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  1. JacknOry

    Championship 2018-19

    Keen and Eastwood
  2. JacknOry

    Mowbray’s Future

    Exactly this. There are some very good attacking players in this league - much more so than League 1. Have to agree that the stats against CM look quite bad and that perhaps he would be better as part of a back three. best set-piece taker we have by quite a distance though - so we would certainly miss that.
  3. JacknOry

    Summer transfer window

    I think we could have done but I think that now even if was made available, he would choose elsewhere. He has stated that he sees himself as a CM, so while a model pro that will play anywhere the manager asks, I think secretly he would want to be going somewhere that will put him there. Our current form will hardly help either as he might think he'll be in for a relegation scrap next season.
  4. JacknOry

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    We should all be ashamed of ourselves for showing concern at a mighty 1 point from 21 after not strengthening in the window and seeing us plummet down the league from being within touching distance of the playoffs, 7 points ahead of Preston, to now being 7 points behind them. We have basically switched positions with them.
  5. JacknOry

    Mowbray’s Future

    There is a rumour going around that Rothwell is a real hit with the ladies - what are your thoughts on this?
  6. JacknOry

    ROVERS V Wigan

    TM has done this a few times before in the past, answering the supporters calls to actually setup the team to go at the oppo - and it usually works. Just wish he did it more often rather than just as a throw of the dice to get us out of a bad run. I had absolutely no complaints with that lineup considering the players we had available. Reed and Travis finally in CM together like many of us have been calling for. Two up top with Dack behind as well. Could this 3-5-2 finally be a formation that could work for us? If it is, we need to get BB alongside DG for some games as we really need to start seeing some return on that investment now and he might just suit being in a front two. Was it bravery selecting Magloire or little other choice? Either way, sink or swim and the lad definitely swam. To be a young lad making your debut at the best of times can be a nervy and tough affair but this lad did it in our worst run of results in quite some time and in a position where mistakes are often punished. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands, got in Garners face, was very vocal on the pitch and showed that he was big, strong, fast and athletic. He can be very proud of himself for his performance. So, this means we're safe from relegation - no chance we're going down now. I would be using the remaining games to blood Magloire in more to see if he can develop and potentially be one less CB that we will need to purchase in the summer. I would also keep working on this formation for the remainder of the season and go at teams more - nothing to lose now.
  7. JacknOry

    ROVERS V Wigan

    Yup, played pretty much all of last season at RB for Norwich and impressed there. Not like we're playing him in his best CM position anyway, so would certainly prefer him at RB over Bennett.
  8. JacknOry

    BRFCS Giveaway

    Jammy git. So what was the correct answer?
  9. JacknOry

    Manager or Players to blame?

    Both yes but the buck stops at the manager. When the manager doesn't strengthen in January and essentially transmits the message that the season is now over, the players follow suit whether intentional or subconsciously.
  10. JacknOry

    Mowbray’s Future

    If true - I call lier lier pants on fire. He certainly does have regrets but is not going to admit them.
  11. JacknOry

    Mowbray’s Future

    Really dont think it is down to injuries - just niggles according to him mainly. It is him wanting to play CB, he has been saying it for years, even at Sunderland. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/sunderlands-jack-rodwell-says-unfair-14170675 He sees himself as a CB but it is CM that has won him the plaudits, big moves and England honors. All other managers see him as a CM but he has found the perfect manager in TM that loves nothing more than midfielders as CBs.
  12. JacknOry

    Mowbray’s Future

    Bloody should do - he is only 27/28.
  13. JacknOry

    Mowbray’s Future

    Yes forgot about Rodwell, another converted CM. On that, I really think Rodwell only signed if he would be played CB. He really isnt cut out for that role - not yet anyway. Especially alongside Mulgrew. Would have him in CM - cannot fathom why he is not being used there other than this was part of his agreement to come here in the first place. Agree, naive is the polite way of putting it.
  14. JacknOry

    Mowbray’s Future

    We had been linked to him since last season, he had rejected a new contract, so many assumed that having sent Downing out on loan, we might be picking Bauer up on the cheap considering his contract is up in the summer. I mean, as JH pointed out - loaning out Downing and two younger CBs with an injury-prone Lenihan and Mulgrew as our only recognised CBs (both converted midfielders) and then Williams and Nyamble (both fullbacks) as our CB options is quite suicidal - so any sane thinking person would be expecting somebody else to come in.
  15. JacknOry

    Summer transfer window

    Just saying that it is hardly what we need right now. Another gamble type signing. In isolation it could be a good move but I would certainly be expecting more from our summer recruitment than a guy banging in the goals at a level not much higher than Sunday league.
  16. JacknOry

    Summer transfer window

    Spot on. We have enough 'for the future' types now. Time for some experienced pros to come in.
  17. JacknOry

    Mowbray’s Future

    Think you will find that quite a few slated the decision. Most were saying that if he were to go out, we would need to be bringing someone else in. We were expecting the Bauer deal to be done - it didnt happen.
  18. JacknOry

    Summer transfer window

    No it hasnt always how we have done things. Sure, we have always needed to sell to balance the books but this doesnt mean that EVERY transfer should be made with an eye on profit. What I would give for some hardened 30-year old CBs with years of Championship experience. Who cares if we dont make any money on them - let the likes of BB make us our money - cough cough.
  19. JacknOry

    Summer transfer window

    Not really saying they need to be captain. I just want a few more players that take responsibility, have a bit of fire in their belly. We're a soft touch.
  20. JacknOry

    Summer transfer window

    Lenihan has potential yeah and could become a future captain but I would like leaders that dont have fitness issues. Dack, meh, workrate sometimes but I wouldnt have him down as captain material.
  21. JacknOry

    Summer transfer window

    Scored 25 goals last season, and has 20 in 31 games this season. Admittedly those have come against the likes of Maidstone but could be worth a go if cheap. Does reak of being another profit turning project if true though.
  22. JacknOry

    Summer transfer window

    We need leaders - whoever comes in needs to be a leader. The ones we have are not good enough. I think Bennett gets shoehorned in just because he has a bit of leadership in him - ability wise he doesnt deserve a spot. Mulgrew is waning and DG will be a year older. Other than those three, do you see leadership in our team?
  23. JacknOry

    The Relegation Thread

    A month ago we could have had a promotion thread going and now we've had to reopen the relegation thread. Think that sums up just how bad things are right now.
  24. JacknOry

    Preston at Home

    Dont shout at players or they might get injured.
  25. JacknOry

    Premier League Stuff

    Spirit, bravery, desire, and that rare ability of being able to head balls.

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