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  1. First half 0-0. So my math says there's two equal teams fighting for the points tonight. Could go either way.
  2. Still 0-0! Hang in there you fookers so we can all join hands at the half time and pray for the miracle!!
  3. Don't spoil it for the rest of us!
  4. Four defeats in last five. I say we are due. COYB!
  5. It's last chance for Pears for me tonight. If he can't up his performance against his old club then I'll say bench him and let's check our Greek option.
  6. Tonight Gally will score not once but twice and make us all look like fool boys.
  7. Strong starting eleven. 1-3.
  8. Lihamylly

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    A kingdom for...

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