand a chance of getting in. Maybe put the pressure on him if he gets in? What use is it chaining him to Corbyns policies which delivered the worst election result in ages.
  13. RoverDom


    Absolutely not 😂
  14. RoverDom


    Last thing I want to do on holiday is interact with other people
  15. RoverDom

    Steve Kean on TalkSport very soon

    Pretty much. Unless its danny murphy and then it's good cop - arse licking cop.

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