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  1. Gladwingone

    Season Tickets 2018/19. Are you getting one?

    also got one straight in bin
  2. Gladwingone

    Season Tickets 2018/19. Are you getting one?

    Fact is, there will be a great number just waiting to see what happens before taking the plunge. Individuals will make their decision at different stages :- Stage 1 - when Tony gets back from India (this week ? / tomorrow ?) and makes a statement to manage our expectations. Hopefully we will hear that the play offs are the minimum expectation and the owners are backing Tony to the hilt. £££££ Stage 2 - when we see the actions (not just hear the words). Transfer activity. We must need 7 or 8 good players to go for the play offs. Hopefully we will see Tony doing his business early. Stage 3 - when England win the World Cup and Stella starts to make the decisions. Stage 4 - when the new season approaches and the football fever takes hold.

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