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  1. JacknOry

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    Summer window and the business done within it will go along way to making my mind up either way. Its been quite obvious the areas that have needed attention for the last two windows yet they have still not been addressed.
  2. JacknOry

    Academy & U'21's

    Fingers crossed he makes it through unscathed.
  3. JacknOry

    Academy & U'21's

    Where is Chapman starting then?
  4. JacknOry

    ROVERS v Boro

    He backtracks quite quickly after the presenters reaction and tries to downplay it - maybe thinking he might get in trouble when the club finds out he eats a greasy fry-up on matchday?
  5. JacknOry


    Or play him in the position every other manager has, where he was bought for 15 million to play and earned an England call-up. Rodwell sees himself as a CB and wants to play there but seemingly nobody else has so far. TM is willing to let him have a go at making it there and he has had some decent performances back there but he is better alongside Lenihan or another bruiser type rather than Mulgrew. The latter is just too similar. If we were to not keep a hold of Reed, Rodwell and Travis as a pairing might work in CM.
  6. JacknOry

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    Re-assess at end of season for me.
  7. JacknOry


    We've obviously faltered but I think this is mainly because we have given up on the season now - subconsciously at least. TMs comments certainly dont help in that sense as it sounds like he has given up on it too and that filters through to the players. Not going up, not going down - end of season. Then you have the odd selections of late and you can understand why the players are a little confused with it all. Mission has been accomplished though on expectations so we have still gone forward this season. Test will be next season as I would expect further improvement.
  8. JacknOry

    ROVERS v Boro

    Said season was over two matches ago and someone came on questioning it - still dont think its season over?
  9. JacknOry

    ROVERS v Boro

    Disagree - he is head and shoulders above our other Cm's - only Travis has come close and he has dropped off.
  10. JacknOry

    Ben Brereton

    Really dont think it was - especially how TM goes on about the right type of players almost as if he over-scrutinises transfers. he also doesnt like to spend money apparantly and wants the owners to be patient - so why would he splurge 7 mil on a teenager?
  11. JacknOry

    ROVERS v Boro

    Harsh to single Travis out as being really poor when the whole team has been. Been far worse performers than him though admittedly he has not been as good as his first handful of performances.
  12. JacknOry

    Championship 2018-19

    Thanks for the update - we've all been wondering the latest state of play regarding injuries at Leeds.
  13. JacknOry

    Championship 2018-19

    If we'd have played our best players, they might have taken those chances.
  14. JacknOry


    Tunnicliffe, yes he's at Millwall now.
  15. JacknOry


    Of course we need to stick with TM, as despite his flailings, you have to say we have progressed season on season with him in charge. Relegated on a record points haul by GD with his points per game average putting us midtable, so that relegation was not down to him. We then bounced straight back up and are now consolodating with a probably midtable finish. Progress each season. That said, I can see why some might not see him as being able to take us to the next level which is to challenge in the top half and potentially break into the top six. He deserves the chance though and unless we really start going backwards he should be in charge.

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