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  1. Walsall v Rovers

    GET IN! 3 pts!
  2. Walsall v Rovers

    how much added time?
  3. Walsall v Rovers

    It all comes now to how TM reacts to the goal. If he shits a little in his pants and gets defensive, we are doomed. If we keep playing like we did in the first half, we have nothing to worry. Fingers crossed.
  4. Walsall v Rovers

    ...and just before the break.
  5. Walsall v Rovers

    1-2, damn
  6. Walsall v Rovers

    Very reassuring to find out that we can deliver without Dack too.
  7. Rovers v Bury

    Heh, I see folks here are getting ready for the match night by flexing tongues and slashing/thrusting those words forward while our dear manager has been given more or less the role of pinata. As for the game, nothing but win will do. As for the starting lineup, I'd like to see Armstrong pairing up wth Danny as a striker. I'd like to see him score again. As for the evening in general, after the match, I'd like to get on the scoresheet myself with the missus. Otherwise everything goes. COYB!
  8. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Great win!
  9. Portsmouth v Rovers

    7 mins is far too much. I don't accept this. COYB!
  10. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Don't even feking breathe!
  11. Portsmouth v Rovers

  12. Portsmouth v Rovers

    ...and here's the traditional late winnig goal from Shrews for you..
  13. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Phew, you almost got me worried there...
  14. Portsmouth v Rovers

    I would like to get one goal for rovers now, please.
  15. Portsmouth v Rovers

    This must be true, hence the font size