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  1. I just answered your question about whether you could get lifelong complications from flu.... I think youve also entirely missed the point. I was saying that if we've vaccinated everyone and the vaccine stops people getting seriously ill then covid isnt dangerous anymore (Jim's hypothetical scenario earlier on). Is it really that outrageous to suggest that covid-19 without the serious symptoms and side effects is comparable to other illnesses? And as you asked, I've had 4 friends who have had it with symptoms (a fair few asymptomatic) and theyve all said theyve had worse bout
  2. I was responding to the point that the vaccine doesnt stop transmission but minimises / eliminates the chances of getting seriously ill from it. If the virus is circulating but not doing serious damage then really whats the issue / need for restrictions? Also I believe yes, complications can arise from flu leading to life long damage.
  3. So we essentially reduce it to as harmful as the flu / common cold? Also the first paragraph? Is that actually true? I thought the vaccine improves your chances of fighting it off so does that not mean you fight it off quicker and therefore the length of time you are contagious is reduced?
  4. That is moving the goal posts a touch considering we were put into all these lockdowns on the basis of protecting the old and vulnerable. Me (and many others) as young fit and healthy, wanting to take our chances with the virus wasnt an option because it's about who we could pass it on to. We can still have measures in place but this arbitary ban on recreation can do one
  5. As I said earlier I dont think its fit for purpose for many people given the change in work place dynamic and the focus on outputs rather than hours. But I dont beleive for one second that's the reason they want to tear it up. I'd be more concerned with the overtime and holiday pay issue.
  6. I went for the budget version of taping some plastic bags round the taps and basin instead.
  7. You might be right that this is how it pans out. I dont think it should though. I appreciate that there is a risk I could die from Covid but for me and many others the risk of dying in a car crash is far higher so I think that by the time the vulnerable are protected theres no reason we cant open up fully. Support should be given to those who want to remove themselves from society for a few more weeks until they get their vaccine. The thing about risk is you cant really 100% eliminate it, just mitigate it to a sufficiently low level. In this case as long as Covid and the human rac
  8. Surely the point of vaccines isnt to stop transmission but to stop people dying / getting seriously ill from the virus? If we have vaccinated the group most likely to get seriously ill/ die and hospital capacity is at a more manageable level is there really any reason why we cant start loosening restrictions whilst keeping less onerous measures in place (masks 2m etc)?
  9. I read that around 300 - 400k have had a second dose which fits those numbers you mentioned and explains the difference.
  10. I'm just happy the answer wasnt "get your father in law out"
  11. On one hand I've ballsed up, but on the other hand I've got all you DIY folk to help 😂 So taking the splashback off from behind the sink in the bathroom and I've taken half the drywall with it, it's about the only thing persimmon have fitted with any sturdyness. My Q is, what's the best way to fill it if I'm going to be tiliing over it. Is it ok go use Pollyfilla? I'm not bothered about how its finished as will be tiling over it so just bothered with the tiles staying on the wall. Pics so you can see damage. And remember the rules of the thread are to not call me stupid
  12. Gav does make a good point about the current working week. So many jobs are now output focussed rather than hours focussed. Certainly in my current and previous job I have tasks to do and all they ask is that I deliver them, no one checks if I'm doing my 7.5 hours a day. What this can lead to though is people doing a lot of overtime and extra hours which is unpaid. You may have e.g. a week to do a task which is more than enough time, but for whatever reason you may be dependent on someone else for part of it which doesnt arrive till near the end. This means laptop on at home and working
  13. @only2garners from what I've heard from my missus who works at a GPs I have to agree with your take on this. At GP level its able to be rolled out quickly. In my town it's being centralised at the local hospital so all the GPs in the town and surrounding villages have a slot at the local hospital. There are also a limited supply being deliver at the surgery itself. This works because the current age group being vaccinated are largely able to get to the GP / hospital but would be stumped if it was say manchester. It's very crude, disorganised (wrong word I think), maybe scatt
  14. I dont see removing the 48 hour week as a big issue, was it ever really policed? I think the bigger issue could be the link between overtime and holiday pay, I'd be interested to see the details of this as that could potentially be open to abuse.
  15. I also should have got the skills from my dad but he was always very much the "no you're doing it all wrong give it here" type. Very very good at DIY though. I didnt take it personally because I remember we got a new kitchen put in (a rare time he got someone in to do it), it was an old shaped house with odd shaped walls and tbf I thought the kitchen looked smart but he speant the next few months slowly taking panels off and proper crafting them to fit the shape of the wall.
  16. From what I've heard at times theres very little notice, surgeries can just be dumped with vaccines that they need to use up. One of my friends mum got a call from a lady in her choir who works at a health centre at about 6pm one day "we've got spare vaccines get down now"
  17. I'm an accountant and my father in law to be is a builder. I quite like giving DIY a go but I'm in a constant battle with my missus so she'll let me do DIY "just ask dad to do it, hes a builder you're just an accountant!!!!" Whenever I embark on a DIY project I'm so so cautious cos I'm scared that one mishap means I'll be banned from DIY. I'm quite stubborn so this lead me to spend a good 7 hours putting a shed up by myself cos I didnt even want to ask anyone to hold two panels together for me. Tiled the bathroom wall at the weekend which is my first time tiling. Earned a compliment from
  18. Trouble is everywhere is shut and police are fining people for going 7 miles from their house even if 7 miles from your house is the middle of no where (i've heard of people being turned round going for a walk in the lakes). So people are only going to be exercising within a mile or two of their front door step which means in even moderately populated areas you're going to be people dodging all over the spot and tbh if you bump into someone you know why would you not stop and talk (from a distance)?
  19. Chaddy said in some cases food may be better than a voucher but that actually parents know their kids likes and dislikes best. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that some may prefer a hamper to a voucher. At no point did he say the hampers pictured were good value or nutritious. You cropped his post in a way that completely changed the concept.
  20. Come on, play fair. You purposefully cropped that to completely change the context of his post, just to get a dig in. "I agree with providing parents the food instead of vouchers in some cases like lack of transport, etc but parents will know their children likes and dislikes in food so not ideal in every circumstances."
  21. One of our subsidiaries with a few thousand staff have just done a laptop refresh so they repurposed the old ones to donate to local schools. Once again, local organisations bailing out the governments inadequacy
  22. If management are genuinely open to making it a better place to work and a better business is a union really that pivotal? My current spot does employee engagement surveys every 5 mins, employee steering groups all over the place, constant working groups. None of which are trade union lead.
  23. I feel like a union is only really effective or most effective in an "us and them" type environment which doesnt exist in every sector. I think like Gav said it does depend to an extent an the industry you were in. I also worked in the third sector for a couple of years and totally agree it's so harmonious everyone pulls together and the line between those higher up in the organisation and those lower down just isnt there. My last job at a national accountancy firm, I dont think a union would have done much good there either. It was an ultra competitive industry, right from joining
  24. EU rules on employee rights were a minimum we have always had the ability to go above and beyond these rules but not below. We could have done this 5 years ago. You wont find me disagreeing that the discrimination is wrong but you cant shoehorn it into a brexit issue.
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