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  1. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    So possibly 11 points behind
  2. Yup - wide left in the three behind the CF seems to be his position and has 'admittedly' done well there when played. He does have movement and a bit of a footballing brain id say - just his strength and on occasions his finishing lets him down. And i wont have anyone jumping on Nuttall's back after what? The first time he has not scored for us when playing? Suddenly he is now not up to it? Give the kid a chance, i dont think up front on his own suited him or perhaps he was not up to speed with this formation. The kid has something and also has drive and ambition, so lets not knock it whiles its on the ascendancy.
  3. Think thats the general consensus. Nice guy, loves football, passionate - but none of that really matters. We have to get promoted and i would not care if it was Vinnie Jones that achieved it.
  4. reading through this thread and sorry, i'm not normally picky...but you do know that a space should come after a comma right? it is damn annoying.
  5. Keep foot on gas....gd is important and we ain't stuffed anyone for ages
  6. So is this the match thread then?
  7. Simon Grayson

    Think we have missed a big trick here. If Bury manage to get Grayson, it goes to show up those saying 'Grayson wouldnt come here'
  8. Championship 2017/18

    Not sure he had many other options - it was stay on with wales for another couple of seasons at least or make a move now to get back into club football. Could have possibly waited a few more months and some sackings would probably have occurred in the Championship. Wales would have been pushing for him to sign up now though.
  9. Dont like the name of their number two.
  10. Transfers Part 3

    Jay Maceveley (sic) looked promising early on as well. Some push on and some dont it seems.
  11. Championship 2017/18

    I would say low risk. Turn things around there and he is lauded, fails and he has the ready made excuses already in place.
  12. Team to face Bury

    Dont have a good feeling about this one. His comments already have me nervous. Wide forwards? That means Antonsson will play. Have to say I agree with Chaddy's lineup to start the game at least. Raya Nyambe Downing Mulgrew Williams Bennett Smallwood Whits Dack Graham and Nuttall Not much width but with Chapman and Conway out we are pretty screwed in that area now. Dack wide is not ideal but he can move behind the front two if we are on the front foot. Not expecting much from here though we SHOULD be expecting to win. I'm already prepared for another season in League 1 and witnessing the club falling even further into oblivion.
  13. Transfers Part 3

    Another that was earning and playing well above his station. These wages will now become a stumbling block unless he agrees to take a massive drop. How many years did we call out for a proper right back? We needed one ever since Salgado was ousted, we had Henley and Lowe as our right backs through all that time. I think during the whole venkies reign we have not signed a dedicated RB until Caddis.
  14. Perhaps this is why they have been hanging around.