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  1. JacknOry

    Why do we concede so many last minute goals?

    Change thread title by removing last minute.
  2. JacknOry

    Championship 2018-19

    QPR beating Boro just shows that we yet again dropped points we should have taken. We were against ten men too - Boro are that early favorite that will fall like a stone and we should have sped that process up as they are terrible at the minute. Dropped points will be what this season will be remembered for on our part.
  3. JacknOry

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    We have thrown more points away when in winning positions than any other team in the league - if you just took the 2+2 points thrown in the last two matches, we're touching the playoffs. We're 12th now and this is probably where we're going to finish, maybe a little lower. Would have taken it at start of season of course but when you consider the points we've thrown away, it really should have been better.
  4. JacknOry

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Well that was fun yesterday. Board was down, couldnt find a river, we were 2-0, finally found a stream for a few minutes - unfortunately it was the few minutes we threw the game away. The stream then went down - how fantastic! What was going on with the forum?
  5. JacknOry

    Bradley Dack

    I think he could potentially be top flight material - lets face it, he is attracting clubs for his performances in the Championship after all. There is only one more step to make and he has to be among the highest scoring midfielders/attacking midfielders in the division so far. English, still young enough. Not only that but he makes us tick creatively, he is the man that more often than not makes things happen. Even when he is marked out of a game and is less effective, you can bet he will still be involved in anything good going on in the forward department. I think around better players he could really shine tbh - he has a lot on his shoulders here as he 'is' the spark, the creativeness most of the time - who else is there? Reed is the energy but when it comes to a clever pass, a clever run, taking on a player, that technique and control, there is nobody else in our team. Palmer perhaps has some of that but he isnt ours.
  6. JacknOry

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    Could have just flicked it back inside for Mulgrew before he made that last fatal turn.
  7. JacknOry


    Thought Baptiste was pretty good in his stint with us. How old is he now - yes i am that lazy.
  8. JacknOry

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Doubt we are the only fixture. If it was same games won and same goals scored - now that would be amazing lol
  9. JacknOry

    Brexit Thread

    Number 3 please Bob
  10. JacknOry

    Premier League Stuff

    All Londoners sound thick
  11. JacknOry

    Premier League Stuff

    see my comment above Schumacher is a 7 times world champion because he had the best car, as did Vettel. Hamilton has won world championships in two different teams, Blitzed a world champion team mate in his rookie year and is breaking records left right and centre. It is not ALWAYS the car. Even at the end of his mClaren days in dogs of cars he was winning races and competing. A true champion is able to take the car further than anyone else. Look at what Alonso has done at Mclaren since they have been shite - dominating his teammate and getting points and positions out of nowhere.
  12. JacknOry

    Premier League Stuff

    Coinciding with Mercs dominance you mean? Like Red Bull and Ferrari both having their periods of dominance shortly before. I do not understand why people always says its the car and not the driver, of course the car is a major aspect but Bottas had the same car, Webber had the same car, and Massa had the same car - they were all blown away by the better drivers.
  13. JacknOry

    Premier League Stuff

    Doesnt Lampard have an exceptionally high IQ or something - for those wondering - google it.
  14. JacknOry

    Corry Evans

    Not sure he would have ended up at a top championship club tbh, though he would have been a good 'freebie' for someone. Not sure a single club has sniffed around him since being with us which you would expect if he was good enough for one of the better teams. That said, he has been very good last season and this so far, so happy for him to get an extension. Just hope he proves me wrong now and does not drop his effort levels.
  15. JacknOry


    Certainly not on the level of a Dack, Graham or Mulgrew renewal. The timing of the announcement again is quite funny considering he could and probably should have scored a couple at the weekend - and then building up the excitement with a clip of his 4 goals.

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