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  1. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Braithwaite Douglas Travis Dack Rothwell Elliott Brereton Armstrong
  2. Not convinced at all tbh. Sure, we need numbers back there but it wont solve the problems we have at the back even with our fully fit defenders.
  3. i dont like to see that for clubs but Derby with all their 32Red bet tricks, Rooneys wage excused as he is a coach, and all that baloney...well, i couldnt think of more deserving clubs.
  4. Yeah despite having one of the deepest squads in the league (except defense....)
  5. Attitude though - I have always thought he was an excellent striker but even at Wednesday he couldn't nail down a place. Emnes was good for us too - where is he now?
  6. Kids is young, eager and feet firmly on ground from what I can see - I just don't know if we have the coaching team to develop him the right way.
  7. Not by much though. Top half championship at best under him - even Bowyer acheived that despite fire sales which TM has not had to deal with.
  8. Pickering coming in is damning on Douglas - been really disappointed with him and I felt he was possibly going to be our best signing.
  9. Should have gone last season tbh but he has at least brought in some exciting players - he just doesn't know how to use them or set up a defense. Tired of saying he is a nice guy - nice guys always come last, that's just the way it is. Nice bloke but that just rubs off on the players and he doesn't have the tactical nous for that kind of buddy buddy relationship to be effective on the field. We have some good players and i just feel that the only thing holding us back is the manager. As I have felt for at least a season now. He brought many of those players, so kudos on that, and y
  10. 0-1 We will have 337 shots on goal and 99% possesion but still lose. The end. Not even given myself any hope.
  11. Yup - you need a few assholes. Fergie's career was based on it.
  12. He was the only person that could get him in behind? Who has been supplying the buillets this season then?
  13. Ronaldo was the same - stepovers all the time, it was slowly phased out of his game.
  14. Think Arsenal have only had about 5 managers in my lifetime lol
  15. I value the success of my football club no matter the style of play. We would all prefer tippy tappy football as long as it produced results and success for our club. West Ham has spent their entirety convincing anyone that they play football the right way - without winning a damn thing!
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