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  1. Spearing to me strikes me as a player that was once 'highly rated' that failed to live up to that hype and has slowly accepted that he aint worth chit and will never make it at the top - so is now just happy to just stroll around at lower levels picking up his money. No ambition left in the guy so no ambition to perform.
  2. Okay my first post since the disappointment on Saturday - i forced myself not to come here as i knew what it would be like. We dont seem to be able to do at home what we do away. Teams park the bus and we are clueless at breaking them down. We are not adventurous enough and need to be far more attacking/creative. Proper wingers are called for at home, Chapman needs to start but I dont know who we have on the otherside that could do the job. Dack also needs to play i feel - off a striker?
  3. Oh yeah I get that but I just think we have too much for them if set up the right way. They seems to be a typical Wimbledon side of being big lumps and physical (which in itself is a little worrying considering some of our injury worries).
  4. Got to back us here - they have had a real tough start to the season against some of the better teams and now they get to come here against a team who have won four on the spin. Lets hope our obvious confidence levels and the their lack of it will see a bit of a tonking.
  5. Oh there are plenty of them about - not on here though.
  6. Agree about those two players but we did okay without Mulgrew last time and we do have options to replace Evans. I am just worried about getting too far behind and then having a deluge of games later in the season to get through. TM knows best though.
  7. I think thats a decision the club can take isnt it, its not called off unless we want it to be. Im not sure calling another off would be a good idea tbh. Our reserve goalie can be done without with for a game as we have fisher.
  8. Talking of goal-scoring leftbacks, a certain Roberto Carlos was a master at it. That John Arne Riise fellow used to bang a few in as well if i remember. Still, fully agree that goal-scoring should be the last thing on a full backs mind. Just looked Carlos up on Wiki actually, according to them he scored 65 goals from 575 appearances.
  9. Smallwood might be able to do most of the legwork in that regard but you're right that ideally he would not be the best option there (hence why he is not being played). An issue I see is if TM starts tinkering again just to find a place for one of his 'bigger' signings. As some have mentioned, he will be one of the highest earners here now and he did say he came here as he wanted to play more games. Additionally, the same could be said of Dack who was obviously bought for a different system and has not featured as much as he probably would have liked (at least not in his ideal position).
  10. Agree that he was bought with the other formations in mind but now finds himself redundant in a 4-4-2 where Smallwood and Evans have literally earned themselves being one of the first names on the teamsheet. it would take Evans next injury for him to be given a chance. Problem is, I don't think he came here to sit on the bench, he could have stayed at Cardiff for that.
  11. I dont think he has been labeled as a Danny murphy tbh, just it has not worked out yet. I guess its just findinjg the right place for him but others are performing better. I did expect better if im honest and i do hope he proves to be an asset.
  12. Gladwin seems to have fallen right down the pecking order and he looked semi decent preseason, but as you say, we dont really have anyone like for like for Conway. Id probably agree with you and get CHapman out there from the start even though he has been excellent off the bench.
  13. Okay thank you..i admit im only going off others.
  14. Im not questioning it - just saying it looked odd...as many on here did when it was first announced. Can we not descend a board into arguments please? Scroll back to the start of the match and take it from there.
  15. Yeah but apparently Harper looked knackered after 20. Anyway, just saying on first look , it looked an odd lineup and it took many on here to figure out what it was. At end of day though - it delivered the result - not been as happy as this in a long time.